23 January 2011

Puyol: "Guardiola is perfect coach for Barça"

Barça captain Carles Puyol on Sunday joined the official cry for the renewal of the Barça coach, Pep Guardiola. And is that for central Santpedor "is technically flawless for us".

"I can not imagine one without Pep Barca," said the Barca in an interview with the bookmaker Betfair collection in the club's website. Some statements that Puyol also talks about his future: "I have 32 years, I feel good physically, willing, hopefully." "I look forward to a few more years," the Barca defense, however, confesses that he is coaching at the end of his career.

Regarding the immediate future, Puyol calls for calm and says there is still much work to do to be crowned champions: "We can not say that we will be champions, but I hope we will be fighting until the end."

On the other hand, Puyol also assessed in this interview the success of Barca in the Golden Ball gala, where Leo Messi was named player of the year ahead of Iniesta and Xavi. "Seeing the three best in the world are here, is very important. It represents the work, an idea that is working very well, coaches, and players who are very good," says that of the population that does not get wet in the choice of one of his companions. "Any of the three was worthy," he says.

Finally, the Barça captain acknowledges that it will be difficult to repeat the large number of degrees earned in the last two years but promised that the team will leave the skin to try: "It is very difficult, no team has done it. Inter have been about to do and it shows how complicated it is. We fight to win everything we can and we'll see how far we can go. " (via SPORT)

The former Barcelona Rivaldo announced his move to Sao Paulo

After several days of rumors, the former Barcelona Rivaldo has announced on Sunday his move to Sao Paulo.

The veteran of 38 years old and was announced through your account on the Twitter social network: "I would like to inform everyone that I am now officially a new player of Sao Paulo." "It is my great honor to wear the shirt of one of the biggest clubs in the world, I assure you I will do everything I can," added the Brazilian, who despite his transfer will remain the chairman of Mogi Mirim, who was active club . (via SPORT)

Manchester City draw up a contract of 9.5 million for Alves

The English club could offer 26 million to Barca fructify unless negotiations to renew the Brazilian.

In Manchester are rubbing their hands with the news they get from Barcelona. Each meeting between the agent responsible Dani Alves and Barca is a new chapter of a serial that is followed with much attention in the British city, and that Manchester City are on the lookout to embark on the hunt for Alves if player decides to maintain its position and reject the proposal to improve his contract the club offered. The City, in the hands of Arab sheikhs have become the most powerful club in the Premier from the economic point of view and seems the most feasible option for the Brazilian Alves if finally leave the club, although the islands can not be ruled that both Chelsea and Manchester United could arrange a bid.

The Manchester club, according to several sources, has already made the offer numbers to be absolutely ready, offer a contract to play eight million pounds per season (about 9.4 million euros) and also be willing to pay Barca a transfer of approximately 22 million pounds, an amount equivalent to 25.8 million euros.
Dani Alves's contract ends in June 2012: In theory, the club wants to be complied with in full, but logically, the only way to deposit money for his move to sell the player next summer. It is the 'timing' that managers have planned City: wait several more weeks, followed very closely the developments of the 'case Alves' and outline in detail its tender for the summer, having to account officially, no club can tempt the player until 1 January 2012, six months before the formal end of his contract.

Time, however, run in favor of the City: at the end of the season and move forward amedida week the English club will be offering less money, playing well with the questions (and economic needs) of the boat: letting go of the player at that time and receive financial compensation or enjoying his football for another season even though he knows that the July 1, 2012 would be free to sign with any club at no cost.

In England it has special implications for the reason that Alves has not accepted the club's final offer: he wants to charge as much as the stars of the team, a fact which further pay interest richest club in the Premiership, willing to maintain its policy-based sports petrodollars, and joined the team to Adebayor, Tevez, Silva, Toure Yaya, Viera, etc.

The 'pressure' at Manchester City could help the positions of Alves and the club is approaching, but in the offices of the Camp Nou are very clear they can not break the salary scale point by point to accept the request for Alves.

The negotiations between both parties will need a further meeting between Joaquín Macanás, representative of Alves, and those responsible for sports policy Barca after last Thursday's meeting also served to convince Alves, despite the 'imaginative' that the proposed club, like trying to finance the new tab in the player through sponsors. (via SPORT)

Palmeiras will 'repatriate' to Henrique

Luiz Felipe Scolari, who has been ratified at the helm for the new president, hopes to have the loan from central Barcelona Racing.

The lineup of Henrique Adriano Buss, central defender on loan from Barca Racing, remains intact in Brazil to the point where the Palmeiras want to get to play in their ranks from next August, when he finished his loan spell at Cantabrian club.

Henrique, who played for Palmeiras few months in 2008 when the club closed its recruitment and before going on loan to Bayer Leverkusen, left a good taste in the state of São Paulo and in fact the club 'Verdão' still looking since then a central securities. In addition, Brazil is following developments in the Bundesliga and the Spanish League to the point that the coach Mano Menezes was included in one of his calls.

Palmeiras closed this past week an election after which the new president, Arnaldo Tirone, Luiz Felipe Scolari confirmed as a maximum charge of first team and have unlocked important aspects of management since the subject of the signings. 'Felipao' has given the nod to the possible arrival of Henry and hence from now responsible for the Palmeiras will start to see the boat that options have to get a transfer or, if Blaugrana demands were too high, an assignment.

Do not forget that the club paid out by Henrique 10 million euros in 2008 and hence not willing to part with it at all costs. Today, after a campaign in Leverkusen, meets the second in the Racing. In any case, Henrique Palmeiras not go until the end of the season in the Spanish league. (via SPORT)

Bojan won the 'pulse' for the third change

Pep would usher in Afellay and Bojan, but Vilanova reminded him that there was only one change to make.

The choice was Bojan: Pep Guardiola had to spend the first of three rounds with a forced change, that of Pique and Puyol to rest. Later ushered Seydou Keita to freshen the midfield in place of Xavi Hernández. And the third change? Ibrahim Afellay and Bojan Krkic began warming at the same time, fighting was the only change.

In Pep Guardiola's plans, both players were going to have minutes, but Barca coach forgot that he was only a pending change.

"I had forgotten by Puyol Piqué change at the break. I had not thought, I thought I had two, but 'Tito' (Vilanova) told me that there was only one substitution, "the coach admitted after the game.

Thus, Pep went for Bojan, so Afellay ran out of play. He returned to the bench, resigned, and the player replaced Peter Linyola 81 minutes to fill the left side of the Blaugrana attack. (via SPORT)

Pedro extends his scoring record to 5 games

7 points followed leads and is the second top scorer with 40 stage Guardiola.

The state of grace and form of Peter is brutal, look at their statistics by which look. The striker was able yesterday to Racing chaining their fifth straight league scoring, something unheard of in his career since he started giving him the ball. The streak started with a double to Espanyol in Cornella, performance striker who repeated the return of the holiday season at Levante. Not content with four, went to Riazor and he scored a Depor. Malaga, in the Nou Camp and the next day, tried the same syrup. And yesterday, of course, putting the opener against Racing. 7 goals in five games and 11 of the 10 to 20 hours. Moreover, 15 in the last 18, when in the first 16 had signed only two. In total 17, only 6 to beat the record 23 of 2009-2010.

Yes, it is marked by the gods scorers. Another sobering fact that as amazing as their records are female. Pedro is the second top scorer after Messi of course, Pep Guardiola era. Eto'o scored 36 in his last year Barca. The canary has been going 40 in a season and a few months. Of course, since I came Santpedor, Messi posted 118, but that's another great story. (via MD)

Thiago and Rafa Alcántara, a fraternal society

Mazinho, sitting in his usual location of the Mini, I was more nervous yesterday than usual. I knew that for the first time on a computer could match his two sons, Thiago, who started his return to the branch after four months in the first team, and Rafa, a junior who already has three consecutive games at Barça B. The awaited moment came on 69 minutes. After the 1-2 mark for the Lightning, Luis Enrique ushered 'Rafinha', as can be read on the shirt of the smallest of Alcantara, who was placed in the half with his brother. The fraternal society only lasted 14 minutes, as Thiago, something lacking in competitive pace, was replaced in 83 minutes, but it was a period of time sufficient to ensure that children are a gift Mazinho. With them in the field, the Barça B created several chances but could not culminate.

"We lacked luck in the auction, we have lacked success," said Luis Enrique, who noted that "deserved more" and praised the return of Thiago: "It's very involved in the game." (via MD)

Zubizarreta, "Alves wants to stay and us that he stays"

The sporting director of FC Barcelona, Andoni Zubizarreta, has expressed the desire for the Catalan club for the Brazilian Dani Alves to stay, and come to successful negotiations for its renewal, which is currently stalled.

"Dani wants to stay and we, that is," said the executive exhaustively at half Barca's league match at Camp Nou against Racing Santander.

Zubizarreta has ensured that there is still no response from the player's economic proposal submitted to it by the club, although some sources suggest that, for now, the Brazilian would not quite agree with the amounts, and yes over the years (until 2015). "We had a meeting and see how we can go walking in this way I know to be complex. I know he wants to stay and we want to stay, but it must make a contract. We remain optimistic but also realistic and this should work because it is football, "said Zubizarreta. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "One must be overcome,"

Andres Iniesta, who tonight has surpassed its record as a scorer in a season with seven goals, hopes that its evolution does not stop here and that next year can say "we talk about the best Iniesta."
Fuentealbilla midfielder has been one of the players in the game against Racing de Santander , and has been so in recent months. And is that Andrés Iniesta is in a superb run of form and his goals are helping the team what makes you "happy."

The highest scoring Andrés

Since you're the first team Iniesta had not scored as many goals as now. With tonight's Barcelona midfielder has now seven goals in the league, beating his personal record. "This year's goals are trained and we hope to continue like this," said Iniesta. However, the '8 'Barca no limits and has said that "we hope to be better every year. The year is coming to try to talk about the best Iniesta. One must be overcome."

To think of the Cup

I think the team played in the Copa del Rey and the game against Almeria. Aware that the tie "will be tough," Iniesta has acknowledged that "we think we have to do things very well to overcome it and think we are within two games of the finals."

Below we reproduce the statements of the characters:

David Villa

"The important thing is to win again, we played before the second and now has the pressure of being a seven-point"

"We must continue our work outstanding, but if they (Madrid) if allowed points will be easier."

"We have an extensive winning streak. It is important that the fans come and enjoy."


"We said we wanted to erase the defeat of Betis. It went well. We have come a good game."

"We played a game that has gone as we wanted to us. We scored early."

"Now we have to recharge my batteries for Almeria. We must conserve his strength for a good game."

"Personally I am slowly taking more rhythm games. I hope to reach the level of my teammates." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We give value to what is making this team

Josep Guardiola is very pleased with the team's performance against Racing and loudly expressed their desire to get people to value much that the staff is doing during this high number of parties that is playing.

On a day that he has described as "very cold", the Santpedor believes that the club has played "better than people might think." In this sense, the Barcelona coach said he was "very satisfied" the party that has been in the Camp Nou and performance that is proving day after day an FC Barcelona is very much alive in three competitions in which is immersed . A fact, the latter, you would like the members and fans have in mind. "It is hard to be prepared every day, and this is the greatness of this team," he commented.

Good answer

Over the course of the game this Saturday, Guardiola has stressed above all the response of both the players and the fans, "Today, it was a very cold day and the result of the last game and the effort made, The day was very dangerous. But both the people and the players have responded, each in their own way to the circumstances, in an exceptional way. "

Congratulations to Valdés

In this line, and beyond the goals of Pedro , Messi and Iniesta , Barca coach pointed out that before the Racing the team has rebuilt many chances, and wanted to commend Victor Valdes for his performance before opponent's attacks. "I want to thank Victor for his performance. It is not easy to participate in remote play with this cool and make stops as Adrian has done before," he explained.

Decisive commitments

Guardiola, for whom "an honor" to have equaled the record for consecutive wins in the League-a total of 14 - the team led by Frank Rijkaard in the 2005-06 season, is already thinking about Wednesday's game against Almería and Saturday in the field of Hercules : "On Wednesday we need a full stadium because we are in a semi-final and we want to lend a hand. Do not forget that we are one step of playing a final in April. Looking Saturday we one of the solutions more complicated in the league, in a terrible game against Hercules. "

Bojan performance

Finally, the Santpedor has had a few words for Bojan and Keita . On the first, has insisted that "very young, is in the process of learning and doing everything we asked." He added: "I want to intervene as it has today. It gives us a lot and we will be. We have to help much, and he must be strong. He's very talented and overcome whatever it takes. Its movements are spectacular. I do not want judge him just in scores a goal or not. "

Keita, a player "untouchable"

As it has in some other occasion, Guardiola has praised Keita both his nature and by the generosity that characterizes it: "We have a player like Keita, there is only him. For this kind of game is a must. should learn all about how you play. is untouchable for me. He has a generosity of understanding the situation that makes it indispensable. I hope you continue to have the patience. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 20] FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Racing Club de Santander

FC Barcelona began the second round of the League with the same dynamic that ended the first triumphant. The Pep Guardiola consolidated its strong leadership Racing beating people with goals from Pedro, Messi and Iniesta ... and at this time and will take seven points with Real Madrid, who on Sunday will get to Mallorca at the Bernabeu.

Technical card;

FC Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Adriano, Puyol (Piqué, min.45), Abidal, Maxwell; Xavi (Keita, min.68), Sergio, Iniesta; Pedro (Bojan, min.80), Messi y Villa.

Racing: Toño; Francis, Torrejón, Henrique, Christian; Kennedy (Arana, min.60), Colsa, Lacen, Cisma (Ariel,min.66); Adrián y Rosenberg (Luque, min.75).

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva, Colegio gallego.

Subs: Party for the twentieth time, played at the Nou Camp before 70,072 spectators. Observed a minute of silence in memory of former Barcelona player Jordi Vila, who died on Thursday at the age of 81. (via SPORT)

Iniesta, with seven goals, beat their record scorer

Iniesta is completing an exceptional season, attests to the seven goals he has achieved, surpassing the mark he was at six in 2006/07. The goals of the Fuentealbilla midfielder has managed to Racing (El Sardinero and the Camp Nou), Valencia, Almeria, Real Sociedad, Deportivo and Manchester.

In addition, fourteen joined Barca in the league winning streak and equaled its record, which was held by the team that led Frank Rijkaard in the 2005-06 season.

This season, Barça chained fourteen game winning streak from the eighth day and the twenty-first. The Pep Guardiola who now heads wearing the same run between the hours seven-twenty. (via Marca)

Record Pedro scored for the fifth straight day

The canary Pedro Rodríguez has become a key player in the Barcelona both as he brings his game as its easy to make. This chapter has managed to beat a personal record scoring at Racing for the fifth consecutive day.

Against Espanyol managed a double in Cornella. Did the same in the Nou Camp with two goals against Levante. Riazor completed the scoring in the Barca (0-4). Against Malaga at home made the third and against Racing opened the scoring.
The end has 11 league goals last season came at 12 and Messi this season has only managed to score on five consecutive days. The last Spanish player to do this was Enrique Castro, 'Quini' on 80-81. (via Marca)

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE- 21] FC Barcelona B 1 - 2 Rayo Vallecano

The effectiveness of lightning knocked the Barcelona B in the Mini (1-2), who dominated the game and disposed of most of the time but ran into a goal by Trejo in the first minute of the game and a very strong kick, unstoppable of Armenteros after the break, leaving the tie Jonathan.

【Technical Data】
FC Barcelona B: Miño; Montoya, Bartra, Fontàs, Planas; J. Dos Santos (m.70 Rafinha), Ilie, Thiago (m.84 Benja); Edu Oriol (m.75 Saúl), Nolito and J. Soriano.

Rayo Vallecano: Cobeño; Coke, Borja Gómez, Arribas, Casado; Armenteros, Javi Fuego, Movilla, Piti (m.82 Carlos de la Vega); Trejo (m.72 Borja) and Delibasic (m.46 Míchel).

Goals: 0-1 Trejo (m.1), 1-1 J. Soriano (m.34), 1-2 Armenteros (m.70).

Referee: Valés Aller (Castilian-Leonese committee). Fontàs admonished (m.15), Montoya (m.49), Piti (m.58), Coke (m.61), Borja Garcia (m.81), Nolito (m.86), Armenteros (m.87 ) and J. Soriano (m.90).

Subs: game for the twenty-first day of the League Championship in the Mini Forward Stadium before 4,153 spectators.