09 February 2011

Guardiola, the day after

Pep Guardiola live another day as the first day after agreeing to renew as coach of FC Barcelona. In the morning, led the training session with Luis Enrique ...

Guardiola led a session with many players from Barça B

Guardiola was without most of its staff due to the absence of international concentrates with their respective teams. Thus, Pinto, Keita and Maxwell exercised Wednesday by the boat B. Adriano, absent from Tuesday's session by the extraction of a tooth, he worked in the gym.

Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique disposed of 24 players at the meeting 19 of them, Barça B-held Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Besides them, Also do Rafa Alcantara were Dalmau and both the Youth A.

Jeffren the injured Puyol and continue with their recovery process. (via SPORT)

[Liga BBVA Week 24] The Barça-Athletic already has schedule

The match between Catalans and Basques is the only one of the next five games to play FC Barcelona in the Nou Camp

Barca-Athletic Club to be held in the Camp Nou on Sunday February 20 and has confirmed schedule. As reported by the Professional Football League (LFP), the Catalans will be measured at all Caparros at 21:00 on Sunday.

For the moment, the smile above the boat and that of the three clashes against Athletic during the season have gotten two wins and a draw.

In addition, the match between Barça and 'Lions' is the only meeting of the next five commitments Guardiola's men will play at home. Sporting Gijon and Arsenal, and after Athletic, Valencia and Mallorca are the next stops of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Timetable of the 24th. First day of division:

. Saturday, February 19
Valencia-Sporting 18.00
20.00 Real Madrid-Levante
22.00 Zaragoza, Atletico Madrid

. Sunday, February 20
Getafe-Racing 17.00
Villarreal-Manchester 17.00
Deportivo Almeria 17.00
Espanyol-Osasuna 17.00
Sevilla-Hercules 19.00
Barcelona-Athletic 21.00

. Monday, February 21
21.00-Mallorca Real Sociedad

Timetables for the 25 th day of the Liga Adelante:

. Friday, February 18
Girona-Alcorcón 21.00

. Saturday, February 19
Rayo Vallecano-Nastic 16.00
Elche-Barcelona B 18.00
Cartagena-Numancia 18.00
Xerez-Córdoba 18.00
18.00-Tenerife Celta
Salamanca-Huesca 18.00
18.00 Las Palmas-Villarreal B
Albacete-Recreativo 18.00

. Sunday, February 20
Valladolid-Betis 12.00
17.00 Ponferradina-Granada.

Puyol will play against Sporting and Arsenal

Barca captain stays away from the playing fields from January 22 to recover from the severe pain he suffered in his left knee and that he would maintain a time apart from the rest of the group.

The biggest concern for Guardiola is whether the central would be available to face the second-round clash in the Champions League final against Arsenal, and although Puyol work hard for it, the fact is that the possibility that the defense is part of the eleven the European commitment vanishes gradually.

Puyol is improving every day but recovery is slow and so far, low on Saturday against Sporting this almost confirmed by what is hard to believe that just four days after fulfillment of conditions will be in play at the Emirates before Arsenal. Barca captain still trains with the rest of the group and although it is anticipated that this week could be incorporated gradually, do not want to take risks.

However, the ability to excel and work Puyol makes can not be completely ruled out for a crucial game in which you want to help their peers. Of course, the last decision will Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Barca will not compete with Chelsea for Cesc

FC Barcelona will not enter into any 'auction' for Cesc Fàbregas. The Catalan club are unwilling to match the offer, which supposedly would do for him at Chelsea.

The club's Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich would raise 60 million euros offer to Arsenal for taking the services of the star of the Gunners. The same amount spent this winter by Fernando Torres.

But the club will not enter into this dynamic. The financial vice-president, Xavier Faux, said Tuesday in RAC-1 the maximum amount to invest in this concept this summer are 45 million euros. And he stressed that "we can not pay what is said" by some players. "We do not know when it renewed negotiated by Arsenal," he added.

In the same line, said the Barça football director, Raul Sanllehí: "Right now, everything is dead on his transfer," said told 'The Telegraph'. And he was surprised by the fact that Chelsea paid 60 million to Liverpool for Torres: "I was impressed. It is a very high amount. Barça would not make a signing like that.'d Not even considered," he said. (via SPORt)

Barca have 45 million to sign

FC Barcelona will have a budget of 45 million euros to invest in new signings this summer.

The Catalan club will spend less than in previous seasons for additional staff. This was acknowledged by the club's financial vice-president, Xavier Faus, told RAC-1.

