03 February 2011

Mascherano: "Last night we parked the Cup until 20 April"

The Argentina international Javier Mascherano said that the club pulled the Copa del Rey last night "until 20 April" and that in the next eleven weeks will focus on La Liga and the Champions League, "because before that final matches are very important to play, as the next Saturday against Atletico Madrid.

Mascherano would not go in to assess what could be the scene of the final - "I'm nobody to decide it, that's what the people of the federation," he answered, nor depth on the fact that the other finalist is the Real Madrid but acknowledged that obviously concerned the eternal rival, "it magnifies everything."

The Argentine international asked to forget everything that surrounds the end and refocus on the most immediate. However, he said not to be concerned about the possibility that the lower the piston team now that has become a competition finalist in the league and has a seven points with second place.

"We are not machines, we are human, and every weekend we lose, but I'm not worried because I see no signs of relaxation, on the contrary," he said.

In any case, Mascherano warned of "danger" to receive "big teams" like Atletico, "arriving wounded."

And he recalled that the set of Quique Sanchez Flores' won an international title as the Europa League last season and won the Super World Champion (Inter Milan), so do not underestimate the whole mattress.

The Argentine is the only player on the template that has not yet been released as a scorer this season, but that does not lose sleep: "Not to make you stop I will not sleep tonight. It is clear that brought me to that and I'm not a player who is marked by scoring many goals during his career. So, if it comes, will come, and it gives me exactly the same. "

With regard to this information, Mascherano admitted that "not normal" at this point of the season have been marked 98 percent of the players, "but noted that this boat and nothing surprises him.

"This is a symptom of what this team," said the South American midfielder, who added that, before signing for Barça, and he imagined that "a team that plays football as well have a very good coach "in reference to Pep Guardiola.

Despite his replacement, Mascherano said he was satisfied. "Not only so minutes, but because I feel very well in the field, highlighted by Barca, who says Sergio Busquets be great with the team's starting midfielder.

"Normally in my career, with people who I've been is better with racing. We must live and fight for a healthy position, and that's what I do Busi. He is the owner, but we got along very well, and always learn from a player like him, who comes from the quarry of the club and he knows the concepts that have to play Barca midfielder, "he said. (via SPORT)

Rosell participate in the meeting of the LFP

The Executive Commission of the LFP which are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Racing, Mallorca, Valencia and Malaga-Trial with Recreativo, Salamanca, Numancia, Las Palmas, Cordoba and Huesca-Second-approved on January 27 the termination of agreement with the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), which expired on May 31, and the convening of the Extraordinary General Assembly tomorrow.

The agenda of how they plan to analyze the demands of the clubs on issues like raising the pool and the regulation of professional sport, after considering the draft law of the Game "does not respect the rights" of the League.

The null echo that his claim that the General Law on Audiovisual Communication, effective May 2010, ending the obligation to provide an open game every day and the questions that produced the draft Law of the Game the return of income of the pool have been to clubs to decide on what should be its attitude to the Executive.

The League sent in their claims within the law draft set for the Council of Ministers must approve soon to begin its parliamentary process in an attempt to "preserve its rights" and in the pools, "the less they split" of the current situation to ensure compliance with its obligations. "

The clubs understand that the draft gives the government the ability to decide "when the return ends of the pool to the LFP, which noted that" has assumed obligations to third parties which may not attend unless you are guaranteed at least from the current situation. "

According to estimates made by the League, it may not meet "the loan which was paid to the Plan of Reorganisation and, eventually, some works to improve security without being able to address other obligations ... and very specifically that provoked the reform of 2010 to find a warranty with professional athletes. "

League currently receives 10% of the proceeds of the pools. At least one third of that amount goes to repay the loan that the employer sought to settle the plan of reorganization (1990), another third is devoted to investments in security measures at stadiums and the final third is split between the clubs or is used to manage the competition.

From April 2010 following an agreement between LFP and AFE, if remaining in the game is reserved for security measures, which are updated given the Spanish stadiums in this regard, it is intended to settle the debts of the clubs players .

In this case the League provides a maximum of 6 million euros for each club first and 3 for each of Second, explained to EFE League. (via SPORT)

Iniesta already trains with the rest and it points to regular

The FC Barcelona first team on Thursday was exercised in a recovery session after winning in Almeria in round Copa del Rey semifinals (0-3), in which the main change was the return of Andres Iniesta.

The midfielder, who missed the meeting at the Mediterranean Games, could play again this Saturday (22.00 pm) against Atletico Madrid in the Nou Camp after passing the sprain that occurred in the left shoulder in a fall in input Hercules defender David Cortes.

