27 January 2011

"When you go to the Mini you will see Barça"

Pep Guardiola, Charly Rexach and Luis Enrique are the new stars of the promotional campaign for FC Barcelona to attract partners and fans Miniestadi.

"No matter who we play and where we play. The most important thing is how we play" is the phrase coined by Pep Guardiola. Carles Rexach adds: "The same spirit, the same way you play, the same boat you always wait for the Mini." And finally, Luis Enrique invites you to discover "in the Mini Barça players of the future."

Guardiola, Rexach and Luis Enrique are three significant figures for Barcelona. All three played in the first team and all three have been part of the branch at some point. There are three authoritative voices who know what they talk about when they refer to the quarry. So they can finish the recording, which starts on Saturday, saying: "We have a glorious past. A present and a future legend that is beginning to make history in the Mini."

It is recalled that access to the Mini is free for sociosy which also can buy three tickets priced at 5 euros. (via SPORT)

Esteban, convinced to give the stroke back at Barça

Esteban Vigo coach Hercules, said Thursday he is "convinced" that his team can repeat a victory on Saturday as he did in the first round of the League against Barcelona.

"After hearing the debates, probably have nothing to do but I am convinced that it is not. If then we are able or not depends on many things, such as maintaining voltage during the ninety minutes, as in the Camp Nou everything goes well and the two or three occasions with the mark at first, "he said.

For Stephen, the meeting on Saturday at the Rico Perez Stadium in Alicante is "the same" in terms of difficulty for the Hercules that of the first round, although it acknowledged that "the level of play does not seem to Barcelona much to the first game. "

Furthermore, when asked whether Barcelona expects strong desire to win the loss to the Hercules in the second game of the season, said the Barcelona showing more desire every day. "Yesterday, with 5-0 further tightened up," he said of the Cup game against Almeria.

"It's a team that is in a very good in every way: football, moral and illusions and will pass to the Cup final," said Stephen, who reiterated that if the Hercules makes "good things" may "complicate" the party to Barcelona.

Esteban, on the other hand, hinted that the alignment may differ from the one used in the Nou Camp because "it will not renounce the good" that his team is local, which has proven to be a whole "competitive."

In this regard, said not being afraid to Barcelona or the goals that can fit your team, but "lose the game."

On the other hand, Stephen referred to the situation of midfielder Royston Drenthe, who she said "has to adapt to the group" and not vice versa.

"If you want to adjust, no problems, if not willing, the will," said the coach, who did not disclose even if the Dutch will join the squad for the game. (via SPORT)

Players recover from Wednesday night

The squad enjoyed a session focussed on recovering from last night’s exertions this lunchtime as they turned their attention to Saturday’s game against Hercules. The players also showed their satisfaction with Busquets’ new deal.

Following the win over Almeria, the players were back in training this lunchtime, the first of two sessions scheduled ahead of the game against Hercules on Saturday night(20.00).

It was wet and chilly at the Ciutat Esportiva this morning and with the exception of Pinto, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro and Messi who worked out in the gym, the players who figured last went through a gentle session to warm down from their exertions in the 5-0 win over Almeria.

The rest of the squad, including Dani Alves who is still to receive the medical OK to play but trained normally, and B team keeper Jordi Masip, put in a session with one eye on Saturday’s game against Hercules.

The injured Jeffren and Puyol both continued to receive treatments for their injuries.

The squad will train at 11.00 on Friday at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in the last session before their game against Hercules and Pep Guardiola will face the media after the session. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandro Rosell received yesterday the ambassador's visit to Israel

The Blaugrana president, Sandro Rosell, yesterday held a meeting with Israeli ambassador, Raphael Schutz, in his office.

