22 February 2011

[Youth] Games that make you stronger

The surprising defeat of Benjamin Benjamin A and B of Barcelona during the weekend are the keynotes of a day full of accomplishments. Some losses that occurred as it will make little ones grow from the quarry.


The team coached by Sergi Barjuan and Marc Guitart ruled the match in the first half thanks to goals from Bako, head, and Dongou doublet, the first to pass Babunski and the second center of Cristian Herrera. In the final leg of the second part of procedure, the Gavà signed the consolation goal (3-1). The downside of the win was Moussima injury, he had to leave the pitch.


The guys from Javi García Pimienta and Ramon Ros beat forcefully to Badalona. In a first stage where the costs incurred Barça times thanks to the work done by the rival defense, Sandro Ramirez advanced to Cadete A two goals to pass Hector Bellerín (min 10 and 30). But in the second half, Barca's superiority was gradually translating the marker for a more obvious and the six goals transformed by Sandro Ramírez (2), Maxi Rolón (2) and Iu Ranera (2) made it possible to rout final (8-1) Cadete A.


After a first half-hour of dominance, but in which the group led by Fran Artiga had no clear chances to score, James Efmorfidis opened the can and went to the Catalans before the break (min 29). In the second half, Barca came to kill the game and soon scored two more goals, the work of the James y de Àlex Corredera that gave the visitors quiet enough to meet the rest of the game comfortably. Less than five minutes remaining, Mamadou Tounkara rounded the result to realize the final 0-4.


Cristian Fabra scored the 100th goal of the Child to Barca in the league, marking the path of victory to the boys Fran Sánchez and Xavier Franquesa in a first half where Santboià, very tight in defense and did not leave his field, made it difficult for local spaces could generate attack. A hat-trick of Sergi Canós in the third period and the final goal of Mir Rafa made it possible for the 5-0 final and a new victory for the Catalans.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN INFANTIL] Unió FC Jàbac i Terrassa, 0 – FCB B, 4

The guys from Denis Silva and Carlos López made a good game in the field of Jàbac i Terrassa had control at all times despite being a tough opponent. Carles Aleñá, Javi Ruiz, Dani Olmo and Georgios were the authors of the four goals of the Infantil B Barca and getting his second consecutive victory and has five games without defeat.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] UD At.Gramenet Milan, 1 – FCB A, 8 (match postponed)

Against the runner, the Gramenet in the match postponed from the seventeenth day of the season, boys Andrés Carrasco and Sergi Milà defeated conclusively. During the first two quarters, against an opponent with a style of game play, Barça carried out a very intense pressure on the ball out of the premises. The great work done by the likes of Juan Fernandez, Alex Collado and Oriol Busquets in pressure to cause the opponent's error, retrieve the ball and define in attack allowed the fry to go to the break 0-6. Since the resumption, the domain and Barca were total control, but did not translate into goals until the last period, after which it was the final 1-8. The authors of Barca's goals were Aboubakar Camara, Juli Berenguer, Juan Cruz Agüero, Guillem Jaime and Juan Fernández (4).


The team coached by Andres Carrasco and Sergi Milà Vilassar Mar thrashed in a game dominated from start to finish by the Catalans, where only the third quarter was more even, and the fry at Barca created countless chances that resulted in a final 13-0 thanks to the great success of the Catalans auctioneer. Juan Fernández (3), Oriol Busquets (2), Álex Collado (2), Aboubakar Camara (2), Juli Berenguer, Guillem Jaime, Roman Tugarinov and Martí Vilà were the authors of the thirteen targets Barca.


The set of Xavier Bravo and Rafael Rodriguez won by 8 to 0 to Vilassar de Mar. The Catalans played pretty well and made a correct match against an opponent that did not generate any chance of danger, which saw the match was slipping when Barca soon went ahead on the scoreboard. Three goals Pol Muniesa, one of Jordi Mboula, one of Eric Mas, one of Hector Fernandez and another Sergi Duarte scored the Alevín B.


In a field complicated by their small size and against a very physical team how l'Hospitalet, Jordi Font boys dominated in the first quarter and managed to open the can (0-1, Sergio Gomez) and in the second quarter were very effective and signed two more goals, the work of Mamadou Touré Diawara. 0-3 at the break with two more goals from Sergio Gomez left the game resumed for judgment (0-5), Barça played for pleasure and Sergio Gómez again, Aladji Demba and Lucas de Vega closed the scoring with more than three goals.


