28 January 2011

Guardiola: "The image of Barcelona's Keita, with the minutes that his rude coach makes you play!"

As usual in his press conferences, today reviewed Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona through several names.

Barça coach congratulated by Sergio Busquets renewal - "a very important player in the dressing room" - and underlined the performance of Hadrian, "it is not easy, when you have little continuity, replace Alves."

The best compliments were, once again, to an alternate team, midfielder Seydou Keita: "The image of this team is Keita. His rude coach does play ten or fifteen minutes, but he always shows his generosity. Hope he is the image that we can look here at the end of season, "he said.

Guardiola also spoke of the campaign that orchestrated the club to better assist the parties Miniestadi in contesting the Barcelona B.

"When I coached we were in third and no one was coming. But now a second team and play against good opponents. I would ask the fans to go to the field, not by the campaign, but because the good players and there are subsidiary the team plays very good football, "he said. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Madrid is going to fail very little"

FC Barcelona will face this Saturday the only team that has been able to win in the league. Pep Guardiola is assumed that the visit to Hercules "is one of the most difficult exits ahead, there is still a lot of league and the distance from Madrid is very short."

Guardiola said he has no thorn in the loss to the Alicante in the first round.

Barca coach takes the game with the utmost caution and with the same caution as always. His stumbling block before the Alicante in the first round does not mean an extra motivation: "I have very few thorns. And it is not a defeat."

"We have not talked about that loss in the locker room. With only three days between games should be disturbing to some players and give them rest.'ve Trained well," he added.

Guardiola, yes, it is clear that one can not lower our guard because, among other things, his main challenger on the League is only four points: "We know that Madrid will miss very little. It is a very strong team and leads three years doing a lot of points. We have to do the same. " (via SPORT)

Alves is discharged and will fly to Alicante

Dani Alves, recovered from the hamstring injury, is the main novelty of the call to play Barca in the field of Hercules. Bojan, to the stomach, is low. Rounding out the top Nolito and Font.
The coaching staff has announced the list of 19 players who will travel to Alicante to face Hercules on Saturday at 20 hours. Highlights the presence of Dani Alves , once recovered from the hamstring injury that occurred against Malaga. By contrast , Bojan still having stomach problems and joins Puyol and limbo in the lower section .

Complete the call and Font Nolito of B . The expedition will leave Barca on the Saturday at 10.50 hours from the airport of El Prat. Before beginning the meeting, Pep Guardiola will have to dismiss a player.

The team has trained on Friday morning behind closed doors at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Have jumped on the grass the 19 players summoned against Hercules. Bojan failed to exercise due to upset stomach to prevent him from traveling to Alicante and Jeffren Puyol and have continued doing specific work on the sidelines.

Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Adriano, Piqué, Milito, Fontàs, Abidal, Maxwell, Mascherano, Busquets, Keita, Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, Messi, Villa, Pedro y Nolito. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan, low in training ... and Alves recovered

Bojan Krkic missed practice Friday for FC Barcelona due to some stomach problems.

Daniel Alves side, out injured for the last two weeks, was brought to normal and could be ready for the meeting this Saturday against Hercules.

Pep Guardiola was also in the preparatory session with the youth squad and Fontàs Nolito. (via SPORT)

400,000 more for the Camp Nou grass

Concerned about its condition and the club has bought four machines to heat, is expected to improve in February.

After the game against Almeria , Pep Guardiola again complained of the grass. It was evident that the grass was not right and the ball was strange. Just after the meeting, Andoni Zubizarreta became interested in the subject and yesterday there were talks with Royal Verd, the company responsible, to draw conclusions. The main one is that, according to Royal Verd, in February, the grass can be much better than now.

The accumulation of matches (4 in last 14 days), severe weather and the fact that the grass is replanted only three months ago have taken their toll. But now they are 25 days in which there are only two home games, the club expects an improvement. To achieve this, have brought four more heat lamps, for rent, in addition to the four already there to help the warming and improving the grass. These machines will become the property of Barcelona from July and will cost 400,000 euros and will be charged to the expense of next season. With those eight lamps, and can cover half the field.

On the other hand, Zubizarreta RKB was yesterday and spoke of the present Barca. On Guardiola and renewal, said "we have no concern that it will go anywhere. There is no sound of offers for him. And I go every year worked. With him there is no timetable, the timetable is to renew. " Praised Cesc ("is a great player, special, different"), said that Mourinho "does not fit today in Barcelona , "talked about Alves ("we want to continue and he wants to continue"), interest cooled somewhat Van der Wiel and pulled chest Abidal : "We are working on its renovation. At the beginning of the season many did not believe in it as central and look at the performance. It will be a quick negotiation." (via MD)

Dani Alves, ready to receive the medical

The side overcomes his hamstring and could return tomorrow against the Hercules after twelve days' absence.

End of road for Dani Alves, the Brazilian side, injured during the match against Malaga, is about to receive a medical discharge after having chained for several consecutive workouts at the same rate as the rest of the squad.

