18 February 2011

[Selection Under-17] Call for parties to prepare for Georgia

Now available the list of players summoned by national team for two international friendlies will serve as preparation for the U-17 male, and that played against Georgia the next 22 to February 24, 2011. (via RFEF)

A proposal for the national team, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for training and matches the reference to the following players:

C ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Daniel Márquez Prieto, Javier Manquillo Gaitán y Saul Ñiguez Esclapez.
FC BARCELONA: Brian Olivan Herrero, Pol Calvet Planellas, Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro, Pol García Tena y Fernando Quesada Gallardo.
BARAKALDO CF: Unai Bilbao Arteta.
CÓRDOBA CF SAD: Federico Vico Villegas.
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Denis Suárez Fernández.
REAL BETIS BALOMPIE SAD: Álvaro Vadillo Cifuentes.
REAL MADRID CF: Alfonso Herrero Peinador, Gonzalo Melero Manzanares y Raúl de Tomas Gómez.
REAL SPORTING DE GIJÓN SAD: Sergio Menéndez Fernández.
REAL SOCIEDAD DE FÚTBOL SAD: Iker Hernández Ezquerro.
SEVILLA FC SAD: Antonio Luque Quintero y Carlos Garrido Serrano.
VALENCIA CF SAD: Juan Delgado Sirvent.
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Pablo Iñiguez de Heredia.
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Joel Valencia Castillo.

Maxwell: "We have to focus and forget what happened"

Despite the defeat at the Emirates Stadium, the staff acknowledged that he is "confident" despite "keep our feet on the ground" about the future in European competition.

The player of FC Barcelona Maxwell has said that the next league match in the Nou Camp against Athletic Club Bilbao will be an opportunity to give a "response" to the defeat against Arsenal (2-1) in the round of sixteen final of the Champions League, a party must "forget" to keep "focused" in the national competition.

" We always want to win , and in this period of competition is essential. We have to focus and forget everything that happened, "said the Brazilian side at a news conference.

Despite the defeat at the Emirates Stadium, the staff acknowledged that he is "confident" despite "keep our feet on the ground" about the future in European competition. " We will not change for a loss, we continue with the same humility and remain confident in ourselves and intend to continue in all competitions, "he said.

He said that despite the draw against Sporting de Gijón (1-1) and defeat on English soil, the team is "motivated." " We need to see the mistakes and make things better . We have the opportunity every three days to respond and we will try on Sunday against Bilbao, "he said.

"It's a very important game we must win. We have to head into the League, twelve points left (before the Champions''return''), will come the time of the second leg against Arsenal," said side must be "satisfied" with their marking to Theo Walcott in London.

As for the league match, Atletico Blaugrana and face were already in the second round of the Copa del Rey, which tied the two parties. "It's a complicated machine, which defines it, we should be strong, precise and strong in whatever we do," argued the Brazilian, who he is "indifferent" if Real Madrid play before their match against Levante.

"We must maintain possession and control of the ball, avoid counterattacks, that things go well, creating chances and goals come," he said about coping with grief to the locals, who are "very strong" pieces. (via AS)

David Villa is not trained by discomfort in the ankle

Despite these complaints, there seems to endanger his presence at the meeting next Sunday against Athletic Bilbao. Jeffren Puyol and worked in the gym.

FC Barcelona has returned to training this morning after a day of rest granted by Pep Guardiola after the Champions League encounter against Arsenal.

The big news was the absence of David Villa. The striker has not been exercised with the rest of his teammates suffered a bruised left ankle. Despite these complaints, there seems to be endangered the player's presence at the meeting Barca next Sunday against Athletic Bilbao.

The coach has had the presence of 17 first team players to have joined three homegrown: Sergi Roberto Abraham of the subsidiary and the Youth Dalmau A.

Furthermore, Puyol and Jeffren still recovering from injuries and have worked in the gym. (via AS)

The secret list of Zubi

The sport director of Barça has completed the first futuribles list. Consolidated Cracks and young promises wait to the outcome of Cesc.

