15 February 2011

Nasri is recovered in record time and will play against Barca

Samir Nasri , midfielder of Arsenal appears to be recovered from the hamstring injury he suffered for 15 days and will be available to Arsene Wenger to play tomorrow the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against FC Barcelona in the Emirates Stadium.

The 'Daily Mail' published today that the French player has successfully passed the physical tests to which has been subjected in the last hours by the doctors of Arsenal, so tomorrow could even be part of the team owner .

Nasri was injured in the right thigh 15 days ago in the FA Cup match against Huddersfield Town, an injury "serious" in the words of Wenger , who practically ruled out his presence at tomorrow's game to estimate a term doctors recovery of at least three weeks, but everything indicates that the deadlines have been shortened in record time and the player will be available to the team.

For its part, the end Theo Walcott , who last year as he scored a goal against Barcelona the draw at the Emirates (2-2), facing the tie with confidence : "We are looking forward to the match will be a great battle. It is one of the parties that want to play and hope that the result is different from last year. I think we can do much better than then, in fact and to be honest, I think we can not do worse . " (via AS)

{Youth] Do not shake the pulse

Barca's youth system has returned to star in a great weekend. The rout of D to the Sants Alevín by 13-0 or Alevín A victory in the field of Espanyol (0-6) are examples of good performances Barça.


Win boys Sergi Barjuan and Marc Guitart home. Before the Sant Andreu, the Catalans made one of the most serious part of the course at the tactical level, holding the ball very good transitions. Ten minutes into the game, Barca progress was made on the scoreboard with a target of Jessua Angoy and although from the Youth B 0-1 relaxed a little, Cristian Herrera penalty, Jessua and David Babunski again with targets extended the initial 0-1 0-4 to reach the final.


The team coached by Javier García Pimienta and Ramon Ros half an hour was enough to kill the game. Ebwelle (min 5), Jon Toral (min 11) and Hector Bellerín (min 27) signed by Barça's three goals in the first half. After the break, the biggest rival pressure prevented the advantage on the scoreboard be extended, but could not prevent a new triumph of Cadete A.


Before a Rapitenca that was planted in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper with good approach play, the group led by Fran Artiga cost him opening the can. And is that the 1-0 did not arrive until the minute 8 of the second part, the work of Àlex Corredera to cross from the right of Adama Traoré. Five minutes later, Mohamed El Ouriachi signed the 2-0, and late in the game, Sergio Buenacasa materialize the final 3-0.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN INFANTIL] Jàbac i Terrassa, 0 - FCB A, 4

Feote In a match in a small field and how complicated is the Can Jofresa and against a pretty Terrassa i Jàbac retreated behind the first two quarters were a lot of physical contact and no play, ie, very locked. But with a goal from Sergi Canós around changing rooms (0-1), the game opened up, those of Frank Sanchez and Xavier Franquesa could make the game that usually do and Alexis Meva signed a hat-trick (3) that certified Barca victory.


The guys from Denis Silva and Carlos Lopez had to rally from a 0-1 down against a Sant Andreu, runner, very physical. And is that the Catalans were less than and in the third and fourth period, goals from Javi Puado, Dani Olmo and Nelson Mandela, in a move of strategy, turned him over to the scoreboard (3-1) and points back home.


The team of Andres Carrasco and Sergi Milà beat Espanyol B in the derby played in Sant Adrià. The Catalans were advanced early in the marker and the end of the first quarter and were sentenced. Goals from Oriol Busquets (2), Guillem Jaime, Aboubakar Camara (2) and Juan Fernández made possible the victory by 0-6 in the Alevín A.


In a small field and how complicated is the Damm, where any mistake could cost a goal against the guys from Xavier Bravo and Rafael Rodriguez learned to compete and earn the victory. In the 4th minute, Barça was winning by 0-2, the work of Lluís sleeves and Pol Muniesa, but the whole cut differences Brewer (1-2) by leveraging a local stage play by both teams. From minute 23, however, and 1-3 Lluís Mangas, Barça took control of the party and at the last minute of it and of penalty, sentenced Joan Castells (1-4).