It was a courtesy meeting with the will to project the image of Barça in the world. The same goal is to be achieved through regular meetings that the club has with representatives of different areas and countries. It also serves to maintain its historical ties with the Middle East, where the club has supported several initiatives aimed to promote peace in the area. One example was the 'Match for Peace "of November 29, 2005, he faced in the Camp Nou Barca and a selection of players from Israel and Palestine. (via SPORT)

The Hercules left the boat without League after winning the last preceding

The Hercules receives Barcelona on Saturday at the Rico Perez Stadium fourteen seasons after the last game between both teams at Alicante in Alicante that all was victorious (2-1) and left the Catalan club with no chance of winning the title League of the campaign.

The Hercules faced that game 96-97 for the league as a team already relegated to the Second Division and victory against the team that led Bobby Robson left the Catalan no chance of winning the championship.

Barcelona stayed five points behind Real Madrid's Fabio Capello with just two rounds remaining in the league and the overall title went to Madrid.

The Hercules, which, as in this season was won in the Nou Camp in the game of the first round, came back to beat Barcelona at the Rico Perez after tracing a side marker.

Luis Enrique forward in the box score at Barca, where he played his now coach Josep Guardiola, three minutes.

Before the break Paquito Escudero, now technical secretary of Hercules, and equalized in the second half, the Croatian defender Dubravko Pavlicic scored the winning Alicante.

The Hercules, coached by Quique Hernandez fielded Rufai, Ferreras, Pavlicic, Stankovic, Anton, Paquito, Sandro, Parra (Varela), Paquita (Miljanovic), Alfaro and Amato (Rodriguez).

The Barcelona formed with Vitor Baia, Ferrer (Cuellar), Couto, Abelardo, Roger (Stoichkov), De la Pena, Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Figo, Amunike and Oscar Garcia.

The balance of clashes between the Hercules Alicante and Barcelona is five set victories Alicante, eight draws and six wins in the Catalans, the last in his penultimate visit to Rico Pérez, in the 1985-1986 season (1 - 2).

The numbers show that Alicante is a square that has been given particularly well to Barcelona in the league, as the balance of results is nearly balanced (especially if one takes into account the theoretical potential difference between the two clubs).

In the nineteen precedent, the Hercules scored twenty goals and Barcelona, two dozen. (via SPORT)

Ayza Gámez lead the Almería-Barcelona

The Spaniard Fernando Teixeira Vitienes lead the second leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey Real Madrid-Sevilla and Valencia Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez Almeria-Barcelona, both next week, as announced by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) .

Real Madrid won the first leg by 0-1 to Sevilla and Barcelona beat Almeria 5-0.The final of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday will be played April 20 and the stage is yet to be confirmed. (via SPORT)

Busquets renewal until 2015

Barça midfielder Sergio Busquets this morning signed a contract extension that will keep him at the club until 2015. The deal also includes the chance to extend the contract based on games played in its final season.
Club President Sandro Rosell and Sergio Busquets signed the new deal this morning at the Club offices. The agreement ensures the player will stay at the Club at least until 2015 and that could be automatically extended by a further season based on the number of games he plays in the final season of the contract.

Buyout clause upped from 80 to 150 million Euros

Sergio Busquets, 22, joined the first team squad in the 2008/09 season under Pep Guardiola. Since then he has won a place in the team and become a key part of the boss’ plans.

Busquets: "I am very happy. It's the best way to start the year, great news for everyone " . The midfielder has confessed to feeling "joy, excitement, many feeling all positive" for its renewal and explained: "I am very young, I have 22 years and expect to be a successful career" . Finally, Busquets, who has said to be "the best club in the world" , wanted "these years can be like that and I" . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves and Cruyff

The Barça is going to be confronted by one of his old ghosts: the renewal of its stars. So he lost Ronaldo in his youth, Maradona in his fabulous fullness, Romario out of laziness, and spent a decade without striker-to Luis Suárez for money and now Dani Alves .

The ineffable Cruyff just said it sold already. Just why would they do otherwise. I know no one more stingy than Cruyff and less reliable. And what moves to Barca's success Barça to Cruyff will move the money. If you do case "do box ', as he says, but the team will start cracking.

