11 February 2011

Puyol and Jeffren are exercised outside

Pep Guardiola prepares tomorrow's match in Gijon with 18 players available, including those who are not or Jeffren Puyol, who are doing treatment to overcome their respective injuries. All indications, therefore, that the central Catalan does not play tomorrow against Sporting Manolo Preciado.

International defender trailing in his left knee discomfort. It seems highly unlikely that Guardiola included in the squad.

The intention was to give him minutes before the Spaniard set to come to next Wednesday's clash against Arsenal in perfect condition. (via Marca)

Xavi: "The 5-0 at Madrid has been the best game I ever played"

Xavi will always remember the 'little hand' to Madrid and also analyzes in depth the key to project success Barça Barça philosophy with the central figure in Pep Guardiola.

Xavi Hernandez reviewed the great time living in the club and the foundation of your project in an extensive interview with the Daily Mail. In it, Xavi Barça shells today and why the success of the current club.

"Success is finding players who have the technical talent from the start as Barcelona does. This makes you think from day one. It is think, think, think, and teaches you the responsibility to keep the ball and the shame of losing, "he said.

For Xavier, being faithful to your style and your philosophy is key to getting results and in this respect, he believes that we should not go crazy if "two years do not win anything." "You can change people but not ideology. Your philosophy can never lose. Our fans would never understand a team that waits for you and play on the counterattack," he says.

One of the great triumphs of this boat that dazzles endorsed the 5-0 to Real Madrid last November. The midfielder recalls in particular that meeting and does not hesitate to define as "the best party" that has ever played. "There have been major parties as the final of the World Cup, but the feeling of superiority was incredible. It's something you can go against another team but ... Against Real Madrid? Barely touched the ball. We stayed in costumes to applaud ourselves for a minute, "reveals.

Undoubtedly, much of the blame for the results of this led Barça Xavi is the presence of Guardiola on the bench. The Terrassa not hide his admiration for Pep and claims to have been convinced from the outset of the credentials of Guardiola. "Normally, a coach needs two or three years to succeed. When he signed just thought: 'Oh my God, we're going out like a shot,'" he says.

And is that Xavi has fallen in love intelligence Pep why has not missed the performance that the team is offering in recent seasons. "If he were a musician would be a very good musician, if a psychologist, would be a great psychologist ... it requires a maximum of itself and infects others," he ponders.

The midfielder will be eternally grateful to his current coach because, as recalled, with the arrival of Ronaldinho and Deco was talk of possible sale but with the arrival of Guardiola its role in the team changed and Xavi finished explode. "When he came Pep told me that he saw a ship without me. That was the end of the debate," he said.

The next stop of your dreams Xavi is the Champions League final at Wembley. The European event this season is "all nostalgia" because Wembley is "special" especially for a ship that got there first European Cup. The Terrassa recalls could not come to that end because she was 12 years old but has already made a promise for the future.

"I remember watching the televised goal Koeman. If we come back this time, I will be able to do that." Word of Xavi. (via SPORt)

[Ex player&coach] Cruyff returned to Ajax

Johan Cruyff at Ajax return as adviser on technical matters, as announced by the Dutch club.

The former player and former coach of FC Barcelona, 63, will join a group to advise on football matters to the leaders of Ajax.

The Amsterdam club, which was 29 times Dutch champion, has not won the Dutch league since 2004, and is currently third in the championship, behind PSV Eindhoven and Twente. (via SPORT)

Bojan resumes for Liverpool

Despite the additions of forwards Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll, the English team still looking for young talents and would be an option Linyola.

Liverpool are starting to test the market and raises summer, despite the recent signing of Uruguayan Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll English, the ability to gain the services of striker Bojan Krkic FC Barcelona, according to the web www.caughtoffside . com.

English from the website, it is announced that Liverpool would be willing to pay the Catalan club around 20 million euros to incorporate into its ranks the young Barca next season.

Despite the recent additions in attack, Liverpool were still looking for young talent in England to strengthen the staff and getting back into the category of candidates for the title.

Linyola this season has played 13 games and has got 3 goals, divided between the League and Cup. (via SPORT)

Xavi: "Few can succeed at Barca but Cesc is one of them"

Xavi is still committed to the future arrival of Cesc at Barca captain believes that the 'gunner' weigh their desire to win in Barcelona.

