25 January 2011

Guardiola: "The word semifinal and puts you on alert"

Pep Guardiola maintains the requirement to visit the USA in a press conference where he talked about Villa, Xavi, Real Madrid and his future.

Pep Guardiola , coach of Barcelona , has spoken at the press conference prior to the first leg of the semifinals against Almeria at the Nou Camp where he has dealt with other issues such as Xavi, Alves, Villa and Puyol, their future and Real Madrid.

Almeria, Pep has rejected comparisons with the league result: "People are not stupid and knows that we will not win 8-0 . In the semifinals the results are always adjusted and decided in Almeria. The word semifinal puts you on alert and we will have be gut " . Emphasizes that "0-8 is not because he has spent time reference, there has been a coaching change. They are a final step and Cruse and Piatti and spaces are very dangerous space. Besides its defensive movimiento also different. " And makes it clear that by going to the competition: "The intention is to get a good result." Effort has also asked the fans if the cover: "I understand people, it's cold and it is normal that many choose to stay at home but hopefully come as there are reasonable grounds to be back in the final of the Copa del Rey that cost a lot to win. "

Guardiola has once again raised the guard to the environment when it stated: "It is a week rather important both because they get in the end cost much as the Hercules we complicated things on the way home. " The Barcelona coach stressed that "there are always opponents to value at the right time in which you face. Almeria now has another dynamic, drawn at home to Real Madrid no small thing and has intensity and high blood pressure"

The Santpedor asks to be with his feet on the floor and returned to flee triplet thoughts about: "When your mind or preparation of the target is far away there is a tendency to disperse and focus on what must be shorter than the training today or next game. " Is it easier Cup League? There is no easy competition. It is a special competition because many teams have nothing to lose and the players are let go and no easy games. Before the game there is always a point of doubt and the semi-finals are always very hard. "

On injuries and Puyol Alves, Pep has proved wise after the side was a perfectly normal train today with the group: "Dani Alves is fine but you have to go with caution" also has reiterated its confidence in the renewal Brazilian: "It's an important player and I do not want to stay here is unhappy, is entitled to demand." Meanwhile, Puyol has revealed that "not a single injury and not because we set standards that we will have a few days away. May be only two or three games." He has also advanced that "the club is considering the issue of grass because the ball does not go fine."

Spaniard's adaptation Barca coach says that "a party that is the talent of the player and their willingness to adapt. If you have an open mind and 80% have done and everything is more simple," also has secured the latest addition, Ibrahim Afellay, "I am very happy with the adaptation."

Meanwhile, Xavi, the Barcelona coach ensures that the de Terrassa, who turns 31 today, "still has a lot of football in his legs. Harvey will coach safe in the future because they are bored at home and hope he does some time and be in this house and can do so well as a player.

Pep has avoided talking about his future away from Barcelona and is thinking about this: "I do not think any of that. I learned as a player and I came here because I had an idea about my future and everything went upside down and just think I'm here and try to respond to the players. What players talk about my renewal? Do not ask me and I will not respond "to joke that" I make the ball. "

Contrary to the comments coming from Madrid, ensuring that the Barca game bored, Guardiola has been smart with the eternal rival: "I do not see the Real Madrid wrong, I see many virtues and are very very good." In this sense he recalled that "what makes sense of all are the titles. Then people might remember the game but the most important thing is winning." (via MD)

Bojan and Alves, with the group

Barca is focused squarely on the preparation of the Cup semifinal against Almeria. He has participated in the session on Wednesday Bojan, absent stomach problems on Monday. Alves has exercised the normal group.
The first team has trained on Tuesday, in a preparatory session which began at 11 hours and took place at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, and continues with the preparation of the party on Wednesday at the Camp Nou against Almeria corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. In addition, the first team players available, young people have participated Barça B Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya .

If Josep Guardiola recovered on Monday Pinto , who on Saturday had been low before the Racing for stomach problems, this time recovered Bojan Krkic has been absent from the first workout of the week suffering the same ailment that the goalkeeper.

