02 March 2011

David Villa gets together with his colleagues in Valencia after attending a trial in Gijón

The player of FC Barcelona David Villa has already arrived in Valencia after testimony in the Magistrate's Court number 2 of Avilés ( Asturias ) in the hearing of the trial in which his former manager, José Luis Tamargo , he seeks compensation 6 million euros for his transfer fee the club Catalans.

Villa , who has moved to the city of Turia on a private flight chartered by Barcelona , has experienced a tense trial. According to Cadena Ser reported, it had to leave the room, on request, after complaining openly during the intervention Tamargo .

The ' Guaje ', who was about to break to mourn at the hearing, especially when Tamargo made reference to past experiences, and gestured angrily in the face may be affected to meet tonight at the Mestalla . And is that all the feelings experienced this morning in Avilés , you must add the fact that he was returning to his home for five seasons.

The hearing also attended by the former president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta , and former technical secretary Txiki Begiristain also the current director of football club area, Raul Sanllehí . By Valencia, have come to declare the president, Manuel Llorente , and former sporting director Fernando Gomez .

The representatives of FC Barcelona and the Valencia declared in favor of David Villa , arguing that the agreement reached between the parties, the summer of 2010, it has nothing to do with the negotiations in 2009, when Tamargo was the representative of Villa . By the defense Tamargo , wielded precisely that the signing is done based on negotiating Tamargo , so you should collect your commission. (via MD)

[Pictures] Barca already in Valencia

Maduro also be against Barca and Valencia midfielder is out of contention

To the team che they are accumulated the drops to receive the leader: Albelda (injured), Topal (sanctioned), Bruno (sanctioned), Miguel (remote of the team)...

Unay Emery, coach of Valencia, you will accumulate low to get to Barcelona tonight at the Mestalla (22.00 hours, a live MARCA.com, LaSexta and Regional). The coach will no Maduro late for the clash after injuring himself in training on Tuesday.
The low in the center of the field is bound to David Albelda, injured, and that of Topal, punished. Thus, Tino Costa Banega and couples are emerging as pivots to face the leader. In the list enter the squad Montoro.
The problems in midfield also move to the right side where Bruno, signed, and Miguel, from the team are low. Stankevicius play in that position. (via Marca.com)

Guardiola travels to Valencia

Pep Guardiola has come this morning at the club to undergo a medical examination to assess their lumbar complaints to see if the coach could travel to Valencia and finally, yes it will.

Barca coach will join the expedition of Barça to face the match against Valencia after the last training I had to direct the second coach of the workforce, Tito Vilanova, because of the low back, accusing the Santpedor.

Guardiola's presence on the bench Mestalla has been a mystery until the last minute but finally Pep will lead the team after having overcome their discomfort. (via SPORT)

New delivery of silver badges

Coinciding with the Barça-Zaragoza, will be a new release of silver badges for members with 25 years of loyalty to the Club who could not attend in 2010 to call for delivery.

FC Barcelona 600 members are listed on Saturday at 17.00 pm for this recognition of the Club for their loyalty. These are members who in 2010 met 25 years at the club and therefore is linked to the entity in 1985.

It is the first time that this release coincides day game at the stadium to facilitate the attendance of members. So, three hours before the game against Zaragoza, will be given the insignia of silver in the Paris Chamber Barça facilities.

Vice President Jordi Cardoner with other managers from Social Area will be the leaders in this important event. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The coincidence with the game in the 27 th day of league will only be parking at the stadium with distinguished members who have this badge parking. Although the delivery starts at 17.00 h, accreditation for the event will start from 16.00 pm in the afternoon.

Hamsik, the other watched by Barca

After watch live Udinese striker Alexis Sanchez, Barça scouts continued their journey to see close to the new pearl highlights Calcium.

The envoys of FC Barcelona to Italy ended their tour in San Siro to watch the Milan-Naples rossonera wiping out a 3-0 victory and not just to make a courtesy call on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

And, despite the setback Neapolitan glances Barça scouts were put in Marek Hamsik. After viewing spot at Udinese's Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, last Sunday, the new target in the tour of Italy became a Slovak pearl of 23 years playing in the Naples, Marek Hamsik.

According to the Corriere dello Sport reported, the player of Naples is one of the players followed by the great Europeans, and most especially for Barca, who also moved to its own to see it in action last week at Villarreal.

