20 February 2011

Athletic exits without Muniain neither Toquero against Barcelona

Caparros alignment will consist of the following players: Iraizoz, Iraola, Ekiz, Amorebieta, Koikili; Susaeta, Javi Martínez, Gurpegi, Gabilondo; Iturraspe and Llorente.

The Athletic Club has announced through its website on eleven line up today's match against Barcelona. Unless last-minute change the team will present a once in which there are no Muniain or Toquero.

Thus, the alignment of Caparrós shall consist of the following players: Iraizoz, Iraola, Ekiz, Amorebieta, Koikili; Susaeta, Javi Martínez, Gurpegi, Gabilondo; Iturraspe and Llorente.

Raul Toquero, Ustaritz, David López, Marcos, Castillo and Muniain see the game from the bench. (via AS)

[Ex coach] Carles Rexach: "The 'Dream Team' had to have lasted more"

Former Barcelona coach Carles Rexach dare this Sunday in the digital 'deia.com' to discover what are the differences and similarities between the 'Dream Team' and 'Barça de Guardiola', possibly two of the best teams in history Barca club.

"This team was created with Pep Guardiola," says former player on this interview, which also supports the philosophy of the game imposed by the Santpedor is influenced by the 'Dream Team' which he directed. Rexach as a philosophy "was lost a bit with the coaching changes," Barca is now again a bit true to its principles and it is paying off, "he adds.

What are these principles? The former Barcelona is clear: putting the ball football and above all: "There have been times when he is speaking of total football and the people were before the athlete than football player. We opted first for the football player and then, if we can, to see if they move to the athlete. "

And is that for which it was mate Johan Cruyff in the dock the first thing you should do a coach to make a great team is to decide how you want to play. After "The key is that people can play your tile as you want."

Carles Rexach But do not forget self in this interview to the web 'deia.com', which acknowledges that both he and Johan were unable to maintain the level of play of his staff: "That team had to have lasted longer." "It was four or five years at a high level but then had a couple of years of downturn in which the team lost virtually its potential," he adds.

To prevent this from happening again former Barca coach sends a clear message to Guardiola: "What you do when that happens it's going slowly changing key players for the team does not suffer."

"I think the Dream Team was more offensive than this, but now we play better defensively. It costs more than you mess one goal and, therefore, have that advantage," says Rexach also, considering that the team Guardiola is the best in the history of Barca who have won titles. "This is the best boat for titles, but no template" statement. (via SPORT)

Valdés, down precaution against Athletic Club

Víctor Valdés can not play against Athletic Club, suffering discomfort in his left knee that prevent it from being a hundred percent tonight. Oier Olazabal, Barça B goalkeeper, has been appointed to his place.

Bad news for Pep Guardiola , who has known this morning, during the training the team has done behind closed doors at the Nou Camp , which will be without goalkeeper Victor Valdes , player experience discomfort in his left knee . Doctors advise caution to be down for the match tonight. The development will mark your availability for upcoming matches.

In its place has been called the gatekeeper of Barça B Oier Olazabal, bearing the number 38.

This is the first absence of Victor Valdes in the league this season. FC Barcelona goalkeeper has played the 23 days that even today are being disputed and accumulated a total of 2,163 minutes played. His teammate and friend, Andres Iniesta , has also played the 23 days, but has played 2,013 minutes.

Valdes is one of the most used players since he joined the first team, and made more than seven years since he lost a league match due to injury. The last time was just as well at the Athletic Club , a January 1, 2004. That day Albert Jorquera replaced him, which was his debut, and made a brilliant performance in a game would end tied at a goal.

Anyway, this season Valdes has lost a game due to injury. It was in the group stage of the Champions League in the match at home to Copenhagen . The FC Barcelona player could not participate due to illness, which caused vomiting and fever.

At first, the replacement for Valdés against Athletic Club will José Manuel Pinto . It will be their first league match this season. However, the Andalusian goalkeeper knows very well what the Athletic, and that of the three clashes this year the club has played against Team Caparrós in two, those of Copa del Rey , Pinto has started.

Valdés, Alves and 'Masche' in danger

With the tie against Arsenal parked until 8 March, but in the subconscious of all the Barcelona fans, those of Pep Guardiola can not afford to give up any points in the league over the next four days, where not expect excessive rotations. Only in the appointment of Champions , the Santpedor could break a crack against Zaragoza at the Nou Camp . However, Guardiola could be forced to change their travel plans prior to Mallorca and Valencia if the yellow cards get in his way.

Gerard Piqué and was booked in London on Wednesday ruled out running around. The positive is that you can squeeze in the league pending the hoped-for return of Carles Puyol in the Champions League. Pique has seen only two cards in his second season, so it is not so endangered as Victor Valdes, Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano . The Brazilian and were ready before traveling to Gijón and the other two were the fourth card against Sporting. Although not a permanent fixture, "Masche 'is 13 º more times (8) League has been matched by Seydou Keita .

