19 February 2011

Pep: "Winning 16 games is the exception, not the norm"

-How do you approach the next meeting after the last two trips?

Chances are when you play a sport, this can happen. What you need to do is analyze how were these two games, no defeats and losses, and inside we need to know to guide the team in this light.

-How do you think the team psychologically react in the coming games?

I never know what happens psychologically after many victories, how to respond to the team, but the impression I have is good, is not the first time that we drew or lost.

-Is the team really looking forward to tomorrow's match comes after London?

Not especially, the desire to have them always, the team always competes well. In Gijón and London also, it wants to play, but as there always are.

-The last days have repeated much it costs traditionally February Barça Do you agree?

No I have this feeling.

-So it is not attributable to the charge of matches this month, is physically well equiop Athletic?

Yes, we are ready.

-This week there was talk after the defeat to Arsenal, what he said to the players?

They saw it, I told them they were the best and they were fine.

-Do not have the feeling that the bank goes to black too easily?

I do not ask me, there is a question for me. We did the exceptional normal, and live with it costs, but they know my opinion. All costs, sometimes win and sometimes lose. Overall the team has had a good tone all year and try to keep it. I read things like that the club is no longer invincible, is obviously an exception like that do the obvious. From here a while you review the videos and see that without the passion of the moment, were sensational in London. Hopefully we can compete until the end and London. The uniqueness is to be won sixteen games, when we sell it as a standard, as always happens. No, just the opposite, it is normal to go to London against a team as good and can draw or lose by the minimum. That is, now the treble is gone, now there's League, I do not ask me but you. (via AS)

Villa back in training

After picking up a knock on his ankle in the game against Arsenal, David Villa missed training on Friday, but was back with the squad this morning as they prepared for Sunday’s game against Athletic Bilbao.

Pep Guardiola was able to call on 18 of his first team squad for training on Saturday morning, including striker Villa who seemed to have fully recovered from the knock on his left ankle he was receiving treatment for on Friday.

Two B team players, keeper Oier and midfielder Sergi Roberto, both joined up with the first team players on Pitch Number One at the Ciutat Esportiva. Sergi was given the medical okay on Tuesday after a muscle injury and after training with the first team on Friday, looks like he might make the final 19 for the Bilbao game.

Puyol and Jeffren continued with their recovery work and they both took part in running and jogging exercises with a trainer alongside the pitch this morning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Gurpegui, Ustaritz y Castillo, news from the list of Caparrós

Carlos Gurpegui, Ustaritz Aldekoaotalora and Xabi Castillo are the three new additions to the list of 18 players named by the coach of Athletic Bilbao, Joaquin Caparros, for the party that will meet this Sunday at Atletico with FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou.

Gurpegui, who returns after serving one-match ban in Mallorca, Ustaritz and Castillo occupy positions that subpoena Pablo Orbaiz, Urko Vera, separated by a technical decision, and the injured Mikel San José, down causing some discomfort in the area lumbar.

Red and white complete the expedition will travel to Barcelona today and Raul Iraizoz goalkeepers and field players Toquero, Koikili, Amore, David Lopez, Iturraspe, Llorente, Marcos, Gabilondo, Raul, Susaeta, Iraola, Javi Martínez, Muniain and Ekiz.

Besides the three players have returned to be dropped off the injured list length and Ibai Aurtenetxe addition Iñigo Gómez Pérez, Balenziaga, Leisure, Diaz de Cerio and Igor Martínez, these five technical criteria. (via SPORT)

Liverpool wants to remove Afellay to Barça

Barca's bet Afellay has not gone unnoticed by the other European teams. Barely two months passed since the arrival of the Dutch to Camp Nou, the striker has already entered the list of rumors about possible trades.

As reported in Saturday's web 'Caugthoffside', Liverpool could try to 'snitch' Barca his latest signing. Specifically, the English team would be willing to seduce the Catalan side with a bid of 9 million pounds, about 10 million euros. And is that Liverpool already had contacts with Afellay when he was still in the ranks of PSV Eindhoven.

Recall that Ibrahim arrived in Barcelona this January as a reinforcement of winter. A signing who cost the Catalan side 2 million pounds (2,278,000 euros) and was personally endorsed by Pep Guardiola, so there is no indication that the club is willing to sell his last bet. Only the alleged lack of minutes Afellay allows Liverpool continue to dream of his signing. (via SPORT)

Barça could buy to Tévez and to sell Afellay

British and Dutch newspapers have speculated an offer by the Argentine blaugrana City and the possible transfer of the Dutch to Liverpool for ten million euros.

