21 February 2011

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 1 L’Hospitalet

The Junior A al'Hospitalet has imposed in a match that the Catalans have been resolved with goals from Dongou, Oriol Rosell and Ernesto Cornejo, which have offset the initial target visitors.

The team coached by Oscar Garcia al'Hospitalet has won 3-1 in a match where the opponent in the relegation zone, closed back and made it difficult for the Catalans could open the can in the first half. Still, Etock has enjoyed six chances, sending one of their shots including the crossbar of goal (min 32). Also, Deulofeu quite active bands has also been able to advance to the Junior A Barca in a solo run but his shot has gone out.

Technical Data:

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau, Edu Campabadal, Rosell, Ayala, Palau, Deulofeu (Gustavo, min 77), Masó (Ernesto, min 61), Etock (Pol Calvet, min 72), Espinosa, Ella (Dongou, min 57).

CE L’Hospitalet : Sergi Pagès, Ivan, Gerard, Aleix, Roger, Pol, Pedro (Èric, min 62), Antonio (Toni, min 70), Marc, Jose (Charly, min 85), Alguer (Forgàs, min 75).

Goals: 0-1, Gerard, min 55; 1-1, Dongou, min 62; 2-1, Oriol Rosell, min 69; 3-1, Ernesto Cornejo, min 84.

Referee: José Díaz.

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "I am very pleased with the work of the players"

Barça B coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, said that the outcome in the area of Elche (2-1) "not fair", but "footballing" is satisfied by "ambition" shown by the team "even when we were a man down. "

"At football we have been at a good level, carrying the weight of the match, generating many scoring chances and a clear willingness to take the points," analyzed Luis Enrique Martinez, the coach of Barca's subsidiary, after the defeat by 2 -1 in the area of Elche. Still, the coach also recognized Spaniard: "But we knew of the dangers of Elche and the party would be open until the end."

Despite not score any points in the Martínez Valero, Luis Enrique appreciated the performance of his team: "In football I am very pleased with the work of the players, for their ambition, how they stood up even when we were a man down" . And the referee expelled Ilie (min 56) by showing an undeserved second yellow card. On this, Luis Enrique noted: "It is clear that this will always conditions, but have not seen at any time threatening the game."

With ten men on the pitch and with a tie on the scoreboard, the game-winning goal of Elche (Angel, min 70) came in the wake of a rally, according to Luis Enrique, "unfortunate, but that can happen" . And the goalkeeper Rubén Miño controlled a pass from the central evil Fontàs and striker took advantage of Alicante set to mark and give the victory to his team. Therefore, Luis Enrique said: "I think there is a fair outcome for all, but congratulations to Elche."

On the possible conditioning suffered during the match as a result of the actions of the umpire who ejected three players (one and two of Elche FC Barcelona), Luis Enrique says: "I like the player is known to adapt well even to a peer, a a way to arbitrate, each has his own style, and I've seen my team today has grown but we do not get points. "

Asked about the work done in attack by Victor Vazquez, who served nine false scored the goal from Barca B, and its debut in the second division director, Luis Enrique said: "Today we demand that this more in the ' area, has a lot of football has come to seek superiority in the middle of the field and take advantage of these spaces with second-line players. " In addition, pointed out: "He when I was in Pep subsidiary had already played a lot in this position of '9 'has a goal, we must emphasize it to make it up, because I have."

And Luis Enrique concluded: "I think the play of the first goal of backlash is very good, we pressed the ball out of the opponent, Thiago has won very well and then they made a wonderful triangulation Benja, Nolito and Víctor Vázquez and made very nice goal. Victor has played well. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff called to focus on the league and forget about the Arsenal

"London won the least missed. How did that Valdes was not surprised?" I do not remember, "said the man who was coach of Barcelona on Champions League match.

Johan Cruyff , in his weekly column in 'El Periódico' , studied the defeat of Barcelona before Arsenal 's Cesc Fabregas in the Champions League and stressed that Pep Guardiola now have to focus on the league until the match is played in back.

"Between the departure and return of these round three weeks. In the middle, with yesterday, up four league games . I would not worry about whether or not Puyol will be back for Arsenal or if the will so and so. In the coming days the British team, at best, will employ scouts. The other will focus on what counts and matters now, the League. and 10 months of the season to give 38 (League) + 13 (Champions) + 9 (Cup) games: 60 games if you get to the final two are to go down a little at one time or another. And apparently seen -8 of 10 possible titles won, the real consequences are minimal having gone through other times winless "he said.