The Brazilian has almost overcome the hamstring injury that prevented him playing against Racing in the league and against Betis and Almeria Cup and getting into the squad to travel tomorrow to Alicante. The other two injured staff, Carles Puyol and Jeffren Suárez, met the reclamation work planned by the trainers.

After the Cup match against Almeria, the staff made the traditional recovery session, especially the headlines, but Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Pinto and Pedro did not jump to the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva and worked in the gym. Bojan Krkic, who had suffered from stomach problems and could not enjoy any minute to Almeria, was brought to normal.

Pep Guardiola only quoted a subsidiary player to complete the session, the goalkeeper Jordi Masip. Neither Martín Montoya nor Marc Bartra low, who had tried to technical orders in the days before, worked with the first team. The good performance of Alves and the strong commitment of the subsidiary, which receives morning Celta Vigo in the Mini Stadium, they chose not to leave Guardiola Luis Enrique, coach of Barça B, without two of its most important defense.

Barca will train today at eleven o'clock, the first day that Pep Guardiola will have all their players at the same time to prepare for the clash against Hercules, the only team to have beaten Barca in the league.
The staff prepared a special game thoroughly so you have proof of revenge and personal to all members of the Blaugrana after the defeat in the Camp Nou (0-2). (via SPORT)

Barça and Real Madrid could face four times in April

In the 2001-02 season, Barcelona and Madrid were the faces four times in official matches, two in league and two in the semis of the Champions League - with three of these free in the space of 54 days spread between March, April and May. Now there may even be five classics in total, a record, let alone, four of them could be played in a single month, April, never seen.

At the moment it is safe to Madrid - FC Barcelona League, initially scheduled for 16 January. And after the results of the semis round of Copa -5 to 0 from Barcelona to Almería and 0-1 of the Real in the Sánchez Pizjuán - everything points to the 20 th and white Barca will also face the copera final. That is, a classic is safe and a second, very likely.

Could there be a third or a third and a fourth Champions testing it with Barca and Madrid should be overcome first round of the tournament and then be matched in the quarter and semi finals draw on 18 March.

If there were crossing in the quarter, the sum of classicos in April could be three (if they frustrate the final match in the cup-bearer) or four, if both 'big' yes you can see the faces in the finals of the knockout tournament.

Meanwhile, if the hype holds a clash for semis, there would be a classic in April (the way) and another in May (the return). And April can host a total of three clashes between the archrivals.

As regards the overall 2010-11 season, may be the usual two classico suspenders, these plus one in the final of Copa or one in the final of Champions (3 in total), these plus one in the final Cup plus one final Champions in May (4), these plus one in the final Cup and two in the semis of the Champions (5) and these and two more in the semis of the Champions (4). The picture is huge: imagine a classico April with four against Madrid of ' Mou ', two of them in just 5days (League and Cup) and poker full two weeks? Posts to dream, and if there were a 4 / 4 Barça?

The confrontation between Barcelona and Madrid will surely continue in the next season, it seems clear that both shared League and Cup , which in August will be Supercopa with Classico (s). (via MD)

Carles Puyol is optimistic about his own injury

Carles Puyol says on its website that his injury is progressing well and that your feelings are increasingly good. "With respect to my injury, every day is better, we marked a week of rest and feelings are getting better." Tendinopathy Barca captain away from the pitch awaiting the evolution of the lesion. (via MD)

Drenthe: "I want to rock the Barça"

leaders.Royston Ricky Drenthe (April 8, 1987, Rotterdam) is a nice mug. It looks like a gangsta, rasta, but speaks Spanish rascal from the streets of Madrid.

-Always mention the desire you have to Barcelona Why is it so special for you to face the team Guardiola?

It's special because I am a Real Madrid. I know the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid. I grew up with Feyenoord and Real Madrid in the heart. Many Dutch were set in Barcelona, because there were players from my country playing there, but my first shirt was Madrid. My father gave me and was Ronaldo.

-The Real Madrid remembers the play he had with Valdés at the Camp Nou. How have marked its history would have been different?

I remember the life of the play "Who would not like to score a goal against Barcelona? I'm young and I will have more opportunities tomorrow, for example. I'm ready to play, the knee is better and motivates me to mark Valdes. It is a great keeper but I want to rock it to Barca.

-Front will not only Valdés, is facing a team in a state of grace ...

Did you see Iniesta against Racing? Not the guy misses a ball, has great quality. Messi also, I like your roll in the field. They are two different players Xavi. Barcelona's midfield is fantastic. And then there Alves, running without stopping.

-How do you beat Barça?

Playing as Hercules (laughs). And we beat them in the Nou Camp, so we have to repeat the same again.

-You have experienced the best costume and shared Messi Cristiano Are comparable?

For me they are not comparable, the two put a lot of goals but they are very different players. I stay with them. People have a wrong picture of Ronaldo. In the dressing room is a man: It's very nice to everyone. People see arrogant, but has to because the whole Christian world is watching.

-Mou also need an image consultant ...

Mourinho is different from the press that the players. There will always fire. It is a great coach with experience. There is a current technician.