Because having a Dani Alves is playing with twelve and over with someone so fast that it's the only one who can follow the walls to Messi . Look good, clear that Xavi or Iniesta give good passes to Messi , but the only one up with Messi yours, mine and sneak into the kitchen is Alves .

And of course that Alves should charge the same as Xavi and Iniesta , ie must be in the second tier just behind Messi and above Valdés . Of course there are guys in the reserves, etc ... but if Sergio Busquets will not repeat the same way that Bojan is not Messi as much as we would like it to be.

A computer is a machine of precision timepieces, missing a piece the other suffer. Maxwell Abidal not even in dreams and Adriano Alves far as Keita Yaya Toure . If we begin to decide for money as you would Cruyff cease to be the best team in the world. Managers are not there 'per fer caixa' but to keep the best team in the world. Especially not selling undo greed. (via MD)

Busquets signed today with the club until 2016

The youth will be passed this morning by the president's office before training to close the contract.

Just four days Sergio Busquets (Badia, 1988) said that its renewal was " almost done, but until it is closed there is nothing firm . " Well that day is today. The squad this morning heading affixed to all documentation that guarantees a contract extension until 2016, three more seasons. Their clause is between 120 and 50 million euros. Will be before training and attendance of the president Sandro Rosell , Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu , sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and his representative Josep Maria Orobitg .

The firm will be the end to months of negotiations after the Barça understand that after two seasons performing at the highest level and then won the title of the World , was just reviewing your situation contraactual. The club believed that their salaries were outdated and should conform to the hierarchy of the template. The improvement should be in line with Valdes , Piqué and Puyol . Final details of the contract were closed last week and the idea was to make public the agreement and the formal ceremony on Monday but was postponed last few days.

Busquets made his debut with the first team in the second round of the League 2008-2009 against Racing . Pep had been addressed in the subsidiary in third and had a lot of confidence in the Barca midfielder. Since that time, his career was projected until December of the same 2008, the club gave him a first contract until 2013.

With the renewal of Busquets , the Barca have secured the backbone of the team for many years. Valdés and Villa until 2014, Iniesta, Pique and Peter 2015 and Xavi and Messi to June 2016. Remain to be negotiated Alves , Abidal and own Pep . El Barça no problems expected. (via MD)

Albert Benaiges: "The quarry is a world Barça"

Admiration for the Barça game grows and grows. The youth football sparks passion in all five continents.

Albert Benaiges hurries to the front office of the School of Barcelona. Since July is officially the new coordinator of the quarry's Al-Wasl in Dubai. A change of scenery product of a generous offer and admiration that the Barça model on five continents.

I already explained how a youth football coach of Barca football just running a quarry in Dubai.

I proposed it a few weeks ago. I traveled, I explained the project, convinced me, I spoke with the club and, after an agreement with Sandro Rosell, I ended up accepting. On July 15 start.

-Does the model really Barça so deep creek?

It is very simple. Barça quarry is now a world leader, the example to follow football in the five continents.

-And what you have asked? What does the Al-Wasl of Benaiges?

The whole world wants to imitate the style exhibited by the club. The challenge is to encourage creative talent and build on the offensive game of touch. In a way it's moving a football academy,

-How are transplanted so perfect a model in a couple of years?

The work is to coordinate all the players that range from 6 to 18 years. In parallel, and perhaps most importantly, will work with all coaches in the Persian Gulf. Is key to leave a method that ensures continuity in the future regardless of the individual.

-What do you know of Al-Wasl?

I know it's a club with a professional structure, good facilities and a strong desire to do well. Moreover, in his first team players such militant Fran Yeste and de Oliveira.

-What Sandro Rosell said when he presented his idea to leave to the adventure of Dubai?

I have only words of thanks to Rosell and the whole club. I opened the door and come to an agreement so I can return to Barça, the club all my life, when the project ends

-What memories will be on his journey on July 15?

