31 January 2011

Abidal: "Seven points are very few"

Éric Abidal urges caution when assessing the seven points clear with respect to Real Madrid. The Frenchman believes that "a defeat can come when you least expect it" and that would make the white set "back to being behind."
The euphoria is installed in the surroundings Barcelona after Madrid defeat that makes the Barco is now seven points behind second. But the dressing room knows that there is still much work to do. Éric Abidal precisely recognized in the press room of the Sports City that "seven points are very few, if we lose two games will again be behind." In this sense, the French player believes that Madrid will not lose many games, "and that is why Abidal has acknowledged that the team should do is keep working to win, there are many games and not have to look to other ".

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26 players to prepare for the cup match against Almería

After a day of rest, the club has returned to training to prepare for Wednesday's cup game, where you can obtain the ticket for the final of the competition. 17 players have exercised the first team, and nine of Barça B.
With Saturday's win against Hercules and after the defeat of Real Madrid Osasuna in the field, the group led by Josep Guardiola has exercised after a holiday in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper away knowing that the Classification League regarding the white set has risen to seven points .

La Liga, parked until Thursday

Competition, the League, the template must leave parked in the beginning of the week to focus fully on the commitment of the field Wednesday in Almeria, corresponding to the round of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. Barça part with a lead of 5-0 achieved in the first leg, and has access to reach the final of the KO competition.

The first of two planned before traveling

Thus, the club has made the first of two preparatory meetings have provided today and tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11 hours and at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, before undertaking the trip to Andalusia the day of the game.

Iniesta, no prominent

Participated in the preparatory session for a total of 26 players , 17 of the first team and nine of Barça B . As to the first team, in addition to the known casualties of the injured Puyol and limbo, not been exercised on Andres Iniesta . As reported by the Club Medical Services, the Fuentealbilla has a sprained left shoulder. Yes it was, however, Bojan, who had entered the call of the match against Hercules with a relapse in the stomach problems he suffered during the week.

Nine players from Barça B

The team members Luis Enrique who have shared training with the first team are: Planas, Armando, Benja, Nolito, Rafa Alcántara, Thiago, Abraham, Víctor Vázquez y Fontàs. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Let no one bury the Madrid"

Johan Cruyff disagree with the majority of football experts who believe that yesterday's defeat of Real Madrid in Pamplona and dismisses him for winning the league title. Former Barça coach said in his weekly column in the newspaper that Mourinho still have options. "The league is not decided. Seven points and goalaverage are many, because this boat is not the work of giving anything. But watch that no one buried at Real Madrid," he says.

The former footballer, also believes that they are breaking records Guardiola, this weekend have been strung winning 15 consecutive games, something that had not happened 50 years ago, is due to the thrust of whites.

"How long can extend its current streak FC Barcelona? Depends on Real Madrid. While whites remain a short distance, the Barça is perfectly capable of not losing a single league game until the day he proclaimed champion ... While the Madrid Stamina, join the club, "he says.

Finally, the former Barça coach applauds the determination of the directive to sell Espanyol Didac Vila and Victor Ruiz Milan and Naples respectively. Cruyff believes the transfer "right decision" by the time they occur and it will help "square numbers." The former considers the entity Periquita "a club trainer and seller. Therein lies its success. Build, sell and replace." (via Marca)

A week with the Copa final at stake

Barca faced a new week full of activity and which has at its disposal, on Wednesday, reaching the final of the Copa del Rey. On Saturday, in addition, host Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou in a thrilling league match.

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Bojan trained and will play in Wednesday's Copa

The youth has overcome his physical problems and is now able to provide minutes of rest the trident punished Barca.

The Barça squad enjoyed a well deserved festive day after his triumphant return of the league match against Hercules. However, the facilities of the Ciutat Esportiva were two minor exceptions: Bojan Krkic and Carles Puyol, who retreated to the gym.

The most significant is the Barca striker, and that in recent days has stayed away from the working dynamics of the first team because of gastroenteritis. Recovery and Bojan is a fact and took the time yesterday to conduct a thorough physical work that allows you to recover lost the pitch because of the effects of the virus that has swept away last week.

Passed the physical mishap, everything suggests that Bojan will rejoin practice today with absolute normality. His return is important because the team is expected to enjoy a few minutes in the second leg of the Copa del Rey against Almería. The Linyola not cross its best, has enjoyed little presence in recent League commitments and has reopened the debate about his contribution to the team and the role assigned Guardiola in the Barca dressing room.

King's Cup tournament seems tailored for Bojan Krkic. It is true that the squad has also lost ground in the last heat, but the KO tournament has been the preferred framework for the player has displayed their qualities through several ownerships. Based on the minutes played to date, Guardiola has chosen a butler trident formed by Pedro, Messi and Bojan. Villa have had less presence and has emerged as the main parts of the Catalan footballer. On Wednesday, in Almería, you can repeat history and Linyola has all the numbers to be in the starting lineup. (via SPORT)

Iniesta, with a sprained shoulder, doubtful for Wednesday

The sprained manchego grade one and is doubtful for Wednesday's clash. Puyol and continue their recoveries Jeffren.

Andres Iniesta is doubtful for Wednesday's match return of the King's Cup against Almeria after suffering a grade one sprain in his man in the match against Hercules after a collision with David Cortes. Manchego, with Puyol and Jeffren absences have been training the first week of Pep Guardiola, who had day off yesterday.

The 5-0 first-leg is foreseeable that Iniesta is not traveling with the team for the semifinal round of the hostesses to Almeria. Despite the ailment, the manchego be 100% in the next league clash against Atletico Madrid in the Nou Camp next weekend.