The collegiate Cordoba Rafael Ramirez Dominguez is now the center of many looks because of its known ability to get his pocket. So far the league, is the second referee to more yellow (81) out, only surpassed by the Spaniard Cesar Muniz Fernandez (92).

Although Carles Puyol and Xavi , both with three yellow, still have room in the league, Andrés Iniesta could be out playing the hypothetical quarter-final round of the Champions League if he saw the third against Arsenal. The Fuentealbilla is the only one that raised its quota to two. Valdés, Busquets and 'Puyi' continue with. (via MD)

Barca rule out 'sell' the name of the Camp Nou

Florentino Perez has used his trip to the Middle East to study on site the possibility of renaming the stadium Santiago Bernabeu with the name of a trademark, Fly Emirates, the same sponsors Arsenal and Milan, and thus increase their income club. The white president is a choice in the offices of the Camp Nou has been ruled out: the perpetrators of the boat also had in hand the possibility that Qatar Foundation sponsors the name of the stadium, but the monetary amount that was handled in the negotiation fell short of the prestige of the club, why has parked 'sine die' the possibility that the Nou Camp to be renamed.

Barca could enter five million a year for 'rename' the stadium. The figure was not satisfied with the heads of the club, who prefer to forget about the time of such negotiations, waiting for the market to provide a more profitable contract for the interests of Barca, and only if there is an outbreak opportunity worthy of study.

The club provides only rename the Nou Camp as an emergency measure to alleviate the economic crisis of the entity. Would only start a new negotiation in case of a clear economic need.

Naming the sports stadium with the name of a trademark is a widespread custom in the Anglo world, especially in the U.S.. English football has recently pointed fashion of multiplying revenue through sponsorship of stadia Mercole Barca played at the 'Emirates', the field of Bolton is called 'Reebok Stadium' and the recently changed Wigan brand, JJB has been renamed DW, stands for the new company owner, David Whelan. In Germany, too many clubs have their stadiums in the hands of companies such as Allianz and Volkswagen.

The figures used vary, naturally, from one country to another and especially from one club to another. The Arsenal, a club that Barca could take as a reference if you finally decide to diversify revenue, has pledged for fifteen years with Fly Emirates in exchange for 114 million euros to enter, but with a twist: in the period 2006-2021 , the aviation company will sponsor the name of the stadium, and the section 2006-2014, also the first team shirt. (via SPORT)

Pinto will play its sixth league game

A Pinto may get the opportunity today to play a league match with Barca, after his last appearance in the league with Barça shirt, two seasons ago, when the team had already won the League. The goal Andalusia has played five league games as Barca goalkeeper, three in his first season and two last year.

During this season, the role of Pinto has not been reduced only to the King's Cup, the competition they won in 2009 and has played two Champions League matches, before the Copenhagen at the Camp Nou (game in which was sentenced to imitate the whistle of the referee) and against Rubin Kazan, when the Blaugrana had certified his move to the second round as group winners.

Guardiola, meanwhile, has confirmed as the goalkeeper for the final of the Copa del Rey that the club will play against Real Madrid on 20 April. In this competition and faced the Athletic rival today, 0-0 at the Nou Camp and 1-1 at San Mames. (via SPORT)

Valdés can not play today against Athletic

The goal is one of the essential parts in the side of Guardiola and hence the concern of technicians.

Josep Guardiola will be without tonight in the match against Athletic Club with one of their most irreplaceable players, perhaps no more crucial to the club given the current design of the template: the goalkeeper Victor Valdes. A sore knee, which still must be assessed further to determine the extent of the injury, be placed before a technical frame of mind complicated the Blaugrana in the decisive phase of the competition.

From the outset, both the player and the coaching staff decided to take the matter Blaugrana as discreetly as possible so as not to cause unnecessary alarm. However, Oier subsidiary goalkeeper joined the training session on Saturday morning. The reason: Victor Valdes some discomfort in the knee that made him a serious doubt for the match tonight.

Yesterday, the Blaugrana goalkeeper contacted the doctor Ramon Cugat, accompanied by Emili Ricart, visited the Chiron Clinic. Cugat visited him in his office to assess their physical and orthopedic concluded that the severity of the disease should be established in the coming days but that, indeed, a problem exists in the articulation of the Barcelona goalkeeper.

Nobody wants to fall into alarmism. However, doctors, technicians and player agreed to opt for caution and that means not forcing the player. Therefore, in the briefing this morning after twelve noon behind closed doors at the Camp Nou will assess how it responds the goalkeeper and most likely conduct a treatment session.

No wonder that within the Barça risks have been avoided. Keep in mind that if the club has a well defined starting lineup, which adds two or three players who are entering the computer on a regular basis, in the case of the goal, the situation is more pronounced. No one disputes the undisputed status as Victor Valdes regardless of its quality is the fact that its technical characteristics are adapted perfectly to the Barça's style of play.

It is clear that the alternative of José Manuel Pinto. Josep Guardiola expects him and made him stay in the starting lineup in the final of the Copa del Rey, but nobody is aware that the goal of Cadiz is a point solution.

