08 February 2011

Camp Nou registers more than 1.3 million visitors in 2010

More than 1.3 million people visited Camp Nou in 2010, outside match days, which is an increase in turnover for this concept of almost 30 percent from last season, said Tuesday FC Barcelona.

The club appreciated the growth that has occurred at a time of economic crisis. "The effort we made to renovate this attraction has provoked much interest," said Jordi Penas, director of the Museum of the club, in remarks that appeared in the Barca website.

For several months, the Barcelona decided to renew existing media space technology in the Museum and complete the offer to visit the Stadium and the Museum itself in a move that the club called 'Camp Nou Experience. "

In an era of prosperity in sporting success, fans flock to visit the facilities. The absolute record dating back to 2007 when 1,397,574 people visited Camp Nou, while last year have come to the stadium azulgrana 1,303,738 visitors.

The challenge facing the Catalan club is to attract local audiences, and that the initiative works mostly with foreign visitors who hire the visit through travel agencies and tour operators. (via SPORT)

First session without Adriano

Due to international matches, only Pinto, Keita and Maxwell have trained today. Adriano, who is having a tooth extracted, was also missing, while eight reserve team players featured.

After two days off, the players were back at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper today. Pep Guardiola had to make do without 14 players that have been called up for international duty.

The venue was pitch number 2, where Pinto, Keita and Maxwell were the only first team players involved, as Adriano was also away having a wisdom tooth extracted.

The injured Carles Puyol and Jeffren Suárez were both around too, but today continued receiving treatment away from the field of play.

Given so many first team players were away, the numbers were made up by eight members of the Barça B squad, namely Víctor Vázquez, Nolito, Miño, Muniesa, Batra, Ilie, Dos Santos and Tello. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Qatar Foundation gives the nod to t

The institution has maintained contacts blaugrana during the last week with all those involved.

Those responsible for the Qatar Foundation has given its approval to the new model developed by Nike shirt for Barca ahead of the 2011-12 season. All that remains to blaugrana entity will obtain authorization from the UEFA to wear the symbol of the institution of Qatar and Unicef.

The directive had contacts Blaugrana last week with officials from Unicef with the idea of progress in defining the new partnership and expect to close shortly. Moreover, last weekend was the meeting between Sandro Rosell and Hammad bin Mohammed Al Thani, son of the emir of Qatar and Head of Qatar's bid to organize the 2022 World Cup that year. In addition to discussing the strategic details of the agreement, Rosell Qatari leaders showed the design of the shirt and also developed the possibility that the current agreement, limited to the first team shirt football extends to other professional sections in exchange for a further EUR 35 million to 165 million for wearing the shirt advertising the football team until 2015.

As for the design of the shirt, Sandro Rosell, who is in Geneva to attend the meeting of the European Clubs Association (ECA), wants to use the meeting with the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, to put on the table If duplication of logos and get permission to look both in the next edition of the Champions League. Barca argues that in fact it is just a sponsor for the event is Barça Unicef which contributes part of its annual income and gave him a space so disinterested in their costumes. (via SPORT)

Eight canteranos worked under the orders of Guardiola

Víctor Vázquez, Nolito, Miño, Muniesa, Batra, Ilie, Dos Santos and Tello, have completed the session with the first team. Adriano has been unable to train because you have a tooth pulled.

The FC Barcelona is back in tranajo after two days of rest he gave Pep Guardiola after Saturday's win against Atletico Madrid.

The technician has not been able to count 14 of the players the first team are summoned by their respective teams. Eight-grown , Víctor Vázquez, Nolito, Miño, Muniesa, Batra, Ilie, Dos Santos and Taylor, have completed the session at orders Guardiola .

Pinto, Maxwell and Keita has been exercised normally, while Adriano is unable to be at the meeting because they have a tooth pulled. For its part, Puyol and Jeffren still recovering from injuries. (via AS)

Piqué: "I'm overwhelmed"

Gerard Piqué took with integrity the media uproar to arise that will hang in the network 'twitter' the first photograph with singer Shakira. The name came to light after midnight Sunday and gave a few hours around the world.

When many curious and fans of the gossip began to discover early in the morning that the most searched image in recent months and was a public reality, the player continued his normal routine without altering the least. Yesterday played travel to Madrid to concentrate with the Spanish in Las Rozas, where the team began preparing Wednesday's friendly against Colombia at the Santiago Bernabeu Gerard did as naturally as ever.