Manchester City fears that next summer Barcelona or Inter Milan to gain the services of Carlos Tévez. Both teams are interested in the player, 27, whose officers have demanded renegotiation of the contract to the English club.

So far they have found the refusal of the City, considering that almost 300,000 euros a week that comes and makes him the highest paid player in the country are sufficient. Be willing, yes, to pay a further € 45,000 per week in exchange for the image rights of the Argentine, published today as 'The Sun' in its online edition, but the club fears that may not be enough to convince the player's agents to stay.

Dutch Press also speculates the possible sale of Ibrahim Afellay at Liverpool. The player, who came in exchange for two million euros in the winter market begins to tire of his lack of opportunities and could force his departure to the Premier League. Liverpool could be willing to pay more than ten million for a 24 year old who has only played 287 with the club since he arrived.

Damien Comolli, director of football Liverpool is a strong defender game Afellay, who already tried to sign when I worked at Tottenham Hotspurs. (via AS)

Messi: "Hopefully come Cesc to Barca"

-How the body was left after the defeat in London? "A lot of anger?

Sure! We hurt especially how was the party to lose, because we did not deserve to lose as we had played the game. We are complicated, yet we are calm because we know we can turn around and we can go. The difference is that tracing is only one goal. You have to score a goal. We must be calm.

Also, if the reference is the last year, you scored four goals in the back ...

Yes, but no matter how, if with my goals or not, but the most important thing is to move the tie. We have to play the same way, if we play like in the first part we have many possibilities to overcome the tie.

-In fact, Pep said they had a great game, but after a defeat seems difficult to draw chest, right?

The truth is that the result is what counts and that's why you go with a bit of anger. It is true that the first half was played very well in many instances, moving the ball very fast. Too bad we did not win.

-Do you remember the play still failed in the first half when he was alone with the goalie? Pep already had his arms raised up to sing the goal

A pity! It was an opportunity so clear. The goalkeeper was sufficient until the end, and picked it up and threw it out ... but really it was to celebrate because it was very clear hand.

-Coach says that without Messi would be a great team but all aspire Messi

The truth is that the things he says to me Guardiola no longer surprise me. Whenever speech is to applaud and say nice things about me and the players. It is very close to us and has a special chemistry with us.

-You ended the saga of renewal

Yes, I was glad a lot for its renewal. There was no other way.

-Do you expect Wenger redefine Playstation as a player as he did last year after his great game in the quarterfinals at the Camp Nou?

Would I go another big game and we can spend. The truth is that makes you happy listening to people like him football's speaking well of one, makes me very happy

-Is it true that when you play the PlayStation always does with the club?

The truth is that now does not play much, but when I used to play for Barcelona.

-Who is better: Messi on the beach or the earth?

Ja, ja! Are different, the play makes the most incredible things.

-Already aware that he ran the dedications in the vests of their goals?

Yes, I know. The coach already told me what he had. We no longer celebrate with anyone.

-While in Madrid I have wanted to separate the 'FIFA Golden Ball', Xavi and Iniesta are still its biggest fans, because not a day that will throw flowers at his talent

I have very good relations with both, some time we play together, we share many things in the locker room. They have always spoken very highly of me.

-Speaking of compliments, you know that Quique Sanchez Flores recently came to define him as the 'Di Stefano' XXI century?

I listened. I can only thank all the people who know so much about football to say those things about me. Compare myself with Di Stefano, who gave so much to football and it was so important for me is great. I appreciate it deeply and hope that takes you all the best with Atletico.

-Does Cesc Arsenal's half?

Clearly it is vital for them. His game depends a lot from him. We continually pass the ball. A very important player for them.

-You see the Catalans next season?

Hopefully. In the end they will do what he wants and what the people of Barcelona like. Not up to us, but I think your choice is to go to Barcelona because he knows that better not be here.

-When in Madrid and speak of crisis not to have won two games gives them a laugh?

We know we are waiting, they want to start losing, getting irritated, but not fall into their trap. We know what we are, we have been proving it for years now.

-What is the antidote to all those desperate attacks from the media cave?

Trust in ourselves, to stay together and be convinced that success will come.

-In any case it is the same story every year, selling the funk and all that stuff, right?

Yes, and for now has not worked.

-Xavi told me one day in the World Cup in the semifinals against Germany when he got the college was three minutes to finish the game to tell that he wanted his shirt. You suppose that you have spent a thousand and one stories similar or even worse, right?

