16 February 2011

"With Cesc everything was legal, where does Messi?"

The coach of Arsenal , Arsene Wenger , he referred to when the Gunners took in 2003 to Cesc Fabregas from the quarry of Barcelona and said the English club did nothing "illegal" and that such operations are "part of the game "so there's no reason for confrontation.

"There is no reason for resentment because we did not do anything illegal. Everything was in accordance with the law and did not put no gun. We respect the rules. They could come and take our players, we also accept that," Wenger said in a statement disseminated through the website of the entity.

Given the expectation of the party that will contest tonight Arsenal and Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium , for the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League , expressed interest last summer from the Catalan club to recover Fabregas has become to be at the forefront of debate.

For this reason, the coach 'gunner' wanted to send a message to make clear to whom it belongs now Cesc and recalled that the procurement process was completed in the summer of 2003, when he was 16, was possible because both clubs were in agreement.

The British press reported on Tuesday a statement from the former president of Barcelona , Joan Laporta , which ensured that Cesc Fabregas should have "abandoned" and the Arsenal in a similar way as it did his friend Gerard Piqué when he left Manchester United for return to Barcelona.

The defense also came out of the quarry Catalan club FC Barcelona in 2004 to play at Old Trafford without the 'Red Devils' have to pay anything for it since it does not, by his youth, still lacked a professional contract with Barcelona at the time.

Piqué gained experience as a player for United during his time in England and returned to Camp Nou in 2008.

In addition, the portals say British former president of the Catalan club hit the "hunt" for talents who play the clubs in the Premier League in Spain, an issue to which he responded Arsene Wenger .

He believes that there is no difference in the system used by the British to find young talents outside their borders and how does Barcelona. "Where did they get their players? Where does (Lionel) Messi ? In Barcelona ? What age was it brought from Argentina ? was only twelve years, "recalled Wenger as an example of practices that also takes the club.

"Do not wait just to get players in Catalonia. Must also remember that every young player in Catalonia wants to play for Barcelona and not everyone in London wants to play for Arsenal . Some want to go to Tottenham, some at West Ham , others to Chelsea and there are those who prefer the QPR . Barcelona do not have the same choice, "said Wenger. (via AS)

Barcelona is trained in the stadium soft QPR

Barcelona nineteen players who are in London for the appointment of Champions''''tonight against Arsenal will train today at the stadium finally Queens Park Rangers (QPR), Second club in the British capital. The session will be mainly "to stretch," will begin at 11.00 GMT and will be closed from beginning to end, according to sources told Efe Barcelona.

Barca coach Pep Guardiola decided to run home the last full practice before the game in the first knockout round first leg against the Gunners, so the staff is trained yesterday, Tuesday morning at the Sports City and was in the afternoon when he traveled to England.

This change of plans prevented the Barcelona would train the night before the game in the rival team's stadium, as is common in clubs to visit other cities to meet their commitments Champions''.''

During the press conference last night at the Emirates coach to reach London, Guardiola insisted that this new practice does not have to become a standard for the team. Still doubts about his plan of action in England, Guardiola said he would decide "seeing the faces" of the players during dinner if today would or no training session.

So will this morning, though not in the Arsenal stadium, but the QPR (west London), a team that leads the table II in England and could be in the Premier League next year. (via AS)

Iniesta: "In front we will have a great team"

Andres Iniesta will play for the first time at the Emirates Stadium in London against Arsenal. According Fuentealbilla the English "is a very good team and we have to play very good football to get a good result."

The injury prevented him playing against Arsenal last season. The '8 'FC Barcelona expects a "very nice game, very interesting, and we play good football. They are a team to take into account and we will have to be very focused and above all - has an impact - take our occasions and at all times try to play our game. "

Iniesta has spoken of "change of chip" with reference to the party on Wednesday. "The team is well - has said - and tie the other day in Gijón I have to forget, since this is Champions League." On what Arsenal team expects, Iniesta is clear that "regardless of what they do, we have to make our football, be very focused the whole game, everyone does what is responsible, not to make mistakes and create a hazard . Be applied both in attack and defense since before we have a very serious and will be very dangerous. "

The international Barca has mentioned that "nobody should expect that the tie will be resolved. This will not know until the end of the second leg. Everything is decided in a match against Arsenal in the second leg. "Iniesta has insisted that" the basic will to seize opportunities, do well and thanks to all the team get a good result. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We both want the ball and suffered without him

The coach Pep Guardiola will not give Barca's style, which is based on the constant attack, although he knows that Arsenal forward will have a game with a philosophy very similar to yours.

