29 January 2011

[Ex-player] Saviola, best player in Portugal in 2009/2010

Argentine striker Javier Saviola was appointed by the sports newspaper Luso 'A Bola' as the best player in Portugal for the 2009/2010 season , an award in which case his compatriot Lucho Gonzalez .

The arrival in summer 2009 the 'Conejo' Saviola was crucial for Benfica , whose goals and good game, became the second top scorer in League team with 11 goals, helped get the league title.

Already in this campaign, Argentina has regained his scoring in recent games after initially not very lucky in front of goal, thanks to his six goals in the last six league games, and continues to play a key role in the scheme his coach, Jorge Jesus.

Become one of the stalwarts of the team "incarnate," Saviola said he was confident that the league is not decided yet lusa, despite the eight-point lead that leads to the first qualified Benfica, Porto.

"We know we face a tough opponent and difficult it has lost very few points so far this tournament, but we also have a competitive team and we will try by all means to approach," he said in remarks to 'A Bola'.

The player, formerly of River, Barcelona, Monaco, Sevilla and Real Madrid, welcomed the granting of the award in his first year in football Luso and said he still has "a lot more football to teach.

"I think one must always move forward and not dwell on the past, as in football is living the present. I'm at a big club and there are calls for titles to be a hundred percent," he said.

The Argentine said he was "very happy both in football and personally" since his arrival in Lisbon, where he shares a dressing room with several of his compatriots, including Aimar, another star of the team, and thanked the club "embodied" the treatment he and his family. (via AS)

[Barça B] Montoya, a Catalan-Alves

The youth is a fixed Luis Enrique and, with the Frenchman Nyom (Granada), is the only outfield player not to have lost no time in 2 ª A.

Since coming to bench three years ago subsidiary, Luis Enrique has always been known to rotate his players, in part because many of them have been called to train sporadically with the first team and also for the many alternatives that offer a template rich in quality and number of players. This makes it very difficult to get a place in the Barca starting line B and further enjoy the status of a permanent fixture.

With these premises, this season the figure of Martin excels Montoya (Barcelona, April 14, 1991). The Blaugrana right side is the only player to have played a subsidiary of 90 minutes in the 21 rounds played (total amount 1890), an honor shared only with the promising French-Roméo Nyom Allan, one of nine players assigned to Granada by Udinese in Serie A. Barcelona defender occupies the only position that has no specific substitute, the opposite of what happens both in the two central positions on the left side.

Although only 19 years old, Montoya dispute its twelfth season at the club and has gone through all possible rosters. Since his arrival in 1999, Barcelona has played in the youngest B and A, in the juvenile B and A, in child B and A, B and A cadet and youth B and A. In fact, last season alternated Youth A and Barca B, in which he played the first leg of the first round of promotion in Santo Domingo to the Poli Ejido.

In addition, in September 2008 with the first team debut in the Copa Catalunya and Pep Guardiola wanted to have him on the Asian tour last summer, but the squad had to participate in European and won the runner sub'19 mainland orders Luis Milla.

The right side of the branch joined the call of the first team in the crash last Wednesday's cup-bearer against Almeria and, relatively speaking, his game has many similarities with that of Dani Alves. This is a very powerful player in the physical aspect able to traverse the right flank throughout the game and quickly retrieve the position to also meet with excellent notes on the defensive. Answers, in short, to what is classified today as a modern side.

So now that the renewal of Dani Alves has become little more than a matter of State for the Blaugrana entity, the figure of Martin Montoya becomes important and could soon stand as a good option to consider for Guardiola. In fact, given Santpedor and repeatedly demonstrated that it follows very closely the evolution of the right side of the subsidiary and, if you continue working with the same intensity, will certainly have opportunities y. .. perhaps sooner rather than later.

Barça B faces the form team in the present, a second-place Celtic with six wins and three draws in the last nine games. The goal of the subsidiary is to return to winning ways on Saturday after falling to the Lightning (1-2). Luis Enrique will be without the suspended Fontàs nor Nolito, who trains with the first team by Bojan stomach problems. The danger celtiña is striker David Rodriguez (11 goals). (via SPORT)

La Masia will become an institutional headquarters.

The full transfer to Barca quarry facilities Ciutat Esportiva cause a change of uses in the precinct annex to the Camp Nou.

The club works in the future redevelopment of the 600 square meters at present they constitute the La Masia. The full transfer to the Ciutat Esportiva is only a matter of months and have already made various proposals to provide social use to the units since its foundation have hosted much of the quarry Barca.