I do not remember. But a story as bizarre as that of Xavi not ever happened to me.

-"Nor has requested a defense and you've said I give it on condition that I was not very strong marques?

Yes, yes, but why not mark me no longer drive.

-Amount in nine career hat tricks' and a game where he scored four goals against Arsenal precisely. That means it has been home ten balls. Already have room for both ball and both prize?

I have kept all the balls, cups and trophies won. The truth is that they are a souvenir. What we are accumulating at home, although I have room for one more.

-Many have been chasing their countryman image 'Kun Agüero' the other day against Atletico Madrid and snatching the ball as if it were the most leathery of the right lateral

It was a party time, Went to the counter and caught me well. I had to run back and did my companions are for me.

-Are you surprised by the ease with which connected with
David Villa?

For nothing. Admittedly, I understand very well with Villa, but the features of his game and knew we would come in handy.

-Still there will be more chemistry?

We get to know, he knows the moves I like to do and he knows what I like to me.

-There are a sensitive issue only say his name in the Barca dressing room burst out shaking. I refer to the FIFA virus. Is it true that affects?

The truth is complicated because the solution seems easy. We are talking of many parties, trips and also did not sleep well, but we can not complain. Thus, we can not do anything. All players have to be with our selections. Trying to recover and reach their best.

-The problem is that within just over a month you have a friendly in the United States and one in Costa Rica and around Barcelona will have to be at Villarreal and if everything goes well to face the first leg of the quarterfinals Champions League ...

Yes, but we do not mark your calendar. We are international and we owe it to our selection. I unfortunately here I can do little and I can not be in two places at once. Just make sure that does not affect me more than the account because I know my team needs me.

-"I think the Cup final or is still far away?

We look forward to a high because we want to make something magical for everyone, but much more and we have many party forward. It is obvious that a Barça-Madrid and also in the final will be a truly enjoyed.

-You fortunately have not had to live the siege of the tabloids as his partner Gerard Pique. Do you know how to react to such harassment?

The truth is no. Luckily for me I passed. I am calm. I can go out and do my normal life.

-By the way, gives you time to watch TV?

Very little, but when I look, I like watching things on TV in Argentina and now football.

-Curiously, despite seeing little TV you know who is Belén Esteban?


-Tell me a bit of a theme that you are passionate and feel very proud that it is your Foundation

Yes, it's an exciting project that gives me great satisfaction because I know I am helping many children to be happy and see their future output. That alone is worth it. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique takes nineteen to Elche

The Blaugrana hope to confirm the good feelings left to the Cartagena (3-0) to win another game and consolidated in the upper.

Luis Enrique has announced today the squad for the match with FC Barcelona B play this Saturday (18 h) in the field of Elche, for Week 25 of the Liga Adelante. Serge Robert, who had returned to training after a month of low (Salamanca was injured before the right before scoring his first goal as Barça) remains ultimately in Barcelona, and not traveling with other companions, as at first had targeted.

B coach will be for this important match (against a team that only three points less on the table), Rubén Miño and Masi in the goal box, Montoya, Sergi Gómez, Font, Muniesa, Planas i Armano on defense Ilie, Jonathan Dos Santos, Thiago, Victor Vazquez and Rafael Alcantara for the midfield, and Cristian Tello, Saul, Jonathan Soriano, Nolito, Edu Oriol i Benja for the attack.

The issue has come at 12 noon, and it is expected that the team gets to the Valencian town at 19.30 h. (via SPORT)

Porteros: Miño y Masip.
Defensas: Montoya, Sergi Gómez, Fontàs, Muniesa, Planas y Armando.
Centrocampistas: Ilie, Dos Santos, Thiago, Rafa Alcántara y Víctor Vázquez.
Delanteros: Tello, Saúl, Soriano, Nolito, Edu Oriol y Benja.

Puyol will only return 100%

Carles Puyol's return is scheduled for March 8 in the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Arsenal. However, a small complication from the treatment supposed to be gingerly.

Although Puyol would be as soon as possible on the pitch, nobody wants to take risks. Under the program announced Ona FM 'grandstand', the recovery of La Pobla de Segur has been delayed due to the emergence of a secondary node in the injured knee. This is a small cyst that usually appears when performing injections.

The team doctor Ramon Cugat, responsible for the recovery of Puyol, had infiltrated growth factors that have led to a fibrotic reaction and the appearance of this infection, which normally lasts between 7 and 10 days. However, being a joint like the knee, the process slows down.