Jordi Font whole won by 2 to 0 to Sants. Alejandro Marcos in the second minute of the second period and Mamadou Touré Diawara in the eighth minute of the third quarter were the authors of the two targets Barca and the triumph of Alevín C.


Indisputable triumph of boys Àlex Gómez and Alexis Pintó before a Sants B, despite not making a bad game, could do nothing to prevent the rout. Labinot Kabashi (4), Albert Portas (3), Dani Molina (2), Lucas Sanllehí, Guillem Verdaguer and Álex Calatrava (2) made possible with the broad goals Barca victory. Besides the victory, it is noteworthy that goalkeeper Àlex Pascual 'Pasqui' wore the captain's armband during a game as a gift for his 11 th birthday, which held the following day.


Marc Serra and David Sánchez players and conclusively imposed a very Cubelles fighter, but unwise to define in front of goal.Roger Vegas (4), Sergi Rosanas, Fabrega Nil (2) and Guillermo Amor were the authors of the targets Barca, some of them of great quality as the goal from outside the area of Sergi or the first target to complete a triangulation Nil perfect.


In a very small field which had not won one yet so far off course and against a very fighter Sant Andreu, the team coached by Marcel Sans controlled the game and never suffered for the victory. And that is the result of good ball movement and great combinations performed by the Catalans, five minutes of play Nil Garrido signed 0-1. In the second quarter, the same player scored the 0-2 and in the third period, Ismael El Youssfi sentenced to take a second move on a free kick from Julian Mahic.


The Benjamin C started the game very well against Almeda, going well in the first line of pressure from a local group that pressed too high, taking advantage of the spaces left to defend the opponent while defending in good spirits when he played. At rest, the boys of Jordi Puig and Albert Puig won 0-3, but in the third quarter and after signing the 0-4, the differences Almeda cut twice within five minutes (2-4) and it seemed that locals believe in the comeback. But the Catalans were able to sign the 2-5 and overcame the two goals against received until the final 2-7. Mamadou Touré Touré (3), Kays Ruiz (2), Jordi Escobar and Aitor López were the architects of the triumph of Barcelona with his goals.


Good win Catena Prebenjamín of Cristian Catena and Óscar Hernández plays marked by collective and triangulations Barça, but also by the irregularity and intermittence of them for 40 minutes. Eric Ambrosio, Nadir (2)-who also wrote the winning goal against Barca target to make an unfortunate own goal, Xavi Simons, Xavi Pleguezuelo and Toni Gómez were the scorers. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Icardi and Ceballos leaves Barça

The forwards Mauro Icardi and Cristian Ceballos have ceased to belong to the Juvenil A Barca. Icardi has signed for Italian Sampdoria, where he played in the Primavera team. On the other hand, Ceballos has reached an agreement with the club to leave, but with unknown destination. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] SD Huesca 0 - 1 FCB Juvenile A

The Juvenil A club has won in the field of Huesca in a party controlled by the Catalans that Espinosa has decided to sign the visitor with a goal kick. The Oscar Garcia stand straight in front of the League.

Seventh straight win this season's Junior A continuing counting their wins games. And is that the Barca team in the 23 rounds played so far in the Division of Honour, has joined 59 of the 69 possible points, the result of 18 wins and only 5 draws. The last win came on Sunday in the field of Huesca 0-1.

SD Huesca: Diez, Emerson (Bressel, min 82), Vinyao, López, Garcés, Kevin (Adrián, min 73), Ángel (Jona, min 58), Lucas, Zamora, Unai, Estopi (Pablo, min 58).

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Edu Campabadal, S.Gómez, Rosell, Balliu, Palau, Deulofeu (Ernesto, min 85), Masó, Dongou (Etock, min 84), Espinosa (Ayala, min 89), Ella (Pol Calvet, min 70).

Goal: 0-1 Espinosa (min 59).

Referee: Antonio Monter.

30 hours in London

Barça will train for the first time in the Champions League at the stadium where you play the game.

The revolution led by Pep Guardiola on traditional habits surrounding the football teams will step forward with the move to London to address the meeting tomorrow against Arsenal. The coach prefers to hurry up for the team to stay just 30 hours in the British capital and thus the accused players under the impact of a shift in Champions used to be more cumbersome for the account.