Hamsik has attracted the interest of Barcelona thanks to his great season in Naples and a visit to Italy could be both a possible approach towards a near future. (via SPORT)

Cesc will play against Barca and Van Persie will be sidelined for three weeks

Arsenal has been the official report on injuries affecting his players and are doubtful for the upcoming matches, including the knockout round of the Champions League to be held on Tuesday March 8 at the Camp Nou .

According to reports the London club Van Persie will be sidelined three weeks with his knee injury and, therefore, be ruled out for the clash against the Catalans. The same Wenger says that perhaps "this off any longer" and that the prognosis is optimistic, so the Dutch failed to appear hopelessly. The technician will also Alsatian downward Walcott.

For its part, Cesc Fabregas himself ready to face FC Barcelona by the same official source . After the party injured in League with Stoke , Captain "gunner" lost the final of the Carling Cup and will also miss the match against Sunderland this weekend. Still, Wenger says it is doing "good and rapid progress" and is "very possible" that is against Barça . (via MD)

With Alexis Sánchez Barça would have two Messi in the team

SPORT The announcement that the club was the Chilean player Alexis Sanchez has caused a stir in Chile.

Esteban Abarzúa is deputy editor and sports columnist of the Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias, the most widespread in the South American country. And Stephen gives us more details about the story forward by Sport that Barcelona continues to Alexis Sanchez, Udinese player.

-What is Alexis Sanchez for Chilean football?

Ivan Zamorano appeared today holding the following sentence: "Alexis and me beat us Marcelo Salas." At this point, I think many agree on this possibility, still, of course, is an illusion. At 22 years, Sanchez has scored more goals in the selection Salas and Zamorano at the same age. What matters, beyond the numbers, is his game, which puts him to compete individually in the field of the best players in the world. Before we never had a player like that, because the pair-Zamorano Salas gave a collective illusion, that together were able to raise a team. Sanchez, however, represents the dream of having, at last, a player who, kilo per kilo, this bid to win the Golden Ball Like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in your selections, do not know if this will result in wins for our Movement. Only we know that there is a projection in the flesh of the domestic fantasies. In South American countries live always looking Diego Maradona Peles.

-Can it be considered the best Chilean player and now, or the player with a future?

Both. Although I expected more from him in South Africa 2010 (started well against Honduras and then deflated), his great season in Italy has ratified the conditions we've seen since his debut at age 15 in Cobreloa. Dominated with the ball is able to face the best defenders in the world and get away with, but lacked regular. You may Arturo Vidal, Leverkusen Bayer remarkable campaign this year, is on his level, although the position in the field as Alexis is transcending the world.

-What is it that may surprise fans of Alexis Barça?

On that I have no doubt among the most talented players in the world, Alexis should be most concerned to recover the ball, which, for example, has been well exploited by their coaches, especially for Marcelo Bielsa in the selection and, perhaps excessively, Daniel Passarella at River Plate. A Sánchez likes the ball well, struggling, sometimes desperately, for it again. In that sense, it has looked more to the technicians who managed to sort it and quantifying its physical layout, to keep forces that are useful to produce plays. As for your skills, you may finally be feeling the confidence to display them. Sanchez has always wanted to be a scorer and that, given his immaturity prevented him from giving before the big leap, but one loses sight of who is still young. Today, in any event, completion of moves, either to assist or score, is on par with the best in the world. That probably means that your dedication and there is no turning back.

-If I had to compare with a dedicated player and with whom you compare him?

Alexis, a little vanity, always wanted to be like Cristiano Ronaldo, even in his obsession with abs. This may be the fate of Portuguese women. Of course, Alexis has never given problems in that regard. After all, imitation is a desire, more than anything else, but the evolution of your game you closer to himself Messi. His talent for the heads-up are similar, although we note that Lio was better physically worked in its growth stage. If, finally, Barcelona achieved harboring Sanchez will team with two players like Messi, with the advantage that one of them, Chilean, and none will help recovery efforts.

-What is the significance in Chile has been given by Sport news on Barca's interest?

The news said a lot. Here is recognized to "Sport" as an influential media in Europe and Alexis appear in the title leads us to assume two things. The first is that, regardless of the interest of Barcelona, Sánchez has entered the first world of football, which is a welcome development. The second is that the interest of the best team in the world, of course, is real. There is expectation and desire that concrete.

-Why they call him the Boy Wonder?

