12 February 2011

The team focused on Gijón

Barca has landed in Asturias on Saturday at noon. The arrival of the leader, who will face Sporting at night, has generated great excitement at the airport.

The leader is already in Gijón. The club has left El Prat at 10.15 hours and, after about 90 minutes, has landed at the airport in the Asturian town, where he has met with sunny skies and temperatures around 10 degrees. Pep Guardiola has displaced the 18 first team players available. On this occasion, the local hero David Villa has been the focus of the most acclaimed and the 500 fans who have received at Barça.

FC Barcelona leads the expedition in Asturias CFO Susan Monk , who went above and executives Pilar Guinovart, Josep Ramon Elias and Silvio Vidal-Abarca . It has also been the athletic director Andoni Zubizarreta . At 14.30 hours is scheduled to take place between the official lunch at the restaurant Las Delicias de Gijón.

The team, meanwhile, has moved directly from the plane to the team hotel (Hotel Palace Llorea). Only move from there to go to El Molinón, moments before the game. Sporting Gijon-Barcelona start at 20 hours. (via FCBarcelona.at)

Meeting with ambassadors of Arab countries

Sandro Rosell received on Friday evening a fortnight of ambassadors from various Arab countries in order to strengthen ties and unite cultures through sports.

A dozen ambassadors from Arab countries met Friday night with Sandro Rosell in the institutional framework of the meetings that the president of the Club held regularly with the aim of strengthening ties with representatives of other countries. These ambassadors were in Barcelona to carry out a series of institutional visits, invited by the prince and ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Spain, Amir Saud Bin Naif Bin Abdalaziz, and do not want to miss the opportunity to meet the Club.

Barca as a bridge between cultures

The institutional reception was held at the Museo del FC Barcelona. There, the president of the Bank addressed a few words to the ambassadors. Rosell greeted them personally reminded of FC Barcelona will use sports as a bridge between cultures and asked them, in their measure, "to help raise awareness of the FC Barcelona in their countries."

Rosell and ambassadors took a family photo next to the Golden Boot Messi, located on the first floor of the Museum. The group of diplomats was a view of the Nou Camp Experience, where they could enjoy the space of the trophies and the Multimedia area, led by Jordi Penas, director of the Museum. At this meeting, also attended by Mohamed Chaib, patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation.

Hamd Bin Hamad Al Atiyah, Qatar ambassador recalled that the club "project many values" and is the team "better known" in this country. Barca's proximity to the Arab fans is evident, as mentioned by Ahmadou Souilem, Ambassador of Morocco: "The Barça is no stranger to the Arab people and its youth, it conveys a clean and honest football." In most soccer key, the ambassador of Algeria, Mohamed Haneche, found, for example, "Arab countries live the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid with a lot of intensity." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Luis Enrique will have a divided heart

Before the visit of Barca to Molinón, Luis Enrique Martinez wants an impossible outcome, "I want to win both, I am esportinguista heart and the club is the club where I felt better as a player and coach."

On Saturday, after the Barça B receives at Cartagena in the Mini (16 h), the first team will face Sporting in the Molinón (20 h). It will be a special match for Luis Enrique, who says they are "the two most important of my life."

Asked for their preferences, "Lucho" ensures that you can not get wet, "I am esportinguista of heart because I've been a fan since childhood rojiblanco, but where I felt better as a player and coach is at the club, I could never wish for the defeat of any of these two teams. "

Luis Enrique also referred to the renewal of Pep Guardiola's Barcelona forward. "There was a logical choice. It is natural that the best team in history, which gives best results, keep continuity," he insisted.

The Spaniard has held that Guardiola is breaking all molds "for what he called the technical renovation of Santpedor as" wonderful. "

Luis Enrique, who signed the contract last June as coach of Barça B until 2012, not the challenge of coaching a team of the First Division: "My personal goal was to be first-class footballer, being coach of a First Division I will not be better or worse coach. "

The Spaniard has claimed his role as manager of subsidiary: "I feel a coach first, working here with a technical infrastructure and logistics that do not have the most technical of the First Division."

