07 February 2011

Iniesta: "Another triplet, why not?"

Andres Iniesta has left behind the conservative discourse of the staff of Barcelona and has assured that "naturally" think in another triplet repeat as the 2008-09 season. "It's good to have hope for the treble, but mindful that it is very difficult. Why not think about the treble? " , said in an interview with the program 'Hat Trick Barça' Esport3 channel.

After beating against Atletico Madrid on record for consecutive wins in the league , the Fuentealbilla has said that "it is a source of pride, knowing that we are doing very well" . "You have to value it and a lot" , added the canterano.

Iniesta also explained about the great moment that goes by Barca that "to get the things you have to work" and that "it seems easy, but it is" .

For Barca midfielder is important to know how to play the rival and although it seems that we also run " and that the key to Andrew is that "every year the team looks ahead."

Finally, Manchego has also requested the continuation of his coach Pep Guardiola at the club: "We all want to continue for a long time." (via MD)

[Selection] Squad for the friendly Spain-Denmark U-21 (updated Monday)

The selectors have been reported on the day on Monday the change in the squad for the friendly against Denmark next Tuesday, with the decline in Mikel San Jose from Athletic Bilbao, and discharge of Alberto Botia, Sporting de Gijón. Before Saturday, the decline was Juan Manuel Mata, Valencia CF, and the call to Emilio N'Sue, RCD Mallorca in place. (via RFEF)

The players called up by national coach Luis Milla are:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Javier Martínez Aguinaga e Iker Muniain Goñi
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: David De Gea Quintana y Álvaro Domínguez Soto
FC BARCELONA: Bojan Krkic Pérez, Thiago Alcántara Do Nascimento, Martín Montoya I Torralbo y Andreu Fontás Prat
RC DEPORTIVO DE LA CORUÑA SAD: Adrián López Álvarez y Rubén Pérez del Mármol
GETAFE CF SAD: Daniel Parejo Muñoz
AC MILAN: Didac Vila Roselló
SSC NAPOLES: Víctor Ruiz Torre
SEVILLA FC SAD: Diego Capel Trinidad
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Diego Mariño Villar y Mario Gaspar Pérez Martínez
REAL ZARAGOZA SAD: Ander Herrera Agüera.

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "This Barcelona and is setting a time"

For Cruyff's Barça de Guardiola is one of three teams that have "somehow reinvented football", next to Di Stefano Madrid and Ajax of the early 70's, the basis of Holland 74.

Johan Cruyff, in his weekly column in 'El Periódico de Catalunya', says the Barcelona Guardiola, whatever happens this year, is setting a time every week. For the Dutch, the Blaugrana need not even win the Champions League for which they consider a historic team.

Cruyff argued that to be remembered that a team need not always win every game. And as such puts the Dutch in 1974, which reached the final of the World Cup in Germany and although she was amazed and favorite, lost the final against hosts.

"This team is already doing time in football," said Cruyff. "It's not how many goals by brand and by the few who fit. Nor does the collection of brands and records. The real revolution is playing and playing it and run it with the profile of players he has."

"Can you make a winless season ever? I attest that yes. Thirty-odd years after losing the 1974 World Cup final, that Holland is still praised and remembered," he adds. "The term 'total football comes precisely from that selection, (...) thirty-odd years later, the total football goes for Barça" he adds.

For Cruyff's Barcelona Guardiola is one of those teams in football is not that "have taken a step forward" but "have somehow reinvented football. And this has only been done twice. A, with Di Stefano and Real Madrid, who won the first five European Cups. The other, with Ajax winning the European Cup in 1971, 1972 and 1973. "

In addition Cruyff Guardiola praises words after the victory against Atletico Madrid. "The day falls on a record, you and your coach says you play like you do not win the Cup final against Real Madrid. Fantástico the slap on the wrist." (via AS)

[Youth] FCB Juvenile A 7 - 0 Joventut Sallista

Juvenil A has been like a steamroller over Joventut Sallista in a new round of the Division of Honour. The Catalans have been thrashed by the targets of Dongou (3), Deulofeu, Balliu, Etock and Pol Calvet.
Oscar Garcia's team has defeated Joventut Sallista (7-0) in a match where the Catalans, especially in the second half, goals have been told by their arrival to the area rival. A victory that reinforces the FC Barcelona Juvenil A leader (56 points) from the División de Honor and extends his lead to ten points respect to the second-placed Espanyol on Sunday Damm faces the third.

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In the first part clearly marked by the defensive attitude of the whole of Mallorca, which has been planted in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper with five defenders, four midfielders and only one striker, the club has dominated but has been abused too much driving. Still, Oriol Rosell, Ernesto Etock and have enjoyed good chances to break the deadlock.

Open the can

It was not, however, until the resumption of Oscar Garcia that have begun to carburetor wonderfully. And in the second half, Barça have decided to seek out the win and how much has reached the first goal, the rest have fallen.

Dongou has signed 1-0 to pass Espinosa (min 51). Seven minutes later, the same protagonist, Jean Marie Dongou Cameroon has wowed audiences with a spectacular Chilean within the area has made it 2-0. Not two minutes later, Deulofeu has beaten the goalkeeper with a shot from right center (3-0).