In any case, doctors are optimistic and confident that the player is about to face the 8-M. However, Puyol has asked the club discretion when reporting on their progress as they are overwhelmed by the delay in his return to the land. (via SPORT)

Afellay took fright and Villa did not train

After a day of rest to regain strength after the defeat in London, de Guardiola have returned to work to prepare the match against Athletic.

The team returned to work yesterday after stumbling last Wednesday in London with the aim to park the tie in the coming days and focus on the league.

Pep Guardiola began the session with 20 players, including three of the second team. However, the training ended with 19 and with a tremendous shock after Ibrahim Afellay suffered a spectacular hit on the right foot before finishing the workout that there were concerns about a major injury, which eventually was just in shock. For his part, David Villa also trained with the group, suffering from a bruised ankle, however, not prevent it from training with the group at today's meeting.

After a day of rest, the staff returned to training with Abraham and Sergi Roberto and Juvenil Dalmau as reinforcements for the occasion. The session was interrupted by the incident Afellay, who stayed for a few minutes lying on the grass writhing in pain as a result of a blow.

Given the player's reaction was feared serious injury but was reserved pending the outcome of the player to submit specific evidence in the same premises of the Ciutat Esportiva. After the exam at the end, is ruled out 'Ibi' could be injured. Everything was in a concussion and a huge shock at the reaction that took the player when he felt the blow.

Villa could not train with the other first team players. The Spaniard had a bruised left ankle that prevented him from completing the session as normal, so did not jump on the pitch and was training with a physical recovery in the gym and doing treatment. Anyway, there are fears for his physical and he and Afellay will be, a priori, this morning together with his colleagues in training. (via SPORT)

The choice of travel agent generates a bitter controversy

The FC Barcelona next week will discuss a topic that once seemed closed and opened the envelopes with different offers.

The choice of the official travel agency for FC Barcelona has ended up becoming quite a soap opera full movie with ingredients from vested interests and intrigues.
The evolution of this contest has come into some courses of action that is causing even some managers of FC Barcelona are not satisfied with the approach taken by the club.

Upon expiration of exclusivity to the RACC had (ended last June 30 and has been operating on a provisional basis), the board of FC Barcelona ordered to open a contest. To this end, as is customary in such proceedings, the club issued a set of mandatory rules in order to submit a bid.

Travel agents who have attended this competition had to submit in your day, three sealed envelopes, which are called stems, because one of the sacred laws of these procedures is confidentiality. It is pointless for a company submit a bid if there is another that is aware of that has jurisdiction.

Once the closing date of submission (must be done well to keep the process is endless and eventually became an auction), open the envelopes and are called the offers of each candidate.

In this case, the envelopes were not opened by the board of FC Barcelona but for the purchasing manager and the club's general director, Antoni Rossich. And it was he who, by virtue of his office, and is present on the boards of FC Barcelona, said the 20 officers the conditions of those offers.

SPORT as he has to, after different screens, the two travel agencies were finalists Viajes El Corte Ingles and Falcon. The heads of these companies had to go to the offices of FC Barcelona to make a detailed presentation of its bid, with 'power point' included. The RACC did not enter the final.

A considerable number of managers of FC Barcelona finally bowed Falcon Travel attracted by his offer. Besides deploying free Barça agency within the club, and bear all costs of that effort was the first to secure a number of airline seats free to the club and a wide range of benefits for members and rocks. By way of example, agree that the price for a partner in the plane of the first team within Spanish territory would never be more than 120 euros, 150 for club members and 250 for the other companions, including media .

As you know, SPORT reported last Wednesday that the RACC had raised a last-minute bid to substantially improved which was presented in the initial process.

Indeed, it RACC reaction has been what has upset some leaders Barca. They believe that FC Barcelona has to be scrupulous in all these processes and not benefit anyone.

An impartial expert in the business travel industry consulting SPORT yesterday, told this newspaper that "today is very difficult, if not impossible, for a company in our industry can compete on price and offers with Globalia, because it is the first Spanish tour group ... unless you want to lose a lot of money. "

And by way of example said that "if Falcon Travel became the partner of FC Barcelona, the company resulting from this agreement would save, for example, the expensive rent of an aircraft, as part of Falcon and Globalia Globalia owns Air Europe. And we could expose many more examples. "

One reason, apparently, to the late FC Barcelona again RACC consider in addition to his twelve years of service, is its century Catalan history and vocation. The latter, however, has also been questioned by different sources. The travel division of RACC is called RACC Travel, a new company formed to fifty percent own RACC and Orizonia Corporation, owned by foreign fund investment in private equity Carlyle, that Spain also has the signature Applus + (which ITV makes our cars) and Hertz rent-a-car. Orizonia, as Globalia, is also present in all strategic markets in the tourism sector. Iberworld its subsidiary has signed ten aircraft and Viajes Iberia has 700 offices in Spain.