In the session Guardiola Puyol have been low and limbo , to be exercised in the gym to follow the evolution of their respective injuries while nine team players have completed the first team: Armando, Abraham, Carles Planes, Fontás, Thiago, Rafinha, Víctor Vázquez, Benja y Nolito. (via MD)

[Barça B] Steve Kean bit for Rochina

Blackburn Rovers are talking with Barcelona about striker Rochina, 19, who is rated in the £1m bracket. (via The Sun)

[Youth] Poblense 1 - 4 FCB Juvenile A

FC Barcelona Juvenil A tax is Poblense home with goals from Espinosa (2), and Deulofeu Etock, and with nine games left in the Honor Division, seven points ahead at Espanyol in second.

The following commitment to the Catalans will be next Saturday at home against Juventut Sallista (16 hours), struggling against relegation. A party for that Oscar Garcia will be without defender Edu Campabadal, convened with the Spanish U-18 Tournament contest for the XXXVII International Atlantic Cup, a home where the combined state will face the choice of the Canaries (the host), Switzerland and Mexico. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Technical Data:

UD Poblense: Molondro, Cánovas, Vicenç, Maçià, Santi (Morei, min 73), Pallarès, Dani (Miki, min 68), One (Reinés, min 62), Kiko (Abel, min 70), Ripoll, Morrula.

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau, Rosell, Edu Campabadal, Balliu (Ayala, min 76), Gustavo, Ernesto (Ella, min 59), Masó, Etock, Espinosa (Palau, min 68), Deulofeu.

Goals: 0-1, Espinosa (min 28); 0-2, Espinosa (min 36); 1-2, Kiko (min 49); 1-3, Etock (min 59); 1-4, Deulofeu (min 65).

Referee: John Alberti.

Jonathan Soriano, injured

Barça B striker Jonathan Soriano, was substituted at halftime of the game against Celtic by a strong blow to the quadriceps. The various tests that were carried out in Monday's trading will determine the extent of his injury. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "The result is a victory"

Barça B coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, greatly appreciates the tie against Celta achieved by the "great sacrifice" by his players to "a rival to a very high level."
"He's been through the Mini the best team so far along," said Luis Enrique, the coach of Barça B, after his team managed a draw against Celta Vigo (1-1) . He added: "The Celtic is one of the rivals aimed mainly at up to First." For all these reasons, the technician Spaniard admitted: "For us, the result is like a victory."

"We have not carried the burden of the party"

On Barca B play against Galicia, Luis Enrique analyzed: "Although the party has been facing since the beginning [the 1-0], we have borne the brunt of the party. We've thrown a little behind, Celta has tightened and has created many occasions. And we've tried to change during the game, during the second half, but it has cost us. "

"We've grown"

In this regard, Luis Enrique drew a positive conclusion: "Today we have grown because we have suffered," since, as Barca coach subsidiary, Celta, who had "numerous occasions" deserved "to win the game." It is for this reason the Spaniard explained that, after a game so intense against "an opponent of a very high level", was "especially pleased for the players" who got "a prize [a point] after a great sacrifice ".

Much room for improvement ahead

Still, the coach of Barça B is aware that the team has to "improve a lot if you really want to end up in the category in the posts above [now seventh, after the triumph of Granada in the field of Betis, the leader, by 3 to 0]. " And Luis Enrique pointed as the first objective "to retrieve the ball in the attacking, pressing up and not let the opponent quit playing."

Rochina continuity

One of the names of the press conference after the Celtic game was the Barca striker Ruben Rocha. Barça B coach confirmed: "It is valuing its people an offer that is very interesting [the Blackburn English]." In this regard, Luis Enrique revealed: "I have told him that I would like to continue, is projecting a player, the club has offered a two-year renovation, but he has very clear he wants to leave." And the Spaniard summed up: "If the clubs reach an agreement, he will leave and if not agree, will be helping us until June."

Rafinha performance

Asked by Rafa Alcantara action 'Rafinha' with the subsidiary Barca, Luis Enrique stated: "He's a player, young sophomore, who is able to go out and play a fake field '9 ', a position that is not yours, and create a hazard simply because of their arguments, with an attitude on a personal level of growth and improvement only. And in the words of technical Spaniard, Rafa Alcantara is "a different player, a wonder." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tuesday: Board Tàrrega

On Tuesday 1 February, the board of FC Barcelona holds a meeting in the capital roaming Urgell.
The day will begin with the official visit to the City of Tarrega , at half past three o'clock. The policy will be received in the municipality by the mayor of Tarrega, Joan Amezaga , as well as by Council members and City Council members. As usual in these meetings, the president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, sign the guest book of the Consistory.

Visit the Cambra

Subsequently, the policy is transferred to the headquarters of the Official Cambra of Commerce and Industry of the population . It is in this space will be a reception with the heads of this institution, headed by President of the Cambra, Dolphin Rubinat , and various representatives of the municipality and the region.

Institutional parliaments

After this reception will be the parliamentary protocol , which will be led by the president of FC Barcelona, as well as the mayor of the municipality and the president of the Chamber.

From 16.30 pm, work session

The Board meeting will be after 16.30 pm . And the appearance will be next day, February 2, in the Press Room Maxenchs Ricard.

Presence of peñas

The chairmen of some clubs in the area also participate in the official reception at the Chamber. In this case, will the presidents of the rocks Tarrega, Bellpuig, Vilanova de Bellpuig, Agrawal, Anglesola and Advisory Board member Peñas this area, Lluis Perez. (via FCBarcelona.cat)