For those who were Rijkaard, " London won the least missed . " "The Champions of truth, the knockout (and the other one goes down), my ultimate test in football this is a game of failure because they play with their feet. And in London gained the least failed." Valdes made much not surprised ? "I do not remember. And Messi, who already has 40 goals and 20 assists, can stay at zero mark-checked, okay, but not worth, at least one ...? The goal that fits Valdés and Messi scored goals are not given, but not the only explanation for the defeat at the Emirates, "he said.

"Football is a game of mistakes, certainly, but usually does not affect those bugs in 9 of 10 games. But in one, yes. And it was against Arsenal," he continued.

"For example, in the second goal from Arshavin. You know that, well good, they are fast . And mastering the art of the counter. A long pass, space, and you can not break a line, but twice. "Way to defend it? Use the offside. What for many is only a defensive weapon for me is defensive and offensive at a time. Offensive, it narrows the field, defensive, because without going to court without seeking a missing , nullify the play. But we all have to go to one. Everyone must be vigilant, "he analyzed. (via AS)

Pinto: "I'm ready when you need me"

José Manuel Pinto was the goalkeeper in the match against Athletic Club by the injury late Victor Valdes. The player has been "very happy" about winning and that "there have been three points at home." His stop Llorente has risen to a hobby that has made him particularly excited about the last two games. And, according to Pinto, "is estimated wonderful feeling."

"If my performance has helped the team win, I am doubly happy," Pinto said moments after the end of the game. The match ended with a 2-1 in the lead thanks to goals from Villa and Messi, the latter in the final minutes of the second part, a target that, according to the goalkeeper, has been "wonderful." On his stop in Llorente, the doorman explained: "The player scores very well, I've been lucky in this game, I have been fortunate to have caught me in a good position and I could react in time."

"I will continue to be ready when the coach needs me, I'll be at 100 by 100," Pinto said about his place in the last few games. The doorman says, however, that the mere fact of being part of this team is all about enjoying every moment: "They're real CRACs, I enjoy watching every game, participating in training ...". For Pinto, be at a good level of play at any time should not seem strange: "We are for any time that the coach can ask us to be prepared, and this year I'm having several opportunities."

Although Pinto has exclusive ownership of the Copa del Rey, the goal in the league so far has been guarded by Victor Valdes. The knee injury has allowed Catalan play and possibly do in the coming games. On the mood of Valdés, Pinto finally discussed: "It is better, has some minor problems in the knee, but the mood is perfect."

Leo Messi

"We could not afford another puncture."

"We won an important game and is another source of joy for the people [his 250 official matches with the Barça shirt]."

David Villa

"We know it's a team that closes well. We are happy to win. "

Pedro Rodriguez

"We always make things difficult for Athletic Bilbao."

"In the end we had the second goal and reward of victory."

"We showed great intensity and these three points are very important."

"[About Madrid] just have to keep doing our game. The most important are the 3 points. "

"You have to be ready to play in all positions."

"It took the final victory. The fans gave us great support has encouraged us, as always. "

Sergio Busquets

"I felt good center, a little different from all parties."

"Most often, the team pulled forward. We did not think of anything more than 3 points. "

"It's a great difference [compared to Madrid]. When they came here they were at one point and are now five points. "

"They've been very tight back. If in the first half we made some more goal, we suffered less. "

Andrés Iniesta

"Today is one of the happiest days are of a victory."

"It was a very intense game, cost us a lot. It's what we do, our duty is to work a lot, all costs even if it seems not. Excel in every game and make things right. "

"You always try to make their good things. When the party is so you have to give more, not only I but everyone gives the maximum. It is the only way to overcome that game. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cinema box

This Sunday was an important day of activities and special guests at the Nou Camp Palco. 'Pa Negre' and 'Bicycle, Cullera and Poma', have been recognized by FC Barcelona.

The match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao has helped the Club did acknowledge the team of award-winning movie 'Pa Negre. " The film has collected nine Villaronga Agustí Goya Awards and thirteen awards this Gaudí 2011. Thus, in the noble area of the stadium has been the director Agusti Villaronga, Passola Isona producer, actress Laia Marull, who received the Goya for Best Actress, and the two young actors revelation, Francesc Colomer and Marina Comas.