FC Barcelona has called for next week at Falcon Travel managers (say could attend in person the owner of Globalia, Juan Jose Hidalgo, to meet with Sandro Rosell) and RACC Travel (to be confirmed whether it will be El Corte Ingles) to return to talk about the selection process ... that many, including some managers thought that it was closed. Surely this contest has not been managed well. (via SPORT)

Messi will play their game with the club number 250

'10 'Barca continues to expand its legend. Goals, titles and games. The morning, the 250.

Leo Messi added 249 official matches with the shirt of FC Barcelona. The morning, against Athletic Club, will be the 250. An ideal time to return to goal after failing to find the net in the last two games: Sporting Gijon and Arsenal.

'The Flea' debuted on October 16, 2004 in Montjuïc, in an RCD Espanyol-FC Barcelona (0-1) League for the seventh day. The Argentine had the confidence of the Dutchman Frank Rijkaard and, from there, although that campaign was halfway between the subsidiary and the first team, became one of the main pieces of wardrobe Blaugrana.

To date, the forward has appeared in 164 league games (112 goals) in 51 of the Champions League (31), 25 of the Copa del Rey (17), 5 of the Supercopa of Spain (5), 2 European Super Cup (0) and another 2 of the World Clubs (2). In total, 249 and 167 goals. And in these games has won a total of 13 titles, among which the 4 leagues, 2 Champions League, 1 Cup, 1 World Club Championship.

On the other hand, highlights the high percentage of games won so far Messi. Of those 249, the Argentine has made the win 172 times, ie 69.1%. Has drawn 48 (19.2%) and lost 29 (11.6%).

His scoring burst did not come until the first season of Pep Guardiola (2008-2009) on the Barcelona bench. The signed crack 38 goals this year. In the second, the above-mentioned 47, a mark reached only Ronaldo season 1996-1997.

The Argentine striker, who this season now totals 40 goals, is 7 to match the record of last season (2009-2010). A figure which, with three and a half months of competition, can be overcome. Especially if it strives to keep signing doublet and hat tricks' as usual. In this exercise, without going any further, Messi has already signed 13 figures (four hat tricks' and nine doubles). As for the next opponent, Athletic, Messi has faced the Basque Table 8 times in the league, with a record of 6 wins and 2 draws. In these shocks has signed 3 goals, all in the Stadium.

The former, precisely in his first game against the 'Lions', the January 15, 2006 (2-1). The second, March 7, 2009 (2-0) and the third on April 3, 2010 (4-1). It so happens that Messi, when he scored against Athletic, it has always being the last scorer. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola: Simply the best

Pep Guardiola has admitted in his own right in the elite corps of technicians of the Spanish League . 99 games have been sufficient, a figure rounded to 100 this Sunday against Athletic , to show the world the uniqueness of a style that has allowed him to lead the national soccer in the last two seasons. Nobody in the history of this competition than his numbers, and that is too big.

Their records are staggering. 78 wins, 14 draws and only 7 losses. No coach of Barça or any Spanish club has better record. Nobody. The one that comes close is Miguel Muñoz , but stayed at least six wins. Following the approach of two points wins and one tie, the Santpedor would take 13 to Benitez that led to Madrid from 1958 to 1963. A brutal level of effectiveness that has been reported, so far, two titles (2008-2009 and 2009-2010) and is headed straight from the third. Almost pristine numbers from a scholarly point of view. Only Barca Fernando Daucik (1950 to 1954) added more goals, 281 by 274, but the offensive power of the current surpasses all expectations. In many against that of Rinus Michels (1971 and 1974) fit less. 70 of 71. Come on, imperceptible. The most significant, without clutch, are these only seven defeats. Terry Venables (1984-1987), the second, fell in 12 games. Johan Cruyff , the ideologue, and appears remote.