Also noteworthy for Dani Alves , who is still recovering from an injury fibrillary grade 1 in the femoral biceps of his right leg. And is that the Brazilian side FC Barcelona, who on Monday was part of the work with the group, has continued with normal total activity training on Tuesday along with the rest of his teammates .

Jeffren Puyol , meanwhile, continue with the recovery from injury . Recall that Jeffren suffering a broken left rectus femoris, while recovering from Puyol in the vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee.

Right at the start of a preparatory session marked by low temperatures, Xavi Hernández , who is currently serving 31 years , has received congratulations from Josep Guardiola, who has been talking for a while. Then, all coaches and players met in the middle of training camp to spend a round of applause on his birthday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Christiano: "Xavi deserved more Ballon d'Or"

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid said he feels no envy for the second Ballon d'Or awarded to Barcelona's Argentinian Leo Messi, although preferred to get the trophy was Xavi Hernández.

In an interview with Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport ", the Portuguese star, Golden Ball in 2008, talks about his rivalry with Messi, who pursues him with four goals less in the fight for the trophy for top scorer in the Spanish league season.

"I have an obsession with direct rivalry with him. It's the same I feel for the other players. One thing, however, is certain: the best of all I want to be," said the Real Madrid striker.

"I feel envy at all Messi. My priority is to win many Spanish Champions League with Real Madrid, no Ballon d'Or," he adds.

The Portuguese said that if last Ballon d'Or has gone for the second time, to Messi "means that he deserved" but suggests that he liked another candidate, also from Barcelona Xavi, who defined as "a very important player," which, among other things, has won the last World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo admits he is "difficult" to get to win the Spanish League this season ahead of Barcelona, but says it is possible, as the Catalans are not so far in the table and Real Madrid should think only overcome by the end campaign.

The next "clásico" between the two teams will not be decisive, as the white front, but will be a great "challenge" after last November's 5-0 in the Camp Nou.

"That game we've forgotten and we will surely be a lesson. You will see that next time we will be more prepared to face Barcelona. That was a bad night for many of us. At least eight out of eleven had a below-average performance, Ronaldo said.

The Portuguese spoken in addition to his coach and compatriot, Jose Mourinho, of which much has been said lately about a possible departure from Real Madrid at the end of the season and that he is not a dictator, but a person "open" good listener and always defended his players.

"I can only say that I would be happy if I could have him as coach until the end of my career. And I hope to stay many years here in Madrid," said the striker.

"I identify with him. I discovered that we have much in common. I'm happy to work with a very ambitious person," the Real Madrid, who now says he does not see any young talent in Europe with its characteristics, "perhaps there better. "

Cristiano Ronaldo also said he got clear, both as a teammate Iker Casillas with his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero sports journalist, the "misunderstanding" arose from a statement by the reporter about his "selfishness" of football.

Real Madrid striker also ensures that you are trying to stay calm during the games, despite the "provocations" and confesses that he would like his son to become his "successor" in the field of play. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya machine, the fixed 'Lucho'

If the first team is Andres Iniesta the only player field completed the first round being always holds at the Barça B Martín Montoya is untouchable Luis Enrique. Given the rotation of the three goalies (Rubén Miño, Jordi Masip and Oier Olazabal), the right side is the only player in the Barca subsidiary that has not lost a minute to the Ecuador Second A.

Encouraged to occupy the only position without bending the entire staff, Montoya is doing honor to the nickname that you receive in the locker room. Al Viladecans, which on April 14 will celebrate 20 years, he is called "machine" peers thanks to its extraordinary physical condition. Overcoming a spirit of bombproof strengthened by the painful personal trance have lost their mother a year and half ago, Montoya, who has his brother Mark in Vilamoura, explains his candidacy in the field if someday Pep Guardiola needs their help in the first team. Since his debut in the Copa Catalunya in September 2008 in the Sant Andreu and also acted in December to L'Hospitalet in an eleven made up entirely of kids from the branch but could not go to the Asian tour to be with the U-19, where was European runner-up. Depending on what happens with the future of Dani Alves, Montoya will continue going up and down the band to the attention of Pep.

