22 January 2011

[Barça B] Blackburn Rochina may be next week

The future of striker Ruben subsidiary Rochina appears increasingly near Blackburn Rovers.

As reported by the web 'TalkSport', all the Premier will know next week if they finally get the signing of the winter market Rochina.

Negotiations between Blackburn and the player would come to fruition and only missing the two clubs agree on the figures of the operation. The offer would be around one million British pounds and Barca, even though Luis Enrique has the player, the work would be acceptable given that the forward contract ends next June. (via SPORT)

Pinto out; Oier comes into place

Barca have made the final training session on Saturday morning before the game against Racing. José Manuel Pinto could not exercise because of some stomach problems and instead entered goalkeeper subsidiary Oier.
Apart from the absence of late Barca goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, Pep Guardiola can not count the injured Dani Alves and limbo for tonight's game at Camp Nou between FC Barcelona and Racing Santander.

José Manuel Pinto is at hand this morning at the stadium, where at 11 am began training the first team, but doctors, after visiting, they have sent home. The goalkeeper suffered a stomach upset would not be allowed to participate in the game this Saturday. In its place has been called the gatekeeper of Barça B, Oier.

Last session

Thus, the 17 first team players more Oier have exercised this morning on the lawn at Camp Nou. After the training, have lunch together on site and then Barça have gone home. The team must return to the stage at 18.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mascherano wants Arsenal return to Premier

The Barcelona players are still the envy of all clubs. The latest to join the list of 'undesirable' was Javier Mascherano.

ccording to the British press, the Arsenaa wants to use the alternate status to persuade Argentinean midfielder to return to the Premier. And the British press says that Barca do not get along the substitution and is beginning to regret having left the English Premier League.

A fact that could be used by Wenger, Arsenal, who have set eyes on the Argentine player after ruling out the possibility of signing another player of Barça Pedro.

Remember that Mascherano, who has three years left on his contract with the entity Barca, Barca came this summer from Liverpool. His signing cost 24 million euros in its first months as Barca has participated in 14 of the 19 league games played so far. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Alves will"

The coach is calm about the future of the Brazilian side and focused on the 'seny' between both parties.

Pep Guardiola has lived his media week in five days as it has appeared before the media on four occasions. With the exception of Monday, the rest of days has had to answer questions on current Blaugrana. And today is no exception because they also have to respond to reporters after the game against Racing. As yet, despite all this accumulation of press conferences, Guardiola has things to say and very important for the future of the club.

While the theme of renewal is still a taboo-yesterday refused to dismiss the Betis coach Pepe Mel, sites for the next season with the phrase "see you next year in First" but qualified that the farewell was "very lucky and get up to first" - yes he spoke at length about the future of one of his pupils, Dani Alves, who is entering into a pulse with the club open in search of renewal: "There is nothing broken with Alves. I know also has a year left on his contract. I am convinced that sooner or later going to be fixed. At least that is the perception I have. "

At the insistence of the media on complications of the operation Alves, Santpedor was even more emphatic than before: "Alves will be here. And if it is not the fault of Dani and Barcelona. But I have a feeling I will be here showing all their human value and quality. "

Moreover, the technician was very quiet on the Brazilian sports performance because "I am convinced that this is not going to affect the field nor to mislead, its renewal and a process has in recent months has made a few games very good. "

Guardiola also spoke of the misfortune that is taking Jeffren with injuries: "It's more bad news in recent days. It's a very explosive player and because of the injuries are not having continuity. A pity because it is a great wide player, space will end like no other, at the same height as Peter. I tell you enjoy your talent and you forget everything else, but he is too competitive and it falls. The other day I saw him very badly, but now it is a bit better. "

Nor forgot to mention the possibility of going with the sub'21 Thiago: "We will talk calmly with the Federation. Zubizarreta was responsible. It is normal for a ride. If the Federation claims him, we have nothing to say. "

And evidently also took time to discuss rival today, Racing: "I know him very well. If you do not get together defensively, we will run insurance. Munitis will not, but are equally dangerous. "

Pep wanted to point out that the defeat against Betis was not due to lack of intensity or quality as a forum has been justified: "It is true that we lost because we ran and got the leg. That is so simplistic to say that the truth is not worth comment. "