Guardiola wanted the team to travel with the work done, that is, with training already completed. In this way, players will use the flight to rest and do not accumulate tired from early morning on a day that usually ends up being stressful.

The players will be exercised in the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva at 12.00 h. Guardiola will not be conditioned in this session while the UEFA grants to work on the lawn of the stadium where the match is disputed. The team will work this way more extensive and peaceful. The media, according to agency regulations makes the tournament organizer, may access the first quarter hour and the rest of the session will take place behind closed doors. This also prevents a 'spy' rival scattered in the stadium can get clues about the intentions of the technical in their approach.

The session will also be without the rush that sometimes occur in Europe as a result of press conferences should be mandatory in the city where the collision takes place. Pep Guardiola and Andres Iniesta attend quietly to the media on arrival in England in the evening, although detrimental to the informational needs of the international media, especially English, whose editions of newspapers are closed in the afternoon .

After the training, players will have lunch in the Ciutat Esportiva relaxed. If traveling in the morning, players should eat on the plane probably would be much more uncomfortable. Guardiola prefers that players are fed into the club and this season, for example, has expanded in the Ciutat Esportiva banquets three to five days. The technician, following the instructions of the club's nutritionist, believes that it is the best way to restore forces quickly and eat with the maximum balance.

The expedition arrived in London late in the afternoon to go to the team hotel. All but Iniesta Guardiola Lutton traveling directly from the Emirates to make the press conference. The rest of team and coaching staff to occupy their rooms, have dinner and may continue the round of the Champions League through the television.

Tomorrow, the day of the game, players will rest at the hotel before lunch. The team will not make the morning training that takes place in Barcelona on match days they can not use the lawn of the Emirates and attend training camps available would require a shift too far. The bus will arrive at the stadium an hour and half before the game, check the UEFA as to leave an hour after the match heading to the airport. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Nolito: "What my renewal is fixed in a moment"

The Andalusian is released in June and the club has offered to continue, but his future remains uncertain.

Nolito offered one of his best releases last Saturday against Cartagena and was key to the victory of the subsidiary Blaugrana (3-0). The Sanlúcar gave 1-0 to Jonathan Soriano, assumed his shot after playing in the 2-0 defender Pablo Ruiz visitor, and as icing, made the third. At the conclusion of the meeting, the far left is again referred to the theme of renewal and gave a very eloquent statement: "This is fixed in a moment", hinting that has not yet made a final decision.

"I now I focus on playing football, then that has to be it will be. I have a contract until the end of the season and I'm very happy here at Barcelona B. And when I play with the first team, as you imagine ... So we'll see what happens. I have to keep working, "he said.

"It is very seasonal and we must be calm. Are you (the media) who say they've signed for Benfica, but still there is no door closed and the renewal is fixed in a moment, "he added Nolito. To date, the former of Ecija has scored eight goals in 22 games with the reserves and has played four first-team (three and one League Cup, against Mallorca). (via SPORT)

When dreams come true

Barça is a dream factory. One of the last that has realized is that Albert Carol Guerrero.

Albert Carol, a resident of Vilanova del Camí, has a physical disability since birth of feet and hands. At 8 months and started the chain of operations and each year passes through the Clinic. Has another appointment in March. Sent a letter to the Fundació FC Barcelona and the 'machine' started to get going. Gerard Piqué wanted to meet one of his idols. And he did on Saturday, February 5, after Barca's win at Atletico (3-0).

He says that throughout his life has "suffered much", but "sometimes I have surprises like this. My dream came true. " But what I did not expect the whole team with him to flip over ...
All the players came to know him, proof of the humanity of this club. "He was also a great pleasure to be with Pep and luxury meet Rosell," he admits. "The president encouraged me to go ahead and gave me the pin wearing," he added.

Piqué dedicated his book, photos and a shirt. And another surprise was the detail that was Peter who gave him the shirt he wore that night. "He was still sweaty ... It was authentic. The sign in front of me. After all what I got and spent my room and look at the museum, "says Albert.