Lucho confesses that "I had options to train a team of top class, but here have the best facilities, a large technical staff and project motivates me." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "As I will not here anywhere, but you have to keep winning"

The first press conference after the announcement Guardiola Club and technical agreement for one more season has served to remember what drives the Santpedor: "The day I have no passion or strength, I'll leave."

As demonstrated, Guardiola feels more comfortable renewing every year. Do you see many more in the Club? "I see one more year ... and then we'll see. It makes me long for another year," said at a news conference. He added: "Bringing performance and juice to this computer is what I want. To have reached the Cup final and compete well in the league has made me see that there is no reason not to continue a year," decision, which has confessed, has been studied little by little during the entire course. The coach has made clear, then, that the requirement is self-imposed maximum: "I do not live on what I've done. As I will not here anywhere, but you have to keep winning" .

Interestingly, in his first press conference was renewed once asked about his future all goodbye. Guardiola has explained what should happen to leave the stage: "When I saw the leftovers, I have no passion and strength that I have now, when he felt that enough is enough. Then I would go . There are two ways to go: when you do not win and you get kicked out and when one, naturally, is going to go quiet because it touches. There is always a time when everything is over. " The coach also acknowledged knowing that "when you have four years [are those who will in June 2012], you're closer to the end than the beginning."

Guardiola also spoke of the physical state of Carles Puyol , one of the two absent (along with Jeffren ) for the game at Gijon . "It's going well, but when asked a little more, relapses.'s Going much better but still not at the stage of continuity that allows you to take much effort. In any event, is taking positive steps." The coach acknowledged he does not believe the captain arrives in time for Wednesday's game: "It's like I have. It may give a change and can go well." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mestalla will host the final on April 20

The Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) has confirmed that Mestalla stadium will host the Cup final on April 20, between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This Friday in Madrid have met representatives of the Spanish federation with the two clubs involved. Rossich Antoni, director general, headed the delegation of FC Barcelona . It has been confirmed news that was rumored for weeks: the stage of Valencia will host the Cup final . The finalists have been asked to advance the game time, initially scheduled for 22 hours , so that they can play after 21h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Picture] The 18 available to Gijon

The 18 available to Gijon

Josep Guardiola has called for the 18 players available to face this Saturday at Sporting Gijon in the game in the 23rd game of the season. Among these are not the injured Puyol and limbo.

After retrieving all international training on Thursday, the team of Josep Guardiola has exercised this Friday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. On the pitch they have trained all available players to a total of 18 , who will be on Saturday travel to Asturias to face Sporting de Gijón .

Puyol and limbo that continue with the process of recovery from their injuries , worked in the gym.

Contrary to what happened in training on Thursday that Guardiola was attended by six players from Junior A, Friday's session has not completed any player of the categories below Barca.

Friday's session has been marked by tactical work . The first few minutes of training, the Catalans have made exercise a number field in the Sports City. Subsequently, Guardiola's men have moved to the field number two, which have focused on the tactical work to prepare ahead of Saturday's game against Sporting (20 h), corresponding to the 23rd day of league .

The Dutchman Edgar Davids has witnessed the training of Josep Guardiola. Davids, who played as a player in the ranks of Barça in the 2003/04 season, Guardiola has been talking to before the start of the session. An occasional player like Victor Valdes has also reached out to greet the former Barcelona.

The first team will travel on Saturday morning to Asturias. Guardiola will leave the Nou Camp at 9.30 h flush with the direction of Barcelona airport. At 10.15 am departure is scheduled charter flight to take the team to Gijon , where Barça expedition to arrive at about 11.45 am. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Pique, Milito, Abidal, Maxwell, Adriano, Sergio Busquets, Mascherano, Keita, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pedro, Bojan, Villa, Afellay.