In the campaign, "Lucho" he said without naming them "there are two indisputable players in this team." The Spaniard was referring to the far left and central Nolito Andreu Font-handed, third and second in the ranking of minutes played and also have helped the first team in the league today. The striker Jonathan Soriano, fourth chapter of minutes, is by far the top scorer with 11 goals, followed by Nolito (6). In the case of other districts, Marc Bartra has been the central common law, while the rotations have affected more allateral left (Muniesa, Abraham and plans), the pivot position, usually occupied by Oriol Romeu until his injury, after which Ilie has gained prominence without being a natural midfielder, the interiors, with 'overbooking' of troops (Dos Santos, Sergio Roberto Carmona) and right (Edu Oriol, Tello, Rochina, Saul Berjón and Benjamin). In midfield, the progress of Martí Riverola on loan to Vitesse Albert Ferrer has been covered by the juvenile Rafa Alcantara, who has already left flashes of his class in three appearances off the bench, and he joined his brother on Saturday Thiago after returning from the first team to have continuity. Ago, the central Sergi Gomez has been alternating the juvenile with the reserves, while injuries have deprived them of continuity Víctor Vázquez, interior and end as provided.

If the initial goal was to stay Barça B and tanned to the talents to the Camp Nou, 31 points (one more than in 1995-96 with the Fifth Mini) and the sixth since it would allow him to play the playoff in the event not being a subsidiary account for more than commendable balance for the team of Luis Enrique. After becoming the fourth in eight games thanks to four victories in their first four home games, the streak of eight games without a win, broken two days ago in Salamanca (2-3) has not spent too much bill. The challenge of the fifth highest scoring set (35) is now filling the Mini. (via MD)

[Barça ] Barca will not yield to Thiago

Thiago Can not move from Barca. Italian-Spanish midfielder has a big sign, not only in Spain but also in the rest of Europe, but the Catalan club do not want to pass up. In addition to Racing de Santander, whose president, Francisco Pernia, used his visit to Camp Nou on Saturday to ask Sandro Rosell for the jewel of the quarry, teams like Sevilla, Zaragoza and some English were also interested him.

In all cases, the club, through their leaders, thanked the interest but the response has been identical: "Thanks, but Thiago is not moving from here." And is that even though this season has barely minutes into the first team, confidence in the Italian-Spanish midfielder is complete by the technicians of the house.

On Thursday, Mazinho, Thiago father and agent, met with Andoni Zubizarreta to know in detail the intentions of Barcelona for your child. Mazinho left satisfied with the talk because the athletic director explained that the club has Thiago for the future. In fact, last week and made public entity Barca on their website that next season will Thiago information about the first team. It was to enforce a policy clause negotiated earlier with the player, which at the time that he had information about the first team, Thiago automatically renew his current contract, which expired on June 30, until June 2013.

Pending final leap to the first team now Thiago to make the most of minutes that will have on the B. (via MD)

Barça plans Atila Turan

If a few days ago we reported the monitoring of the boat to the French promise young Atila Turan, in recent days has continued Barca closing in on the player to make his move.

After the good performances of the GF side, 38-Bojan Krkic Barca the scout saw him play recently, "the club would have already been sent to the representative of Turan future plans it has for the player as recognized Sebastien Thierry his agent: "We are on 3 January and kept in touch ever since."

Thus, the intention of the team is FC Barcelona defender joins Barça B discipline next summer to gain experience and adapt to the typical style of play Barça. Thus, in two or three years, it is expected that the progression of Turan allowed to break into the first team.

The delicate state of GF 38, last in the French Ligue 2, means that the priority at this time for either the defense to save his team, yet they hide not the interest of Barcelona delighted him. "I am proud to come and see me play, but I can not devolve. For now the club is not the priority, the important thing is to save the team," Turan said the French press. (via SPORT)

Cruyff: "The Barça is a sensational team Alves or without him

Former Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff Dani Alves asked if he has an offer from Manchester City not think twice and to accept it, yes, with transfer at the end of the season that will benefit Barcelona.

In his traditional Monday cover of 'El Periódico de Catalunya', the former coach and coach Barca Catalan believes that in negotiating the renewal of the contract are not guilty Dani Alves.

"A player is not a bad movie to have the supply you have, and neither is the club for not reaching beyond what is offered. They are simply facts," he said.

"When you come for a club like Manchester City and break your salary scales like nothing, no possible advantage. Where you look and looked again, the other opens the tap a little oil and that was that," he added, in relation to millionaires English team's owners.

For Cruyff, Barça "is a sensational team, with Alves or not, although he would prefer him on their team because" nobody is questioning their quality. "

"Is it true that claims the offer Manchester City and if so, or try to hold it. And no waiting until his contract next year and be free," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Víctor Vázque does not close the door to Sporting Lisbon

Barcelona B midfielder said he would not mind to go to Portugal if not renewed by the club.

Víctor Vázquez wants to renew as soon as possible because otherwise you could go to the Portuguese football. These words could have come out of his mouth as published "Digital Diary" of Portugal. You see this is a case very similar to Nolito, which carries more than a month flirting with Benfica.

Vázque, who trains regularly orders Pep Guardiola told the newspaper 'A Bola' that "I have not yet reached any offer from Portuguese club."

I have not spoken to my agent, but soon will meet with leaders Barca if I will renew or whether, instead, give me a free agent. I have to wait for the Barcelona decision, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan dos Santos: "Being in the club can not be missed"

Is focused solely on improving day by day as a player and prefer not to think about his possible departure.

Jonathan dos Santos has no intenciónde leave the club. Although the club as SPORT published last week has opened the doors, the Mexican midfielder has struggled too much to stay as close to the shore.

"I'm very comfortable here in Barca B and in the second division, a competition in which there is high quality and can play football. Being in the club is an opportunity not to be missed. In addition, Pep Guardiola up there and is a technician who rely heavily on the quarry, so I'm very happy, "says the brother of former Blaugrana Giovani. Jonathan feels that "the club is very happy with me and I'm very happy here, but is aware that you never know what will happen in the future:" The first thing is to stay until the end of the season and then things will happen and "said the footballer. Jonathan began his career as Blaugrana in Child B and has always maintained a slow but steady growth. Their presence in the first team last season, when Pep was given the opportunity to debut. It was in the Cup, before the Cultural Leon, 28 October 2009. Since then, his role grew, until the arrival of Thiago this season returned to the branch regularly. Jonathan is standard in the world: "First of all daily work and will gradually moving things. We must work hard to be up there someday. " Also, now shares a dressing room with their 'brothers', the Alcantara: "Not that I feel alone, but with Thiago and Rafa got along great from small." (via SPORT)

[Youth] Icardi given up the 'Samp'

The promising young Mauro Icardi Barcelona will play given the remainder of the season with the team's spring Sampdoria.The agreement between the two organizations ended materialize in the last hours and the young Barca march to Genoa to play Sampdoria. (via SPORT)

Without Puyol, Almería is more

When not out and three days after Carles Puyol had to leave the playing field against Racing, within the Catalan club there is a huge venture prudence to reach the exact date of his comeback. After confirmed on Sunday in the vastus lateralis tendinitis of the left leg of Barca captain, medical services Barcelona entity preferred to remain cautious and said that its development would mark the availability in future meetings. 'Puyi' completed yesterday the first day of conservative treatment to end the suffering severe pain but the club remains silent about the time it will be in dry dock. This attitude reflects the desire not to push the player to cut recovery times, which has been a norm over his twelve seasons in the first team, as well as a desire not to rush with an injury "has very bad shadow ", as Dr. Ramon Cugat said on MD in our edition yesterday.