But what will forever were the feelings of those moments. "When I saw approaching Pique did not know what to do or where to look. And when I said I knew my life I was stunned. I cried like a child. " And remember that "when he hugged me goodbye and I picked him not to go. I will always remember. It's a great person. " His happiness was possible to several people and want their names to appear for people to value their work and humanity. Pilar is the directive Guinovart, the player's mother, Montserrat and the Fundació FC Barcelona and his team.

Albert spent his magical night. "I confess the last thing I told Pique: I can now operate quietly o. .. die tranquil and happy. Because I've been with the people of Barca .... " (via SPORT)

Barca can announce today the 'signing' Falcon Travel

The new Barça travel agency will be located within the Camp Nou and will give a large number of services to members.

The FC Barcelona Board meeting yesterday at the club (the last was held in Tárrega), addressed within the agenda, among others, an issue which in turn became one of the great strengths last season Sandro Rosell election: the travel club.

Not until this morning when the spokesman of the Board, the director Toni Freixa, appearing before the media to explain the contents of that meeting.

All members, twenty in all, voted to request the report by Antoni Rossich, the club's general director, in favor of the appointment of the new travel agency to replace the RACC club, which had been providing services to FC Barcelona for 12 years.

Although so far not given official status to that decision, everything indicates that the agency has been unanimously chosen by Falcon Travel, a favorite from the start in this competition with El Corte Ingles.

Falcon Travel is part of the retail division of the holding company Globalia, the first Spanish tour group with a turnover of 4,000 million euros annually and employs 25,000 workers. Only Falcon Travel has 829 offices in Spain, which could join the 408 Travel Ecuador, also a member of the conglomerate.

One of the reasons why, apparently, FC Barcelona would have favored Falcon Travel would be localized in the large number of services that is willing to give all partners of Barca, one of the main banners hoisted by Rosell and his team in the electoral program that allowed him to become president of FC Barcelona on 13 June.

Globalia, founded and chaired by Juan Jose Hidalgo, known in the football world for being president of the UD Salamanca, is present in the sectors of transport, hospitality, travel and tourism.

Its airline division, for example, is headed by Air Europa, the first Spanish company with one hundred percent Spanish capital. Air Europa, without going any further, it could facilitate movement aircraft charters of the first team, sections of the club's fans for certain trips, without having to rent a different one for every occasion. This, a priori, it would mean that members could travel more affordable costs.

Among the benefits that the member of FC Barcelona could have, if it finally became official this 'partnership', it would be significant discounts on services to the member. Globalia owns the company Pepe Car hire and hotel division has 38 stores and 11,500 rooms.

The travel agency selected by the FC Barcelona will work within the offices of the club, which is known as an 'implant'. The club will transfer its facilities, but the staff belong to the company providing these services. Today we know more fully this new step forward. (via SPORT)

Change the relationship with Unicef

Both institutions agree that Barca have a greater impact on joint activities.

Those responsible for Barça Foundation yesterday held a working meeting with heads of Unicef displaced from Zurich. The intention of both institutions is to begin to redefine their partnership from the new premise that has set the club, which is to have maximum impact on projects that contribute financially.

While the club will maintain its current contribution to Unicef, both economically superior to the 1.5 million euros a year-and image-their logo on the shirt will remain even in the back ", the intention is to find that new way that means the development and management of future projects between both institutions. Those responsible for the Barcelona Foundation and reference the project began that drive today with Banc dels Aliments Foundation and is directed to the immediate area of the club. The approach is to develop a similar initiative with UNICEF but international media attention taking advantage of Barca in the world and the wide spectrum of people who can convey a message, taking into account the mass blaugrana social as well as millions of fans dragging.

This is a project that is in its embryonic stage but whose main novelty is that the club will have a more important role beyond, as he did now, the economic capacity to offer that can be carried out. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "We made a very complete match"

Barça B coach, Luis Enrique Martinez, was very pleased with the victory achieved against Cartagena (3-0). Three points, in the words of the Spaniard, "we are very good level of confidence."

"We played against a rival who is above the classification, seeking promotion positions and have done a very good game," said Luis Enrique Martinez, coach of Barça B, the press conference following the victory against Cartagena (3-0) in the Miniestadi three months later.