Final targets

Barca superiority was total, but the four remaining goals have not reached the final stage of the game. The 4-0 has gone by Ivan Balliu has headed in a center of Dalmau and goal has never seen, a fact not happened since Cadete B. Etock has been the author of 5-0 after Dongou let him free a pass from Calvillo. Pol Calvet is precisely marked the 6-0, the first goal after an injury leave has been months away from the pitch.

Closed the scoring Dongou

The icing on the cake in injury time has come when Dongou, with a cross shot to the left, has holes for the seventh time in the afternoon, the third in his private account, the goal of Sallista Joventut. Barca rout addition to also include the debut of Olivier Moussima Juvenil A, Juvenil B midfielder, who has strengthened the whole Oscar Garcia to the heavy casualties it had for the game.

Edu Campabadal champion in the under-18

Juvenil A defender who has played Edu Campabadal throughout this week XXXVII Atlantic Cup International Tournament with the Spanish U-18, won the championship of the competition. The combined state won all three games in homer against Switzerland (4-0), Canary Islands (4-1) and Mexico (1-2) and FC Barcelona player started all the fighting. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tchnical Data:

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau, S.Gómez, Rosell, Ayala, Palau, Ernesto (Dongou, min 46), Masó (Moussima, min 75), Etock, Espinosa (Balliu, min 65), Deulofeu (Pol Calvet, min 65).

SD Joventut Sallista: Joan Toni (Pedro, min 76), Miqui (Àlex, min 63), Barto (Romero, min 55), Bernat, Javi, Quique, Àlex, Cedar (Martí, min 68), Manu, Juanito, Ivan.

Goals: 1-0, Dongou (min 51); 2-0, Dongou (min 58); 3-0, Deulofeu (min 60); 4-0, Balliu (min 82); 5-0, Etock (min 88); 6-0, Pol Calvet (min 91); 7-0 Dongou (min 92).

Referee: Francesc Galan.

[Barça B] Barca is loath to lose a season-ending Nolito

In addition to the offer that the club has been circulated, Pep and Luis Enrique never tire of extolling its virtues.

Nolito, if things go wrong much for the Portuguese, will play the next four seasons at Benfica. But the club is reluctant to lose him. That should be understood Blaugrana last movements.

In addition to the renewal offer you have sent and which improves the previous two coaches who are responsible for overseeing the player does not cease to praise its virtues. On the one hand, Pep Guardiola gave him the chance to go to the first team to an upset stomach from Bojan Krkic. Moreover, whenever the opportunity has explained that "I would like to continue with us next season."

For his part, Luis Enrique said after the defeat of Barca B Xerez in Chapin, "It is a top player. For us it is a real luxury to have in the subsidiary. He has played in the first team several times and stressed. Nolito may be an example of which can reach 23 or 24 years to the elite and still you are ten or twelve years of football. " (via SPORT)

Pique and Shakira celebrated her birthday together

Speculation about the alleged relationship between Gerard Pique and Shakira are confirmed. Barcelona defender has posted a picture on his Facebook account where you can see in a local celebrating his birthday with Shakira.

In the photo, and Shakira as well as Pique, Carles Puyol appear with his girlfriend, Malena Costa, and a group of friends in common. It just happens that both Shakira and Piqué born on the same day, February 2, but are ten years apart.

Since the last World Cup was much speculation about the possible relationship between Pique and Shakira, who also seems to have created some unease within the FC Barcelona, especially in Guardiola, who suggested to Pique early conclusion to the matter.

The picture sought thus confirming the relationship between the player and singer. The image was being highly sought after, so much so that many paparazzi were stationed at the home of Pique to achieve the desired instant. (via AS)

Alves: "I will do everything possible to stay"

The negotiations for the renewal of Alves still open, but both sides understood only think. In the program "The Scoreboard" Barça TV, Alves made a resounding statement of intent in which he said he wants to stay longer
We talk a lot. Everyone agrees. Nobody wants to imagine the club without him Alves restless up and down the band. He did not imagine outside the Nou Camp. Wants to stay and says loudly.

"My dream is to stay"

If we ask for its renewal, responds bluntly: "I'm living things never been seen here and the Club is already in my heart. The truth is that the Club knows that my preference is for the club. So I will fight with all my strength to stay here because it is my dream. I will do everything to stay as long as I can. "

The Brazilian said he and his family are very "happy" in Barcelona and is aware that it is a privilege to live such a moment: "I know that finding a big club and with players and will be very difficult to match . This generation is impossible to repeat and I will fight to the death to stay. "

"A special day for the history of football"

The record of 16 consecutive victories in the league is not a milestone either, and so valued Alves: "It is a special day for the history of football and for this team. This is very difficult and is the result of perseverance and humility of this group, which has a master site that puts us all day. "

Messi is "unique" and an "example"

All bow to Messi Barça, but his teammates as well. "It is unique and only 23 years, so we will achieve what he wants. It is the first to 40 meters to defend, and so is an example for us," said Alves. (via FCBarcelona.cat)