In the dressing room of the Ciutat Esportiva several versions circulating around the back of Puyol. While some believe that the Pobla de Segur play again in about ten days, others are less optimistic. Perhaps to end the intense pain and avoid the risk of relapse could be fatal at a key moment of the season, some stakeholders believe that the Barca defense should remain two weeks off and need another two weeks more to recover the physical tone and race pace. In any case, the primary objective remains to have Puyol in perfect conditions to visit Arsenal in the knockout round of the Champions League on 16 February. (via MD)

Tito Vilanova: "We must believe in what he says Pep Guardiola

Tito Vilanova, second Barca coach, yesterday reviewed today in the program 'The Mitjanit club' of Catalunya Radio, noting that the fans should be reassured by the continuity of Pep Guardiola. "Before the elections I have not discuss this issue with him for a second. We must believe in what he says. With natural and normal, it will end up doing," he said on the renewal of Pep. Along the same lines was expressed about the continuity of Dani Alves. "I am convinced that making agreements will end," he said.

Patience with Bojan

On the other hand, Vilanova Bojan asked to be patient, the same as the fans with him. "You have to be patient and people should be with him. The position of band that we offer is good for him, as for Villa, because they can emerge for the auction."

On Thiago, Tito said that "we will turn good football because he is a player with a lot of imbalance," but explained that now play in the first team is expensive. "Everybody thinks that the ideal is up to the first team at 18, but neither is 18 or were 25 of my time," said. (via MD)

Racing wants to take Thiago

Racing took advantage of his visit to Camp Nou to ask one of the jewels of the quarry Barcelona's midfielder Thiago Alcántara.

Cantabrian club president, Francisco Pernia, asked his counterpart, Sandro Rosell Barcelona about the possibility of incorporating the youth squad before the end of the 'market' for winter, January 31, according to 'The Daily mountain. "

The Racing assumes that the operation is nearly impossible, since Pep Guardiola has the Hispano-Brazilian despite him not playing regularly with the first team.

Pernia, in any case, was this weekend at the Mini Stadium to see him in action in the Barça B-Rayo Vallecano.

Racing would have up to three million euros to sign several players, and other names you have on your agenda is to Bojan Krkic. (via SPORT)

Ask to eliminate the tobacco of Camp Nou

A group of regulars at the stadium has asked Sandro Rosell through a platform on 'Facebook' to ban smoking on the premises Barça.

The 2011 is presented as a difficult year for smokers. The new smoking ban, which came into force on 2 January, has expanded smoke-free places and has tightened the noose on those addicted to snuff. On the other hand, the new legislation does not regulate the snuff in the outdoor sports facilities, a fact that has caused complaints from a segment of the hobby.

A group of partners and Barca fans have created in recent weeks two platform through the network 'Facebook' that under the name 'Barca prohibeixi Demanem to smoking at Camp Nou' - 'Let us pray to Barça prohibiting smoking in the Camp Nou'-y 'Prohibit smoking at the Camp Nou' ask the president Sandro Rosell regulations governing the facilities within the Catalans.

The presence of the cigar is a classic in soccer stadiums. To avoid this, the regulars at the stadium against the smoke take refuge in that "clubs can not reduce the level required by law, however, if they can harden."

42/2010 The new law already prohibits smoking in enclosed public use, playgrounds, play areas, health facilities and indoor sports facilities. In addition, the legislation specifies that "measures taken to protect the health and education of children." In this sense, the large influx of children to the stadium has made a representation of the social mass publicly asked Laporta to extend the ban to the interior of the premises "from this page ask the club to protect members smoke cigarettes, cigars and thugs that often make it impossible to enjoy football, "he complained about Facebook.