Sub'20 clinched the South American and compiled the data from the most exciting players, the technical secretariat terminates the first part of the process of identifying the most exciting players. The task has already been done and comes one of the difficult times: the screen. The sports area works on two sides, two different models and should be complemented according to the outcome of the case Cesc Fabregas. The midfielder marked his signing the agenda and determines the entire panorama culé. The first goal, the ideal, passes to reach an agreement with Arsenal and close the recruitment of Cesc. If so, it remains to define specific alterations in function of price and exits the dressing room. Otherwise, the collection ranges Zubizarreta and has a tougher schedule.

The starting point is defined based on different profiles and costs. The directive, Zubi and Pep are the work of a crack-sign Cesc always commands, and some supplements with great future prospects. The boundaries are tracked priority are defined.

Let's start behind center. It starts from the premise that Milito will pack. It has the quarry, but is also considered necessary the arrival of a central left-handed and with good treatment of the ball. Enter the name of Jon Vertonghen. At 23, the central bank has shown that Ajax is able to make the leap. The classic Arsenal, Milan and Co. have already positioned. His cache was appreciated but it is considered that 15 million would match the actual price. Relations with Ajax are excellent and could include a player from the quarry.

The left wing is a sensitive issue. Hence the range of candidates is small and there is no choice but to take out the checkbook. It is well known that Bale is number one. The course is brutal and insulting his youth but Tottenham will not auction facilities and presumably bitter. All the big boys are waiting for the signal. Barca have alternative plans for the left wing. In the chapter on left-winger is necessary to aim to capitalize the name of Alex Sandro. Just make the jump to the first team of Sao Paulo and has been one of the leading players in Brazil sub'20. Have already produced the first contacts.

In midfield there will be no experiments. Or get Cesc or point to a safe value, such as adherent profiles has given good results Guardiola. And Pep opts for Borja Valero. Villarreal midfielder party advantage.

The chapter on front is fine and goes through a pre-departure Bojan. From that history repeats itself. The big crack is the Brazilian market Neymar. His play dazzles but it takes a minimum of 30 million to start talking. The more modest option is varied, but Lukaku, with its 18 years and their adaptation to Anderlecht, more earn more integers. (via SPORT)

With the departures, there will be more than 40 million signings

Jeffren players like Milito or may enter a transfer of power to tackle deep-water transfers as Cesc Fàbregas.

The saying goes that before you enter must be let out. And Barcelona is not immune to this type of financial logic. In fact, the Blaugrana technical secretary and is considering some output operations for the forthcoming summer.

Remember that the financial vice-president, Javier Faus, announced that the club provided 40 million euros in cash to deal signings ahead of next season, so if you finally have attacked a major transfer-type Cesc Fabregas- the club would be forced to dip into a number of alternatives to deal with such an operation.

In principle, there are two names that are among the possible solutions: the central Argentine striker Milito and the quarry, Jeffren. In both cases, assess the situation and the wishes of the player, but it seems clear that Milito would look favorably departure, it must be remembered that it was about to go to Manchester this December because I wanted more minutes, "while If limbo is clear that this season is experiencing an ordeal because of the sessions and may be good for him a change of scenery and that its growth could see rewarded.

Also is considering seriously the central repurchase of Sporting Gijon, Alberto Botia, international youth football sub'21 blaugrana from the two seasons leading the Asturian club and two million could buy it back for Barcelona. In the interest Premiere is known by this central, to the extent that the Catalan club believes it could take up to five or six million euros in a transfer.

More delicate, but also within the viable options would be the possibility that it could reach a transfer-raise in any case, the front transfer Linyola, Bojan Krkric. In this regard should also assess the real situation of the player and his options to continue counting minutes, while taking into account that at these ages is a priority to play and have continuity. In any case he would only leave Barcelona in favorable conditions for both the player and the club and always with the 'sine qua non', of being able to recover one or two years maximum.