-Next season may coincide again Do you think he can hurt refusing to train with Hercules?

I do not regret what I said or did because I had a reason. I think the same at 100%. (via SPORT)

New attempt to fill the Mini

Subsidiary matches have an average attendance of around 2,000 fans per game, a figure expected to increase.

Barca has to work to try to solve an endemic problem: the lack of public attendance at the Mini Estadi. Neither the Second Division, or have to la Masia the quarry in world football and footballers have extreme quality has served to increase an amount that the club considered poor. Average attendance at the Mini Estadi is around 2,000 spectators.

The intention is to link the image of Barça B to the club in general. Hence the theme chosen: "When you go to the Mini you will see the club," reads the campaign launched yesterday by the media of the entity. Includes TV, radio sills, advertisements in print media and social networking presence. All seasoned with the presence of three heavyweights in the club in the quarry, Carles Rexach, Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, who has lent his image to promote the affiliate parties blaugrana and lower grades. All three have past or present ties to Barca B. Rexach played for FC Barcelona, predecessor of today's second team, Guardiola has been a player and coach, while Luis Enrique is the current coach. The end of the campaign slogan is clear and conclusive. Effective it will be decided by the audience: "We have a glorious past, present and future legend that is beginning to make history in the Mini."

Barça also notes that prices for access to the stadium Blaugrana are very popular. In fact, members should not pay anything to enter the Mini Estadi and also can buy three tickets priced at 5 euros. On the other hand, under 7 are admitted free until 12 years also enter freely, provided they are accompanied by an adult. The rest of the public can buy tickets from 7 euros. The goal would be, in addition to advertising, the club did everything possible for players to grant interviews, something that Luis Enrique will not allow. In fact, the coach himself does not give press conferences after the games, which makes them less promotion. (via SPORT)

Operation Abidal

Eric Abidal might hang up his boots at FC Barcelona. The French defender, 31, is in negotiations to extend his contract ...

The Catalan club announced on Thursday will offer to its Gallic player representative, who is free in 2012.

The ship offers Abidal expand its relationship through 2013 with an option for a further year depending on the matches.

Matendría defender salary conditions similar to those you have now. Abidal belongs to the fourth level of the staff salary.

The deal could close in the coming days. If finally comes to fruition, all that remains the goal of Pinto, just contract in June, and Daniel Alves, who is freed in 2012 and who have been interested in Manchester City. (via SPORT)

Rochina: "It's an irresistible offer"

Rubén Rochina pending an agreement between Barcelona and Blackburn Rovers to go to the Premier League during the winter market.

A failure to close the operation permanently, the Valencia striker, who stayed out of the squad before the Rayo Vallecano, does not hide his desire to leave: "It's an irresistible offer and I did not think, here I have many opportunities and I can continue to grow as a footballer in England. " The art recognizes that "I'm on the sidelines and is a matter for the clubs. If you do not agree I will stay here until June, but is an opportunity that I can not pass because I was just within the team. " The presence of Reuben Rochina the Blaugrana subsidiary has been very uneven throughout the season, which helped him decide to leave the club Catalans to try his luck in British football. (via SPORT)

Barca-Atletico and has referee

The collegiate Castilian-Leonese referee Javier Turienzo Alvarez on Saturday February 5 (22.00 h) the match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the 22 th day of the season.

The Andalusian Rafael Ramirez Dominguez lead the Real Madrid-Real Sociedad on Sunday 6.

The complete list of arbitrators appointed to the conference to be held the first weekend of February in First and Second is:

First division (day 22):

Athletic, Sporting Gijon Vitienes Teixeira JA (C. Cantabria)
Barcelona-Atco. Turienzo Alvarez Madrid (C. Castilian-L.)
Valencia-Hercules F. Teixeira Vitienes (C. Cantabria)
Zaragoza-Racing Rubinos Perez (C. Madrid)
Sevilla-Malaga Muñiz Fernández (C. Asturian)
Getafe-Deportivo Alvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalan)
Gonzalez-Levante Villarreal (C. Castilian-L.)
Almeria Espanyol Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Real Madrid-Real Sociedad Ramírez Domínguez (C. Andaluz)
Osasuna-Mallorca Churches Villanueva (C. Gallego)

Second Division (Week 23):

Elche, Cartagena López Melero (C. Andaluz)
Xerez-Barcelona "B" Lesmo Lopez (C. Madrid)
Iglesias-Prieto Numancia Celta (C. Navarro)
Rayo Vallecano-Córdoba Gil Manzano (C. Extremadura)
Salamanca, Tenerife Pérez Montero (C. Andaluz)
Girona-Gimnastic Hernández Hernández (C. Las Palmas)
Huesca Las Palmas-Munuera Martínez (C. Valenciano)
Jaime Latre Ponferradina-Alcorcón (C. Aragonés)
Albacete-Villarreal "B" Valdés Aller (C.Castellano-Leon)
Valladolid, Granada Amoecho Chas (C. Gallego)
Betis-Recreativo Miranda Torres (C. Catalan). (via SPORT)