Smoking in the Ciutat Esportiva

For several days, in Sant Joan Despi Ciutat Esportiva is entirely non-smoking, either in training camps and in the press room and surroundings. In fact, posters have been distributed throughout the facility in which we remember the ban. The step was taken keeping in mind that on weekends the facilities hosting the games of the club's youth ranks. (via SPORT)

Dani Alves would be a surprise to Almería

Brazil faces the final stretch of his hamstring injury on Monday and participated in part of training with the rest of his teammates and could come into the squad for the Copa del Rey match next Wednesday against Almería.

Alves suffered a week ago a small hamstring injury in the femoral biceps in the league match against Málaga. The club's medical services ten-day forecast low, so that the two next tests will determine if the Brazilian side may participate in the meeting butler.

Whoever it is safe for low round of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey is the defender Carles Puyol, with tendinitis in his left knee that made him low against Betis and which suffers in the match against Racing Santander.

Barca captain is not exercised with the rest of his teammates and has been dedicated to making up work, as Suarez Jeffren striker with a broken leg straight up the left that you have five weeks off.

Striker Bojan Krkic, with a stomach upset, not been exercised at the Ciudad Deportiva. Instead, the goal José Manuel Pinto, low to Racing by indisposition, he trained as normal.

In the first session of the week, involving nine players from Barça B: Bartra, Víctor Vázquez, Montoya, Muniesa, Rochina, Benjamin, Abraham, and Saul Tello.

[Youth] High football

Barca's youth system has starred in a weekend with big wins and great soccer. The victory against Commercial Alevín A (17-0) has been one of the most prominent.


Sergi Barjuan team managed a draw to one in the area of Girona. Despite making a very good first half, Barca goal came quickly and did not arrive until 39 minutes thanks to Moussima. In the second half, Barca continued strong in attack but then the pace slackened a little and reached the goal of Girona.


Score the first goal was more critical than ever for the Cadet, which until 36 minutes the first time was not able to open the can. The game of García Pimienta was less Godswill more and with a great header at the exit of a corner, refloat the game. The resistance of quadribarrats is over here, because a minute later, Jon made it 2-0 by jumping on board after a perfect cross threaded Marc Navarro. The second half was placid, Navarro scored once (min 4), and the team's top scorer, Sandro Ramirez, shortly after leaving the bench, scored twice in a row, to sign a clear victory.


Cornellà did not make things easy for the Catalans in their field. In the first part of the club had several chances that could not finish and went into halftime tied at zero. The goalkeepers of both teams were very successful. Cornellà came out strong in the second half and within two minutes could make a brace, but Andrei Onana, Barça goalkeeper, the stopped. Finally, thanks to Cornell's hands 39 minutes into the second half, Barca player, Àlex Corredera, a penalty, scored the 0-1, which was the final score.


Cornellà kept the initial results during the first two periods with a full-order approach and tactical rigor. In the third period, the boys of Fran Sánchez unbalanced the game thanks to the connection between Alexis and Canós. Sergi Canós signed all three goals in a game marked by intense cold.


Denis Silva's team had a comfortable advantage in the field of Cornellà. The Catalans enjoyed an early goal in the first minute of the game thanks to Dani Olmo target. Despite having control of the ball throughout the match, the third quarter was hotly disputed. In the fourth quarter, Olmo was again the star of the goal leaving the final score a 0-2.


Andrés Carrasco boys and Sergi Milà like a bulldozer went over Mercantil, which could not avoid the landslide. Aboubakar Cámara (6), Juan Fernández (4) Oriol Busquets (3), Juli Berenguer (2), Àlex Collado and Jaime were the authors of the targets of fry at Barca.

[PRIMERA DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] FCB B, 4 - Vic Riuprimer Refo A, 0

The Youngsters B won a hard victory over Vic Riuprimer. The Barcelona team enjoyed many times since the beginning but the good performance of goalkeeper Vic Riuprimer, Guillem Fernández, held goalless draw at the end of the quarter. In the second period, the entry of Lluís Mangas was decisive with two consecutive goals. At 2-0, Xavier Bravo team had more possession of the ball by running rival. In the final section, Pol Muniesa and made it three in the last minute, Jordi Mboula signed, a penalty, the 4-0 final.