The Santpedor stressed once again that the four points of Real Madrid are nothing. " remembering that "if missing two days to finish the championship then this advantage if it could be almost definitive, but there are still 19 days."
Regarding the extraordinary first round of the championship that his team has signed, Pep noted that "that's history, challenging the team" to win more games other nineteen. "

The match against Betis was the first for Ibrahim Afellay as a starter. Guardiola praised the willingness and courage shown by the Dutch since arriving in the template. "He can play different positions," he analyzed. "For now I have in mind four and I'm very happy with his performance," confessed Barca coach. "He can play right or wrong because we all can make mistakes. The important thing is that he always wants to participate and that now, just starting out, you have to appreciate it much. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Thiago, another attraction in the Mini

Barça B, with Thiago, Ray faces a zone situated seeking promotion. Rubén Rochina says farewell.

Barça B did not sign during the winter. Needless which makes low despite the long duration of Carmona and Romeo and less serious Sergi Roberto. The team has a luxury strengthening Thiago's return, which could be a starter with the reserves before the Rayo Vallecano in a game that meets all incentives.

In addition to the probable participation of the largest Alcántara (could coincide with his brother Rafa to add interest), the party schedule, which allows splicing after the Camp Nou, is another argument for going to a Mini that could record best entry of the season. The rival, Lightning aimed at first and takes into Armenteros (12 goals) to the crack, is another hook for not staying at home. In addition, Luis Enrique can retell with Muniesa, Víctor Vázquez and Tello, who have discharged. The big match in Helmántico (2-3) has strengthened the morale of the Blaugrana.

Rubén Rochina,The striker will leave on Monday to play for Blackburn Rovers, who signed an agreement. (via MD)

Barça, one of the record winning streak in league

Barça are a better match win streak followed by the club in the league, who is 14, from Week 8 to 21 of the 2005-06 season. In this campaign, 2010-2011, 'PepTeam' has accumulated 13 consecutive victories, from day 7 to 19. The victims have been Valencia (2-1), Zaragoza (0-2), Sevilla (5-0), Getafe (1-3), Villarreal (3-1), Almería (0-8), R. Madrid (5-0), Osasuna (0-3), Real Sociedad (5-0), Espanyol (1-5), Levante (2-1), Deportivo (0-4) and Manchester (4-1). In total, 48 goals scored and only five against.

The previous stops Barça in league: 11 straight victories from 1983 to 1984 (J.29) to 1984-85 (J.5), 10 wins in a row 2008-09 (J.13) to 2008-09 (J.22) and 10 straight wins from 1955 to 1956 (J.14) to 1955-1956 (J.23). To give a good account of Racing, the club will pursue the absolute world record is held by Real Madrid, who had 15 straight victories from day 11 to 25 of the 1960-61 campaign. Barca's next opponent would be the Hercules, the only one that has earned. (via MD)

[Barça B] Thiago and Rafinha, ready for the Lightning

Thiago Alcantara has trained all week with Barca B and could play with the reserves with his brother Rafinha after four months of being under the command of Guardiola. Luis Enrique recalled for the match against Rayo Mu Vazquez Tello
Week of ups and downs in Barca B. Luis Enrique has known these days the extent of injuries Sergi Roberto and Carmona , but also has received "reinforcements" for all lines of equipment.

With the discharge in his pocket, this week has been exercised normally Muniesa, Vazquez Tello, who have overcome various physical problems. The other addition to the group has been to Thiago.

Brazilian midfielder the club a few days ago confirmed that next season will form the first team, but for now has become the subsidiary to gain competitive pace.

Thiago's last game under the command of Luis Enrique is the fourth game of the season this season against Elche. Until that September 18, 2010 Thiago had joined three games and 201 minutes on the Secunda A.

