24 February 2011

Ibra reloaded against Pep: "He was my problem"

My problem in Barcelona was a man. And that is the 'philosopher'. He was my problem. I had no problems with anybody," he repeated, as it did when he left Barcelona, the current AC Milan striker.

Pep Guardiola left a powerful impression on Zlatan Ibrahimovic , and the rest of players who have been under his command, but in the case of Sweden in the negative. The Swedish and slit of his former coach when he left Barcelona , and now does so again in an interview in ' Eurosport 'to be published in full on Monday.

' Ibracadabra 'Guardiola returns to refer to as the' Philosopher '. " My problem in Barcelona was a man. And that is the 'philosopher'. He was my problem . I had no problems with anyone. There is nobody who can say I did something wrong. (...) I still do not know what happened. Still waiting for the answer , "said the striker.

Also compare the returns to Barca with Jose Mourinho , a coach who, according to Swedish, it knows how to motivate his players. " At the time he was with Mourinho, could go out and kill for him , for the motivation he gave me, that's how he encouraged me. With the other (Pep) was football, football ... . " It also ensures that Guardiola never strove to adapt the system to your game. "A coach has to adjust the game to players who have, especially if you bought a player for 70 million." (via AS)

Messi back in training with the group

After Tuesday to stay in the gym, Leo Messi returned to training with the rest of the group to prepare for Saturday's game against Mallorca.

Messi, who arrived a bit late for training, was the main novelty of the meeting, which also was attended by team players Thiago, Rubén Miño and Montoya.

Outside the group followed the injured Victor Valdes, Xavi and Puyol, who are out for sure for the match this coming weekend. (via SPORT)

Pinto Summit to renew

The agent's goal, John Maraver, revealed that the future of Pinto can be solved within days.

Pinto also will move from the Nou Camp. Sign is not clear when or whether to renew its commitment extended by one or two seasons. But where there is no doubt is a time to contemplate his future as Barca. The player, his sports management consultant and have not tired of repeating in recent days that there is a full conviction that the renewal of the goal just a matter of a couple of meetings. That's when complications arise.

The representative of Pinto, Juan Maraver, COPE Esports confirmed that it intends to soon move to Barcelona to negotiate the continuation of the goalkeeper. "I was Zubi and we agreed to meet next week." The consultant found that are not yet finalized the terms of renewal, but stated the Pinto will not move out. "The player wants to stay at Barcelona. Is very happy at the club, feel loved by everyone and has proven to be a true keeper. "

Maraver reiterated that still does not work on a specific draft and did show his desire to enter into a longer lease to end the formula every year that has been followed regularly with Pinto. "I do not know if it is good to negotiate every year. Clear all I have is the will of Pinto, who has said on more than one occasion that he would hang up his boots at Barcelona, but we'll see. Sign for two seasons would be nice, but again we have not yet spoken. "

Zubizarreta has confirmed the start of contacts in Seville and the will to get back on track future of Pinto at the time the match all professional agendas.

In this sense, the vice president and head of the sports area, Josep Maria Bartomeu, remained more airtight in Com Radio. The manager confirmed the good intentions but said technicians have not spoken about the future. "It seems that follow. Pinto has a specific weight in the locker room, but the decision is taken. " (via SPORT)

Cesc and Walcott, injured!

The Emirates had a day marked by the ax of injuries. The closeness of the final of the Carling and the game in the Nou Camp flooded with concern the steps of the temple 'gunner'.

The Emirates experienced the game against Stoke City with a knot in the stomach from the minute 13. Moment where the sound was in the stadium with Cesc's injury. Arsenal captain left the field with a face, visibly angry at his misfortune, but without symptoms of lameness. In the stands there was silence and Wenger changed his usual calm face a serious gesture. Of utmost concern.

In the yard, Cesc was replaced by Arshavin and the fans 'gunner' wondered if the Catalan would be ready for the final of the Carling on Sunday against Birmingham. In Barcelona, the question was different: "Cesc will be lost again around the Camp Nou?" The response should be expected because muscle injury 4 'gunner' leaves many unknowns.