I named it the journalist Jaime Cortes, the daily El Mercurio de Calama, which is the city where Cobreloa, the club debuted Sanchez 15. Their age and condition, and at that time were enough to get that nickname today some prefer to ignore, because he obviously is not a child now. (via SPORT)

Villa: "When the club signed Ibrahimovic thought I had missed the train"

In an interview published in 'El Periódico', FC Barcelona striker explains his feelings prior to the game against Valencia, his former team.

David Villa will face Valencia on Wednesday to mark the 26 th day of the season. Be the first time you step Mestalla with the Barça shirt and will immersed in his best scoring form.

Asturian striker, who attended a 'El Periódico' on Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi, says he will "weird" because "you face teams that want to win every Sunday, but when you go there want to beat them. You feel like of them until they start the 90 minutes. "

The 'Guaje', if you see door, try to "externalize no joy for the respect so many people that helped me become who I am." "I'm happy to return to the stage where I lived so much joy and many friends left. It will be a special feeling, as in Gijón" he says.

In another vein, Villa said that in 2009 believed that the club he would never be truncated after his move: "When you think that the club has made an important signing with Ibrahimovic, who plays your position, when the amount requested is not easy to pay ... I thought he had escaped the train. But he also believed that if I did another good year in Valencia, not only the club, but other teams would be interested in me. "

It also analyzes the team's game: "Before suffered and now enjoy. When I played against them," the club ", you knew you had to run far behind the ball. And even running a lot, we lost 6-0, 4-0 and 3 - 0 on my last visit. Now I see the frustration that I had on the face of rivals. When you play against the club, not a normal week. makes a lot of things, then comes the game, do things more or less well, and lose. I knew what I was playing against Barca. " (via SPORT)

Liverpool will request Barça the transfer of Bojan

Liverpool continues to pay particular attention to steps Bojan. The youth is becoming less minutes in Barcelona and could be raised to leave the Catalan club at the end of the season. In principle, the club has no intention to pierce although that could come to consider an assignment at the end of the season. And that is where the Liverpool stage.

Damien Comolli, director of football Liverpool, believes that Bojan would be a major boost for the Reds because of its high profile and believes it can convince Guardiola for Barca give approval to the transfer of Bojan. In fact, Comolli and participated in the signing of Giovani dos Santos to Tottenham when he decided to leave the club in 2008.

In fact, the name of Bojan and rang for Liverpool last summer when it was rumored that could set sail to England to lower the signing of Mascherano. (via Marca.com)

Barca hire a private plane that is Villa in Mestalla

The player intends to arrive in the afternoon to the concentration-time resting.

David Villa is facing one of the most intense weeks since joining the club. The Spaniard returns to Mestalla just on the day that was set in the court proceedings in which his former agent to claim 6 million euros. Chance led the trial to March 2.

The player spoke this weekend with Guardiola and assured him he'll be ready to play if I have to spend the morning on Wednesday, declaring in Avilés, more than 800 miles away. The coach, which in principle does not intend to waive the front, now take the final decision.

The club and the player's personal staff have organized all the logistics for David Villa could be as soon as possible at the Mestalla. Barca and the player will hire a private plane to lose as little time as possible and even has a chance to relax and unwind.

In addition, lawyers for the player asked the court of first instance of Avilés to release the player when he finished his statement, which will be the first and is expected to last less than an hour. If everything is on schedule, Villa could be in the team hotel in Valencia to Barcelona mealtimes.

The trial has raised great expectations. In Aviles will also present the player, the president and vice president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente and Javier Gomez, if not fly in the same private plane that the player will have hard time reaching the stage of Mestalla. There is also a former president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, and former sporting director Txiki Beguiristain. The situation becomes more unpleasant for the player because you have to face to face with his former agent and friend, José Luis Tamargo, now will demand a significant amount of millions. (Marca.com)

[Pictures] Training March 1st

Xavi and Dani Alves are the main novelties in the list of Barca's 18-man squad for the match on Wednesday night in Valencia. Also goalkeeper Miño Barça B.

Barca players begins to recover. For the match at Mestalla, the coaching staff may have Xavi Hernandez , and recovered from the hamstring small in the soleus of the left leg which occurred after receipt of the Athletic Club, and Dani Alves , once served one-match ban . Both are part of the call for 18 men.

Absences will be the injured Carles Puyol, Victor Valdes and limbo . Completing the goalkeeper Rubén Miño .

The team has prepared the visit to Valencia on Tuesday morning behind closed doors in field number 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Have jumped to the grass eighteen players who will travel to the Mestalla, and limbo . The end, in the final stage of recovery, have been exercised at the same pace as their peers in a session with a strong presence of the ball. He also attended Nolito , he will not play with the reserves against Cordoba penalty.