Barca aim to La Masia the future becomes a branch of the Barcelona capable of representing the entity and hold meetings of an institutional nature. The interior will undergo a major refurbishment that will include the creation of different meeting rooms and a spacious dining room designed to accommodate the traditional lunch clubs.

It is estimated that any better than La Masia to promote and export the image and philosophy of a club like Barcelona has become a global football reference. In return it will also reduce activity in the current offices. In any case the remodeling project of La Masia is still open to suggestions. (via SPORT)

That would be the new Camp Nou grass

The club is considering injecting 20 million artificial grass fibers to improve the stability of the pitch at the Camp Nou.

Barca is considering next summer to install a system of mixed turf at Camp Nou to avoid the pitch again suffer the irregularities that are being repeated this season. But what is it? How much investment is required? What advantages does this model? It is injected into the natural grass (20 cm below ground) 20 million artificial grass fibers that allow the root of which is sewn to the root of the natural herb for increasing the consistency and density of the lawn.

The system has several advantages over the traditional herb: grass ensures that no 'bald' or areas with earth or clay, has greater durability and strength three times that of a natural herb. The model 'GrassMaster', the more contrasted, and would use the club if finally committed to this model, he says, as the company that patented, better drainage and reduces the influence of moisture and cold, why usual in the Premiership and northern European countries.

Since artificial fibers, not need natural light and better withstand the effect of low temperatures. If launched, the Nou Camp turf would have a 3 per cent of artificial grass. "It is a tool to improve the appearance and stability we are looking lawn awaiting the decision of the club," Royal sources confirmed Verd, the lawn care company Camp Nou.

Putting it into practice would involve investment of 300,000 euros (to rent the machine that implements and 'sew' the artificial grass fibers) and a similar maintenance of natural grass but with two qualifications: after each party has to use the 'loop ', the machine that flattens the field, and when painting the lines is to use a special paint, quick drying.

Chapter of drawbacks should be borne in mind that the ball bounce slightly change: the grass would have greater density, and the ball will absorb more and reduce your boat. (via SPORT)

The team, to Alicante

The team travels to Alicante, where, after 20 hours, will face the Hercules in the game in the 21 th day of the season. The plane should be moved to the template are taken off at 10.50 hours.

The group led by Josep Guardiola undertook the trip at 10 h, while leaving the Nou Camp esplanade bound for the airport of El Prat. Once there, the plane took off Alicante should be moved to just before eleven o'clock. For this displacement, the team has launched a new travel kit: a black tracksuit trousers and dark pink shirt and a striped polo black and green.

The estimated time of arrival at Alicante is at 11.55. Once they arrived, the group will go directly to the team hotel, where lunch and stay until it was time to move to the stadium of his rival in this event number 21 in the league. After the match, the club will embark on the journey back to Barcelona at 23.30, which is scheduled to arrive at 00.35 hours.

As usual, the specific directives of Hercules and FC Barcelona will meet to eat. On this occasion, comídale lunch will be held at the Tower restaurant Gates, after 14 hours.

Pere Gratacos, "Do not lose the essence of La Masia"

He was appointed a few days ago responsible for the facilities of the Joan Gamper Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi.Good knowledge of the quarry Barca player to have been a subsidiary for three seasons and coach for another two.

Pere Gratacós Boix (Besalú, 14 February 1958) was appointed a few days ago responsible for the facilities of the Joan Gamper Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi. Good knowledge of the quarry Barca player to have been a subsidiary for three seasons (where he was captain) and coach for another two (with the arrival of Joan Laporta's presidency) now former Catalan coach puts his football knowledge in the service of Barca modern complex.

-What is your job?

From day to day in the Ciutat Esportiva, is trying to see what needs and what new things you can do to make the performance of athletes, football or sections, is suitable.

-Is it a gateway to the football elite training?

For the grassroots will be its center, residence, place of training. Our task is not lack anything, they are at home. The idea is to be a training center for new talent in all sports.

-Training is a key principle in this club ...

Barça is the model. Pep Guardiola is its head visible. Everything has to be coordinated by the sports that carries Andoni Zubizarreta and training area, which is Guillermo Amor and to receive good training facilities have to be consistent.

-What is different from the club?

That is very clear about the model. Has not happen overnight, is clearly defined and everyone else follows. The main part is technique, tactics, and then the physical preparation. Others begin with the physical, then the tactics and finally, the art.

-In this model, the immediate result is not so important.

No. And the proof is that it takes several years to concentrate so many players in the first team.

-Do not feel pressure about having to take someone out every year?

There will be years in which no such good players, but luck is that young people continues to rise, as Bojan, Busquets and Pedro.

-But the bar Masia concept is put on high ...