While waiting for the player now pass the relevant medical tests yesterday in London had quietly optimistic about the injury of Catalan. After the initial shock, the feeling grew that this was not a serious injury, but for now he is doubtful for Sunday's game. The first impressions are that it could be between one and two weeks off.

One of the hardest hit yesterday was, of course, Cesc himself had placed great hopes on the meeting of the Camp Nou. Catalan already missed the game last season and I felt like it was claimed in the home. Cesc Impotence was also justified by the feeling of having to deal with injuries since the start of the season. And is that Fabregas has suffered a number of the same campaign muscle injury that prevented him from showing his best. Also last year suffered the hack of injuries. The most serious is the place in a play with Puyol in the Emirates. Then the fibula was the affected area and Cesc did not arrive in the best conditions for the World Cup. Yesterday again suffered discomfort behind the knee, near the hamstrings, a very sensitive area for the players.

Interestingly, when asked about his return to Camp Nou after the match against Barcelona, Cesc and warned: "I hope to be. I hope so, "he said then. Surely aware that injuries have accompanied him throughout the season. Concerned about the possibility of a repetition of history, Cesc was cautious in his response. After yesterday's meeting Wenger himself would not get wet: "He has a muscular problem, tomorrow we will try," he said.

Cesc's injury was not the only bad news of the night at the Emirates. Theo Walcott, the young end of English, was injured in the second half and had to leave the field on a stretcher. In his case, the lesion is in the ankle and the prognosis less optimistic. As soon lose the final of the Carling on Sunday, just now he had achieved some continuity in the team. Walcott again highlighted yesterday in the attack 'gunner' and is now doubtful for the game against Barcelona. That is a very explosive player makes Arsenal medical services are particularly cautious with the young footballer. If the end is not very fast to point against Barcelona, the English team lose one of its greatest assets in attack. Without doubt, one of the Arsenal players that has strained the Barca defense in recent times. Since the last course came in the second half at the Emirates and was the author of one of the goals from Arsenal. A few days ago turned into a real nuisance for Maxwell. (via SPORT)

Hleb goes into operation to buy Cesc

A week and a half after Javier Faus , financial vice-president of FC Barcelona , remember that the club "only" have "between 40 and 45 million euros to sign if no sales," operation could yield an unexpected injection of cash for a succulent Barca coffers ahead of the possible investment by Barca converted back to Cesc Fabregas . According to information that appeared yesterday in the British press, Alexander Hleb , on loan from August to Birmingham City , is in the orbit of the Kuban Krasnodar Russian, who could pay 6 million euros by taking the services of Belarus midfielder .

As was informed MD, Barça is not aware yet of the interest of newly promoted club to Premier League Russian, although there is an option to purchase Birmingham where he wanted to stay with the player. However, the possibility that the English team would like to run this clause to do business with Hleb is ruled out because the amount payable initially at Barça would move at levels similar to those that want to pay the Kuban Krasnodar .

Thus, if it ends up the offer of the club taking shape in southern Russia , the Barça could pocket a substantial sum which was not in the future plans of the board. The Kuban Krasnodar intended to give a qualitative leap in its return to the First Division of the Russian football from the hand of Dan Petrescu , the former Romanian side that shone in the Chelsea DEEC the late 90's. The league debut against Rubin Kazan is scheduled for March 13 and in Russia the deadline for signing is still open. There is no doubt that Barca would accept with open arms supply by Alexander Hleb , 29, since he is not considered recoverable for the whole of Pep Guardiola . (via MD)

Iniesta: "The best thing is to play well and win"

Andres Iniesta has spent the night on Wednesday for studies of RAC 1 to grant an interview to 'You say' which has provided its good vibes in the face of the tie against Arsenal and has defended the need to combine the style Barça to victory.

"The feelings are good and believe in the comeback. We have to make a full game without mistakes, but with our people, who always gives a push, the party has to go right," he assured the Barca, who only conceives go round : "It is imperative to get as far as possible in the Champions League. We have equipment for it and the head of each one must have that one thought" .

In this regard, expressed Fuentealbilla ultimate ambition: "We must seize this moment that has led to football. It all happens very fast and we must try to make this last lot" . Iniesta pointed out that "for an outcome side must not change the vision of the costumes and the idea is to keep playing but when you lose everything changes. The result has a great influence and the best thing is to play well and win. You can not go home with the feeling that I could have done more ".

Happy for the renewal of Guardiola has stated that "I hope his time is more than four years" and stressed that "blind faith in the coach we have demonstrated since the first day and it is reassuring to follow." Class on her performance against Athletic, said that "when you leave a game things, gives a lot of morals."

Don Andrés has revealed the happy news of the birth of her first daughter, Valeria, is a reality "within two months, almost coinciding with the final of the Copa del Rey" in the April 1 that can be brutal at all levels.

Progress Cadet Jon Miquel Toral Harper Barca Arsenal, Iniesta has held that "everything is respectable. Everyone has their situation and I can only speak of mine. I would rather play for five minutes here, 90 in another place. I do not I saw something else. " (via MD)

David Villa: "Madrid doesn't give truce"

The player of FC Barcelona has ensured that the game against Mallorca , this Saturday at 20.00 hours will be "dangerous", especially because the game displays the Real Madrid , which gives no "truce" to the Blaugrana. He also assured that the team is "quiet." "We do not talk about whether there league or not. we did not before and not now, "he said about whether a victory for Madrid before playing his game is more pressure on them.

After the draw with Sporting de Gijón (1-1), losing to Arsenal in London (2-1), and the victory against Athletic de Bilbao (2-1), the striker was confident of fitness and game time through the template. "We're fine, we finished the last matches in the rival camp, despite supporting a great physical strain," he said.

"I think there will be no litmus test. We have low, but we have a workforce prepared to meet all the matches of the season," he argued about the fact that before the Mallorca will be out through injury Valdés , Puyol and Xavi and Alves for penalty. On the other hand, assessed that the second leg of their knockout final against Arsenal will do the same thing at the Emirates Stadium, but be "more successful in front of goal."

"We were superior at all times unless the outcome," he concluded. "Give favorites now useless. We are in the second round and many teams," said the Spaniard on the finalists of the European competition. Finally, he was "happy" about the renewal of coach Josep Guardiola . "It's a joy to us all and for the club. Is to blame for all this, the titles and victories," he said.

David Villa has confirmed this Wednesday afternoon , as explained MD, that his presence in the match against Valencia for the 26 th day of league is in doubt due to his forced appearance before the judge for an unresolved dispute with his former representative.

The view forces the player to stand at 9.00 am on next Wednesday 02 March in Gijon while the game will be played at 22:00 pm in Mestalla . Although there appears to be many problems, club and player will do "everything possible" to get the best codiciones. Still, we know that these situations are not the ones most like the first team coach who prefers that his players get rested and clear.

Moreover, Villa , now presented in Barcelona with new running shoes that sponsor, acknowledged that the current position of FC Barcelona is "privileged" because "no matter if Madrid wins it all if we do the same. " (via MD)

Rosell, "Pep is sentimentally of Barça"

Sandro Rosell said that convinces him and attracts him to extend this commitment year after year contract with coach Josep Guardiola.

The Barca president, Sandro Rosell explained that negotiations for the renewal of contract were quick Josep Guardiola. "No convincing cost. It was a great job of Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bartomeu. Quietly and behind closed doors. Then they agreed with the agents of Pep. In a couple of weeks, it closed," he said in interview program on TV3 and Esport Efectivament 3.

Rosell has acknowledged that the contract extension from year to year, convinces him and likes. "For us, it's a luxury to have a coach like him. Asboluta We choose freedom for him. This formula of 1 +1 I love it. It is very good for the club. Stability is not a written paper but the work, commitment and feeling and that it is Pep, "summed up the president.