In addition to Iniesta, coach Josep Guardiola has also benefited from the presence of the subsidiary homegrown Thiago-author of a goal and goalkeeper Almeria Oier, in addition to juveniles and Dalmau Deulofeu.

Holders of 'process' in Almería (8-0 on aggregate in the semi-final after the 5-0 at the Camp Nou) were merely soft recovery work, starting tomorrow, start preparing the clash against the' mattress. (via AS)

Guardiola: "We deserved to be back in a Cup final"

Pep Guardiola was ebullient after having managed to reach his second final of the Copa del Rey in the last three years. Catalans coach acknowledged that having got here was a collective success to the work of all staff, because "everyone feels part of this Cup," adding that "you should have seen how the boys were celebrating in the dressing room to understand ". Hence, Pep had decided to all staff to Almeria, including the injured, so that nobody felt neglected or part of this celebration.

Guardiola stressed the importance of being and again in a Cup final: "The news today is that we have again reached a final. We are all very satisfied. Reach a final is always very important. It is clear that we deserved to be in the final. I still remember the tie against Athletic we had to go to win at San Mames. "

The Santpedor assumed to have reached a new Cup final could also positively impact other competitions, and that "having a lot of confidence given final parked," adding that "now we have to keep the tone and the margin in the league it depends on us. " Mentioned, in passing, that the "Sabbath played against one of the historic teams in the league, Atletico Madrid, and we need the full field to be overcome."

Pep was pleased with the performance of your computer on the slope of January as "one of the hardest months that are in competition," especially because "there is little rest during the week and also play the Copa del Rey not very attractive to people because many just think of the final. " Moreover, he stressed that "these parties we have done very well for people who did not play many minutes could go and others who already had some tired legs could take a breather."

Guardiola stressed that although it seems easy to get to a Cup final, "until three years ago we came to the Mestalla eleven years that we had not played one."

Blaugrana coach explained that Milito had put the captain's armband at the expense of Bojan was not for any vendetta or anything like that but simply because "by age and various other things I have seen fit; think that Milito is a very important player for us. "

He highlighted the detail that there is only a team player, Javier Mascherano, who has not seen goal this season: "It shows that the defense also attacked. Everyone has permission to go above and also to go down. On this team all share the goals. " (via SPORT)

Barça and Real Madrid will play their sixth final in the history of the Cup

The end of 'Mourbo' is served. Barça and Real Madrid will host the Copa del Rey on April 20, presumably in Valencia , four days after Classico Bernabéu . If Mestalla will be the same city last met 20 years ago, with Victory 'Barça' with goals from Guillermo Amor and Julio Salinas . Classico butler will be the sixth in a final in the history of the competition in which the Blaugrana is king with 25 titles. A possible prelude to the next Supercopa of Spain .

Will be the seventh 'Pepfinal' since Guardiola took over the team. The second in the competition of ' KO 'in the past three seasons, which managed the trophy against Athletic two seasons ago. That copazo Blaugrana was one of eight titles he has won the Barça coach with Santpedor on the bench.

Barça reach the finals after one second foist in semis 8-0 to Almeria (5-0 + 0-3), with a butler team, leaving Pep on the bench and cracks insdiscutibles holders as Messi , Villa , Valdes , Xavi , Piqué and Abidal . And above, in the stands were injured Iniesta and Puyol . bentraría then by Busquets to avoid a second yellow card which would have meant missing the finals to Sergio .

Pep Guardiola said after the game of Almería that it was " irrelevant "the rival of the final. What mattered was that they were going to live "another great day" playing at the party copera. The truth is that the whole issue was pending Blaugrana Bernabeu during the return flight and on arrival at El Prat . Whatever they say, each other, the final against Real Madrid , I 'put'. The Blaugrana fans, by contrast, is more divided between those who did not like meringues and those who are convinced that they can get another whack. It will be the end of the century.

The Barça and reported last night that the club was awaiting the Real Federación Spanish of Football for the theme entries. It is another epic adventure as two years ago to make room in the field where the final historical dispute. If Basques and the Catalans struggled to make an entry, it is nothing comparable to this season. Crazy.

The finals will represent a turnover of 15 million euros for the Royal Spanish Federation of Football , according to a study by Esteve Calzada , former marketing director of the club. If in Mestalla , Valencia will live other failures. (via MD)

El Barcelona abrirá un restaurante en La Masia

The facilities will also be the institutional home of the club, board and president.

La Masia, the historic building that have grown as people and as players have formed dozens of players of Barca, is about to cease its operations to make way for new installations of the Ciutat Esportiva. The old residence will be from August, the institutional home of the club, board and president. But the most surprising news that the club is considering installing a restaurant open to the public.