Barça B team analyzed: "We have borne the brunt of the party at all times, the possession of the ball in good part, we pressed very well rival, we had enough chances and we have suffered virtually no risk." And summed up: "We made a very complete match." It is for this reason the Spaniard technical opined: "We have been clear deserved victory."

In this regard, Luis Enrique was pleased and confessed: "I am very happy for my players, I congratulate them." And is that according to the Spaniard, the three points earned against Cartagena "we are very good level of confidence." Barca coach subsidiary explained: "Winning reaffirms the player, keep a clean sheet is great for us players to see that all the defensive work we are doing is paying off."

In addition, Luis Enrique pointed out that the win also served to "the group is still working." A group in the words of Mr. Barca is "not competitive and never lost face to the category." But the Spaniard also warned about the trajectory of a whole, which began the year strong, but that he had a small dent in terms of results in recent days: "It's been a good season, but if you're not careful, you pay" .

Asked about the work of the Barca midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos against Cartagena, the coach of Barça B confirmed: "He's done a very good game of defensive midfielder. He has given us a lot of solid defense. " He added: "I'm happy for him, he has much competition in his position and has to take advantage of opportunities."

On the possible return of Roberto Sergi inside the playing fields in the coming weeks, after overcoming a thigh injury in the left quadriceps rectus suffered in mid-January, Luis Enrique announced: "This week I will train with the group is very good news because it is a very important player for us. " Still, the coach of a subsidiary called for caution: "It comes from a hamstring injury, will not run any risk, you have to go slowly. Need two or three weeks to be a hundred percent and we can help. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

'The best thing for the public's football Arsenal and Barça'

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has stated that both his team like Arsenal, his rival in the second round of the Champions League, are what make the "best football for the spectators" because of the offensive game unfold. "They have a philosophy very similar to ours. They want the ball, pass very fast and have high level players, though a younger workforce. I think it's the best football for the spectators," he said in an interview Busquets to Reuters.

In addition, the champion of the world spoke of his compatriot Cesc Fabregas and captain and star of Londoners. "He is a player who likes to have the ball, likes to associate and have a great ission of the game and a great shot. I play with him in the selection and it is very difficult to stop," he said.

On the other hand, the Catalan player referred to his coach, Pep Guardiola, "a student of football, which just renewed with the club. "Apart from having a lot of experience as a player, is a student of football and leaves no detail to drift. Know our opponents very well and where we can harm them. Prepares very good matches," he said.

Also, Busquets was defined as a player. "Maybe I'm not a player who comes through the eyes because I do not put the crucial goals, but I am a team player. I try to sacrifice for the team, help in any way I can and be well positioned to play easily. It is important because it compensates to the midfield, "he added.

"I've always liked the good players, but I think I can not compare with anybody. I think we always have to try to be yourself," concluded the footballer Blaugrana. (via AS)

Wenger's tactics against Barca

Arsène Wenger has reiterated that Arsenal will encounter now that Barca will not ask permission to come into play as it did in the fourth quarters of Champions, when he was felled by a comprehensive 6-3 (2-2/4-1 .)

The French coach slogans are clear: it is enough to wrinkle and recoil, Nasri play or not play at the end the Gunners' is enough to make you sweat the impressive team of Pep. He is convinced that his 4-3-3 "as soon mutated 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-1-3 - and the superstars of Barcelona Emirates binding upon himself to go to the limit.

Wenger considers four basic aspects to give the bell against Barca.

Reference 1: Forbidden losing balls in areas involved

The Ibra scored twice in the Emirates and four of Messi in the Nou Camp last season made were preceded by turnovers 'gunner' stupid and mostly the result of a lack of focus and intensity that Arsène Wenger wants to eradicate this time . Wednesday will be prohibited from making gifts to Barca, especially in areas involved. The high precision required technical Alsatian when passing and the mettle to not fall in rainfall as much as Barca press up and back. Arsenal seek to reduce the rate and time of possession of Barcelona to mitigate its danger and while you own the ball.

