17 February 2011

Toquero not think the boat is down to Athletic

Gaizka Toquero not think the FC Barcelona received the Athletic Club on Sunday at the Camp Nou pressure from its latest results, the tie against Sporting Gijón last day of the league and the defeat by Arsenal in London in the first knockout round finals of the Champions League.

"I do not think that Barca.'ll Think about winning, as it does in every game because he knows that Real Madrid may approach him. I do not think that will have no pressure or anything, they will play as long as will be very difficult to beat them. Yesterday took to win and also went against Sporting to win, "said Lezama Toquero in training today after his team.

In that sense, Vitoria striker believes that Sunday's game is against the best team in the league. " "Barcelona is showing each game as it is the best and I think it is the most difficult game we have," he noted.

Vitoria striker has been in favor of repeating in the Nou Camp to play the manner with which his team managed a goalless draw in the match for two months cupbearer on the same stage, an approach that could leave home out of starting lineup .

"I always fixed the results. I think this approach we did well and if we did well would be repeated, but decide that is not mine but from mister" he explained.

However, he admitted that the outcome will depend more on Barca Athletic. "We can not make any mistakes and they do not have their day. There are many times that, without make mistakes, they, with how good they are and the ability they have, you create occasions. You can win the game even if you do everything right and it takes a wee bit of luck to get something there, "he has made.

Toquero, on the other hand, has ensured that, despite the privileged position that is on the table, fifth with 7 points advantage over those who remain outside Europe, the Athletic "is not set goals , yet. "

"In the dressing room we have never thought about the Champions League or UEFA or anything. This team is aware that you need to think game by game, without getting a very clear, but always thinking ahead. But I do not we are all conformists. Party party is a hunger in this team, but we have not set goals yet, "he concluded. (via SPORT)

San Jose and Gabilondo, doubts for the Camp Nou

The rest of the staff has conducted a session in which the coach Joaquin Caparros has given no clue to his intentions in Barcelona.

The presence of Mikel San Jose and Igor Gabilondo the Camp Nou on Sunday remains in doubt after both players have worked again today from the rest of the group due to physical problems in the training of Athletic Club .

Navarre defender and midfielder Gipuzkoa have been exercised in a field different from their peers with Mikel Balenciaga, also some physical accident, and the two long-term injuries, youth and Jon Gomez Aurtenetxe Ibai.

The rest of the staff has conducted a session in which the coach Joaquin Caparros has given no clue to his intentions in Barcelona. In view of this clash, in principle, the only question there Atletico are the couple who form the core and if the technician Seville change or not style of play, as it did in the butler that measured impact on both teams the same stage, which ended goalless.

At that time strengthened Ander Iturraspe Atletico midfield standing in front of and behind the double pivot Fernando Llorente. If you decide on this option, you may go together from the beginning Pablo Orbaiz, Javi Martínez and Carlos Gurpegui, who returns to the team after completing his second round card of the season.

For the center of defense, a priori, the question was whether they would Borja Ekiz, which has offered great performance in six matches leading into the first team, and Fernando Amorebieta, back after two months out with different physical problems . Now, with San Jose touched, they are both open the possibility of playing together for a time.

For Gabilondo had it not for Sunday, Athletic lose a role player with the owner but in recent days has been left out of the starting lineup for the emergence of Iker Muniain. Balenziaga, meanwhile, just has to Caparros. (via AS)

Iniesta, Kameni and Suarez, in a supportive documentary

It explains what the Richard Allen Foundation in Cape Town, where through a football club seeks the social integration of children of different races and social classes.

Footballers Andres Iniesta , Carlos Kameni and Luis Suarez are the sponsors of'' From the streets to the playing field ,''a documentary by NGOs Taking Conscience , "which opens today in Barcelona that tells the story of South African children know these players during the past three World .

The documentary, directed by Carles Josep Sanchez Llibre and Badell, explains the work that the Richard Allen held in Cape Town, where through a football club, the Camps Bay, looking for the social integration of South African children different races and social classes.

Iniesta's performance, Cameroon's Kameni and Luis Suarez during the last World storyline serve to explain the history of these children, fighting against the consequences left by the''apartheid''in search of a dream: one day become professional footballers.

The story, filmed during the celebration of the World Cup, not the narrator uses or relies on personal interviews, but it works as a fiction film.

It alternating images of South African children who dispute the Rainbow Cup , a tournament that does not distinguish local social races or social classes with professional footballers who play the World Cup.

In the end, their lives intersect, as several of these children are able to meet in person at three World Cup players, who give some tips for success both in football and in life.