Toni Freixa confirmed yesterday, a spokesman for the Blaugrana board, which approved the decision in Tàrrega meeting a day earlier. "We agreed to start the study to have this restaurant that is open to the public and operating an exemplary area is La Masia for their tradition," said the spokesman. The intention is that the restaurant include "the Barça brand and brand Masia and deliver a quality service open to the public in general and Barcelona in particular." This room would also serve to host the lunch policy that performs regularly with the visit of the rival clubs at Camp Nou.

Another issue was important Freixa announced the opening of the so-called fourth way to access a partner Blaugrana. Previously it was agreed that only had the opportunity to join the club of people with second degree relatives that were already members, children under 15 and those who previously had been for a minimum period of two years. Now, in addition, it opens a new possibility. The club will create a new card called the commitment to be paid 125 euros per year. Space of three years, the amateur may apply to enter the club, yes, must be approved by the board. During these three years, the new card holder has the same advantages as a partner without payment, but may not vote or have preference in obtaining tickets for final or significant part. Nor will enter the draw for the Open Llotja.

The board also announced that the closing middle of this year goes as planned in the assembly of delegates in which the annual accounts were approved. Budgeted 21 million deficit, a figure 5% higher than the numbers currently being considered. "We have a 5% fewer losses," said Freixa. The spokesman also explained that the renewal of Pep Guardiola is an issue that the board prefers not to comment: "They asked not to talk about this issue," he said, but argued that "if we rely on recent history, the relationship extraordinary that we maintain and track the first team does not enter into any head of Barcelona's Pep Guardiola is not coach next season. " A similar notice regarding the continuity of Dani Alves: "From what we believe is that someday we will reach a solution both parties because we all want to reach it." On the pitch: "We are open to other technical solutions." (via SPORT)

The Madrid, a rival in the Copa final

Real Madrid will rival Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey after eliminating the Seville. Whites have earned at Sevilla 2-0 with a goal from Adebayor Özil and one that has certified the passage to the final on 20 April. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Picture] 02.02.2011 Almería - FCB (0-3)

[Copa del Rey semifinal Leg2] Almería 0 - 3 FC Barcelona

20 April. FC Barcelona play in the middle of Holy Week the final of the Copa del Rey after eliminating Almeria with three great goals from Adriano,Thiago and Afellay (0-3).

Technical Data:

UD Almería: Esteban; Michel, Carlos García, Pellerano (Acasiete, m. 62), Luna; Fabián Vargas, Bernardello; Feghouli, Corona (Crusat, m. 68), Kalu Uche, y Goitom.

FC Barcelona: Pinto, Dani Alves, Busquets (Piqué, m. 46), Milito, Adriano; Mascherano, Keita, Thiago; Bojan, Afellay y Nolito.

Goals: 0-1, m. 34: Adriano. 0-2, m. 55: Thiago. 0-3 m. 65: Afellay.

Incident: amount of the return game of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey Held at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos above 16,000 spectators.

Guardiola: "I like the Cup because they all feel involved"

Josep Guardiola said "I like the Cup because they all feel involved," "In the end we try and engage everyone to do everything,"

"Often in the semifinals traveled all, because I understand that to get a hit already. I like that we together. It is to arrive at a final cost much. It is clear that we deserved this rating. "

"The month of January is the hardest out there, because there is no rest as possible." "have played people who needed minutes, and all have done very well, while others have been able to rest."

"everyone does everything." "It's very good news that the three have been marked, is fine. This is the sign that everyone has permission to go above and also to go down," he added. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: "I am happy with the final and the goal"

Adriano Correia is a happy man. The Brazilian, who on Wednesday left-back has had, opened the scoring in the city and has signed his first goal as Barca. One night round.
"I'm happy to have qualified for the final, for the work done by the team and the goal. We got what we wanted with a great game," said the '21 'FC Barcelona after finishing the game. The defense, however, prefers to think only in work. "Sound work and work," he said. The end of April 20 is still far.


"We played well and we are pleased to have reached the final."

"A final of the Copa del Rey I do not live it every day. We are very excited."

"We deal with rival. We have to go for it."

"Playing a game like today is not paid with money."

"I try not to let Guardiola and play as I know."


"We are very happy. It is a further end. Sounds easy, but it is not."

"We know we are one step away from winning another title. But Champions League and now plays first."

"We had the experience of the day of the Betis and are never easy this type of games."

"Those who've played we do not have many minutes usually."

"What gives me joy and happiness is the goal, but today I'm very happy."


"We are delighted to have a youth squad player minutes with the first team." (via FCBarcelona.cat)