28 February 2011

Dani Alves: "I do not know if everyone wants to continue here"

"My commitment is to continue, I feel overvalued" he said, but noted that "if we agree life goes on, I will not pull the hairs if they decide that Alves does not deserve to go."

The player of FC Barcelona Dani Alves regretted not yet finished "film" on its renewal, expressed his "tired" by the gossip which has caused and wished that the agreement "not far" , in addition to pointing do not know if everyone rowing in the same direction.

"I've always been optimistic and eventually solve, but do not know if everyone wants me to go here . I want to reach completion point as soon as possible so we can all rest easy and I do not worry about whether my future is to continue at the club or not. It would be nice to reach the end of this film that is heavy , "he said at a news conference.

He also stressed his intention to continue in the ranks of the Blaugrana. " I can not imagine one without the Barcelona Dani Alves . We are trying to do the right things to make my dream a reality, but depends on two parties. If we do not reach an agreement life continues, I will not pull hair if in the end decide that Alves deserves further in this boat , "said the Brazilian side, which revealed that there has been no progress in recent weeks.

" It is not just about money , is an important factor but other things are important. Here I am very happy, I have met very big players and that makes me want to fix it. If I had my way, would end here in Barcelona , but things do not depend only on me, "he said.

However, he stressed that he is very well appreciated by his teammates and his coaching staff. " I feel overvalued by the team , which is what interests me. The interest of the club is a reflection of the importance you have in your computer, and within the coaching staff feel overvalued, "he said. (via AS)

Pedro: "In the end, the schedule is the same"

Pedro Rodriguez has responded to complaints from Jose Mourinho on the league schedules ensuring that "at the end, the schedule is the same" as "is equal for all" , told the program 'Hat Trick Barça' Esport3 channel.

The Tenerife has stressed that "all league games are difficult," but in Saturday's win in Mallorca , "after a goal from Leo, the game changed" . "We suffered in the first few minutes" , but after the 0-1 Messi "We created more chances and we won" .

The end of Barça's third goal scored in the Iberostar Stadium and recalled it: "It was a good shot, the ball came out pretty fast and even played a little Nsue, is a beautiful goal" .

On the excellent goalscoring Guardiola, Pedro believes that "we are doing enough goals, we have conviction about" and also "always good to have much luck in front of goal" .

"I'm happy to learn from great players like Villa, Messi, Xavi and Andres (Iniesta)" , said the '17 'Barca who believes that the difference between Barcelona now and as last season's "in the tactical aspects especially in the pressure " .

Pedro also assessed very positively the recent signing of Guardiola on the renewal of his contract with the club: "It's a joy to follow Pep" . (via MD)

Xavi returns to Valencia and Pinto will continue in goal

Guardiola players began to recover, as well as Terrassa also have Dani Alves.

Pep Guardiola is to be congratulated. Not only for the seven points ahead of Real Madrid but also because it will begin to recover key players ahead of the upcoming matches.

In fact, for Wednesday's match against Valencia at the Mestalla and will be without Dani Alves, after serving his one-match ban against Mallorca, and Xavi Hernandez, after overcoming his hamstring small in the soleus DE1 left leg, which Saturday prevented him from accompanying the team on its visit to Mallorca.

The Terrassa has worked tirelessly over these days, including holidays for the team, to be ready for Wednesday, aware that the team needs him and can not fail at the most important events of the season. Today and tomorrow are expected to be incorporated into training with the group.

Two certainly great news for Barça coach, which will also feature another high over the first team, Jeffren Suarez, fully recovered from his broken the rectus femoris which has left more than a month away from the pitch.

Thus, Guardiola can make a call tomorrow with 18 first-team players against Mallorca only 15 available and had to turn three-team players, but probably will be Valencia to 19 because you have to have the presence subsidiary forced goalkeeper, Rubén Miño, and that Victor Valdes is not yet recovered to play at the Mestalla.

Do not forget that the Catalan goal now dragged from the first leg against Arsenal he was forced to put a stop to prevent greater evils.

Subsequent tests confirmed that Valdez suffered a strained anterior capsule in his left knee that would be about two weeks of the pitch. In fact, the janitor began a growth factor therapy, supervised by renowned orthopedic surgeon Ramon Cugat, to speed his recovery.

The evolution of the discomfort is still positive, but in no case will force the goalkeeper, making his return is set for Saturday March 5 against Zaragoza at the Nou Camp.

That means that goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto Andalusian come again to get the sticks and a match-reaching as that Barcelona will play against Valencia at the Mestalla. His performance in the two games he has played League has been more than remarkable, as it has scored just one goal and penalty as well.

Valdes confirmed lower on Wednesday, the team will present Blaugrana coach sheds little doubt. Thus, Pinto, as has been said, will defend the Barça goal, the defense will consist of Alves, Piqué, Abidal and Maxwell, it will consist midfield Sergio Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, and how could it be otherwise, the trident fitter-Pedro Spanish soccer, Messi and Villa-played in the attack.

Barcelona Valdes and Puyol will stay, although both also are on the verge of returning to the pitch. (via SPORT)

Messi-Villa-Peter: The world best trident

The Argentine, the Spaniard and the Canaries are on a roll. Do not get tired of scoring goals and overcome collective and individual records. Three cracks.