"We had the perfect script, because we never thought that Iniesta would achieve the goal that would give Spain the World Cup, Luis Suarez was one of the players in the championship with Uruguay and would eventually Kameni of Cameroon goalkeeper, which also helped us explain the other side of this sport, "remarked Carlos Sánchez-Llibre, codirector of the documentary and manager aware.

The premiere will be held this afternoon at the Auditorium of Barcelona Imagine building and will be attended by Iniesta, Kameni, their respective coaches, Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino, and also the president of RCD Espanyol , Daniel Sanchez Llibre, uncle one of the directors.

From the streets to''pitch''is promoted through social networks of professional players who sponsor, will be sold online and will be submitted to various festivals in the coming months, according to its directors have advanced.

Taking Conscience is an NGO whose corporate purpose is to help children through access to education, food and health and often uses the documentary to disseminate its work. (via AS)

Bojan: "Guardiola makes me a better player"

FC Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic reviewed aspects of his private life and football for the program 'Estació Nou Camp' by Barça TV, which will air this Friday at 23 hours.

Bojan says it assumes the fact does not hold and has learned from it. "It is clear that the best time is when the player has to play many minutes they enjoyed in the field. Now it is not, but I keep fighting to try to achieve this happiness," he says.

"I've learned to be part of a team from elsewhere, as is the bench, and not lose hope, trust me at all times and not decline. I had not stumbled onto this and appreciate it," he adds.

The Linyola appreciates the opportunity he gave at the time Frank Rijkaard and commends the work of Pep Guardiola: "Frank will always be grateful. I'm very proud of this stage I am sharing with Guardiola, he has taught me values that I did not know and are doing better player. "

The young footballer admits that it took to take the fame "because all I went through 17 years, and that this age can not safely go to the movies or go shopping or out with friends." But thanks the support of the fans and already have passed: "It's important to come out and show you appreciation, so I keep going places or doing things. I try to be the Bojan it was."

Finally, Bojan explained that his confidence in the locker room Blaugrana are Iniesta and Milito: "I have a person who is very special to me, is Andrew, I vent to him many times. There is also another special person, which is Gabi Milito. From the first year we had very good relationship and we try to help each other. " (via SPORT)

[Rating] Arsenal - FC Barcelona (2-1)

VALDES: 5 Shake. After a good first half, which prevented a goal from Van Persie (6 ') and arrested three shots, got the cross with the goal of the Dutchman, who tricked him outdone by his suit. In the 2-1 he could not see the ball.

ALVES: 5 Irregular. The physical layout was important but the performance, irregular. Not Nasri won the duel and too often left unguarded the plot, without taking advantage of their uploads. Once pulled a goal.

PIQUE: 5 Passed. There was neither strong nor as fast as the occasion required. Van Persie won the game too often. Also saw a card that will prevent any unnecessary play in the return at the Nou Camp.

ABIDAL: 8 The best leader. He was the mainstay of the defense. He paid a huge level and become the leader over a team that broke down in the second half. Ball intercepted by land, sea and air outlets shoved their attack.

MAXWELL: 5 Slow. passed an ordeal every time I had to run behind Walcott, which revealed the slowing of the Brazilian. Lost too many balls, two of them with obvious risk to one's integrity.

BUSQUETS: 7 Competitive. Of the few who remained at the level all the time. It wad defensively in the wide area and learned to pace the ball. He tried several times to give assistance in depth, with different result.

XAVI: 7 Sereno. He kept his composure and calm needed to set the pace of shock, until the equipment is subjected to pressure from Arsenal. In the first part directs with skill and defended at the end like everyone else.

INIESTA: 5 Blinking. The team missed Andrew's greater participation in the offensive game, a facet in which was handled intermittently. Worked much better when to push and defend.

PEDRO: 6 Tired. works, runs and sacrifices as always but its lack of precision in recent games reveals, perhaps, some depletion. Twice they stood before the goalkeeper, was robbed by the linesman.

MESSI: 6 jinxed. jinxed still in England. Missed two goals from those he never fails when he scored, he wrongly overturned the goal. Are blinded to enter through the center with dribbles. Your assistance in the goal, the better.

VILLA: 7 scorer. was one of the most perceptive while in the field. Took two goal assists Messi and Pedro, gave depth to the team and always scored the only goal that may be worth a lot.

KEITA: 5 weird. In the 22 minutes he played could not get into the game. Nasri surpassed him in the second goal.

ADRIANO: SC Testimonial. came one minute from the end and obviously changed the dynamics. (via SPORT)

Cesc: "Playing at the Nou Camp is special, but the important thing is winning"

Cesc has never played in the stadium of FC Barcelona and Arsenal. In the previous season failed to act to be injured in the first leg.

Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal captain said after the match at the Emirates Stadium, which for him "to play the second leg at the Nou Camp is special, but the only important thing for Arsenal is to win."

Speaking to Gol TV, Cesc, questioned if the constant rumors that placed him at FC Barcelona next year, will affect his mood, replied: "I felt pretty good, and all this makes me is to have the desire to continue playing, even better, to move forward with the goal of my team to be in the next round. "

"There are many things to the leg: the cup final, league games, are things to get to the Nou Camp, there is time to prepare the return leg." (via SPORT)

[Pictures] Arsenal - Barça (2-1)

Alves: "Like last year, we have a sour taste"

The player of FC Barcelona , Dani Alves , acknowledged after losing to Arsenal in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League 2011 : "You have to be super-positive. The tie is not closed, the first part has been nice for the viewer, we screwed up because we had opportunities. We're fine, do not set off the alarms, are circumstances, Europe is Europe. We leave with a bittersweet, just like last year. It is round and hope to be a bit better. "

Valdés: "We controlled the game, have capitalized on their chances. It is around and hope it comes out in our favor. In results and not look at the positives, the important thing is to score. It seeks to work with intensity, recovering people but it is a tight schedule.'s possible in our stadium. " (via AS)

Xavi: "If you forgive in the Champions League at the end you pay"

"We have been sentenced, but we missed the last shot. They took their opportunities. It was a match for sentencing and was not. The result is somewhat unfair," he said.

Xavi Hernandez , who plays for Barcelona , held after the defeat to Arsenal that the key game was the lack of goals in Barça: " We have been sentenced, but we missed the last shot. They took their opportunities, we do not take our infinite times . It was a match for sentencing, it was not, and that the final in the Champions League you pay. The result is unfair. "

"It was a shame because watching the game as we played, we were superior . It was a game like last year but worse because we got a loss, "he said.

The Spanish player is optimistic about the second leg but not know how to bring the game on Arsenal: "We're disappointed and we know that the return will be difficult for the result. In the end it has entered the second goal that would have sentenced the tie . From the result will not know how. We played with our home fans. We are optimistic, but we must respect the Arsenal . "

Xavi said in the field to enjoy a game where both teams play good football bet on the "must have been a spectacle for the viewer. The two play football, they like to have the ball and we play beautiful football. We also enjoyed a Despite the defeat . But we think we deserved more. " (via AS)

Guardiola: "Optimistic?" I have given many reasons not to be "

Josep Guardiola has bemoaned Arsenal's two goals in the final stretch of the game, but believe in the comeback of FC Barcelona on 8 March. "I have given many reasons to not be optimistic," he said.

"I'm hurt because we lost the game but the game is to trace it back. I do not know where to go, but will we. Do not stop being us," he said in a press conference Josep Guardiola has repeated over and another the team will always remain true to their style.

The history of this 2-1 is similar to the 2-2 first-leg of the quarterfinals a season ago. "The tie has been similar to last year. I think we have more chances then, but they are good in positional play and very good in their original condition. They are fast leading to space," he argued Guardiola, which expects a "spectacular leg."

The coach has bemoaned the goals from Arsenal after the match and compared the match with the knockout round of the last two years. "We played better than Lyon and better than in Stuttgart, but we got a worse outcome then. We can only congratulate our opponents," he said. But his speech concluded with: "Let me have faith in these players.'ve Done too much for too long to not have it." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[ChampionsLeague 1/16final Leg1] Arsenal 2 - 1 FC Barcelona

The club has fallen on the field for Arsenal in a lively round of the knockout stages of the Champions League. Two goals in the final stretch of the English have been around the original village. The Nou Camp sentencing.

Delicious Night Football they have offered Arsenal and Barcelona in their first face to face in the second round of the Champions. True to his personality, always careful with the leather and ambitious, have been challenged in a duel open and unpredictable. With phases for each team. Barca had the situation where I wanted, thanks to the wisdom of sending Villa until the Arsenal has turned the tables at the end with two goals that allow you to report to Camp Nou with advantage.

Technical Data:
Arsenal FC: Szczesny; Eboué, Koscielny, Djorou, Clichy; Song (Arshavin, 68’), Wilshere; Walcott (Bendtner, 76’), Cesc, Nasri y Van Persie.

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell; Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Adriano, 89’); Pedro, Messi y Villa (Keita, 68’).