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Villa: "Nobody wins anything in February"

David Villa is cautious when assessing the possibilities of Barca in the league, Cup and Champions ...

Barca striker takes his team goes through a great moment, but remember that there is still a long way to go and nothing is done.

In this regard, he cautioned that "the League is over when mathematically we are champions and have taken an insurmountable indifference to the second. Nobody wins anything in February."

In addition, Villa revealed in what field he wants to play the final of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid: "If I were to choose choose Mestalla stadium because I come very good memories," he said.

Villa also praised Arsenal's run of form, Barça's rival in the second round of the Champions League, and warned that his colleagues must strive to stop the English team play, and especially to disarm Cesc Fabregas.

"When you face a potential of the Arsenal team, look out for all the players but, above all, we have to shelter Cesc as their main reference point and a better player," he said in a statement that contains the Web page of Barcelona.

"We hope to make a good qualifying and spend, but will be very complicated because it is a very good team with great players. Sure what we will be very difficult," he said. (via SPORT)

The future of Pinto, at the end of the month

The club will address the renewal of José Manuel Pinto to the end of the month. This was acknowledged by the assessor's goalkeeper Juan Maraver, told COM Radio. The goal ended contract at the end of the season and his desire to follow is total. "Pinto is happy, is happy and wants to continue contributing to the club. A few weeks ago I spoke with Zubizarreta in Seville, I said they are very happy and we went for a late February deadline to meet, "said Maraver. (via SPORT)

Alves negotiate with Rosell in Paris

Smokes presidential agenda: institutional meetings, contractual appointments, visits to clubs and FIFA to view.

Rosell will take action. After the last formal meeting, the FC Barcelona Dani Alves advisers not only reached agreement on the renewal of Brazil but also the negotiation process entered a stalemate concern. Both sides marked a period of reflection to redirect the contacts expected in the future. A few days off to reflect, look for solutions or to find items that may become a turning point.

And that breaks Sandro Rosell. The president plans to travel from Geneva to Paris to witness live the friendly match between teams from France and Brazil. After participating with Raul Sanllehí in both sessions of the European Club Association, the leader Barca will stop in the French capital to see live one of the friendliest most interesting journey.

Rosell is the will to take advantage of their stay in Paris to enjoy a private meeting with Dani Alves. Pressure away from Barcelona, Barça president try to convince the Brazilian side to loosen up its position and accept the offer from the club as a starting point for final negotiations.

Sandro appeal to new economic containment measures that will affect all players to sign from now on and remember that the current sporting project is effective and regular collection of titles promises a round that allow affordable premiums significantly the emoluments of players at the end of the season. Not expect significant economic gains and counteroffers, although the promise to further explore trade routes and prosecutors to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties.

Rosell is emerging as one of the last hopes to revive the negotiations at this very delicate. Or the talk has been positive or renewal Alves could be postponed until the end of this season.

The penultimate level of Rosell traveling this week takes you to Andalusia. Specifically, the president of Barcelona will be on Saturday in Granada to attend the 50 th anniversary of the Rock Azulgrana Illora, credited as the oldest in Andalucia. Throughout the day, plans to continue the development of football and the evolution of the King's Cup basketball. Among other things because if Barca in the final plan, the president will pick up the suitcases and Sunday will be at the Palacio de Deportes de Madrid. (via SPORT)

Barca B aware

Have continued and have been informed of Montoya, Fontàs and Bartra.

Members of the technical secretariat of Valencia have become fixed when the matches of the Barcelona branch. The new jewels of The Farm are appealing for the other clubs and the patches are no exception, knowing that they can offer an exciting alternative to homegrown Blaugrana have no place in the first team. Therefore, it has collected all possible information on the status of the players more interested and is waiting to see what the club decides to do with them, because not all fit on the first team and that the Valencia hopes to have its options with players like Montoya, Bartra or Fontàs.

In planning for the next template, one of the avenues is the one that points to Barca B, especially to bolster the defense and try to do with a low investment and with the gamer profile that is sought, ie, young, hungry and quality. For time is following the three defenders of culé subsidiary, which excelled in the UEFA European Under-19. Have now been consolidated in the Second and even have debuted and with Barca, but given the high level of Guardiola, not everyone will be there.