"If you do not transfer to any recipient, and is not intended to," we will have a maximum of 45 million to sign, "he said.

In recent weeks there has been speculation from England that Daniel Alves could be signing for Manchester City. In the words of Faust would follow that the club does not contemplate this possibility. The club is in negotiations to renew his contract, which ends in 2012.

In fact, the very Faus said that Barca "looking for creative ways Alves is the fifth or sixth highest paid player in the squad." (via SPORT)

[Youth] They are intractable

Barça football training is in great shape. Football gear Barca base works perfectly and the results this weekend are a sample: 14 wins and two draws.


Jessua Angoy two goals, one head (min 42) and the second after stealing the ball defender on the edge of penalty area (min 50), made possible the triumph of all trained by Sergi Barjuan and Marc Guitart. In injury time, the Juvenil B was left with one less player for the expulsion of Carlos Julio Martinez.


Landslide victory of the guys from Javier García Pimienta and Ramon Ros walk steadily in the Cadete Honor Division. Mamadou Tounkara with four goals was the main protagonist of a match at half time and was only sentenced (4-0). Jon Toral (2) and Maxi Rolón also scored by Barca.


After conceding a early goal against in the first half, the team of Fran Artiga rallied in the second half thanks to goals from Mamadou Tounkara (2) and David Zalzman. The downside of the game was the injury to Ramón Saavedra, who had to be replaced by Adama Traoré.


Alexis Meva had enough with 18 minutes to score a hat-trick and leave the ruling party seen for (3-0). In the second half, Cameroon's fourth goal and a target for Sergi Canós and Rafa Mir rounded off the rout of boys Fran Sánchez and Xavier Franquesa.


Despite going behind (0-1), the team of Denis Silva and Carlos López tied the game thanks to Dani Olmo target before the end of the first quarter. During the remainder of the match, Barça enjoyed better chances to the opponent for the win, but the goal did not arrive and the distribution of points was paid to the referee's final whistle.


Indisputable triumph of all trained by Andrés Carrasco and Sergi Milà by 18-0. Aboubakar Camara (7) and Oriol Busquets (6) were the protagonists of the party to mark the two 13 of the 18 goals Barca. Òscar Mingueza (2), Roman Tugarinov masterfully and Guillem Jaime (2) completed the scoring festival of Alevín A.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] FCB B, 7 – C.Gimnàstic Manresa, 1

Pol Muniesa, Héctor Fernández, Joel Vallejo, an own goal from Nastic de Manresa, Sergi Duarte (2) and Lluís Mangas were the authors of the targets of Alevín B against Spaniard and all those who made their goals a new victory of Xavier Bravo and Rafa Rodríguezz boys.


In a tough game because of the lack of success of Jordi Font players in front of goal, Arnau Comas was commissioned to score the winning goal Barca (2-3) when they spent three minutes of normal time. And is that even though the visitors moved twice in the scoring with goals from Labinot Kabashi, Alevín D player that reinforced the Alevín C, and Victor Gomez, Prat tied the game and the final minutes were crucial for decide the winner, who ended up Barca.


Hospitalet against a very close behind, the Àlex Gómez and Alexis Pintó kids were very uncomfortable on the pitch. But with the 0-1, the result of a free kick by Victor Joaquin just celebrated its 11th anniversary, the Catalans began to create spaces and the goals came slowly, one after the other, to achieve the final 2-13. Lucas Sanllehí (3), Yevgen Kashchiy 'Zhenya' (2), Albert Portas (2), Álex Calatrava (2), Guillem Verdaguer, Dani Molina and Carles Portas and his goals contributed to the stunning victory of the club.


In a good game boys Marc Serra and David Sánchez, although the last two quarters of play Barca game was slow and it took them play like the first two quarters, where they could score seven of the eight goals , Barça thrashed at Vilamoura. Sergi Rosanas, Roger Vegas (2), Iván Bravo, Guille Amor (2), Èric Garcia and Adrià Altimira were the authors of Barca's goals.


The players' of Marcel Sans complete Party against Mercantile one. After about the first two quarters where the equality on the scoreboard could not break, despite the number of occasions Barca, Barca opened the scoring three minutes after the restart with a goal from Dani Morillas. From here, the goals and did not resist more and kept coming. Nil Garrido (2), José David Álvarez and Julián Mahicas's half-volley Mahic signed the rest of the targets Barca 5-0 to reach the final.