Either way people always accompany me as Joan Vilà, Pozanco, Pedraza, Mr. Tort and José Ramón Alexanco. All these and lots of experience.

-Indeed, over the years at Barça, destáqueme unforgettable.

A cadete championship played in Mallorca Spain. In that team were Arteta, Reina, Víctor Valdés, Nano, Babangida and other players. It was memorable, very special.

-Do not you go alone? Would you accompany more technical?

I'm going with my son, who will cook, and I have permission to travel with two more technical, but I have not decided who will. I do not know if Barca or out, the important thing is to be my confidence.

-Will Barça without rancor?

I really do not hold grudges to anyone at the club. To the club and its leaders I have only words of thanks. If I were in the Sants, nobody would have called me. I repeat that I have the club open when you decide to return. I know it's my house, my life is at Barça.

-And until then?

Today I'm in the field of Trade. To continue with my work. (via SPORT)

Iniesta is displayed in a new announcement of Nike.

The midfielder will show all his class in a short which can be seen online from tomorrow.

The U.S. multinational Nike already has about its new promotional campaign that Andrés Iniesta will be the main character. The Barcelona player will focus on the launch of 'Nike CTR 360 Maestri II: Andrés Iniesta Take Control', a digital movie which shows his skills as a midfielder and his mastery of the midfield with the new shoes. The plot relates how the boots are the tools that allow Fuentealbilla provide endless opportunities for colleagues to dial.

This is the first time shooting a commercial using spherical video system in which six cameras are mounted together to capture a full 360 degree image. Thus, the viewer is transported to the heat and intensity of the battlefield. Andrés Iniesta always lead by action passes without errors, controlling the set pieces and fast-paced situations. The assistance will be directed at his fellow Eric Abidal and Thiago Alcantara, who also contribute to the short film.

Commenting on this announcement, Iniesta says that "in the middle of the field takes time and space, so a perfect control and any extra second to make a pass to change the game are key to my success." The player believes that the boots CTR 360 Maestri "allow me more control of the ball and give me the confidence to create opportunities to break the opposing defense and ultimately win games." The film will be broadcast internationally via internet tomorrow at the portals of 'You Tube'. 'Nikefootball.com' and 'Nike Facebook' after 14.00 h. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "We have taken an important step"

" It is doomed. There is a difference but we have good experience of what happened in Seville and Betis." "we have taken an important step.""we have to go with the same intensity that we played today."

"I always try to do my job the best." "I play a little less than last year but more important is the group." "It's like the opponent, what I want to win the Cup (in the case of reaching the final)."

"The important thing is that everyone can give their best. The team has returned to play a good game." "There is only one reading. That things are going well, both offensive and defensive." "It's a reality that we have a terrific result. We have a walk. But we Betis field experience where everything can change." "Pedro speaks for itself. You are making a spectacular season. And it is best to have plenty of time and football to offer."

"We're happy because this is very good for us. The first part of qualifying has been completed. Failure to seal it there next week." "We are delighted after winning 5 to 0 and as the team has played not only enjoy the outcome but also play on the field."

"The result is quite good but lacks finish. We have clear that in football there is nothing written. Sometimes you see surprises." "What happened against Betis experience helps us." "I'm happy to contribute my bit to keeping clean sheets." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "The experience of Seville is too cool"

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has warned that no one in the Catalan gives passage to the final of the Copa del Rey by closed, despite the 5-0 has endorsed in the first leg of the semifinals against Almeria Camp Nou.

The Barcelona coach recalled that the Barcelona was a rush against Betis in Seville (3-1), where he played the first leg of the quarterfinals with a 5-1 round in 14 minutes "if we could whistle that penalty have been 3-0. We could have driven one at that play and still had 75 minutes to go. "

"Sevilla's experience is too fresh," Rijkaard has stressed that this night has been a great new game on your computer, which has joined the eighth crash in which he scored five goals this season (plus 0 -8, precisely against Almeria in the league) and after that Barcelona has reached the 102 goals in official competitions.