It also has been a recognition of the team's documentary on the former president and former mayor of Barcelona, Pasqual Maragall, 'Bicycle, cullera i poma' to receive an award and a prize Gaudí Goya for best documentary film. Maragall has been a guest on this Sunday night as well as various team members of this documentary. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés, treated

The player suffers a strained posterior capsule in his left knee. The trouble began in the wake of Wednesday's game with Arsenal and have been maintained over the last few hours.

Since then, Víctor Valdés has been doing physical therapy and now work has begun PRP treatment (growth factors). The evolution of these problems will make their availability for upcoming matches.

Moreover, this evening have been tested for control the player Carles Puyol to check the status of suffering tendinitis in his left knee. The evolution is satisfactory and the player will continue with the treatment. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Caparrós: ' I laugh at that that Barça is in crisis "

Athletic Bilbao coach Joaquin Caparros, lamented his team's defeat against Barcelona and has said that will not be satisfied with the good image they showed in the Nou Camp because they had the option to tie the game.

"We say we've given it a good image. The costumes are screwed and that's good news," he said at a press conference coach of the Basques.

Caparros has praised the Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, "a great professional," for having avoided the tie in two good saves before the break. Also, the coach has said that it was "easy" to get up in the game after conceding a goal in the match three minutes. About the referee, Caparros has commented that it is "a big stick" that was granted the first goal, to the possible offside.

Atletico coach has been to Barcelona with the same motivation and the same hunger in the Cup tie, and denied that the Catalans are in crisis. "Me laugh Barça crisis," he ironized Caparros. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola: "It is impossible to doubt these players"

Pep Guardiola said it was "impossible" to doubt his players after they got the win against Athletic Club (2-1) after two matches without victory.

"These players are worth an empire. I do not know if we'll win a lot or none. But even an inch will not change my opinion about them," said Guardiola on your computer. Guardiola has stated that they have returned to play "a very good meeting" with the Athletic, but has highlighted the difficulty of winning the whole Caparros, especially after the Basque equal after the break.

Barca coach has highlighted the work of Leo Messi, Andres Iniesta and Dani Alves throw the weight of the equipment on his back, something they have done "a million times" but added that in this team, "nobody is hiding."

For technical Catalan, the advantage they have gained over Real Madrid, which remains at 5 points, is quite an achievement: "It is a success be 5 points. Madrid are a great team and best team in Europe will not see him . And with a coach who has 9 years without losing at home, that's not going to overcome anyone. "

On casualties of injured defender Carles Puyol and goalkeeper Victor Valdes, Guardiola has revealed that, depending on what doctors have told him the club, will soon again be available. "The perspective is that there are one or two months off," stated Guardiola on the injured, and highlighted the role of José Manuel Pinto in goal. "Whenever we played Pinto has done very well. It is an excellent goalkeeper," he explained.

To illustrate what it takes to win these type of games, Guardiola has compared the situation of Barca with athletes like Roger Federer, who also easily won their matches by a 6-0 triple, or the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan, who swept the Finals. (via SPORT)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 24] FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Athletic Club

Barça had to dig deep to overcome Athletic Bilbao at the Nou Camp tonight. An early David Villa opener and a 77th minute Messi goal gave them the win which reinforces their position at the top of the table.
This may not have been Barça at their most fluent, but the team showed great pride and sacrifice, as well as determination to bounce back from the disappointments in Gijon and London as they worked hard for this win. Despite Villa’s early strike, Athletic defended well and pushed Barça with a second half penalty equaliser. In the end, Messi got the winner that a dominant Barça deserved and they once again have a five point lead at the top of the table.

Technical Data:

FC Barcelona: Pinto; Dani Alves, Piqué, Sergio Busquets, Abidal, Mascherano (Maxwell, min.65), Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Villa (Keita, min.84) y Pedro (Afellay, min.90+2).

Ahtletic: Iraizoz, Iraola, Ekiza, Amorebieta, Koikili, Susaeta (David López, min.84), Javi Martínez, Gurpegi, Gabilondo (Munianin, min.71), Iturraspe (Toquero, min.46) y Llorente.

Goals: 1-0: Villa, min.4. 1-1: Iraola (p), min.50. 2-1: Messi, min.77.

Referee: Ramírez Domínguez (Colegio andaluz). He showed yellow card to Koikili (min.24), Iraola (min.32), Alves (min.36), Sergio Busquets (min.49), Pique (min.52) and Guerpegui (min.90 +2).

Incidents: from the twenty-fourth day of Premier League match at the Nou Camp before 83,533 spectators. Sections of Barcelona basketball, football and hockey took time out to give the fans their latest titles, trails Cups, and a Continental Cup, respectively.