Triumph worked the team coached by Jordi Puig and Albert Puig before a Castelldefels never lowered his arms. The Catalans made a good first two quarters where they had controlled the game despite leaving the break with a short lead on the scoreboard (3-2). But in the second half, the game between the teams was round and the lack of success of Barca in the final meters did not allow the Catalans breathe easy until the final whistle of the referee. Kays Ruiz, Mamadou Touré Touré, Xavi Garrido, Aitor López and Èric Iglesias scored the boat with his goals.


Against a larger rival and a field of land hindered the Barca game, the boys of Cristian Catena and Òscar Hernández won a victory of merit to overcome these difficulties and a score against. And that was Canyelles who opened the scoring (1-0). But before the break, Arnau Martínez signed the tying goal for the club and just four minutes from the end of the party, Nadir Louah certified the victory target of Barca with a head (1-2).

[Barça B] Espanyol want to 'pescar' in Barca B

Abraham Minero was on the agenda of the Spanish club last season, but ended up signed for FC Barcelona.

Didac Vila's replacement, recently transferred to Milan in a lightning operation, the subsidiary will probably ... Barcelona. Abraham Abraham Minero, who next meet February 22 to 25 years, is the most advanced that has the club Espanyol at the moment. Versatile player, it can play interior side and the left, come with a free agent.

Abraham is doing a very good season at Barca subsidiary as part of a castle which is called upon to take ownership in the near future in the Barcelona first team. In his first year as Catalans, Catalan has convinced Luis Enrique and even has been working with Guardiola, but by age and because the square on the left side is well covered in the first team, Barcelona will not renew his contract. Abraham signed for one season like the club said on their website Barcelona last summer, and, therefore, is already legal provision to negotiate their future with another team.

His football career has always developed in Catalonia. Granollers, Figueres, Peralada, Blanes, Sant Andreu and Barcelona At their teams have been so far. Espanyol takes time following the soccer player, was even one of the options looked at last season when, in the Sant Andreu, played the 'play off' for promotion, but ended up committing to the club. The probable incorporation of Abraham would be a "bridge" to allow time to refine some of the young talent that has the lower teams Espanyol.

The player has the profile you are looking for technicians and fits within the economic parámteros can afford the entity. Little economic investment, in this case because it exist Cornellà land in the letter of freedom; footballer 'hunger' for success in the First Division and with very good references. It has also shown that it can act either as a winger and as interior versatility and this condition has been critical to the technicians gave the OK to the possible recruitment.

Espanyol, of course, will not confirm the news now, but it takes a few days and negotiating the signing of Abraham. The left lateral position has been take in the template españolista since the transfer of Dídac to Milan and the market there are not many alternatives. At the moment, has only Pochettino David Garcia, who just contract on 30 June, as a specialist in the left or search for urgent solutions like changing a girl band, another contract also ends at the end of the season.

Barça has been subjected to a thorough monitoring by technicians parrots and played in his first year in Division II, has exceeded the demand. The signing of Abraham, if confirmed expected to close its hiring quickly, will not be official until after the season. Catalan may, therefore, be the first signing of Espanyol 2011/12. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21] Luis Milla: "The result is positive, I'm happy with the team

The Under-21 coach has been assessed very positively by the team home opener, a result set that serves as the technical words of Teruel, to enter the competitive dynamics and prepare as best as possible the continental competition next month June.

- How do you see the game in general?
Very good game for us. Has helped us to compete, to see many players, it must also be taken into account before us a very competitive team which is also preparing the European, and is complicated.

We created the game, although we lacked finish the plays, but overall, the team has competed well, and that we played with one less part of the second half. We in line to get good results, we have six games without losing and that's important.

- What happened on the play of the expulsion?
As I have said Victor, the Danish player has entered the goal in his face and assaulted him, are situations that happen but you have to control them. Throughout his career and events happen constantly.

"Nsue generally been playing on the right and today I've wanted to try out in front. In addition, players who have come in the second part have contributed much to the team ...

The idea was to compete all, and depending on how you put the party making the changes. Everyone who has played in the second half has helped a lot. Emilio has given us depth, clear of rupture, and in general, situations that have served us.

"There have been players like Azpilicueta or Canella, but has seen that the U-21 has no problems on the sides ...

Position is well covered in the selection. It is important that players like Dídac, Montoya and Iker have been good and have more choices. (via RFEF)

Unicef will go in the back of the shirt of Barcelona

"There will be only two words: yellow Qatar Foundation," said Vice President Xavier Faus before confirming that the Unicef logo "will go back under the name of each player."