Upon arrival at London , this afternoon, Pep Guardiola and Andres Iniesta have been moved to Emirates Stadium to deliver the briefing Champions League before the game. There FC Barcelona coach has warned of the difficulty of Wednesday's game because we will have put back the chip because the Champions League and will face a great team.

Guardiola has recognized that if I had to choose a more defensive rival Arsenal not basing his game on the attack like them: "I like to see at Arsenal but I like less when I play with him." And is that coach Santpedor contends that both the club like Arsenal " are two teams that want the ball and we suffer without it . The interest is to catch the ball as long as possible to create situations of attack. "

So Guardiola believes that having the ball is the key to solving the game. "We have to be selfish for wanting the ball." And he knows that if Arsenal will dominate "trample you into shares of goal." Yet it warns that Guardiola will not change the gameplay as "Barça will try to be before playing the game."

Moreover, as Iniesta has done before, Guardiola also believes that the knockout round will be resolved in Barcelona. Besides the technician knows to "dial out is vital in Europe."

After two months without playing Champions League match, Barca coach wants his players put on the European chip as soon as possible. "It's a very tough tie," Guardiola said a reminder that the knockout of other years (Olympique Lyon and Stuttgart) "have been the worst games we've done in the past two years in the Champions League." So Santpedor believes "we must make an effort to get the fastest. I hope the environment and the quality of rival put us." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubizarreta: "It will be a game of 180 minutes"

The sporting director of professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta, before leaving for London, said that "the tie is very attractive, and return, will therefore be a game of 180 minutes of play very intense."

Moments before boarding to the English capital, Zubizarreta has treated the media. The first leg of second round of the Champions League has focused conversation with the head of the Professional Football Club. "It's good to return the Champions League with a thrilling tie, and now at last round matches. The taste of the European Cup is this. "

FC Barcelona gets to face Arsenal for the second consecutive year. Whether or not this is good, Zubizarreta believes "you can not say until the tie is over. Until the second leg can not know if it was good or bad to repeat the fact rival. " He added: "Personally I always like to play against different teams, who do not know much and they do not know both of you."

For the manager, "playing in London at the Emirates, in a field of the Premier and the Classic environment there are reasons to enjoy the game." "In addition, the opponent is the most attractive and strongest on the European scene."

Asked about the possibility that the club can resolve the tie in the first leg, Zubizarreta has shown unequivocal: "This will not happen. There is too much football on both teams because you could sentence in the first half of a game that is played in two cities. " Basque has been mentioned above the last two teams: "Remember what happened last year, when the first part of the club did a wonderful football, and rest, scoreless. In the second, not playing as in the first 45 minutes we started with 0-2 in favor, and then we tied them. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca, on the trail of the 'wonder boy' Alexis Sanchez

With only 22 years it has become one of the revelations of the Italian League. Alexis Sanchez is the watchword of Udinese and his name sounds like 'future' of FC Barcelona ...

Sanchez, who in his native Chile known as the 'wonder boy' has sprung up with all of the law this season in Italy, where total 8 goals in 26 games.

His good performance and versatility, can act in any position to attack, have not gone unnoticed among the "big" in Europe and also of Barca, Inter Milan, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester United also would have noticed him as Italian and British media.

Udinese, however, is not to discard the work of its star. The club owner Giampaolo Pozzo, spoke about it when asked, with his transfer, estimated at 30 million euros, could finance the new stadium the club: "In my opinion is worth much more, but the price I do not get is what you get, "he said.

Sanchez, who studied in Chile Santiago Wanderers, joined Udinese in 2006, although in his first two seasons he played on loan at Colo Colo and later in River Plate. (via sport)

[Barça B] Muniesa renewed through 2012

Marc Muniesa has renewed his contract with FC Barcelona until the season 2011/12. The agreement with the player contemplates automatically extended for one more season (2012/13) the contract if the club fits into the first team.

The buyout clause has been set at 30 million euros. Muniesa, 18, is in her second season at Barca B. Luis Enrique located in either central or left side. This is a player with good ball out of a high speed.

This natural defense Lloret de Mar is considered one of the great promises of the quarry Barcelona, which plays from the juvenile category. In the penultimate round of the Championship 08/09 League first-team debut, against Osasuna, and four days later he was summoned to the Rome final.
One step further

U nce signed his new contract, Muniesa Barça TV has expressed satisfaction with the renewal: "I am very happy to stay in the club where I've always dreamed of playing with this firm I have taken a load off, now I want to continue working be higher. " Lloret defender will now work "to achieve one day sign a contract with the first team, now may seem distant but is one step." (via FCBarcelona.cat)