Messi, Villa and Pedro are signing a historic season. From the producer point of view but also from other areas: work, solidarity, humility, consistency ... The trident of FC Barcelona is the best in the world (by far) and passing a fitness that is the envy of other clubs.

The three have signed a whopping 83 of the 118 goals he has scored the Catalan team in all official games this season. And it follows that they have had great weight in almost every game this season.

Of the 42 meetings that have so far (2 of Spain's Super Cup, 25 League, 7 and 8 Champions Cup), three have been magnificent gate in 34 of them 81%! Only 8 left unmarked, but remember that several of them or did not play or came off the bench. And only once, at San Mames (Cup), played by three and failed to beat out of goal.

In fact, all three have seen door together five times. The last Saturday in Mallorca (0-3). The remaining four were against Panathinaikos (5-1), Getafe (1-3), Deportivo (0-4) and Almeria (5-0).

But when they mark the three forwards, two of them do ... This combination, to mark two of three cracks, has been in 15 games, with the tandem Messi-director Pedro the most, because they have seen door in 7 games. Follow the couple Messi-Villa (in 5 games have shared the honors of seeing his name on the scoreboard) and closes the combination Villa-Pedro, who has scored in 3 games together.

Obviously, when you do not mark the three or two of the three, makes a ... Have been 14 games in which one of the three cracks have been filled the face of goal alone. Messi, this chapter has been the player most crucial to be able to sign goals in 8 games, followed by Villa (scored in 4 games) and Pedro (he did in 2).

These numbers tend to confirm the goal that has the club. Because when you do not check one else does. Could speak of certain "Messidependencia ', as the Argentine star has twice as many goals as the' Guaje 'and the canary, but the truth is that among the three complement each other perfectly and their successes, whether carrying the ball into back of the net giving rival or assists, are keeping the team on top, with options in all three competitions in which is still fighting: League (leads with 7 points ahead), Copa (on the final) and Champions (is in the second round and advance to the quarter should rise a 2-1 against Arsenal).

Between Messi, Villa and Pedro have marked 56 goals in league (out of 76 that carries the club). 73.6%. But it's also added more points the entire Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ozil and company ... The white team has 55 goals, one less than the best three-pronged attack in the world.

Moreover, when dialing the three, the club almost never usually miss. These are the statistics on: Messi has been door, since it is played first team in 114 games, of which the club has won 101, drawn 11 and lost only 2 (Atletico Madrid and Real Betis). Pedro has scored in 38 duels, of which the team ended up winning 36, tying one and losing another (Inter). And Villa have scored in 17 games, of which the club won 14, drew 2 and lost 1 (Arsenal). Three insurance goal three cracks that are making a difference. (via SPORT)

Arsenal Cesc denies that wants to quit the club

The executive director of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis , insisted Friday that "there is no reason to believe" that the captain "gunner", Cesc Fabregas , the club wants to leave London to return home.

"There is no reason to think that is going to go and, moreover, sustainable business model that gives us the strength we have to say that we need not sell Cesc Fabregas to increase our capital. That means being in a strong position, " Gazidis said told the Sportsweek program of the BBC.

The midfielder world champion, whose contract with Arsenal until 2014, has been linked since last year with a possible move to Barcelona , an entity whose quarry was formed until his departure to England in September 2003 when player was 16. The Gunners, who today have their chance to win the first trophy since 2005 in the final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham, rejected two offers last summer from Barcelona to gain the services of Cesc, who is now 23 years.

Despite the expressed desire of the player to return to his home in Catalonia and the Barca team, which retains many friends of the quarry and current colleagues in the Spanish team, which decided before the market closed that he would stay at least one season More on the Arsenal, the club feels very committed. " Cesc has a long-term. This gives us a real strength from which to operate and gave us the ability to keep after what happened last summer, "said the manager of Arsenal .

Gazidis said that when the Arsenal was on the table the two offers of Barcelona , there was no financial imperative that forced them to sell. Although the club and first team coach, Arsene Wenger , they stick on the way to prolong the stay of Cesc in London, Gazidis is aware that it can not guarantee that it remains an Arsenal player next season. "I can not look far, football is not so. You can not predict which players will be there," he admitted before confessing that his hope is to have Cesc Fabregas in the year 2011-2012.

"He's our captain and an important part of the team, but right now we're focused on this season and not on the first day of the next," concluded Gazidis your comments on the long and constant speculation about the future of Fabregas . (via MD)

City is difficult to sign Alves and looks at Van der Wiel

Manchester City begins to look very complicated side of Barcelona signing Dani Alves and has already set his eyes on the Dutch Ajax Gregory van der Wiel. The English considered the Barcelona their first choice, but if that fails, polls plan B.

Dani Alves concluded his contract with Barcelona in June 2012 and has held talks to renew it, but has not yet reached any agreement. If confirmed the break, Manchester City believes that his move could get 24 million euros, half the price set by the Barcelona last summer.

Van der Wiel will be cheaper. A clause in his contract allowing him to leave Ajax for less than 20 million. The Dutch side's commitment ends in June 2013.

The City and probed the possibility of signing Van der Wiel last January, but the Ajax refused to sell it after you had already transferred to the Uruguayan Luis Suarez at Liverpool. Interestingly, the Barcelona also think Van der Wiel as Alves relay if it is finally transferred to Manchester City.

The English want to sell in July to Micah Richards and are thinking of relocating as central to German Boateng. (via AS)