The two logos Barcelona will look after next season. The Catalan club has decided that the logo of Qatar go in the front and that UNICEF is in the back under the name of each player. "It was decided that the logo for the Qatar Foundation will go in the front of the shirt on his chest," said Xavier Faus vice president at a press conference.

"Ultimately there are only two words: yellow Qatar Foundation," said Fausto before confirming that the Unicef logo "will go back under the name of each player." Barcelona last month signed an agreement record five-year sponsorship with Qatar Sports Investment worth 30 million euros per season, which will have advertising on t-Qatar from 1 July.

The sponsorship deal, the largest for any football club, was signed by about 170 million euros, including 15 million for commercial rights to the season and a bonus for winning titles that could be up to 5 million.

"We still have major structural problems, which have been burdened for several years and we now have to deal with," Faus said Tuesday. "We have resolved some of them with the Qatar Foundation, but we still have many challenges ahead." (via AS)

[Selection under-21] Spain 2 - 1 Denmark

The Spanish Under-21 Team has won by 2-1 to Denmark in a friendly match played in Guadalajara. Nsue and Ander Emilio Herrera, both in the second half, were the authors of the Spanish goals.

The selection of Denmark was the first touchstone in the preparation of the U-21 European Championship in June. Spain found a rival from the beginning wanted to create difficulties to the combined directed by Luis Milla, who had to work overtime to be able to create chances. The first did not arrive until 14 minutes when Parejo could kick as the ball came Thiago, making the doorman refused to bail.

The Danish team, always very tidy, was applied not decompose and leave no spaces. This meant that occur only chances, although Thiago, Parejo Javi Martínez and tried to weave the game in center field. This pattern was broken when Thiago, on 29 minutes, mounted a counterattack rapidly emerging field of Spanish, leaving behind an astonishing facility to rival first met him and putting the ball on a plate Adrian Lopez to face the target Lossi that prevented shifting the goal with his foot.

The occasion spurred the Spanish side and the wonderful taste of Guadalajara, who filled the stands Pedro Escartin and did not fail to encourage players. But although Spain pressed more in attack, the physical background and discipline of the Danes were enough to make the score remained unchanged in the first half.
In the second half, Luis Milla and Didac debuted Muniain and ushered in Ander Herrera Parejo. The changes were felt soon, especially when combined Muniain the first with Thiago, who thus ventured into the area. Andersen, goalkeeper who also entered the second part, responded with a major intervention. The next try was Ander Herrera with a shot from distance that whistled just wide.

The fourth change in Spain was that of Emilio Nsue by Bojan. Five minutes passed to take effect. Mallorca striker received a great pass from Anderson Herrera and output to the somewhat desperate to Andersen, he managed to score over the goalie. But five minutes was the lasting joy. Bille Nielsen spliced from the penalty spot a corner kick, but Diego Mariño might react to the violence of the shot of the player who plays for Villarreal B. In addition, Victor Ruiz received a straight red card to repel the conclusion of the Danish striker.

In Spain he complicated the game, especially because playing with ten to the rock rivals seem difficult. However, the Spanish team was able to overcome adversity. A pass from the right Ander Montoya Herrera shot it very near the goal and the midfielder made it 2-1 Zaragoza. Since there was only holding on to the end to secure a victory that strengthens the under-21 on the right path taken.

Technical Data:

SPAIN: Diego Mariño; Montoya (m.80 Mario), Víctor Ruiz, Botía, Domínguez (m.46 Didac); Javi Martínez; Capel (m.74 Fontás), Thiago (m.80 Rubén Pérez), Parejo (m.46 Ander Herrera), Bojan (m.60 Emilio Nsue); y Adrián López (m.46 Muniain).

DENMARK: Lössi (m.46 Andersen); Randrup, Lasse Nielsen, Sviatchenko, Hamalainen; Albaek (m.62 Povlsen); Larsen (m.83 Christoffersen), Jensen, Matti Nielsen (m.62 Frederiksen), Jorgensen; y Bille Nielsen.

GOLES: 1-0 Emilio Nsue (m.65), 1-1 Bille Nielsen (m.70), 2-1 Ander Herrera (m.77).
ÁRBITRO: Joao Carlos Santos Capela (Portugal).
CARDS: Expulsado con roja directa Víctor Ruiz (minuto 70). Amarillas a Povlsen, Jensen y Bille Nielsen.
STUDIUM: Pedro Escartín (Guadalajara). 5.500 spectators.