Pep Guardiola has not been able to conduct the training . The technician carries a process of back pain two weeks ago which has worsened in recent hours. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Pinto, Miño, Alves, Adriano, Milito, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell, Busquets, Mascherano, Keita, Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, Bojan, Villa, Pedro y Messi.

Guardiola, with low back pain

The coach Josep Guardiola has not been able to conduct training this morning due to a process that pulls back pain two weeks ago and has worsened over the last few hours.

Josep Guardiola has been reviewed by the Medical Services of the City Athletic Club and has been recommended rest and treatment. Its evolution in the next few hours will make the availability to travel to Valencia tomorrow. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 27] FC Barcelona B 4 - 1 Córdoba

After four months without winning two straight games in the league, Luis Enrique guys have done it again Tuesday afternoon at the Mini with an emphatic victory over Cordova. The crazy game against Numancia on Saturday has not gone to Barça B bill that has become not only the Andalusian team on the scoreboard but also in the game. And the subsidiary, which has often been an exact replica to the first team, dominated from start to finish a duel color Barca clear.

Despite the casualties, Luis Enrique has recovered for this match with Thiago and Montoya absent from the last call as they were called by Guardiola to complete the list to Mallorca. Both have appeared in the starting lineup and have been instrumental in the win at the Cordoba.

From the first minute of the game Luis Enrique guys have gone very concentrated. The eleven Catalans who were on the pitch have forgotten the cold tonight suffered in the Miniestadi and have dominated the Lucas Alcaraz has been very uncomfortable during the first 45 minutes.

Tello was the master of the left in the first minutes of the game and have come here more clear chances. And in the first moments of Luis Enrique have been able to release the marker. The most obvious has been the Edu Oriol, in the seventh with a shot that has gone to the bar.

While Barça B braided spectacular plays and generated numerous opportunities, the Cordoba was the feeling that it had no resources to turn to football Barca machine. The group led by Lucas Alacaraz created little danger to barely reach the goal of Oier. However, with the 0 to 0 has come to rest.

When they had played only two minutes of the second half, Barça B has made his first goal. It was after a great pass from Thiago when Jonathan Soriano has spliced a ball entered the goal, first touching the bottom right before ending up in the back of the net. This target striker became top scorer in the history of Barça II A.

But the joy was short-lived to Luis Enrique who have seen three minutes later as the tie Usero was confused after a play within the area.

This home moved from the second part has continued some time later. And in the 58 Montoya, who made his debut Saturday with the first team, has made a big play down the right side before centering the ball to Jonathan Soriano. Before the Barcelona striker could finish the defense of Cordoba, Tena, has touched the ball with the bad luck that has come into his own net.

With 2 to 1, the club has been growing. Jonathan Soriano rounding his party over another goal, and already 17 in the league, with a goal in which Thiago has done a great pass and the player has culminated in a shot under the goalkeeper's legs.

The fourth goal Edu Oriol has done in 75 minutes when he shot the goal with an unstoppable ball to the goalkeeper Alberto Garcia. After the goal Luis Enrique has decided to replace the scoring and gave entrance to the youth Deulofeu Gerard, who was 16, made his debut with the club. Delofeu not take long to prove himself as only a minute ago I was in the field has had its first opportunity.

With this victory, Barça B stands sixth in the standings with 41 points. The next game is next Monday in Tenerife.

Technical Data:

FC Barcelona B: Olazábal, Montoya, Bartra, Thiago, Fontàs, Tello (Sergi Roberto, 72 '), Edu Oriol (Deulofeu, 76'), J. Soriano (Benja (67 '), Abraham, J. Dos Santos and Muniesa.

Córdoba: Alberto, De Cruz, Tena, Richy, Camille, J. Luque, Usero, Callejón (Fernando, 70 '), Arteaga (Pepe Díaz, 72'), O. Riera (Sesma, 59 ') and Charles.

Goals: 1-0, J. Soriano (47 '); 1-1, Usero (50'); 2-1, Tena (OG, 58 '); 3-1, J. Soriano (63'); 4-1 Edu Oriol (75 ').

Yellow Cards: Callejón (12 '), Bartra (25') and Muniesa (90').

Referee: Cerro Grande, Álvarez Cantón y Carreño García-Bernalt (asistentes).

Attendance: 2,329 spectators.