Xavi Hernandez remains oblivious to the situation in his partner and friend Cesc Fabregas about his future. After Real Madrid's interest to enter the fray for their next summer signing, Xavi shown carefree and confident that sooner or later end Cesc playing in the Nou Camp after signing frustrated last season.

"I always thought that the player ends up playing where he wants to play. I think it will eventually end up here," he said in an interview granted to the 'Daily Mail'.

However, the main problem of Cesc to Xavi matter is that Arsenal's "now worth a lot of money" and that is why his arrival is more complicated than simply the wishes of the player. However, Xavi believes that Cesc is destined to succeed at Barca.

"If you look at the players who could succeed at the club, not so many. But yes Cesc is one of those players," he says.

Barca midfielder dreams with the arrival of team-mate but is distinguished from those who argue that the signing of Cesc would be the beginning of the end of his career. Xavi sees no reason not to play alongside Cesc and remember what happened with the emergence of Iniesta.

"I will not be replaced yet! I have my place and if it comes Cesc, then all the better. If you join the players we have in midfield, the better. The same thing happened four years ago when the argument was that fashion Iniesta could not play with ... and only has to look at the final result, "he said.

Finally, Xavi also empathized with the Arsenal fans who do not feel anything right the overt manifestations of Barca environment to end profiling them sooner or later. "Many times we do not take that into account. We are selfish and if we think Cesc is because we know that his great ambition is to win in Barcelona," he apologizes. (via SPORT)

Given that a new shirt

With innovative narrow strips, wavy band and the legend "Qatar Foundation".

Already defined the design of the shirt will wear Barca next season, as advanced MD last December and as shown in the attached images, such as a new design will include nine bands of very narrow scarlet and blue background, neck red and blue sleeves, moreover, in the front of the garment will team badge, Nike logo and the legend 'Qatar Foundation', in yellow, while the Unicef logo on the back pass, ranking below the name and number of each player.

These details aside, the design, which finally accepted the earlier directive after ruling out other presented by Nike and has now received the final OK, showcases a breakthrough that could be described: the scarlet stripes are losing thickness direction when crossing downstream wavy band that optically resemble a ladder, brings dynamism to a design in itself revolutionary.

Because the contract with the Qatar Foundation, a non-profit organization that coexist in the elastic supportive Barca along with Unicef sponsor, has already entered into force, is expected shortly to incorporate those yellow letters on the shirts of men training to look Pep Guardiola. (via MD)

Rosell confident Alves

President and player met Wednesday in Paris after the France-Brazil.

Sandro Rosell and Dani Alves took a step closer on Wednesday so it can fulfill the desire of both, which is simply to extend the relationship that the Brazilian soccer player has with the club beyond June 30, 2012 despite the economic differences today that separate them. The two have so willingly about hacérsela not hesitate to know during a meeting held in Paris after the crash that the side played with your selection, Brazil, to France. Sandro and Dani spoke at length of the player's future at the club, showed their mutual respect and did not rule continue holding meetings between the two.

Both understood the reasons that the other side I asked. In the case of Barcelona, Rosell Brazilian tried to make him see that if the club does not make a higher money supply because his case is different from other players in the squad. He told the president that the organization is still paying off part of the 36 million euros it took his move and, therefore, something that limits the club's negotiating position, which does not mean they are not the qualities and values performance that is offering the player during his years wearing the Barcelona shirt. Sandro also appealed to the sport and emotional way and tried to make him see that perhaps some club Alves you can pay more, but there are none in the world in which we can develop both professionally. Laporta wanted it to be aware of what it means to be a permanent fixture in the right side of what many consider the best team in the world with a future and a great chance of becoming the best ever.

Alves knew what he raised Laporta and also wanted him to understand that what bothered him a bit is that he was assessed in terms of others, ie, based on salary scales of staff. The side wants that valuation is by himself, regardless of where they are the rest. Rosell also got the message and both were to further deepen the theme, setting, yes, a pact of silence to the outside in terms of negotiations. (via MD)

Cesc, only Barça

Florentino Pérez may not convince book based Fàbregas to give up his dream of returning to dress Blaugrana.

The strategy organized by Real Madrid to try to wrest the Barça star signing for next season looks set to fail. Any money put on the table of Arenal to be Cesc Fabregas will not be enough to alter the feeling of the player, which is nothing to defend the colors Blaugrana club of his heart.