You can always improve, even a little. We believe that this Ciutat Esportiva and the introduction of new technologies, there will be a leap in quality. But that does not mean that more players are to leave will depend on many factors.

-Do you intend to generate revenue from the Ciutat Esportiva?

For now, we have to finish the projects started. Masia finish. At the end of May comes the work and people can come in July. Also planned is the integration of medical services. For anything that might happen, it is important to be here. If then you can get some money, we must look at it, it does not affect daily routines.

-What about your relationship with Pep Guardiola?

Okay. I've played both as Vilanova Pep Altimira and I have a relationship for many years. I am delighted to collaborate with them as they need. La Ciutat Esportiva is important because the first team is here and others can see the players, be with them ... The view that the base can become like them. Are models.

-And with Sandro Rosell?

My relationship with him goes way back. I worked on the project 'Football Dreams', has been working and I think is the ideal position for me.

-Are you concerned that that feeling is lost Masia endearing?

-Do not lose the essence. Here are to be privileged, they will have it but most of them will require more work and involvement, sports and human. Clearly this is a sports model, but also human. Valdes, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué ... They are not deified. They are humble, self-sacrificing, have struggled and are friends. Examples of values. And that is such an athlete is very important. There is greatness. Sporting excellence but also human.

-"It gives you a chance to pull out a thorn in the club?

No. It's a new challenge. Always address them with a lot of positivity. I believe in lifelong learning. I do not think a cap is reached.

-Do you miss the bench?

No, because I see football. I walk out there to train cadets juveniles. In the morning, I will see Luis Enrique. I love it.

-You have no release profile.

When you have to be there to be, but I like the first line.

-Do you plan to train here?

Never close doors. I try to keep them open

Gratacós his position stems in part following the first visit made to Sandro Rosell Ciutat Esportiva, just taking office. Sandro asked by the head of the enclosure. To his surprise, there was a head of that plot itself, but it was people who are dedicated to sport, those who tried the rest will work also. It was a problem that once was generated with the departure of William Love in its first stage, and Joan Laporta did not solve. Coincidentally, the day of the visit of Sandro had leaks in the flag and Rosell decided that create the figure of a coordinator who will manage issues related to facilities and labor to unload those who were in charge of sports issues, already had enough with his own.

[Barça B] Barbara: "You will see a great game

The coaching staff of the subsidiary claims that the match against Celtic will appeal to fans who want to bring to Miniestadi . "There will be goals, Celta have much punch. Hope it is not a game as crazy as the first round, which is more controlled in the defensive and offensive looks crazy, "said Luis Enrique in the press conference after the match against Rayo Vallecano. And both the technical Spaniard's second subsidiary Barca coach, Joan Barbarà, point: "You will see a great game." In addition, Luis Enrique stated: "The Celtic is another rival that motivates us a lot, which is already in positions of promotion." In this sense, Barbara pointed out on Friday at the press conference before the game: "The Celtic are doing a lot of merit to be next year in a higher category." And the coach of Barça B has analyzed: "It's a great rival which dominates the backlash has quick transitions, and is also capable of playing the ball with discretion because it has very good players, so we only lost two games throughout the first lap. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Without Fontàs or Nolito to receive Celta

Barça B Galician side will face in the first game of the second round of league, with the absence of Fontàs and Nolito, convened for the first team, but with Montoya on Wednesday, Guardiola's orders, was a reserve Cup
The subsidiary has coached Barca this Friday at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper in a session that have not been present or Fontàs or N wavelet, both convened by Josep Guardiola to travel on Saturday to face the Hercules Alicante. Fontàs saw fifth yellow card in the last game against Rayo Vallecano (1-2) and to be a penalty for fulfilling cycle of warnings , not a straight red, the middle of Banyoles can compete with the first team.

Montoya and Bartra, available

Yes they have participated in training and are available to the coaching staff of the subsidiary Barca to welcome Celta Vigo this Saturday (18 pm, C33) in the Miniestadi, Montoya and Bartra . The two defenders, along with Nolito , were cited Wednesday for the Copa del Rey match against Almeria with the first team (5-0) , although Montoya finally just sat on the bench.

Two juveniles

Juveniles Sergi Gómez and Rafael Alcantara 'Rafinha' , which this week have been concentrated in Las Rozas (Madrid) to train with the Spanish U-19 , have also exercised command of Luis Enrique on Friday.

Three absences due to injury

For his part, Sergio Roberto , who is recovering from a hamstring injury in the second degree rectus left quadriceps, worked outside the group. And Romeo and Carmona , the two underwent surgery for injuries to the meniscus of the knee , also continue their recovery process .