Jordi Font a whole was a great game and showed its best face to the Gavà leader. The Catalans came out strong and did a fast and effective game. The first goal came from the hand of Sergio at 2 min. The first quarter ended with a 4-0. In the second quarter Barca continued to dominate the match and left the rest with a 5-1 score. In the third time Gavà scored again, but the club responded and scored two more goals. The last time was even and both teams scored a goal. The game ended with 8-3. They also marked Sergio Gómez (5), Mamadou (1), Alejandro (1), plus an own goal by the opponent.


Àlex Gómez's team scored a good result against Cornellà. The first goal did Dani Molina at the beginning of the first part. The Cornellà defense was very closed in and the club went into the break with a 1-0 on the scoreboard. After the break, Barca continued to control the ball and scored five more goals (Labinot (2), Albert Portas, Zhenia and Àlex). Cornellà made only one goal and the final score was 6-1.


The Benjamín A Barca made a great game to Martinenc field. It was the first game of the second round and the Catalans were advanced on the scoreboard and at 3 min Guille thanks to a goal. Barca took control of the match from the first minute and did not cause any danger Martinenc. So much so that the final score was 0-12. Marcaron Guille Amor (2), Roger Vegas (2), Marc Tenes, Adrià Altimira (2), Nil Fabregó (2) and Èric Garcia (2).


Barca received the Rubí, which, despite being last in the standings, their past performance had been good. The first goal came in minute 11 with the shot of Dani Morillas. At half the Catalans left with a 3-0 thanks to goals from Julian (2). In the second part, the Catalans continued with the same intensity and control of the game. The final score was 11-0. They also marked Juan, Daniel Morin (2), Jose (2), Mika, Antonio and Nil Garrido.


The set of Jordi Puig became very good game in the field of Santboià. The first goal came from the hand of Mamadou in minute 6. Barca dominated the whole game and went into the break with a 0-2. In the second part of the club continued playing well and scored five more goals. The Santboià also scored. Barca goals were thanks to Mamadou (4), Jordi Escobar, Eric Castillo and Xavi Prieto.

[TERCERA DIVISIÓN BENJAMÍN] FCB A, 2 - Escola CF Performance A, 3

The smallest of home game came out very strong at the CF School Performance "A". The opponent, however, progress was made in the score at minute 2. But the Catalans were able to go into halftime tied at one through a good goal from outside the area Arnau. After the break, Xavi Pleguezuelo scored the second. But the rival, came out strong in the second half and did not fail to press at any time, scoring two goals could be missing for the final 5 minutes. Despite the outcome, it is noteworthy that the Catalans had a good attitude. (via FCBarceona.cat)

Villa: "The tie will be very hard"

David Villa does not have any doubt that beat the heat Almería Cup semi-final will not be easy. Striker warns that rival has nothing to do with that Barca faced in the league, and exceeded by 0-8.
"It will be a very tough tie, and not at all think that 0-8 in the league." With these words, Villa began the press conference on Monday at the Sports City. A press conference in which he warned of the dangers of Almería: "Now is a computer with a different technique. It will be very complicated, because they become eager, like us, especially considering they had never come so far in a playoff ".

In this sense, and the question of what Camp Nou ahead of expected Wednesday in the first leg of these semi-finals of the KO, at 22 hours, the '7 'Barca hopes that the public will respond as to now: "A year ago I'm here, and only ask to be like so far. The people are with the team, is excited. We should not ask, we know that we will, and it is clear that we must all do our bit to overcome these four. "

And personally, Villa is declared "happy" for his contribution "of both goals as the game." In this line, the Spaniard, who says that she is experiencing the club "exceeds all expectations", is calm, "because when the coach, the teammates, the fans and the club are happy there is no getting around it." He added: "I understand the system improved the speed of the game, having little pause. Also at the time when the club does not have the ball. Now I argue in the band, and I've been doing better little by little."