Guardiola, renewed through 2012

FC Barcelona announces that it has reached an agreement with Josep Guardiola to renew its contract with the club for another season until June 30, 2012.In the coming days will proceed to the formal signing of the new contract.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Guardiola, renewed until 2012!

Jumped the most anticipated news in recent months. Pep Guardiola and FC Barcelona have reached an agreement to renew the technician until June 30, 2012.

In a brief press release, the organization announced that Barcelona had reached an agreement with Josep Guardiola to renew its contract with the club for another season until June 30, 2012. " At the same time, states that "in the coming days" will proceed to the signing ceremony of continuity.

This note is solved a mystery that had arisen in recent months. There was no press conference Santpedor technician in which a journalist was interested in its renewal unresolved. Finally, Guardiola and Barca have agreed.

Pep Guardiola was the first team coach of Barcelona in the summer of 2008, after having been a season at the helm of the subsidiary, Barcelona B, and bring with him the promotion to Segunda B. In his first season, FC Barcelona made history by winning this order the King's Cup, Spanish League and Champions League. The magical 2009 was initialed with the Supercopa of Spain, the European Supercup and World Club Championship.

Last season, Barça de Guardiola broke all scoring records in the league and won the domestic championship over Real Madrid. In the current campaign, the Blaugrana continue beating club brands and has reached the final of Copa del Rey (the place on April 20 against Real Madrid), in addition to sending in the league with great superiority. From this Tuesday, can be more relaxed Barça: Pep Guardiola will continue for another season. (via SPORT)

Dani Alves feels a victim of racism in Spanish stadiums

Daniel Alves , the Brazilian footballer and Barcelona, said "unfortunately" has learned to "live" with racism in Spain, and regrets that this situation is "uncontrollable" in Spanish stadiums. "Living with racism every game, but I'm not offended. Fans insult me and call me monkey," said the right side of the boat in a interview published in the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

Alves claims that racism in Spanish football is something "uncontrollable" and believes that will not end "never", though both clubs as the Spanish league try to do "something" to eradicate it from the pitch. "I had a lot of racism in Spain. Unfortunately, I have learned to live with it. At first I was quite shocked, but now I do not give importance," said the Brazilian international, who is in Paris to concentrate with your selection of a dispute friendly against France.

The Brazilian has also stated that her family feels "sad" when a victim of racist chanting, but rejected the possibility of lodging a complaint because it attempts to "distance themselves from it" and believes that those fans are uneducated. In the field dressed at Espanyol in April 2010 as a Barcelona player, Alves suffered racist abuse hard during the match but the referee did not reflect the incident in the report.

The Barca, 27, has said his next goal is the conquest of the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil. "I will work as best as possible in the coming years to reach either the World Cup. In the last World Cup did a spectacular job, but lacked finish it off with the title," said the right side of the Brazilian team. (via MD)

Gaspart said that Mourinho "just had to live" when he arrived in Barcelona

Mourinho stayed "free" in one of the hotels Gaspart until they saw that it was "more than a translator".

The former president of Barcelona, Joan Gaspart, has said on Tuesday that when Jose Mourinho , now coach of Real Madrid , Barça joined as assistant to Bobby Robson (1996-1997) "barely had enough money to live."

"Núñez told Robson that in any way you hire a translator who already have a home aide (the club), and at his insistence, gave Mourinho 10,000 pesetas a month," Gaspart unveiled during an interview on 'What have you Dinata? " COM Radio.

The former president explained Barca then went to Mourinho , who was waiting in a room at Husa Hotel Madrid, and he told her he could not accept, "which with 10,000 pesetas a month was not live." In the end, Núñez up the offer, "but not much," he assured Gaspart . Therefore, the Portuguese coach spent the first months he was in Barcelona at a hotel in former leader of the club.

"He stayed for free at my hotel room, the Arenas, because they just have money to live. When it proved more than a translator, he raised the salary and already searched an apartment, "said Joan Gaspart , who at that time recalls "a charming Mourinho." (via MD)

Javier Faus: "The economic situation remains fragile"

Javier Faus, FC Barcelona economic vice-president, welcomed the economic development of the first 6 months in office, but remember that "remains fragile."
Economic performance in the first six months of the season allow the Board to provide year ending on budget adopted by the Assembly, which provided about 21 million loss. The evolution of the first half of the year has also meant a reduction of 5% of the expected losses. However, "the club situation remains fragile, less than it was some time ago, but still fragile," said Javier points out the economic vice Faus.

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat