24 January 2011

Options to supply Puyol

The possible absence of Carles Puyol on Wednesday at the Camp Nou in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa opens a wide range of possibilities to form the Barca defense against Almeria.
In the event of confirmation in the coming hours that Pep Guardiola will be without captain of the Population, the coaching staff has many options to replace him. If we take the reference of recent games, both Éric Abidal how Sergio Busquets is the first in the list, but there are many more.

Gaby Milito

If Gerard Piqué is a hundred percent, it is clear that one of the players is fixed to the Cup match on Wednesday (22 h). Along with Pique, another option is clearer by the Argentine Milito. After deciding not to leave the Barça dressing room in the winter break, Milito-holder against Betis in the second leg of the quarterfinals, can have a new chance to start.

Bartra and/or Fontàs

The two central branch may also have the option to play the Cup Both Barça youth team players are ready to face the challenge of supplying to the team Puyol José Luis Oltra. The two have already played this year with the first team. Fontàs has also been able to score a goal against Rubin Kazan in the Champions League.

The clearest

When Puyol and Piqué have not been available to the first team due to injury or penalty, Busquets, but especially Abidal, have been in charge of occupying the center of the Barca defense. The French did against Racing on Saturday in Bilbao and cup game, even scoring his first goal as Barcelona's official. Busquets played as central to the Camp Nou against Levante. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "We want Pep renovates as soon as possible"

David Villa, Football Club Barcelona striker has expressed the sentiment of the Barca dressing room regarding the renewal of contract with the entity Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona. "We are looking but they are things he and the club," said the Spaniard.

Yet the striker said the players are "calm" and want "to stay many years. There are few more culés he will do nothing that is bad for the club, there to remain calm while all the news we want be soon. " Following the Barca coach, Villa says, "When you give a talk Guardiola notes that believes in what he says," something which undoubtedly affects the group positively.

About Cup Semi Final clash against Almeria, striker says, "so a team like the other 180 minutes are to be in the Cup final and will be a difficult tie." (via AS)

Bojan is not trained and is doubtful against Almería

The FC Barcelona first team has returned to training on Monday with the spotlight placed on the first leg of Copa del Rey semifinals against Almería, on Wednesday at the Camp Nou in a session that Bojan has been a great absent for stomach problems.

Linyola striker, who played the final minutes of the victory over Racing de Santander (3-0), could not train on Monday due to stomach problems and is doubtful for the match butler. Nor have trained Puyol, injured before the Cantabrian, or limbo-both made specific treatment.

For its part, the Brazilian fullback Daniel Alves faces and the final stage of his recovery from his hamstring injury in the biceps of his right leg, and made a part of the session with the rest of the group. However, it will be low against Almeria.

To complete the training, coach Josep Guardiola has named nine players subsidiary, Bartra, Montoya, Muniesa, Víctor Vázquez, Rochina, Benjamin, Abraham, and Saul Tello. (via AS)

Week in full swing

After enjoying a day off, the club begins a busy week of activity and marked by the dispute in the first leg of the Cup semifinals on Wednesday and a new game of the season on Saturday.
Thus, both today and tomorrow, Tuesday, the staff shall be exercised in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, in a preparatory session in both cases will begin at 11 am. In the case Tuesday, and once the meeting, Josep Guardiola will appear before the media at the press conference before Wednesday's game against Almería.

As usual on game days at the Stadium, Josep Guardiola has a workout scheduled for Wednesday at noon, namely 12.30, and will be closed. Subsequently, the template will have lunch and have free time until it was time to move to the Nou Camp, where after 22 hours will face the USA in the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

Without much time to rest, the first team to pursue training on Thursday. The session, scheduled for 12 hours, recovery is basically the effort the previous day and to start preparing the engagement of Saturday's League in the field of Hercules, for Week No. 21 of the competition. Already ahead of Friday, new training, at 11 hours.

The team plans to travel to Alicante party the same day, ie Saturday. Thus, the club will undertake this journey from 9.45 am, when you plan to leave the stadium. At 20 hours, will take on Hercules in the José Rico Pérez. Is tentatively scheduled another meeting for Sunday school at 11 am in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta: "In the field reflects how you do life"

The midfielder is undergoing a time of great happiness. The bad times are behind us and is enjoying a great time.

The second round of the League began in superb form for Andres Iniesta. A new goal in his locker, and are seven in the championship, and another demonstration of class on the pitch. His virtuosity is making the difference in the Barça midfield and decisively helping the team to dream of another season full of successes.

The bad experiences, especially following the injury that jeopardized his presence in the Champions League final of 2009 in Rome only in the memory for much appreciate what you're going. Andrés is happy because he can play all games without problems. The injuries he enjoys being respected and oiling the machine Blaugrana. A professional sweet moment comes with a superb personal time. In spring will be the father of a child and with his family and his partner Anna has the stability needed to perform later at the highest level in the field.

The player is relishing his sweet time aware that the personal life and football are tied together. If the two sides work together the possibilities of success are greater, as he himself acknowledged at the end of the match against Racing: "Want that all influence when one is well in line outside the field and everything is going well in the field shows that the field is a reflection of life. " The next parenting is especially excited and you can not suppress a smile when asked about the change of life that awaits him. "It's a sign I get older, I will have more responsibility ...", reflecting the Fuentealbilla welcome.

Pep Guardiola scored in the press conference after the match against the Racinguistas Iniesta as the best signing of the season. The midfielder appreciates the praise, but do not grow at the words of his coach. Above all, the player has his usual humility comes naturally. Andrés downplayed the words of his coach and said "I do not think that is as well. I think he was referring to the fact that last year and important point when I could not help the team. Now everything is going well and the optimal confidence level "
Although his career clearly continues to rise, the player is not satisfied and believes that "what I face every year with the intention of improving. I have to be better and this is my challenge. Hopefully next year we can discuss the best Iniesta. It would be a good sign, I would say I've improved and I've grown as a footballer. "

One factor that the player considers basic to progress is "the confidence I've acquired over the years. There have been other moments that have not been as good, but I never lost confidence. " The difference between this season and previous ones is its effectiveness in front of goal, a streak which does not give greater importance because "there are moments in which Shiites and goes in and others where you're also doing things well going out. I do not think it is for anything in particular, but fortunately happens and now goes for. " Iniesta gives relevance to the goals, "because I can help the team in a very important facet to the game beyond the game. I'm happy and I hope you do not stop there and can continue to assist in this regard. "

Barca won again after stumbling in the Benito Villamarin against Betis, which had no significance because of registration in the first leg 5-0 at the Camp Nou. Andrés clearly differentiated the two competitions and clarified that "what happened in Seville is something that can happen because no team is invincible. When you lose, you want to win again and have a good feeling "

The January calendar is proving very tough matches in three days, while the crack blaugrana stressed that "we are well physically. We hope that everything remains the same until the end of season. " Iniesta would not assess whether the rotations are necessary for the whole team fresh because "is a glimpse into the coach to decide. The coach knows he has a good squad and all players are important. "

Andres Iniesta is a player beloved by all the costumes. His affable nature and his personaliadd have left their mark over the years in the Barça first team, but if you have a special ally, this is Victor Valdes. Both shared adolescence in La Masia was born and since then a link that will be unbreakable. One of the unforgettable moments for both was the embrace that greeted the end of the glorious final at the Soccer City. Beyond their personal relationship, Iniesta is very clear that "Victor is my number one. He is always attentive and, as it did against Racing, saves us when we need it " (via SPORT)

Nine players from the B in the training of Barça

Nine players from the B in the training of Pep Barça: Bartra, V. Vázquez, Montoya, Muniesa, Rochina, Benja, Abraham, Tello y Saul. (via MD twitter_account)

Abidal on Thursday negotiate contract extension

The manager of Gallo travel to Barcelona to agree on its continuation until June 2013.

Barca deal on Thursday one of the few cases that remain unresolved to be assured of continuity of the backbone of the team. Eric Abidal's manager, David Venditelli, will travel to Barcelona on Thursday for talks with Barça sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, and addressing the extension of his contract.

The French side in 2009 expanded its relationship with the club FC Barcelona until 2012 and now the club's intention is to offer an additional year to continue until 2013. Abidal, 31, is one of the players as the team and has earned renewal. The player arrived in the summer of 2007 to hand Barca coach Frank Rijkaard, but consolidation in the club was prompted by Pep Guardiola, who gave him the confidence to stand also as a great central handed.

The willingness of both sides is good as Eric is happy in Barcelona and the role it plays within the team, while the club is also delighted with the performance and professionalism displayed during these years by the international France.

The contact on Thursday can greatly clarify the future of football and move forward on the shield of the current squad. The only case that remains in the air and not be defined in very immediate way is to Dani Alves, who on Thursday received a new proposal for renewal that should meditate. There are still differences, but as with Abidal, will reach an agreement is seen as crucial. (via SPORT)

Messi, Villa and Peter: The trident always knocks

Only seven parties did not check either Messi or Villa or Pedro, who is approaching his best records While the canary's 40 at Barça.

Pep Guardiola has a treasure in the lead. The Barça only left to score in two of the 34 official matches of the season and of those 32, only five of ellosnohan door seen any of the members of the attack MVP . Leo Messi , David Villa and Pedro Rodríguez and 66 total goals between them (44 in the league ) by adding twice the Asturias and the Canary together. However, the symbiosis of all three together, not to mention the enormous contribution made by Andrés Iniesta , makes Barcelona a formidable opponent for any defender.

If the Fuentealbilla has already exceeded its league record with seven goals, the trident signature on today's numbers that would allow each UNODA they beat their own record. Leo Messi 's penalty spoiled retaliated against Betis on Wednesday and rose 60 a1 the figure scorer in Barcelona and 107 of the League , leaving only one of the 108 it held Samuel Eto'o as Barca. This campaign has 33 in total, 14 of 47 of the past, and the Championship has gotten 19 to 15 of the 34 that led to the ' scorer 'and the boot of Gold .

And that, without forgetting that gave 1-0 to Pedro , representing its 17 th attendance (15 in league ), one of its top (2008-09). Despite not scoring against Racing , Villa raised the penalty of 2-0 and still in the league with 14 goals, half of those achieved in Valencia two years ago. Counting the other tournaments, it takes 16 to 15 of the 31 of that year.

Pedro, 2 Pep striker

The Tenerife also tastes the sweetest moment of the campaign. After thrashing last season in the six races, now has four official matches and followed five consecutive scoring without losing power, something unprecedented. With 17 of this year and 23 of the above, Peter has already got 40 in the first team and is also the second top scorer in the 'era Guardiola ', surpassed only by the insatiable Messi (118) ydelante of Eto'o ( 36), Henry (30), Bojan (26) and Ibrahimovic (21). (via MD)

Figo: "For me it was easy to change the club for Real Madrid"

For if anyone were still doubts, Luis Figo further clarification stingy than its reputation is well earned more than.

"It was easy to change the Barcelona and Madrid. I was offered a better contract. Managers made me an offer and at first did not believe them." So Luis Figo explained why he left London at the time he left Barcelona to join Real Madrid. He recalled his first game with the shirt of Madrid in the Camp Nou. "The pressure was very strong when playing against 90,000 fans that supported you before." The Portuguese made the remarks at the presentation ceremony of "Signing", a competition organized jointly by the Premier League and Nike.

Stingy yes, but at least he knows the reality. And it shows to discuss the current situation in the Spanish league. "The great game of Barcelona makes you forget the rest. Cristiano Ronaldo is setting a time at Real Madrid. People do not see how well you are doing the Madrid because there is a great club. Let's see what happens in the league. If the lower the level Barcelona, Real Madrid will win. "

About Mourinho's future at Real Madrid said that "if someone is not happy in a club is normal to want to leave. I do not know if Mourinho is happy or not at Real Madrid."

He also spoke of the Ballon d'Or "I am a big fan of Messi. The Ballon d'Or was a vote. No one believed he would win. The three finalists, for various reasons, would have deserved to win. Messi is undoubtedly a large, but not is less certain to me that Wesley Sneijder should have won. " (via SPORT)

Try right-wing youth attacking Joan Laporta in Valencia

Former Barca president Joan Lapora, suffered on Sunday an attempted attack on a hotel in Valencia, where he planned to make a presentation of his political party.

Coalition formation Valencia has fulfilled the promise he had thrown the Catalan Solidarity leader (SI) in recent days. About 12 people, headed by Juan Garcia Sentandreu, president of the far-right formation, they pounced on Laporta Laporta your ex to the hotel Hesperia, which was scheduled the presentation of the Catalan parliamentary political party.

Valencia dressed with flags, shouted and cursed the assailants who was leader of the organization came to Barca and even launching an irritant gas into the building.

Luckily, people around the leader of Solidarity repelled the attack until the police officers guarding the security of the act retained the assailants. (via SPORT)

The Brazilians call continuity Alves

His compatriots are convinced that Dani is very close to realize its renewal by the club Catalans.

Adriano and Maxwell are, along with Dani Alves, representatives of Brazilian football in the club, a club which historically has maintained a close relationship with the country of Pelé. The funny thing is that most great players who have worn the shirt Blaugrana played in attack, as Ronaldo, Romario, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Instead, Alves, Adriano and Maxwell took the side, although in all three cases, the offense is clear vocation. Who else takes it into practice is Dani Alves, who missed the win by injury against Racing and is negotiating with the club renewal. Its continuity is one of the most important issues on the table that has the sports management led by Andoni Zubizarreta. Also of concern to his countrymen, they hope to settle disputes and Dani Alves and still enjoy doing enjoy in the Camp Nou. Maxwell is confident that "all what you are doing these years, I think he deserves to stay. Is essential for the team and for him too. You will not find a club that I played like this. " The left-back also stated "I hope everything is settled and I think it will be fixed quickly."

For its part, Adriano Correia, who already agreed with him for several seasons at Sevilla, is one of its greatest defenders, "I think Dani is a great player, is a reference." In that sense, it is considered "essential to the club have a player like him." Like Maxwell, is also optimistic: "I think it's about renewal. I wish to close early for him to stay in Barcelona. " Although there is still no agreement, the most positive is that there is a willingness by all parties to continue the relationship. (via SPORT)

Iniesta has almost the same minute of last season

It is the most used player Pep Guardiola this campaign.

Andrés Iniesta fully enjoyed last season. Winning the World Cup helped him to forget a year in which injuries have prevented him from regular to show their football. His presence as blaugrana was marked by ups and downs too. Quite the opposite this season. The proof is that the manchego and accumulated nearly the same minutes that throughout the previous year.

During the 2009-10 season split between League Cup Champions and a total of 2,473 minutes, only 32 less than the amount already at the moment (2441). Iniesta is one of the eleven players that Pep Guardiola has chosen for the important moments. This fact, coupled with the injuries he observed, have become indispensable and have become a key factor. In the league already accumulated more minutes (1,760) of those who played last season (1,724). It is not surprising, considering that is the most used player Pep Guardiola at the three major competitions, League Champions and Cup, men over Victor Valdes (2160), Leo Messi (2308), Dani Alves (2316) or David Villa (2171). Andres Iniesta is the only outfield player who has played all 20 league games as a starter, with Victor Valdes.

It is also translating its presence by providing, in addition to football and circulation goals. Against Racing scored his seventh goal in the competition, beating the best record in the league, the six who joined the 2006-07 season. The Fuentealbilla, when it is half season, is two years many of its most prolific, also 06-07, which totaled nine goals. Normal as this figure would be exceeded without too much trouble. One of his challenges is to debut in both the Cup and the Champions, where he still could not enter into any well.

What has made clear is that this year Iniesta has nothing to do with last season's, which could only score one goal, also against the Racing League. Andrew is very confident and the team and the fans enjoy it. (via SPORT)

The highest scoring midfielder Pep

One of the keys of the numbers is presenting the team this year, which continues to surpass himself and breaking the records of other seasons in the league, is the participation offensive midfield.

Since Guardiola is a coach, this is the year that the midfielders are contributing more goals to the team.

The streak is going through Andres Iniesta is a great help, but so is that Xavi and add three goals at this stage of the competition. Together with those who have been Keita and Busquets, already spent a total of 11 goals scored from the midfield, 17.1% of 64 total. This is a larger percentage of the previous two seasons.

In the first year of Pep Guardiola, when the team reached the 105 goals, midfielders were responsible for 17 of them, divided between Xavi (6), Iniesta (4), Keita (4), Touré (2) and Busquets (1 ): 16.1% of the total. Last year made 12.9% of the 93 goals from the team. Keita, with 6, was the top scorer, followed by Xavi (3), Iniesta (1), Thiago (1) and Touré (1). The current numbers show that the injection season offensive midfielder is being much more common this year. This is great news for the team, which remains in Leo Messi the greatest exponent in attack, with Peter and Villa. That all join one of the reasons to understand the numbers you are presenting the club. (via SPORT)

Valdés, historical path of Zamora

The excellent performances that accumulates make further personal growth 'in crescendo'.

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes is on track to become the best goalkeeper of all time, not only the history of Barça, but the history of the Spanish league since its inception in the 1928/29 season.

And is that today the Barca keeper ranks third on the podium of less goleados goals with 11 goals conceded in 20 clashes, ie, 0.55 goals per game. Only behind Paco Liaño, former goalkeeper of Deportivo Coruna, who finished the 1993/94 school year with 18 goals conceded in 38 games by an average of 0.47 goals per game, and Abel Resino Atletico Madrid 1990/91 campaign with 17 goals in 33 matches, or what is the same, 0.51 goals per game.

But the Barca keeper does not comply with these numbers. He has received three trophies Zamora credited as the goalkeeping record in the league. The first was achieved in the 2004/05 season, with Frank Rijkaard as coach of the Catalans. The other two came consecutively in the 2008/09 and in 2009/10, beating all records in the last: 24 goals conceded in 38 games played. Some spectacular numbers, though in the last year conceded one goal less at this point in the season-ten in 20 days, "you are leading directly to his third consecutive Zamora.

"I'd rather pick up another Zamora, are things that add up, but I prefer to lift the League Cup and renounce Zamora pointed out at the end of the match against Racing in Camp Nou. A demonstration of the collective spirit and generous off Guardiola's men. "The credit is set, the secret of this system is in the defensive intensity," Valdes said, praising the work that their colleagues do to defend.

What is clear is that the third captain of the team not used to having a lot of work in defending the Barca goal. However, the few activities to be carried out in each match the run to perfection, to the extent that it has been able to keep the score to zero on ten occasions. If this continues, will reach its fourth Zamora and just be one of the five Antoni Ramallets achieved in his time.

Although the general rule of L'Hospitalet has little fishing under the sticks, has made more stops than the rival goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. While merengue conceded 17 goals in the same 20 days, has only made 37 stops while Valdez has held 48 shares against the Catalan side.

In addition, the '1 'from Barcelona has played 387 games as blaugrana bringing in 23 clashes match the former Barcelona goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta, who with 410 so far holds the honor of being the most capped goalkeeper culé has championed Barca goal of the club wearing the sheepskin. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "We hope to finish in the top six"

Despite the defeat to Rayo, Luis Enrique completed "proud of the good game the team." After the first round, the coach of Barça B has set a goal of ending "in the top six."
"I would have liked to win, but today I am very pleased with the attitude and team play." This phrase sums up the press of a Luis Enrique very analytical which is not influenced by the results when judging the game staff.

After the first round, Luis Enrique is the team capable of "fighting for the upper end" and is convinced that Barça can set itself the goal "to finish in the top six."

Before praising his own, Luis Enrique has been very kind words for the Lightning : "It was a pleasure to prepare the game and play against an opponent with such level as the Lightning, they are some strong candidates for promotion."
Lucho would not talk of bad luck to explain the defeat of his team : "I do not like talking about luck, and yes of success. The parties are resolved in the area and here we have lacked inspiration, all you have done good but. "

Spaniard coach has valued highly the performance of Thiago : "He's had a very good attitude, he has played very well after spending nearly four months without acting on a continuous basis, and is a player who can help us a lot."

Game Thiago , Luis Enrique has featured "not only offensive virtues, but their defensive effort and ability." He added: "We are working hard with him to make it more complete." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 2 - Nàstic

The Oscar Garcia Juvenil A tax is 2-0 against Nastic de Tarragona and continues as a strong leader of the Division of Honour. Deulofeu Dongou and with goals in the first part, have decided the match.
The win came thanks to a great start to the Junior A Barca. And the team has gone all out: Deulofeu has touched the first 2 min, Dongou has crashed a ball to stick in minute 4 and, finally, it has opened the can Dongou in minute 8. A third have not forgiven the Oscar Garcia, far superior throughout the match.

The domain Barca has increased even more after the 1-0, when Ayala has crashed a shot to the stick. And even more when Deulofeu from the edge of the area and from a position quite skewed, has invented a goal impressive. His shot drew the cobwebs of the visitor network and has secured three points for FC Barcelona.

After the break, the pattern has been the same and Dongou has again run into the pole. Bad luck, as she has experienced when faced only goalkeeper Nastic and poor dribbling made to send the ball into the clouds. There has been severe: the victory was in the bag. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Technical Data;

Juvenil A 2 - Nàstic 0

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau, Sergi Gómez, Ayala, Balliu, Gustavo, Masó, Espinosa, Ella, Dongou y Deulofeu. També han jugat Edu, Ernesto, Etock y Palau.

Nàstic: Ferran, Alberto, Deiver, Dani, Dídac, Gerard, Víctor, Kako, Fran, Eric y Abel. També han jugat Miranda, Castro, Joan, Brice e Izan.

Goals: 1-0 Dongou (m.8), 2-0 Deulofeu (m.33).

Puyol made his left knee treatment

The tests you have done during the day confirmed that suffers Puyol vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee. The conservative player will mark your progress and availability for upcoming matches.
Remember that Carles Puyol was replaced by Gerard Piqué in the rest of the Barça-Racing (3-0) and no longer went to Sevilla to play in the Cup match against Betis as a precaution.

For now, Carles Puyol has played 23 games this season, in which it has signed a goal, he did to Valencia in the league. (via FCBarcelona.cat)