The commitment is firm Valdés as a starter for many seasons and how they want to ensure that now has come the time when the schedule becomes more demanding as they begin to decide the title, Valdes will be able to play.

The fact that this coming week intersemanal no competition and that the second leg against Arsenal is still relatively far have been two factors that have led to choose to rest and be conservative.

The evolution of the knee that Victor will check the treatment to be followed, provided on the basis of an unwillingness to take any chances with the football. As is taking care over the recovery process of Carles Puyol, will carefully monitor the evolution of Victor. (via SPORT)

Barca and Arsenal chasing Vertonghen

Both clubs are interested in central Ajax left-handed, although the offer includes a 2x1 Arsenal.

All reports indicate that both Arsenal and FC Barcelona, rivals in the knockout stages of the Champions League at the Camp Nou will fight for the coveted spot in the quarter but also by the signing of Belgian Jan Vertonghen.

SPORT As anticipated, the central left-hander, 23, one of the undisputed Ajax Amsterdam, one would be priced at 15 million euros, a price that the Catalan club could be willing to pay given his qualities and his youth to meet a possible low of eleven culé the Gaby Milito. With good punch and accurate in the header, Vertonghen is one of the favorites of former Barca Frank de Boer, the Dutch team in charge.

However, the Catalans club is not the only one who has noticed the remarkable qualities of also international with the selection of Belgium.

And the Arsenal intends to make an offer '2 x1 'to gain the services of Vertonghen and his partner, goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, amounting to 20 million euros. A price that may not be enough for Ajax, but the amount that Wenger's offer to take them and meet their needs both in goal and on defense.

Vertonghen is already one of the names bright future in the foreground contained in the agenda of the FC Barcelona sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta. The occurrence of the signing, the club will win the game at Arsenal, its fiercest competitor in the recruitment of young Belgian.

If you also get trace Guardiola 2-1 in Champions League for Arsenal, nothing absurd premise, and Cesc Fabregas chips summer, the English club have lost every battle and for having the club against FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 25] Elche 2 - 1 FC Barcelona B

The team coached by Luis Enrique Martinez and Joan Barbarà was unable to continue the good results achieved in the last game of the season against Cartagena (3-0) and has suffered a setback in the field of Elche 2-1 loss to fall . The match between the two sets featuring the Martinez Valero has had as a special character to the referee Lee Shipyards, in the second half has expelled three players (Ilie by Barça B and the Linares Ripa and Elche).

As far as football is concerned, Barca have failed to maintain the income of a goal scored in the 32nd minute via Víctor Vázquez and allowed, within three minutes of 0-1, tied the game Linares (1 - 1). In addition, an error in defense of the visitors, has cost 2-1 (Angel, min 70) to a subsidiary of Barcelona, who returned to Barcelona empty-handed.

Technical Data:
Elche CF: Jaime, Carpio, Ripa, Etxeita, Samuel, Mantecón, Kike Mateo, Palanca (Santos, min 83), Xumetra (Ángel, min 67), Linares, Generelo (Acciari, min 75).

Barça B: Miño, Montoya, Fontàs, S.Gómez, Planas (Tello, min 82), Ilie, Thiago, Dos Santos, V.Vázquez (Rafa Alcántara, min 71), Nolito, Benja (Saúl, min 76).

Goals: 0-1, V.Vázquez, min 32; 1-1, Linares, min 35 i 2-1, Ángel, min 70.

Referee: López Astilleros (Comité castellano manchego). He admonished the local Generelo, Samuel, Palanca, Mantecón and Kike Mateo, and visitors Dos Santos, Sergio Gómez, Víctor Vázquez, Fontas and Nolito. Ejected with a straight red, the Elche Linares (92) and, for two bookings, the local Ripa (86) and the visitor Ilie (56).

Incidents: Party for the twenty-fifth day held at the Martinez Valero stadium before 7,941 spectators. The local coach, Jose Bordale saw the match from the stands through suspension.

Tevez, is the 'bomb' 2012 Barça?

Carlos Tevez continues rivers of ink in the English tabloids. When there is news of his goals is to his tense relationship with Manchester City. Their contractual differences could lead to FC Barcelona ...

The agents of Apache did recently get the British club's board of player desire to improve their wages. But they received a 'no' for an answer.

Tevez, 27, is currently the highest paid footballer in England, with a salary of 300,000 euros a week, just over 14 million a year. Still, that amount would not be enough for him, as 'The Sun'. .

Argentina's the second of his five-year contract signed until 2014 - and in England there is speculation his possible departure this summer.

In this scenario appear in Barcelona and Inter Milan, still according to this newspaper, would be interested in signing him. Hard to believe, however, that the Catalans are raised so high a salary offer ...

The arrival of Dzeko Balotelli and have changed the technical priorities of citizen, Roberto Mancini, that I would not see as necessary to Tevez on your computer. (via SPORT)