The key operation is that young players contract ends in 2012, so that the club must decide whether or renewed and are in danger of that will be free one year later, that option is marked in red Valencia out to do a signing. The other possibility is to agree with the usual output Barça repurchase option and even an assignment.

Muniesa, another is awaiting Guardiola

It seems that Barça is inexhaustible quarry for another who is wearing in the defense of the subsidiary is only 18 Marc Muniesa, the lower international site and sub-19. Play left-back and sometimes central and you know what it's like with the first team. Their situation is similar to that of the other outstanding contract ends in 2012 so it is waiting to decide on his future Guardiola. As indicated from the Catalans club, there is no decision yet and it will take. Some members of the filial and Rochina (Blackburn) or Nolito have already committed to other clubs and Valencia is waiting to hunt down a defense of Barça B.

[Selection] Week selections and league commitments

FC Barcelona faces the first week throughout the 2011 with no two in a week. Most of his players, however, remain in contention for two because of the commitments of selections.
Will be a week Barça atypical, with only one league match, which is played on Saturday in the field of Sporting de Gijon . And is that the Cup is parked until April 20, the day which will play the final against Madrid. The training Guardiola will not return until Tuesday, through Thursday, will not be called by the international selections.

Here we look at day to day team training plan in the second week of February.

Monday 7: As on Sunday, the team will enjoy a holiday.

Tuesday 8: First workout of the week, not international. Sports City will be at 11 hours.

Wednesday 9: The team will workout at the Sports City, again at 11 am, thinking about the commitment of Sporting. At night, party picks for international calls.

Thursday 10: As with international Barcelona, the team will train from 18 hours in the Sports City. The first and second last meeting of all staff before Saturday's game.

Friday 11: Morning Session (11 hours) at the Sports City, the last before traveling to Gijon.

Saturday 12: The team leaves at 9.30 am at the Camp Nou to Gijon, where at 20 hours played the game in the 23 th day of the season.

Sunday 13: The week will end with a new coach, at 11.30 hours at the Sports City, dedicated to preparing the Champions League match with Arsenal on Wednesday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés, surpassing personal bests

Víctor Valdés shows every game to be in good shape. Has received only eleven goals in 22 rounds played. Since the goal regularly defends Barca had never conceded so few goals in this stage of the tournament.
In the world of football is to score goals as important as trying to avoid them. In this sense, Barca have a great time. Sum and 70 goals in the league and has only received 11 in 22 matches, the best mark Valdés from the 2004/05 edition which finally reached the absolute ownership.

In January was 29 years. It's been seven that is a permanent fixture and each passing year presents some startling statistics. For now conceded two goals less than last season at this time and seven fewer than in 2005/06 and 2006/07 editions, which accumulated 18 goals against in the first 22 days.

15 goals in 2004/05, 18 in the 2005/06 and 2006/07, 14 07/08, triplet 16 year and 13 last year are the goals that had received the Catalan keeper in the first 22 league games. Some numbers showing the regularity of Valdés is on course to his fourth Zamora Trophy, the third in a row. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "We must still fight hard to win the league"

The player of FC Barcelona David Villa has said that the upcoming final of Copa del Rey against Real Madrid , to be played on April 20th stage yet to be confirmed, will have "nothing to do with" who played and won in 2004 with Zaragoza whites. "Many years ago that, the templates were totally different. It has nothing to do with that end . I'm happy for having won, I have good memories, but what a long, long time, "he said in an interview to 'Betfair'.

The forward commitment Mestalla as the final stage, is that the former Valencia has happy memories of the manor 'che'. "It is a large field where the fans are practically in the field. It brings back good memories," he said.

As for the League , said in February does not pay and will have to fight hard to make good the current difference of seven points over Real Madrid. "The league ends when mathematically we are champions and have taken a major difference for the second. We are in February and nobody wins anything in February , "he said.

Finally, the Asturian striker also looked at the next junction of the second round of Champions League , against Arsenal , which highlights the figure of his team-mate Cesc Fabregas . "We must look at all because they have players of great quality, but their benchmark and best player is Cesc , "he said. "It will be very difficult because Arsenal are a great team. We hope to make a good tie and pass, but will be very difficult because they have a great team with great players and we will make things very difficult," she added. (via MD)