23 February 2011

Jeffren returns to training after more than a month low

The Barcelona has returned to training today after two days of rest given by Pep Guardiola for its staff. The main novelty of the day was around Jeffren Suarez to work with the group, after he had been ill for over a month, from January 20 .

Jeffren suffered a tear in the anterior right thigh in training , and since then has been unable to participate normally in the team's activity, which has begun to prepare for the clash of this weekend against Mallorca ( Saturday at 20 : 00 ). (via AS)

[Youth] Barca do not want the 'case Toral' splash Cesc

The club blaugrana hopes the Arsenal is similar of understanding with Fàbregas as them they have been it with Toral when he/she said that he/she wanted to leave.

Barca has lost one player to aim higher in the grassroots as Jon Miquel Toral. The player has already reported that at the end of season with Arsenal will leave the sports injury, this would mean for the club that has been forming. Barca have not been good club maneuvers 'gunner', which also tempted Sergi Samper, also a cadete, but will not break relations with the British. The law protects the Arsenal and Barca also prefer not to speak out to keep it friendly with the entity which plays the main objective of Pep Guardiola for next season as Cesc Fabregas.

The Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, I knew last week on his trip to London as head of expedition to confront the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League that Toral had taken the decision to leave. His intention was to mount a mess, although to tell the directors of Arsenal who were aware of their movements and disagreed with your approach. Lordship informed with Rosell Barca used other methods if they want to hire a player and will always face. At the dinner held at the Emirates with the leaders Gunners on Tuesday night, the president always tried to sway a cordial tone and proof of their good intentions was not tabled Cesc situation.

The club has tried to act with sensitivity in the case of Toral. The player had long dream of playing in the Premiership. His mother is British, speaks to her in fluent English, and uncles living just 40 minutes from Arsenal's training facility. Jon Miquel AC Christmas one year in each country, and has English football in the blood. Therefore, when following one of his performances in the lower echelons of the Spanish team offers began to arrive from England, did not think twice. In addition to the Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City also knocked on her door. Toral chose the club that gives more opportunities to young people and reported it to the club.

His representative, Pere Guardiola, tried to convince all the ways to continue at the club. Currently, only Piqué is back among the players who have decided to leave in the process of training and Guardiola advised he was aware of the momentous step he was taking. The Blaugrana club he proposed the renewal, but Jon Miquel stood firm in his decision. Albert Puig, one of the leaders of grassroots football, asked him what he thought was better and won a week's time. Puig has an excellent relationship with the player's family and hurt your progress. However, Toral gave the same response days later. There was no option to counter as the money was not his motivation for leaving.

Barca now complied with the decision and hopes the Arsenal Cesc respects when he insists at the end of the season in his dream of playing in the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Villa: "I want my name associated with the goal"

An ESPN documentary examines the human and sporting career of Villa, his magical relationship with his people and his endless 'feeling' with the goal.

Few players like David Villa represent the old American dream, to succeed from a poor background. Maybe that's why ESPN, the most important sports in the Americas, has dedicated a story of almost half an hour that has just been released and that explains the path of 'Guaje' in two ways, human and sports. "The man who restored life to a people" is the phrase that the presenter and director of the documentary, Martin Ainstein presents Barça striker.

ESPN sent his team for an entire week Tuilla, the hometown of Villa, to portray the childhood stage Barça player and explain how the people began to come into decline with the closure of the mines, more At about the same time that David began his promising career at Langreo, before moving to Sporting Gijon.

In the documentary, Villa said the relationship with their land has been established over the years ("I always like to go back because there I am a person"), their fear of getting into a mine ("the experience of my father I've never had the courage to lose ") and above all, how its success at the club and the selection returns pride to a village nestled between mines and in recent years has suffered a relentless depopulation. "When we taught the world a Villa scarf Tuilla CD after winning the World Cup, the people touched the sky. We got goosebumps. All the people cried, "explained his countrymen.

The sentimental journey along life's Villa striker stops to explain a personal test their biggest weaknesses: his family and football. "The ball is my way of life and the goal, my job. I wish some day people came to equate my name with the goal, "he says. When staying with a moment of his career, the 'Guaje' is clear: "the final whistle in the World Cup final."

His father, Mel, take advantage of the ESPN visit to return to the well mosquito, near Tuilla. There, in 1989, when David was eight, an accident nearly cost him his life. He also recalls how the Barcelona striker broke his femur in his right leg four years, while playing at school. "Ultimately, we decided not to have surgery. He does not remember, but that decision could change your life sport. Then he learned to hit left-handed. " Behind there were many hours of football. "He went to school and sometimes forgot the backpack with books, but the ball, never," says his father.

The Tuilla landscape continues to suffer from the dismantling of mines, but his most famous wins in the best team in the world. Meanwhile, its people still go every Sunday to Candín, Tuilla the field, to see the team led by Richard Bango (ex of Oviedo, Seville and Sporting), which also appears in the film while giving instructions to his players in a locker room in which curiously never wore Villa footballer. "There were enough children in the village to form teams," he says. The passage of time has served as revenge, but is unlikely to look, as does his best friend, Vicente, the captain's armband from Tuilla. (via SPORT)

Wenger, public enemy number one of Barca

Arsène Wenger has done it again. And this time it was at the most harmful. The Arsenal London will be his third pearl of the farm and the news has just transpired in the middle of the Champions League tie that pits Arsenal and Barca. After Cesc Fabregas , in 2003, and Fran Merida in 2005 Barça will now be the cadet Jon Toral who migrate with Wenger, a coach who has distinguished his career by selling an exemplary image that contradict their works. The Frenchman has taken them with colleagues, leaders and institutions on issues such as fair play, the referees and, especially, for the conduct of the clubs to sign. There you have the newspaper to confirm that your tone with the rest has been almost always instructive and moralistic.

His fixation with the club took him to ensure even the Champions League final of 2006, had won his Barca team Arsenal "by a bad refereeing decision, a goal was offside, something must be done in the future ". This phrase rang notice.

Back in 2003, tried to justify the signing of Cesc as "regulations" could be done, but at the same time asked "that there were no other war like we had with the PSG for Anelka." Interestingly, in 2005, Chelsea scolded her "arrogance to meet with our player Ashley Cole." "They think they're above the rules of football," he added. In 2007, told the Manchester to "spend a lot on foreigners." Arsenal today, just have foreign players. He also spoke of 'politicking' for Spanish clubs and the way criticized the cracks by changing the Premier League. "I do not want someone to be competitive to go to Spain," he said. Becoming the victim with the club for your interest in play-off to Cesc usual . "The Barça is just noise, an attempt to destabilize" he said in July 2010. Months before the official 'gunner' Peter Hill-Wood was "fed up Delbarco." The masterpiece of Wenger was Feb. 16, the day of Arsenal-Barça: used the web 'gunner' to defend its transfer policy quarry and say that the club had gone for 12 years Leo Messi. He was preparing the moral alibi: he had already signed up Toral. (via MD)

[Youth] Reactions Toral's departure, the crack of La Masia, Arsenal

Although the news of the progress of the cadete player Jon Toral at Arsenal was published yesterday by the press, the FC Barcelona and was unaware of the decision of the player and his family for several weeks. In fact, all leaders of youth football Barca from Guillermo Amor as sports director of football training, to Albert Puig as coordinator, to the manager responsible for the area, Jordi Mestre, had done their best to avoid running the football, but it and its environment does not change its mind.

What was the proposal cadete Barca's best player of the quarry? For in an adequate supply to understand the player's age and the policy of economic containment of the entity. As always when such promises are about to turn 16, it's time to make the first semi-professional contract and each party plays its cards. The Toral has been to leave English football.

In the club, rather than angry at the player, although not like it has every right to choose their future, senior management is moving up the walls with Arsenal. The Barca, as any big in Europe, are recognized 'club aggressor', ie those who are caught each summer in quarries outside to make yours the most powerful. The difference is that Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger as the visible head, is giving lessons in morality and behavior when he can, something especially noticeable along the soap Cesc Fabregas.

And therein lies the big question, how far 'case Toral' condition after more than safe now coming negotiations between Barca and Arsenal for Cesc . Barca, yet respectful of the Arsenal, has always been the face and even made an effort to normalize relations coming 'touched' from the previous term. Now, that same dome culé reserves the right to act the way that suits you.

As for the participation of Pere Guardiola, Pep brother in the matter as agent Toral, club sources say they were witnesses of this effort to convince the player that what he needed was to stay. He failed

FAMILY: Won the English sweetheart

The English family of Jon Miquel Toral Harper has been instrumental in making the decision to leave Barca for Arsenal. His mother is English and the player has always had a special fondness for British football. Despite this predilection for the British, the only one going to England is the player, because the family will not change and remain in Reus.

The position of the family to bet on the Premier is due more to football than sentimental reasons. The Arsenal has secured Toral's family in two years will come to the first team squad for Arsenal and, according to family sources, is what he did tip the scales in favor of Arsenal, whose financial offer was on the other side much higher than Barca, which according to sources close to the player has not been decisive. Other teams in the Premier (City, Liverpool, Chelsea) became interested in the player
AGENT: Peter tried to convince

Pere Guardiola a, brother of Barca coach and agent Toral, tried to convince the player to stay rather than engage with Arsenal, but ultimately did not, according to sources close to the player. In some areas of the club has not gone down nothing good that the link between the player's agent and the first team has not served to help the interests of grassroots football Barca , but are resigned to losing the next season and understand that Pere Toral has worked both as has been possible for the player to stay. The younger brother of Pep Guardiola, Pere, is CEO of the company Sport Media Base representation and advice from players since its inception in 2009, when he left his position at Nike

LAW: The contract, at age 16

Jon Miquel Toral will join Arsenal by an employment contract, without the need for change of residence that opens the door to promises signings under 16 years of age Toral. In English football are rigorous in protecting clubs attacks between them, but can not avoid attacks on other clubs in European Union countries. The only limit to sign players over 16 years is the Community border. From this age, players can sign their first contract in the UK, but will not be a professional contract to 17. The only condition is to be community. English clubs, then, can go to Europe taking players, but instead can not do with the players of England itself, since l the law protects every club quarries requiring each club to sign only one radio 30 kilometers of your city. Out of England is worth everything. To 15 years, the formula for the signings of players passing through the change of family residence, a ploy which Toral should not use, because the family will stay in Reus. (via MD)

[Barça B] Soccer Brothers

A majority nobody knows. Remain in the shadows of the cracks and do not play or even professional teams, but put every weekend all the stops to win games. Others, fewer, they are media and their names are known around the world. Both are the protagonists of this story, the brothers football (amateur or professional) up to seven players from Barça B: Marc Muniesa, Marc Bartra, Jonathan Dos Santos, Thiago Alcantara, Martin Montoya, Edu Oriol and Nolio.

In many cases, football is in the genes. It is the clear case of the Alcantara and Dos Santos, whose vocation is their blood football, since his parents were already champions. Both Thiago and Jonathan are brothers who, like them, make a good living playing football: Rafa in Barca B and Giovani own at Racing Santander. They are very young but old acquaintances in the world football scene. Another similar case is that of Edu Oriol, whose twin brother Joan, despite not having the force of the media, is a very lateral projection and waiting for his chance on the bench for Villarreal.

On the other side of the barrier are the brothers of Muniesa, Bartra, Montoya and Nolito, four guys who play as a hobby and is often recognized as being 'brothers'. Jan Muniesa, 14, is midfielder in Lloret de Mar, a town of which are original he and central Barça B. Eric Bartra, Marc's twin, is an extreme of 20 years after passing through the quarries of Barça and Espanyol have fun kicking the ball today in the CF Llorenç (Tarragona). The injuries prevented him from progressing as fast as his brother.

Other end (left, as his brother) looking every weekend the goal is Antonio Marin, Nolito brother of 13 years. On the pitch, defending the colors of Sant Feliu, Antonio tries to imitate his older brother. And in the Baix Llobregat, the family has Martín Montoya in Barca B and more, Mark, 23, a midfielder playing in Vilamoura. (via MD)

Pep wish to travel the same day at Valencia in the Cup final

Pep Guardiola will face the final of the Copa del Rey in the April 20, to be played in Mestalla, as if it were another game, much as the opponent is the Real Madrid . The coach wants players to enjoy a special match, but at the same time you want to add no extra pressure through rituals different from each encounter. As two seasons ago against Athletic and on the same stage, Guardiola plans to travel the same day. Currently there are no impediments to the RFEF.

Among other circumstances, the distance between Barcelona of Valencia invites the technician to choose the trip the same day. Guardiola believes that the players are mentally better if they spent more time resting and off. In contrast, in a concentration always some tension builds after ultimately affects the mood of the players.

The end will come at a time in which the players will not need extra incentives, since the equipment will be in full competitive phase, both in the Champions League and if it exceeds the tie against Arsenal. Although they are playing against Real Madrid, rather than competitive concentration, which Barca players will need the opposite: an extra strain.

Four days earlier (if the lockout of the LFP does not alter the schedule), the club will have played exactly half Liga at the Bernabeu and the weeks before and after the final will be played in the Champions League quarterfinals. With this background, experts consider advisable to spend more time with family, while a concentration build up more tension and fatigue.

In the last final of Copa del Rey against Athletic in 2009, Barça de Guardiola and traveled on the same day and the results were magnificent. Barça almost always travel the same day domestic competition, which in the move to Pamplona this season earned him trouble because of a strike by air traffic controllers. The RFEF then turned to force to travel a day earlier. For there is no slogan final state, at least for now, (via MD)

[Selection Under-17] Spain 2 - 1 Georgia [Pre-Europeo]

The national team was against Georgia faces in a preparatory match at Soccer City of Las Rozas. A meeting that Ginés Meléndez controlled in the first half and suffered in the second period, but ended imposed by 2-1 (includes video and photo gallery)
The U-17 coached by Ginés Meléndez went to the central field of the Soccer City of Las Rozas at 17:30 with the intention of setting all the details. The rival, Georgia, to the local domain clearly left the weight of the match for the men of Melendez in the first half, but in the second half believed him and went for the party.

VIDEO: http://www.rfef.es

Technical Data

SPAIN: Alfonso Herrero; Javier Manquillo, Antonio Luque, Carlos Garrido (Sergio Menéndez, min 45), Unai Bilbao (Brian Olivan, min 65); Iñiguez de Heredia, Gerard Deulofeu (Joel Valencia ,min 80), Pol Calvet (Denis Suárez, min 60), Saúl Ñiguez, Federico Vico (Álvaro Vadillo, min 60); Iker Hernández.

Georgia: Gabriel Tebidze; David Mtivlishvili, Dachy Tsnobiladze, Nika Sandokhadze, Tsotne Moniava (Sandro Tchiguaria, min 45); Gogi Gogichaishvili, Lucas Hufnagel (Nika Tarkashvili, min 65), Avto Endeladze (Shalva Ekvtimishvili, min 45), Nika Diasamidze (Temurazi Markozashvili, min 45), Guram Samushia (Giorgi Pantsulaia, min 75); Bachana Arabuli (Nika Tarkashvili, min 75).

Goles: Federico Vico minuto 35 (1-0). Gerard goes on the right wing walking out of his pocket and his low cross it into the goal Federico Vico. Iker Hernández goal 42 minutes (2-0). Federico introduces the rebound of a corner in the area, the ball touches the Spanish attack and Iker riveted on the goal line. Arabuli Bachana goal 50th minute (2-1). Bachana converted the penalty to which nothing can be done Alfonso Herrero.

Referee: Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias, assisted by Lamchacmty Laamarti and David Herrero Macias.

Country: Estadio Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas.

Aston Villa want to be free Milito

The British want to sign the Argentine central but will try to reach an agreement with FC Barcelona to avoid paying for their transfer.

Aston Villa is following closely the developments of Gabriel Milito to try to tie the Argentine center next summer. The English know that Barca defender wants to leave the club in search of minutes by the lack of opportunities and their employment would have been set as the favorite.

However, the British are not willing to spend a euro on arrival in the Premiership and try to reach an agreement with FC Barcelona to take him for free. It is recalled that Milito is 30 and his contract expires in 2012. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona has its eyes on the 'Turkish Alves'

Gökhan Gönül, 26 and linked to Fenerbahce contract ends this season and Barcelona is a good complement (or substitute if not renewed) for Alves.

While Barcelona Dani Alves still negotiating to extend the contract of Brazilian, it seems that the Catalan club is testing the international market, looking for possible replacements for Alves, in the event that the renewal of this fails, or simply to strengthen the position. The last name that points to strength from Turkey, namely Fenerbahçe, Gökhan Gönül.

Unknown to many, this 26 year old Turkish international is pleasing to the coaching staff at FC Barcelona, and that is why the club have sent scouts to watch matches played in the Süper Lig, in more than one occasion, according to the Turkish newspaper Milliyet. It is considered the side in his country as one of the best in his position, and also this season has been uncovered as a scorer. In 19 appearances in league competition, has scored three goals.

But Barca is not the only one who has his eye on the Turkish defense, Milan and Bayern Munich are following him too, so everything indicates that the player will leave Turkey next summer. And free will, because the contract ends on May 31 and would fit into the austerity policy that has been established at the club. (via SPORT)

Xavi, down 7 to 10 days

The midfielder will miss league matches against Mallorca and Valencia, because of a slight hamstring injury in the soleus of the left leg.

The player Xavi Hernandez has been submitted this morning for an ultrasound and magnetic resonance due to the inconvenience presented in the soleus of the left leg. Tests have confirmed a hamstring small in this area.

As reported by the Medical Services of club time low is approximately 7 to 10 days . Therefore, the midfielder will miss the league match against Mallorca and Valencia , in the case that the period of recovery as they have set up the Medical Services.

In addition to lower midfielder Pep Guardiola can not count now, with the injured Carles Puyol, Jeffren and Víctor Valdés , who on Sunday were subjected to various medical tests.

For the next league match, Guardiola also without Alves , who will sanction for card accumulation. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: first choice for Mallorca

The low accumulation of warnings by the Brazilian Dani Alves Pep Guardiola will have to find a substitute. Adriano Correia has many options to take the place of his compatriot on the right side of the Barca defense.

After learning that could not have Dani Alves to Mallorca, the same FC Barcelona coach said after the game against Athletic Club: "We have Adriano on the template, and therefore, more often is that he is the one that Palma play on Saturday. Although we have to look at all options. "

So far, the versatile Brazilian player has played eight league games, has made four starts, two of them contesting the 90 minutes (Sports and Racing de Santander). As for the rest of the parties have entered from the bench. Of these eight games involving Adriano, Barça have won seven times.

The runner up was released as a scorer Sevilla in the Copa del Rey, particularly in the Almeria Mediterranean Games Stadium, what did the 0 to 1 against Josep Lluís Oltra team in the semifinal round of the Copa del Rey. Cup is where Guardiola has involved more continuity to Brazil, since it was started six of the eight games that the club has played in the knockout tournament. In the Champions League '21 'the club has played three games, two starts, and has an attendance goal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça-Zaragoza on Saturday, 5 to 20 h

Already know the dates and times of the day number 27 of the league. In the case of Barcelona, will face with Zaragoza at the Nou Camp on Saturday, March 5, after 20 hours.

After two matches away from the stadium, the first this Saturday , in the countryside of Mallorca , and next face the Wednesday and Valencia , the following commitment of the group led by Josep Guardiola at the Nou Camp and has confirmed dates and times. Will be Saturday March 5 , after 20 hours , at the Zaragoza . This was confirmed by the Football League.

Thus, the club played a total of four games in eleven days . After two trips to Mallorca and Valencia, will return to Camp Nou to face to face with Zaragoza. Only three days later, the Catalans will face the decisive game of the knockout round final of the Champions League against Arsenal, which must overcome a 2-1 side if you want to go to the next round of the competition.

The rest of the day was complete the Mallorca-Valencia, Atletico Madrid-Villarreal on Saturday, Sporting-Getafe, Hercules, Almeria, Malaga, Osasuna, Levante-Espanyol, Athletic-Racing-Sevilla and Real Madrid on Sunday, and the Deportivo-Real Sociedad on Monday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça-Zaragoza's box will be made by women

In the next game in the Camp Nou against Real Zaragoza on March 5 will display the will of the Board to reclaim the historic role of women Barcelona.

Actions to vindicate the role played by women throughout the history of FC Barcelona and to enhance their participation in ordinary life of the Club will begin to see in the next league match at Camp Nou. On Saturday 5 March to mark the match between Barca and Real Zaragoza, the Presidential Box at the Camp Nou will be occupied for the first time ever, all-female.

Occupy the most prominent of the Presidential Box FC Barcelona directives Susana Monje and Pilar Guinovart , which will be accompanied by guest authorities, that this day also will be women, as the representation of Real Zaragoza. The protocol department is contacting Club also sponsors have fixed space in Palco to ask that day represented at women of their respective companies. There will also be a large presence of women in economic, social and cultural life of the city. The president Sandro Rosell chair the party, together with the president of Real Zaragoza, in a yet undetermined location, where you will witness the match accompanied by other policy components of the two clubs.

This initiative has been the first proposal of the working group appointed by the Board and that the directives are Susana Monje and Guinovart Pilar , the patron of the Foundation Lola Bou , Rosa Maria Lleal and Marta Rodriguez Llauder and communications director Club, Ketty Calatayud . This working group has chosen the March 5, three days before the Working Women's Day as a kick-off to see this new will.

The presence of women has given the Club a special uniqueness, and not many clubs in the world where women have such a prominent role in their membership. Remember that now the Club has 42,000 members, representing almost 24% of this mass social.

The Club wants to recover the memory of women as Edelmira Calvet , which was admitted as the first member in January 1913 after several requests, as it was not expected that women would join the Club, as the Constitution of 1911 only allowed male members , or the Anna Maria Martínez Sagi , first director of the club's history in 1934 under the chairmanship of Stephen Hall .