Barca always have an advantage in the race for the player if he has a basic premise that an entity Barcelona maintains its interest in acquiring. In this case, it seems the most logical basis of the sporting criteria of Pep Guardiola, Fabregas will consider only the tender culé. One approach already applied last summer and has not changed.

Santpedor renewal of a season has not only reaffirmed the Cesc hopes to return to defend the jersey of the team which was formed. Guardiola was the one who has invested personally by the signing of Arenys since last year. The technical concept has not changed and continues to believe that their inclusion for the next season is a priority. Cesc knows that Pep wants to tell him and do not plan to miss the train for the second consecutive summer. His story is very reminiscent of David Villa. The Santpedor never relinquished its incorporation, despite the initial refusal of Valencia to sell and secondly have you got under his command.

The scenario that is moving the negotiation is virtually identical to the summer. The player bets just in case the club to leave Arsenal and Barça will be the club who put all the stops to hire him. Cesc is now one of the best players in the world and therefore, its price is very high. Barca do not plan to spend 45 million euros, but could find imaginative ways to raise the price and decisively demonstrate the desire to incorporate the player. The inclusion of other players might be a solution. Interesting for the Arsenal midfield, as Keita or Afellay could help increase supply, or in any case, another profile players who like to Arsène Wenger, as might be Bojan Krkic.

The inclusion of football could be conducive to the 60 million who seem willing to pay the Real Madrid or Chelsea. Both clubs have already held a first contact with Arsenal. Your only option is because the Gunners' Cesc put between a rock and a hard place to an offer exorbitant. However, if the club is involved in the bid, the player would only be willing to move towards the Camp Nou. The picture would vary dramatically if the club would reverse and dismiss its incorporation. Then Fabregas should be decided between a change of scenery or continue in the Emirates.

In any case, money from Florentino Perez and Roman Abramovich is not the incentive to take you to play at the Bernabeu and Stamford Bridge. The midfielder is very well paid at Arsenal and his only motivation to leave is to be part of an ambitious sports project. And the proposal transmitted by Pep Guardiola is much more interesting than anything I can get. The signing for the club means to go home, play in the team of his heart and, above all, be a basic part of all who practice the best football in the world. Cesc wants to win and enjoy. Two concepts currently only be found in the Camp Nou.

The sporty look is the most weight, but also has much emotional. Fabregas is already eager to return to Catalunya to reunite with his family after living seven years in London. The player intends to build a house in Barcelona for the foreseeable future. Although pull out their plan regardless of what your next computer is a sign of the desire that has to sign for Barca.

Madrid has tried to convince other occasions and always has been a negative. Ramón Calderón was the one who insisted more, but Cesc did not lift a finger to make the transfer could take place. Last season, Florentino Catalan preferred Kaka and now wants to repair the error, but it looks like it will be too late. Fàbregas culé feeling is too strong. (via SPORT)

[Pictures] Thursday training session

Guardiola returns to the international

After two days training in family, Pep Guardiola back to normal after the return of internationals. Now the technician can set the league match on Saturday in The Molinón against Sporting Gijon.

Without any setbacks, the Barca players on Wednesday played for their national teams have returned to work with the first team. All of them have come at 6 pm in field number 2 of the Sports City to exercise under the watchful eyes of Pep Guardiola.

Until Thursday afternoon, Pep Guardiola could not get the congratulations on your renewal by a good part of his players. One by one the coach has been shaking hands and chatting with his men, who have not hesitated to spend a round of applause when the team met at midfield. Even had time to joke when Victor Valdes has invited the charge of material, Chema Corbella , to participate in the circle.

After congratulations, the team has focused on training and has been working to prepare for Saturday's game against Sporting Gijon (20 hours). Besides the 18 players the first team have also been practiced Junior A players Deulofeu, Balliu, Espinosa, Rosell, Maso and Palau.

On the other hand, have not been on the pitch injured Jeffren and Puyol , who continue with their recovery.

The new Masía, completed in June

La Masia-Oriol Tort Training Centre, the new residence located in the middle of athletes Sports City will be completed next June. The building will become fully operational next year.

Completion of works the new Masia progressing as time limits and plan to have completed the installation this coming June. During the summer months will be enabled with all the furniture and accessories and will begin to make the move of the first residents.