The Barca Alevin D continues its particular way of wins, has added 18 of 18 wins possible, and this time has returned to win, this time in the field of Prat. Still, get the win this weekend was not easy. And is that against a team that during the first period was ultra-defensive and looked back in the Barca attack, hanging balls to their attackers combed and create danger, Àlex Gómez and Alexis Pintó kids were strangers in the field . Thus, in the second quarter, he caught the game Barça rival, and no direct combining, and could only come up with a tight 2-3 at the break. It was not until the restart the visitors regained their style, playing and playing, creating the risk needed to finish the win. Albert Portas (3), Álex Calatrava (2) and Lucas Sanllehí were the authors of the six goals Barca and win 2 to 6.


First defeat the course of the guys from Marc Serra and David Sánchez, who could not trace the initial goal after 30 seconds Cornellà party to transform a free-kick away. Ahead in the score, the opponent backed down and did not abandon this attitude throughout the game, waiting for a lost ball from the Barca midfield to come out against it. An approach that Barça could not counter and defeat was made to final whistle of the referee.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN BENJAMÍN] FCB B, 1 – UF Base Jàbac i Terrassa A, 2

Third defeat of the season Benjamin B, who lost to the Jàbac i Terrassa, but it did work, playing well and creating chances until the end. And it Nil Garrido opened the can center Dani Morin (1-0), but in the second quarter, two defensive errors Marcel Sans team cost them two goals and the opponent will turn around the marker and put ahead (1-2). After the break, the club tried to overcome, but despite being better than the visitors and try to pierce the rival goal in every way possible, through constructive play ball or stop the scoreboard did not move. And is that the Catalans enjoyed opportunities to win, but ultimately lost. Still, the Benjamin B followed by a week in front of group two in the First Division Benjamin.


Comeback of the boys and Albert Puig Jordi Puig found a 0-3 against the very start of the second period. But the reaction was Barca with goals from Jordi Escobar and Mamadou Touré Touré (2-3) and in the third quarter with a hat-trick of Aitor Lopez (the last goal from the penalty spot), who utilized the Barca comeback (5 - 3). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés uses a technique to cut time

" Víctor Valdés has today launched PRP treatment (growth factors). " The medical statement issued by the FC Barcelona on Sunday unveiled for the first time the technique that for years the doctor Ramon Cugat treat the injured and the Catalan side in most cases has been successful. One of the first cases media was Andres Iniesta, who miraculously recovered to play the final in Rome, and among recent highlights Xavi and Puyol, to cure their tendinitis in his Achilles tendon and knee.

Dr. Cugat is not the only one working with this new technique of regeneration, although one of the longest-trusting her in the world of sport. Not only uses growth factors to recovery processes but also in aesthetic medicine. In fact, the first that were used by dentists after dental injuries, including extraction of a part or the insertion of an implant.

The technique is simple. When someone is cut with a knife while cooking or breaks the femoral biceps playing football, goes away. The blood is red blood cells, white cells and platelets and the lesions heal over time because the platelets break down and release a substance with a remarkable anti-inflammatory property that regenerates damaged tissue. The method involves injecting the substance in the injured area (from other parts of the body) to speed recovery.

The process begins with the removal of a small amount of blood from the patient, usually in the arm and 20 to 40 milliliters. This blood is stored in tubes and subjected to a centrifuge for separating into three parts: red blood cells, which are deposited on the bottom, white blood cells in the center and above the platelet-rich plasma, which is subsequently injected of nuevoal patient in the injured area to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue.

This process takes half an hour and generated a series of reactions that require waiting a week to repeat. In acute injuries (torn muscle, tendon or ligament), a session may be sufficient, in the chronicles (tendinitis), it could take three to five. The evolution of detente that Valdes suffered in the posterior capsule in his left knee will determine whether it should happen again next week for the doctor's Cugat. (via MD)

Another case Cesc!

Stir in Sant Joan Despi. Eight years later, he repeats the story of Cesc Fabregas . The player with the greatest impact of the quarry, Jon Toral Harper , will leave the club at the end of the season to join Arsenal's Arsene Wenger , who has been like for the third time, after the above mentioned case of Fabregas and Fran Merida later , a promise culé.

Toral is the best Cadete A. It works inside left. Left-handed, but right fluent and powerful at the top: a few weeks ago signed a hat trick in the win over head Cornell (5-1). Arrival and the defense has pressed as anyone. Are hardworking, good guy and the most mature of his team.

The next season was going to make the jump to Junior A for Oscar Garcia bypassing the B Sergi Barjuan. But his dream of winning the Premier has been more than confidence that the club has placed in him since he signed him as Albert Puig youngest of Santes Creus Barri de Reus. Indeed, Puig, Guillermo Amor's right hand in front of youth football, is a person who has most affected the decision of the player. Pepper Garcia also his coach.