In this sense, and a comparison with José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, Rosell has made a distinction between the two technicians. "There is something that differentiates us. Pep is Barça.'s Romantically Barca and Real Madrid is professionally Mourinho." The Barça president Josep Guardiola has said that is not the highest paid coach in the world.

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Rosell: "I do not think Pep is the highest-paid coach"

The president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, explained in the "Efectivament" from "Televisió de Catalunya" who were the architects of the renewal agreement Pep Guardiola as coach until June 2012. "Zubi and Bartholomew did a great job, without sound. Too soon came to an agreement. In a couple of weeks ago an agreement was reached. And he added that" I love the Pep year to year. "

On the economic conditions of renewal, Rosell has been limited to ensuring that "I do not think that is the world's highest-paid coach," but explained that "Pep is romantically Barca and Mourinho, Real Madrid professionally." (via AS)

[Pictures] Rosell and Guardiola sign the new contract

Rosell and Guardiola sign the new contract

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola this morning signed the contract that guarantees the continuity of the technician in the FC Barcelona until June 30, 2012.

They spent a few minutes from 13.40 h, when Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola signed the new contract. The result of this agreement, the technician will expand its commitment Santpedor four seasons on the bench for first team, which will rank as the fourth coach with more seasons in the first team , behind Cruyff , Greenwell and Rijkaard.

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Xavi: "There will be no problem to stay in Valencia"

Xavi Hernandez downplays the seriousness of the injury that kept him sidelined 7 to 10 days. The midfielder hopes to be available to Guardiola for next Wednesday's match against Valencia.

As expected, Xavi Hernandez has appeared before the media after the first team training. The midfielder has spoken of his injury , a tear of the soleus muscle in his left leg that will keep him out of the playing fields between 7 and 10 days. Although he knows that evolution and their feelings are important in return, Xavi hopes to be 100% on Wednesday: "It's a minor injury. We'll see how it evolves, but there is no problem to stay in Valencia."

The de Terrassa joins casualties Jeffren , Puyol and Valdes . However, Xavi not think there was any injury epidemic team, since "they are minor injuries are not long-term, except in limbo." He explains that these injuries "are coincidental, stress, overload of games." He concludes that "it is normal, it is within normal for any team."

In addition to his injury, the other topic is the renewal of Pep Guardiola . Xavi Hernández has been shown pleased by the decision of Santpedor. "This is great news for Pep, the club and us. It is a very happy time for Barcelona, " said the midfielder, which defines the current set of technical and "the key to this gear." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

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[Pictures] Miño, Montoya and Thiago reinforce the team

Miño, Thiago and Montoya reinforce the team

The club has returned to practice Wednesday to prepare for the next match of the season, on Saturday in the area of Mallorca. Because the losses are, Guardiola has called Miño, Montoya and Thiago for the session.

After enjoying two days of celebration, the club is now fully focused on the preparation of Saturday's game against Mallorca , for Week 25 of the competition number of regularity. A compromise, this, that'll be the first of the four will face in the next eleven days. Valencia, Zaragoza and Arsenal will be next.

Participated in the preparatory meeting which took place in field number 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper the entire first team squad with the exception of the injured limbo , which has left the field with the group and individual work has made balloon accompanied by a recovery, " Puyol and Xavi Valdés . These three have been in the gym doing recovery work from their respective injuries.

Recall that in the case of Xavier, Tuesday announced it would withdraw from 7 to 10 days because of a slight hamstring injury in the soleus of the left leg.

Who has not jumped on the pitch was Lionel Messi . '10 'Barca did not participate in the activity that brought out the rest of their peers and, conversely, has been in the gym to do specific work .

The Barcelona coach has chosen this time to call up three players from Barça B This is the goalkeeper Rubén Miño , the right- Martín Montoya (remember that Dani Alves may not hold its position in Mallorca by penalty) and Thiago Alcantara .

Just after the session, a total of ten players have been subjected to doping control. This is the case of Pique, Alves, Villa, Iniesta, Jeffren, Pedro, Milito, Maxwell, Afellay and Abidal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)