The works of completion of the new building have been in charge of the company MCM Renting a cost of 9 million euros, and have had a duration of 17 months from December 2009.

The building will have a total built area of nearly 6,000 square meters, spread over five floors including a basement, and with capacity for 123 seats, 83 of which will go to residents. The 40 remaining teams will go to professional levels.

Recall that the Mas de Can Plan covers an area of 610 square feet on two floors and an attic, and housed 60 athletes, 12 of whom sleep in the same house and 48 rooms on the north goal of the Camp Nou .

The functionality and rationality are two concepts that have wanted to highlight in the rooms for residents, to be distributed in space of four and two beds. These outdoor rooms-all-be located on two floors of the new residence. The first floor has capacity for 41 athletes and the second for 42. In each room, the young people will have bed, wardrobe, desk and toilet.

The structure of the ground floor of the new residence integrated kitchen, dining room, administrative offices, classrooms reinforcement and recreational space for residents. The access floor will be outside the reception area and outside visits.

In the line of combining sustainability with technology, we have opted for a front that improves building energy performance as well as soundproofing. It also incorporates the initials FCB in all panels of glass that comprise it. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés: "We decided the three competitions"

Victor Valdes says that now begins the decisive stage of the season because in the next two months are at stake in all three competitions. Valdes has celebrated the renewal of Pinto Guardiola and believes he deserves to play Cup final.

"We started the most important stretch of the season. In the coming weeks we played three titles and face with a lot of hope. " Víctor Valdés is clear that the next few weeks are crucial, starting with Saturday's game in the field of Sporting Gijón: "Sporting has always been a very difficult opponent for us and now is recovering good line , especially at home. We expect to win and to continue to rely on ourselves. "

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Diaby wants to play for Barça

Abou Diaby midfielder Arsenal 's next opponents Barcelona in Champions , opened the door to play in a future Barca or Real Madrid. The so-called 'new Toure' has acknowledged in an interview with Don Ball that although "I have no choice" but makes clear that "I prefer to play at Barcelona, the truth."

Ensures that the Arsenal Diaby has started "on the right foot to win a title. In the Premier this is the time of year that is more important to be very close to the head and we're there. We must continue along the same lines, consistently, and I think we're going to get. "

Asked about the tie against Barca , Diaby has acknowledged that "I can not give any forecast, the truth. I just hope that Arsenal win." Although French midfielder says that the club does not give "no fear" but acknowledges that "we could have a more favorable draw with Arsenal if we had ranked first in the group."

Diaby has argued that "at this stage of the competition we are minded to win is the team is that we have had." "We know what awaits us. Barça is a great team and this year are very strong," continued the Frenchman who stressed that Messi is a great player who can make the difference at any moment. "

Despite the prominence of the world's best player Diaby also stressed that "are many other great players. For us the most important is that we play as a team and I think if we raise the heat in this way we can win." Diaby has recognized that Messi is the best in the world. "

On the playoff last season in which the club removed forcefully at Arsenal, Diaby says it was not a disappointment "is a great game so, as a player, I was very happy to play it. Then we went to Camp Nou and we lost. We will consider the mistakes we made in that party into the two knockout matches ahead. "

Asked by Cesc, Diaby has acknowledged that "it is clear that what we all want is that Cesc follow us. It is our captain and is the engine of the team, so we prefer to stay with us and not go to Barcelona, course, "although he has revealed he would like Barca dressing.

"Of course I like to play for FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. Every player dreams of playing in clubs like this and it is true that, someday, I would love to be part of a team like that," the Frenchman said that although no has "no particular preference" if it recognizes that "I prefer playing at Barcelona, the truth."

In the unlikely event it got to the Nou Camp believes that "if you get to a computer on which style is more or less the same once you adapt, though it always takes a while, however small it may be, to conform. No doubt that they are two philosophies of game that greatly resemble, but may have some differences. "

The 'new Touré' view that Arsène Wenger is a great manager. During the years leading to the highest level has proven to be one of the best coaches in the world and is currently doing a great job with the team. " Finally he feels "much better" of the injuries he has suffered this season opener. "The truth. I have been recovering ahead of the tie against Barcelona, if there is nothing new, I'll be a hundred percent" complete. (via MD)