The first contract

Many Premiership teams that are after the best in the Cadet A, precisely because they are those who turn 16 in 2011 and negotiated his first professional contract. In the case of Toral, bids have risen as well because his mother lived in Manchester until he met his father in Reus giving English lessons. Apart from Arsenal, had received large offers from Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, but was decided by the Gunners for the same reason that Cesc and Merida in his day: the draft Wenger and his blind faith in the young. Sant Joan Despi, some coaches predict that in two seasons Toral will be playing in the Arsenal first team.

It so happens that your agent is Pere Guardiola, brother of the technician , which may generate some controversy in the environment Barca. MD has been told, however, Pere repeatedly insisted that the best option was to stay at Barca. Also Puig, who has a close relationship with Toral, spoke several times with him, but the interior has continually reiterated that his dream is to go to the Premier. Barca, who could receive around 300,000 euros in compensation, or could not make an offer to stay.

Might not play again

Anger among supervisors and managers of Barca is remarkable. In fact, considering the possibility that Toral not never again wear the Barça shirt. On Saturday, the Cadet thrashed Badalona (8-1) and without them. Mundo Deportivo asked about his absence and the club's response was that it was full of matches and had to rest, as did other owners start indisputable as the side or end Grimaldo Maxi. But the reality is that the directive means that if Toral Barça will not continue next season, no sense of minutes available to the detriment of others who do remain in the club.

Samper if you become

Wenger also wanted to take another promise Cadet A, the midfielder Sergi Samper, represented equally by Pere Guardiola, but this will. This is what has the best quarry in the world, we all want to catch it. (via MD)

Alves: "I have good 'feeling' with Rosell"

While approaching positions, Dani follows his own: two assists for goal that gave the victory against Athletic.

Dani Alves, waiting for a new contract, the last big deal of his career, following his own, which is play football. Against Athletic gave an exhibition and two assists for brands Villa and Messi was the key to the pothole did not cave.

The Brazilian is a professional who does not deviate from the road. Moreover, still under contract until June 30, 2012, so there is still plenty of time to reach an agreement. He knows and remembers that "Pep has signed until 2012, so we'll be together for at least another season. Hopefully we can go together. "

Sandro Rosell took advantage of the France-Brazil from February 9 in Paris to meet with the player. The intention was to convince the player that the best thing for him is to continue at the club, where he is happy and off the field, which, until proven otherwise, is not insured elsewhere. It also means Dani Alves: "I am available the club because my intention is to stay here, I'm very calm." On his meeting with the president of Barcelona, the side denied that Rosell be moved just to talk to him: "He has gone to other ideas and took we were there and talked, but as we have spoken there we could have done here." The Brazilian is optimistic for many reasons and one of them is her relationship with Sandro Rosell: "My relationship with him is beyond his presidency. We know from the Brazilian national team long ago. There are 'feeling', we have friends for a long time. It's a little more distant because the president (laughs), but what is always talked very positive intent. " It confirmed that the agreement is possible and has never been the intention to leave: "We should not be worried, we walk the two on the same side. When you walk into the same side, but you can do over, I'm sure the final will be happy. If the club plays their part and I get mine, he will have a happy ending. " The Blaugrana side is a distance runner in the field and off, so his philosophy can be applied both in the football aspect as regards to the renewal: "The last game a lot and have to play 90 minutes . Some think that the game is finished when they have played 20 minutes, but we must stay the course. Consistency makes you better. "

The Brazilian also commented on his absence in Mallorca, which binds to Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol, so the team will face several changes in defense: "It's a shame because I do not like to miss games. In that sense, I am very selfish. But the size will come out. " Dani Alves also explained how he saw the play of the first goal, in which his position was dubious: "It is a move very fast and I am pending the ball, so I can not say." He also wanted to assess the importance of Villa are having in recent games with his goals: "We knew who fichábamos. It's spectacular, it gives a lot of play. For our style and philosophy, Villa have conceded very well and we are very happy. " Alves looks forward to many years with him. (via SPORT)

Everyone knows the arbiter of Valencia-Barça

The referee Iturralde Gonzalez Basque lead the Valencia-Barcelona from the 26th day of the season, which takes place on March 2, while Perez Lasa, the same school, beep the Real Madrid-Malaga, on Thursday, 3.