Pep laudatory adjectives now being harvested but did not have a raid easier when unsealing his first season. Debuted on the wrong foot an August 31, 2008. A defeat against Numancia (1-0) in the birds and a further draw at the Nou Camp against Racing uncovered the only criticism he has received to date. Gijón marked the starting point to success. September 21 that left its stamp on the game style inherited from Drem Team . He was born the " Pep Team "and since then, no one has stopped talking about it. With Pep, many players have exploited ( Messi in his side scoring, Pedro, Busquets ) and others have progressed at the speed of light ( Iniesta, Xavi, Piqué ...).

El Barça actual swimming in a pool of records. Has been systematically destroying almost naked world records to leave the great Real Madrid of Di Stefano in the middle of last century. But this stage also recall effervescent sublime marker. As the 2-6 and 0-2 in the Bernabeu and the recent 5-0 at the Nou Camp . The digit 5 has been the most used. The hands are a part of this story. (via MD)

Alves moves to the 'yes' in renovation

Today, there is no agreement yet closed and did not even have a date for the two parties back to face to face to negotiate the renewal of Dani Alves. However, little by little, the Brazilian defender is moving towards the 'yes', more a matter of 'feeling', that for the same negotiation. Fully focused on their work, the side has delegated the negotiations to his agent, Joaquín Macanás, who consulted by this newspaper maintains that "everything is in neutral. Neither have we progressed or regressed. We like it."

Although Macanás guidelines when trading are clear and are marked by the same Alves, that more than one occasion has stated in the press room that "I defend mine, as the club defend himself", the fact is that the Brazilian defender, without renouncing its goals, begin to appreciate the gestures being made by the club to try to convince. If one of the meetings last November Barca threw a órdago Alves with "this is our last proposal," as time has progressed Barca directors have considered and have been puzzled to find formulas so as to approach to the economic demands of the Brazilian.

First, it sought a Brazilian brand, Big Cola ', to use the image of Alves in his country in exchange for a good contract for the player but not convinced or Alves or his agent, was a detail to assess the player's part. Alves also appreciated that the president Sandro Rosell be moved from Geneva to Paris a week ago to meet face to face with him after Brazil's friendly against France played there. Laporta will again show interest in him to stay and, although he insisted that Dani wants to feel more valued because it is before the last contract of his life, Rosell sensations were also positive. In fact, both the president and vice president Barca sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu, are convinced that renewed.

Consequently, and despite the fact that defend their interests to the end, Dani is closer every day to follow. Money aside, the player also knows that hard to find a better team than the club to enjoy both their work and over with possibilities of winning all the titles that dispute. (via MD)

[Picture] Guardiola, nearly 100 in the League

Centennial Guardiola

Josep Guardiola will lead this Sunday against Athletic Club his 100th game on the bench for Barca in the league. Since debuting in the field of Numancia, Guardiola has won two league titles and has broken more than one record.

31 August 2008 in the field of the birds at February 12, 2011 in El Molinón been two and a half years and 99 league games in which Josep Guardiola has captained the ship of the best boat ever. This Sunday against Athletic Bilbao, Guardiola live on the bench his hundredth game in the league where he has written some of the most memorable pages of the history of the Club. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

In these 99 league games led by Josep Guardiola, Barça have beaten a number of records that have set the bar very high.

- Record consecutive wins in the league with a total of 16.
- Team with most points and goals in the first round : 52 points and 61 goals in the 2010/11 season.
- Team with most points in league history: 99 points in the league 2009/10.
- Most home wins : 13 wins in the league 2008/09.
- Only team to have won every game in the attacking in the first round : Liga 2010/11
- Team with most goals scored away from home : 44 League goals in 2008/09.

[Pictures] Villa, no preparation for the match Athletic

Villa, no preparation for the match Athletic

Josep Guardiola could not have David Villa in the first preparatory session of facing Barca's league showdown Sunday against Athletic. The striker suffered a bruised left ankle.

After enjoying a day off, the first football team FC Barcelona has begun work on the game League on Sunday (21 h) against Athletic Bilbao in the Nou Camp and has changed the chip in the Champions to domestic competition .

The coach of Barcelona , Josep Guardiola , has had 17 first team players on the grass of the field number two in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper . Striker David Villa has been the prominent absence of training. And the Spaniard has played a treatment for concussion suffered on his left ankle . However, note that it is expected that Villa can exercise on Saturday with the group .

Puyol and limbo , both injured , followed by recovery work in the gym . At the meeting on Friday involving a total of 20 players . At 17 first team players available have joined three players from the quarry, Sergi Roberto and Abraham of Barça B and the Juvenil A Dalmau . (via FCBarcelona.cat)