Yes I had words of praise for his players, emphasizing the results as "huge and great," but also said that neither is even in the final, let alone wanted to assess the possibility that the opponent is the Real Madrid who won tonight against Sevilla (0-1) in the other semifinal.

Was overwhelming, however, again with the state of the lawn, apply to the entity to begin work within ten days that separate them from the next match in the Nou Camp. "The field is not well and the grass is thin. Maybe it has even more merit the result we have achieved," he noted.

Almeria, contrary to how they said their coach, Jose Luis Oltra, Guardiola himself who believes that all Almeria "was bold," noting that the rival of the ship if they went to look for Barça. (via SPORT)

Oltra, "I'm annoyed because we have not even tried"

The coach of Almería, José Luis Oltra , has said he was "annoyed" by the fact that his players "or even" try to take something positive from your visit to the Nou Camp, where they have fallen 5-0 in the semi-final round Copa del Rey , and was responsible for the defeat and not knowing how to convey what I wanted to see his players. "Today the team has not believed in what he could do. I'm annoyed because we have not even tried," he said strongly. "We were on a computer that has a sad feeling. I am the most guilty party today," he said.

In this regard, he added he did not expect to lose "so so bloated and so clear." "I did not expect to offer this image. It can happen, this Barcelona you can do it, but expected another image and I take responsibility. I have not been able to convey to the team what he wanted, has been in the first half," he said. "We have not been a team that will push out the opponent, or to be together and I hope behind, closing spaces and others. When in doubt, go and stay, passed what has happened. There have been four goals but could have been more. In the second part better, but could not do anything, "snapped the coach.

Therefore, said that the tie is already Blaugrana. "If convicted, almost. Our challenge is to win there (Almería) and change the image. We have got thirteen goals in two games. Our challenge, offering a totally different picture, try to win and improve performance," he said. "There is no formula, it does not know there is and put it into practice. He called chutzpah, to be a courageous team, told us to lose fear and has not been the case. They are very good, is complicated, but no team invincible "he said of the winning formulas that Barça . (via MD)

Centenario Pedro

Pedro Rodríguez has played against Almeria their official party number 100 with the club and has signed with a great goal. He made his debut three years ago with the first team and holds the record of scoring in six competitions in one season.

More: www.fcbarcelona.cat

More than 100 goals this season

Barça scoring ability seems to have no limits. Today has been 5 to Almeria and has already passed the hundred goals in 35 official games played so far.

More: www.fcbarcelona.cat

[Copa del Rey 1/2final Leg1] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Almería

The Barcelona fans live in a permanent sleep. What is making this team the last three seasons is something apotheosis. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the constant calls for caution by Pep Guardiola. Blaugrana coach does not want to hear about the eight titles made in the last two seasons. But the reality invites the imagination to fly. For now, the club is leading the league, is in the quarterfinals of the Champions ... and has a foot in the Best Cup final, impossible.

Technical Data;

FC Barcelona: Pinto; Adriano, Piqué, Abidal, Maxwell (Milito, min.81), Mascherano, Xavi (Keita, min.74), Iniesta, Pedro, Messi y Villa (Afellay, min.66).

Almería: Esteban; Míchel Macedo, Pellerano, Carlos García, Luna, M'bami, Vargas, Piatti (Ortiz, min.84), Corona (Uche, min.61), Crusat y Goitom (Ulloa, min.74).

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (Colegio valenciano).

Incident: First leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey match at the Nou Camp before 49,875 spectators. (via SPORt)

Barça want to Van der Wiel

The FC Barcelona would be interested in signing the player from Ajax , Gregory van der Wiel , according to some media, after negotiations to renew the right side, Dani Alves , is complicated.The Catalan club has about 20 million euros to be spent. The Manchester United would also be interested in it. (via MD)