Set 2: Grind the left side Barcelona

Reports indicate managed by Arsenal left-back as one of the Achilles heels of the 'Super-Barça', especially if still playing Éric Abidal injury central Puyol. While on the right the point ultraofensivo Alves offers speed that equates to more decisive men of Barca's own 'Abi', Maxwell and Adriano are a tad slow, not wanting to detract from their tables, their resources and quality. Especially Walcott, one of the fastest players on the planet, can do damage in that area and, if tilting, Cesc and Van Persie also and Wilshere or Song. However, the Gunners also look back to Alves.

Setpoint 3: Think and move faster than the opponent and run more

Along with Villarreal, Arsenal is one of the few teams capable of first-name terms with the club in terms of speed printed their combinations and their football in general. Wenger aims to not only note that after tomorrow but the players try to win the whole Guardiola with his own medicine, ie thinking and passing the ball quicker than Barca and running more than them, with and without the ball to feet. If the eleventh London be reached, keep Barcelona at bay and, as calculated by the trainer 'gunner', also increase the chances of a checkmate. Quite a challenge for Cesc and co.

Setpoint 4: Do not obsess with Messi and other cracks

Wenger says that to beat Barca is essential to bet a hundred percent for the game itself rather than applying zonal and man marking. Logically, the Arsenal will be watching Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Busquets and Pedro, but not obsessed. For the Frenchman, by now the Gunners have enough football to intimidate and make adjustments deemed a failure even though the rival of the moment is the best team in the world. Arsenal Arsene wants to exploit its weapons as does best, taking care not to make concessions, being alert for 90 minutes and out in a rush, no one scores more goals to the Gunners in the opening minutes of each half. (via MD)

Ronaldo: goodbye to a legend

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima has put an end to his career. Left behind is a path full of hits and a season, 1996/97, unforgettable for Barcelona.

The so-called 'Phenomenon' by fans and the sports press has fired football Monday at the age of 34 years. Two-time world champion with Brazil, Ronaldo has won all titles at the club level, and individual selection, except the Champions League. In his short spell Barca cultivated much of his record.

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Wenger wants to Barca "under pressure"

The coach of Arsenal , Arsene Wenger is confident his team can have great choices when confronted on Wednesday by Barcelona in the knockout stages of the Champions League if he can push the set of Pep Guardiola. "I think that if we arrange to have them under pressure, create opportunities. It's something we can work before the game " said coach Gallo said in a statement released today by the London club.

While fighting for his first title in five years, the Gunners' work by a double revenge against Barca , the team captain wanted to take a few months after expulsion from the Champions League last season. Instead of fearing the opponent who struck his team a 4-1 defeat at the last meeting (April 6, 2010 at the Camp Nou), Wenger believes that "sometimes you have a special focus on these type of games , which makes more efficient " and hopes that his disciples have it this time.

The coach of the Gunners' considers it crucial that the team meets its principles of attack to snatch the match at Barcelona. "If they do that, opportunities and goals will come alone then" . Based on experience gained by Wenger at the junction with the same team in the quarterfinals of the previous edition, the coach believes that "the question that you can make about the next visit to the Nou Camp is whether it will change the way you play" .

However, "here in the Emirates, will try to play at will. try to attack the opponent" , said the idea that wanted to establish among his players ahead of the duel. The last time the two teams met in the Emirates, March 31, 2010, the match was decided with a 2-2 draw.

Two days of conclusion of the next stake, Arsene Wenger is convinced his team that the best way forward in the competition is to play as they are taught to do. "If we play in the final third defensively, not only end up unhappy but neither is our party, " said the coach. (via MD)

Pedro, on the match against Arsenal: "It will be different from last year"

Pedro Rodriguez has talked about the resumption of the Champions in the field of Arsenal and a draw recently in Gijón. The end is the team "very good" and expected to continue "on this line."

On Wednesday the Champions League again, and Pedro Rodriguez , who appeared at a press conference, has warned of the danger of Arsenal, the opponent in the second round. "They're a great team and a very difficult opponent with very good players, especially up" he said. The canary believes that the sweet fitness of Cesc and Van Persie makes it "a very difficult tie, different from last year as perhaps more dangerous."

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