After the last game, Josep Guardiola pointed out that the matching game in Barca's attack was largely thanks to Villa: "The things I said to you has told me of me many times. So I'm quiet mark or not. He makes me see that I do important things. I've always said that the most important is that the team make goals, and the club is making them the basis of all. "

Just on the technical, which noted that "a strong belief in their ideas," and in line with the other comrades who have been appearing at a news conference, expressed aloud their desire to continue a long time: "He Make this boat has won 8 of 10 titles. People are willing to renew, but those are things he and the Club. There are few people that the coach Catalans. We must be calm, all who love Barca we want renew soon. has a contract until the end of the year and sure everything will be fine. "

Although comparisons with the Real Madrid are inevitable, the Barcelona striker points to the importance of "do not look at the opposition." And that is to Villa, the most important thing is that the team depends upon himself all the competitions that are challenging: "We depend on ourselves in all competitions, and we're happy with how we arrived at this decisive stage of the season, both by the results we are achieving as our game. "

In the case of the League, and despite the four points of the FC Barcelona enjoyed over the white team, the Spaniard warned that "the difference is short." "We are aware that they are very close, and that there are many points to add. We have to score lots of points if we win this league, because Madrid will too. The best thing is that we depend on ourselves are still many games .. to play and have to go step by step. "

There are many names who have asked to Villa . This is the case, for example, Bojan , which Villa highlights its potential and asks for patience: "What can you say about him?. We should not hurry with this player. is twenty years old, is making things very well, but do not check goals. The fans of the League will have plenty to see goals from Bojan. You have to have a little patience, knowing that you have a level playing great. "And also that of Peter : "His performance is still spectacular, and it is clear a huge projection. This year we are uncovering an amazing ability to score goals. "

It is no secret that the performance of Andrés Iniesta in the first round has been spectacular in every way. In this vein, David Villa is particularly pleased, not only because of Fuentealbilla game, but also by the fact enjoy him so much: "We're all really enjoying him, not only with his play but because he looks happy, is health and it's going well. It is in his prime. We were all happy for him, because last year was out with injuries and suffered a lot and now, however, enjoy. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Session without Bojan, but with the return of Pinto

The team coached by Josep Guardiola has begun to prepare for the semifinal of the Copa del Rey against Almería with low Bojan, absent stomach problems, but with the novelty of Pinto, having recovered from the same ailment.
The Barça football staff has done on Monday the first of three sessions of face to the significant commitment of Wednesday's Copa del Rey (22 h) against Almeria at Camp Nou for the first leg of the semifinals of this competition.

The session has received 18 first team players on the lawn of a number field of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The main absence has been to Bojan Krkic , who with stomach problems, and after the doctors to see, has gone home to rest. Yes it was exercised with the group Jose Manuel Pinto , who was low for Saturday's game against Racing (3-0) , precisely because of stomach problems, but has recovered.

Alves, partly with the group

Among the players who have practiced on the grass had Dani Alves , who is recovering from a hamstring injury , but on Monday and has done some work with the group.

Jeffren and Puyol, recovery work

For its part, limbo , recovering from a torn left rectus femoris , and Puyol , with tendinitis in the vastus lateralis of the left knee have made recovery treatment.

Nine players from the B

The first team training on Monday they have completed nine team players . Víctor Vázquez, Bartra, Muniesa, Rochina, Benja, Montoya, Abraham, Tello and Saul were the players in the Barça B have been exercised on the orders of Josep Guardiola.

On Tuesday, the next training

Josep Guardiola will turn to exercise this coming Tuesday at the Sports City in a session that will begin at 11 am and will be closed. Subsequently, Guardiola appear at a news conference. (via FCBarcelona.cat)