Begins the second round

Thus, Luis Enrique and Joan Barbarà , the technicians of Barça B, will be available for 21 players to face the first game of the second round in the second division . The rival, Celta de Vigo, is second in the standings (43 points) to just three points behind leader Real Betis . In the first round match, however, the Barça B, which is seventh in the standings with 31 points , won the group led by Paco Herrera Balaídos by 1-2 . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mascherano: "I'm not stupid, I know I can not always be the holder at the club"

Javier Mascherano humbly take his substitution at FC Barcelona. The Argentine is the usual replacement Sergio Busquets in midfield and has played in Barca's half minutes possible since he came to Camp Nou last summer.

Mascherano struggle to have more minutes with Barça.

"In a team like this one can not be so foolish as to think that the owner can always play, but it is who has not played, I had many opportunities and I will continue to work toward the same or more," said '14 ' Barcelona told the agency that collects Argentina 'Télam. "

"I have no statistics of minutes, but I think I was in 50 percent of the matches, and most importantly, when I get to play can do well," he said.

"I'ma professional, I owe the club, and train every day to be good for when I need to coach and when not, I'm on the bench supporting my teammates," he said.

Mascherano said his replacement in the club will not hurt to Argentina: "My lack of continuity is a relative thing." And welcomes the fact that new coach, Sergio Batista, his team wants to play as the Catalans, but warns that "This calls for the players." (via SPORT)

A Japanese for Barça 2011-2012?

Although it has not closed the winter market, names begin to sound for Barca next season. One of them is a footballer who currently plays for Cesena and shining with Japan in Asia Cup.

Yuto Nagatomo called. Is 24, plays left back and although it belongs to FC Tokyo, currently defending Italian Cesena T given condition. Insidefutbol.com portal reported, the Japanese player is on the agenda of great Europeans, including FC Barcelona, ahead of next season.

Nagatomo is a high profile offensive side of being one of the major players in the Asia Cup, whose final dispute on Saturday Japan and Australia. Barça addition, other clubs such as Juventus, Villarreal, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur are also behind the last bead soccer arising Japan.

However, the representative of Nagatomo, Roberto Tukuda, made clear that the player would never go in this winter market but would keep his period of assignment in Cesena. "Yuto is very comfortable in Cesena and we have very good relationship with management and the coach. If anyone is interested, you value it, but the first word has the Cesena," he said to 'calciomercato.it'.

If Yuto Nagatomo landed in the club next season, became the first Japanese player to reach the Barcelona first team. For now, the interest is there. (via SPORT)

Xavi on the Ballon d'Or: "Leo is above"

The FC Barcelona Xavi Hernández has exhausted every possible type of controversy around the Ballon d'Or, where he finished third behind fellow Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi, and has ensured that the Argentine star is "above" the two world champions.

"I am happy to belong to the trio candidate for the Ballon d'Or Ten years ago, tell me and I do not think so. And Leo is above Andrew and me. It is the best in the world and possibly one of the top five football history, "he said in an interview to the magazine''Emotions''DiR gathered by Europa Press.

It revealed that said "Congratulations, machine!" Leo Messi at the time of his coach, Josep Guardiola, read his name to give the second Ballon d'Or "And he laughed. It's a helluva kind. Leo is so great ...", added Terrassa.

On the other hand, said work "instead of society" and football being football fan at a time. "People switched to football and I do not. In Spain is the number one leisure. I am a football fan and player. I try to talk about other things, but it is inevitable. I try not to watch certain programs or read certain newspapers, but what my colleagues explain everything, "he said.

"I know I'm a hundred percent privileged doubled. I paid a fortune for doing what I like, something that 80 percent of the population can not say, and I'm in my club because I'm culé to death. * What else I can ask? would be abused.'m so culé I see the club as a family business. I want to do well and suffer a lot, "he said in this regard.

As the pressure of the media, especially the authors of Villarato'',''said it was the famous "environment" that surrounds the Blaugrana. "Some added and others not. This club is united. Although he weighs. And besides, not only to win, but the way we do. We find it ironic that attempt to destabilize us with issues that are awesome" snapped.

Does not want political controversy to play with Spain or Catalunya, and equally enjoyed by both teams defending. "Pardon the expression, winning the World Cup is the host and to play for Catalan pride. At two o'clock I will always call me," he said.

"The experience of South Africa was a master in every way. For the living, by time, by early poor results, for the final triumph ... many feelings are mixed, many emotional ups and downs. After the first loss we conjure but had to be very strong mentally. Mucho "he said in memory of the last World Cup, first won by Spain. (via AS)