Not be ruled out either a transaction with Seidou midfielder Keita, but in this case would prioritize the wish of the player to any other option because the African is well-liked player in the locker room and one of the most praised by Pep Guardiola. (via AS)

Cesc: the club retains the right of first refusal

While many Catalans are still licking the wounds on Wednesday night at the Emirates Stadium, in the offices of the Camp Nou are thrilled with some moves made in the past.

In 2003, after becoming the President Laporta, Sandro Rosell, then as a sports vice president, traveled to London to negotiate with David Dein (who was his counterpart at Arsenal) a right of first refusal if one day decided to discard the Gunners the medium. Despite the doubts generated over the duration of the agreement, it remains in force, so that would start from the Catalans ahead of competitors willing to pay a large sum of millions to the coffers of the London club delicate.

Desired. With a contract until 2014, Cesc verbalized his intentions last summer finally arriving at the Camp Nou only on leaving the capital. Still, can not rule out that next summer will open a new auction for its quality, which meanders if Chelsea or Real Madrid, Arsenal would be required to advise the club. That is the ace in the hole is saved Rosell, waiting to see what Guardiola decides and how is the economy of the state.

Showed his maturity
Once finished the match at the Emirates, Fabregas set foot on the floor and tried to stop the euphoria that was created after the final whistle of college Italian Rossetti. In this sense, the media scene said "the club is still the favorite to move the tie, although the result we have is good. What has been achieved is important, but in the Nou Camp we have a lot of serenity." With these words follows the player's maturity off the pitch, something that Wenger, his coach, valued as much or more than when attending to a partner in an official match. (via AS)

Marcelo: "I would sign a Pedrito"

Marcelo Vieira Da Silva, Real Madrid International, said Friday the program "Punto Pelota" Intereconomia that if he could, would sign a Pedrito, FC Barcelona.

"Pedro is a player who is forward, but it really helps the team. Most do not talk about it but for me the most important of Barca," he said.

Marcelo said that Real Madrid is now ready to "win all three titles." Asked if he saw FC Barcelona's match against Arsenal in the Champions League, said: "No I saw them against Arsenal because I went to the movies. Barça is not the same as last year because it now has much more pressure. We have feeling of revenge, but when we play the Cup final and come to the Bernabeu everything will be different. "

"The day we went 5-0 no nothing. The next time the Madrid show what it is," said Marcelo, who acknowledged that "never go to Barcelona, because Madrid is my home."

On the hypothetical signing of Cesc, Marcelo said that "it would be a good signing for Real." (via SPORT)

Carles Puyol has not played in any of the four losses this season Barca

Past, a few hours of the defeat FC Barcelona in the Emirates Stadium (2-1), the FC Barcelona must overcome the 'bump' and focus on the next game league against Athletic. For the league clash Guardiola could not again be Carles Puyol , even injured. The coverage of the central position with the resources of Milito and Abidal operates at the game but came as far as results are concerned.

That's why the Catalans face a new challenge to keep the distance with Real Madrid, the lions got started two separate draws in the last two meetings of Cup - without reference identity and its main spiritual stronghold: The captain Puyol . Beyond its impeccable sporting performance, La Pobla is the soul of the team who can lead their peers in situations like yesterday at the Emirates , where we need to get a little claw. No wonder the nickname with which they know the English media, 'The Cave Man' or the 'caveman'.

His teammates need to overcome the February slump that has claimed as victims of two consecutive games that the club has not won (Sporting and Arsenal). In addition, for the return of the Champions, the other central titularísimo, Gerard Pique will be sanctioned after watching the third card in the Emirates and get three yellow cycle to prevent him from playing again against the Gunners.

Piqué and Abidal meet far but in recent goals conceded, the Barça paid with bad luck inspiration attacks from rivals that have endorsed real screamers. Without Puyol on the pitch have been the four losses this season Pep Team: Supercup against Sevilla, Copa del Rey with Real Betis, Hercules and Arsenal in the Champions League. In addition, the 'shark' was not in the tie against Sporting, Athletic and Mallorca. (via MD)