The Madrid derby between Getafe and Atletico Madrid, who will also play on Wednesday, will be directed by the referee Clos Gomez Aragon. (via SPORT)

The arbitral appointments are:

First division (26a. Day):

Valencia-Barcelona EJ Iturralde Gonzelez (C. Basque)
R. Zaragoza-Athletic Club Alberto Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Sevilla-Sporting Gijon Antonio Rubio Perez (C. Madrid)
Getafe-At. Madrid Carlos Clos Gómez (C. Aragonés)
José Luis Villarreal-Stops Hercules Romero (C. Andaluz)
Almería Carlos Velasco Carballo-Racing (C. Madrid)
Real Madrid-Manchester MA Pérez Lasa (C. Basque)
At. Osasuna-Deportivo Carlos Delgado Ferreiro (C. Basque)
R. David Fernández-Levante Sociedad Borbalán (C. Andaluz)
RCD Espanyol-R. Mallorca JL González Glez. (C.Castel.-Leon)

Second Division (27th Day):

Elche-Numancia PJ Pérez Montero (C. Andaluz)
Barcelona B-Córdoba Carlos del Cerro Grande (C. Madrid)
Cartagena-Tenerife Jesus Gil Manzano (C. Extremadura)
Xerez-Piñeiro Gimnastic JR Crespo (C. Asturian)
R. Celta Jorge Valdés Aller-Huesca (C. Castel .- Leon)
Rayo Vallecano-Alcorcón David Miranda Torres (C. Catalan)
Salamanca-Villarreal B Ontanaya Fco Lopez (C.Cast.-Manchego)
Juan Martínez Girona Granada Munuera (C. Valenciano)
Recreativo Las Palmas Santiago Jaime Latre (C. Aragonés)
Ponferradina-R. AJ Hernández Hdez Betis. (C. Las Palmas)
Albacete-R. Mario Lopez Melero Valladolid (C. Andaluz).

Puyol: Objective, played in Mestalla

The La Pobla was brought yesterday with Juanjo Brau and continues with the plan designed to reappear on March 2 in the league match intersemanal.

The ship is about to recount to his captain. Carles Puyol has already faced the home stretch of the recovery process of the left knee injury that keeps him on the sidelines and it looks like it may reappear in the next league match on March 2 against Valencia at the Mestalla.

After spending Sunday at the review consultation doctor Ramon Cugat, the player was brought in double session yesterday in the company of Juanjo Brau recovery, as he confirmed through the network 'twitter'. The center said he was "very happy" just before going to lunch with "my best friend @ javipobla." This statement is a sign of optimism felt by the player and his upcoming return to the pitch.

Puyol will continue working hard during the week and, although still not be one hundred percent to help the team in Mallorca, their presence in Mestallla is well underway. The captain will have the match in Valencia and the following weekend in Zaragoza to acquire the necessary match fitness to face the momentous meeting of March 8 in the knockout round of Champions League final. His contest against the Gunners is virtually indispensable as Gerard Pique is a one-game penalty and Puyol should form the central couple with Eric Abidal.

Looking at the game against Mallorca, plus Puyol, Jeffren and Víctor Valdés, Pep Guardiola will also be without Alves, who must meet one-match ban. Adriano is emerging as a substitute, according to coach Santpedor advanced. (via SPORT)

Arsenal softens its posture with Cesc

Barca still working overtime to tie the option Cesc and not waste time trying to sign the player for next season.

The latest reports from England say that Arsenal is slowly accepting the inevitable romance between the player and the club and that, therefore, is willing to soften their negotiating stance to try to get the most out of a possible operation on next summer.

According to the 'Daily Mirror', the Gunners will not ask for a transfer price so exorbitant as expected and would have agreed to negotiate the sale of midfielder for 45 million euros. The British tabloid says sources close to FC Barcelona have confirmed that Barca sports management will not give Cesc and therefore received with open arms the new position of Arsenal. (via SPORT)

Juventus is now placing its target in Bojan

The Linyola is a perfect 'plan B' for Juventus is very difficult to sign Argentine striker Javier Pastore.

Juventus have long followed the steps to Palermo Argentine Javier Pastore. However, recruitment is more complicated and sporting director Fabio Paratici would have been set in Bojan Krkic as a new target, according to the Italian portal 'calciomercatoseriea.it'.

In Italy they sense that the young striker will leave Barcelona this summer and Juventus want to be your next destination. Next season the 'Bianconeri' debut new ballpark and seeks to increase with several additions, among which could be the AC Milan Andrea Pirlo. (via SPORT)

The renewal of Guardiola, Wednesday

The coach Pep Guardiola will sign his contract extension on Wednesday, February 23, at the offices of FC Barcelona.

For scheduling reasons, the signature of the contract renewal Josep Guardiola , scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, will finally place Wednesday, February 23 , after training the first team towards the 13 hours in the office Club.

FC Barcelona coach signed for another season until June 30, 2012, as announced on Feb. 8. (via FCBarcelona.cat)