Goals: 0-1 (26 ') Messi Service Piqué and it connects with Villa , who wins a Koscielny and beat Szczesny. 1-1 (78 '). Clichy pass to Van Persie , who is hospitalized and surprise Valdes for his club. 2-1 (83 ') Counterattack of Nasri, who clipped and assists Arshavin for it to beat Valdes.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy).Showed yellow cards to Song, Nasri and Van Persie by 'gunner' and Iniesta and Pique at Barca.

Incidents: 60,000 spectators at the Emirates Stadium.

Villa: "We made a party to have won"

David Villa , who plays for Barcelona , was surprised with the result at the Emirates against Arsenal : "We made a party to have won. But it is a good team that has taken us two cons and made us a lot of damage "

Asturian striker believes the team is able to make the quarter-finals: "We have had many occasions, a good game and we were superior. But they have a great team, who has done much damage to the contras. remain 90 minutes and although I think the result may have been deserved, we can pass "

Villa is optimistic about the return game: "Now we break, think about the other competition. But we have equipment and twigs to pass the round. We'll be ready to return". (via AS)

Pique loses leg to see a yellow

The central Gerard Piqué FC Barcelona will miss the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Arsenal, which takes place on March 8, after seeing a yellow card in the first leg.

The defender was a card blaugrana yellow on 13 minutes of the second half and may not be at the Camp Nou. This decline is a problem for the coach Josep Guardiola, as Puyol is still recovering from his injury and do not know if you can reach the final wager. (via AS)

Puyol is preparing to be in the back

As advanced MD, Barca will face the first leg of second round of the Champions League against Arsenal in the final low Carles Puyol, who has focused its efforts in order to be a ceiling on the second leg to be played Tuesday March 8 at the Camp Nou. 'Puyi' continues its recovery plan and try to return before that date, but how they want to go slowly and not force. Yesterday, both Puyol as limbo, the two injured first team first worked on the lawn, but did so outside the group, with Juanjo Brau.

It was in the penultimate training before tackling the game against the Gunners. At the meeting, which took place under a thin rain that the weather reminded London, Pep Guardiola had at his command a total of 28 players, the 18 available first-team, 8 of Barça B and the two injured. The eight players were Armando subsidiary, Abraham, Muniesa, Ilie, Benjamin, Saul, Tello and Victor Vazquez. The training was attended by Juan Carlos Unzue Numancia coach and former coach of Barca's goalkeeper, and 'Cuco' Ziganda, now unemployed.

The Barça squad is cited again today in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper for a session starting at 12. The first fifteen minutes will be open to the media as stipulated by UEFA for the previous training. Having completed the training and after eating, the issue will go to El Prat airport to fly at 16.00 to Luton. The team will not train on his arrival in London. Pep Guardiola and Andres Iniesta will address the media in the Emirates.

Apart from the known absence of Puyol, most likely tell his team Pep gala measured at Arsenal. Would play Valdes Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa. (via MD)

Barca and Etisalat strengthen ties

FC Barcelona and Etisalat have signed an extension of the existing sponsorship agreement that makes Etisalat Etisalat Afghanistan and Nigeria in international official partner of the entity Barca. Sandro Rosell welcomes collaboration.

Roma's Space Camp Nou was the scene where the act occurred extension of the sponsorship agreement between FC Barcelona and the Etisalat group that makes the operating companies of Afghanistan and Nigeria in international official partners of the Club.

The president Sandro Rosell hosted a ceremony that was attended by Mohamed Omran, Etisalat Group Chairman, Saeed al-Hamlin, head of Etisalat Afghanistan, Steven Evans, head of Etisalat Nigeria, as well as senior executives of the Group Telecommunications and its operating companies, which are in Barcelona to coincide with the celebration of the Mobile World Congress.

Sandro Rosell was satisfied the continuity of ties with Etisalat and their delegations through the territory: "FC Barcelona is one of the leading football teams in the world and we are privileged to have a faithful and active supporters. This collaboration with Etisalat will help our fans in Africa and Asia to maintain contact with our club and allow them to share their enthusiasm for our success. " Finally, the President thanked the continued support Etisalat group has given the club.

The signing of this agreement represents the development of four-year agreement signed in
2009 for a value of 12 million euros. Essa Al Haddad, Chief Marketing Officer of Etisalat group, explained that this agreement reflects a desire for expansion planned from the beginning: "When we started this unique strategic agreement with FC Barcelona, our plan was to expand the partnership to our operating companies to to share value with customers beyond our reach. The agreement we have now is a remarkable milestone to achieve this initial plan and we are pleased to provide our customers in Nigeria and Afghanistan the opportunity to extend its support for football team most famous around the world. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)