Alcántara brothers

On his return to training of Barça B, Thiago has met with his brother Rafinha, who has been involved with the B in the last two league games.
Until now we had agreed on the same team from the quarry Barca, and that the difference in age of two has always located on different computers. This Saturday (18 h) could play together against Rayo Vallecano.
Parallel paths

Thiago Alcántara came to the youth ranks of FC Barcelona in the summer of 2005. His first team was headed Cadete B Fran Sánchez. The following season he played with Thiago Cadet Garcia Pimienta and even debuted with Rodolf Juvenil B Juvenil A Borrell and Alex Garcia. Thiago 2007/08 season was consolidated in the Juvenil A, but appeared in four games with Barça B in third under the command of Guardiola. In the first year of Luis Enrique to the second team Barca, Thiago alternated with the Junior A affiliate. Thiago started last season with Barça B, but also combined his training and matches subsidiary with the first team.

Rafa Alcántara, 'Rafinha', arrived at the quarry Barca a year after his brother. The youngest son of Mazinho debuted with the Child A who ran Fran Sánchez. 2007/08 and 2008/09 he worked with Victor Sanchez, first in the Cadet Cadet B and then A. Rafa last season was part of the Junior B Sergi Barjuan, whereas in the present course has played in the Junior A command of Oscar Garcia. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago first 'low' of Barca in the next season

FC Barcelona prepare the 2011-2012 season without one of its official incorporation. Thiago Alcantara must participate in two tournaments with Spain as the ship begins work.

The news was revealed the program Ona FM 'grandstand'. Espñola Federation and FC Barcelona has informed that it intends to call to face Thiago Sub'21 Euro and World Cup this summer Sub'20. These two events would affect the final competition this season and preseason first team.

Spain is one of the participants of the Euro in Denmark between 11 and 25 June, ending dates 2010-2011 League II A. Luis Enrique will be without midfielder during the final stage of competition.

The same applies to the preseason first team since the World Cup will be Thiago Sub'20 of Colombia, which takes place between 29 July and 20 August. According to information Ona FM, the sports director of the RFEF, Fernando Hierro, spoke with President of FC Barcelona, Andoni Zubizarreta, to communicate the intention of having Thiago Alcantara in these two quotations. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "It was lost for many reasons and none was Bojan"

Pep Guardiola confirmed that the club reach the final of the Copa del Rey, goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto will be analyzed and the defeat against Betis exempt from all blame to the young Bojan Krkic.

"If we reach the final, Pinto will play it. For the time will play the semifinal. Because you deserve it, because it is a fantastic goalkeeper and because whenever it has been played at a high level, also against Betis" said the Blaugrana coach at a news conference.

And Bojan Krkic defended, criticized for his performance in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey match on Wednesday at the Benito Villamarin: "I'm more than happy and he knows it. Sometimes there is a tendency when Blame is lost. There is no. We are all part and I'm confident with all the players who took the other day. All are part of the success of this team and Bojan the first. I'm delighted with him. He lost a lot of Bojan reasons and none was." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Iniesta is the signing of the Year"

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, said when Andres Iniesta and referred to him as "the signing of the year" because it is the player with most games being played in the league, after a full 2009-2010 season low injury.

"It is the signing of the year. Last season we were not in big games. We have allowed the leap in quality. We are very happy with it and because continuity is making a lot of goals," said the Barcelona coach.

Guardiola attended the meeting reporters after physical Barcelona this Friday afternoon to prepare the party that will face Racing Santander at the Camp Nou (sábado/20: 00 hours).

Cantabrian team, Guardiola said, recalling his defensive potential that can cause the problems already generated by both the Malaga Barcelona Betis the last team to have beaten Barca team, on Wednesday, 3-1 in the round the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.

"They have a good defensive structure and we will run if we do not close well in defense," said the coach, who gave clinched the Cup match on Wednesday, and the great time he lived Barca in the first round of the League holds the record for points and goals. "The first round is history," he said.

Guardiola also referred to Thiago Alcantara, after the Spanish Football Federation has announced that claim to Barcelona in the summer to play European and World sub'21 sub'20: "We've been two years without him in the preseason . talk calmly and decide, but it seems to me that if they want, they will. Not much we mean. Basically, nothing. "

About the difference of four points on the Madrid team leader, Guardiola did not move one iota of discourse bears saying since last weekend by insisting that the four points with 19 games still to play, "are not nothing, and more with an opponent as strong as Madrid." (via SPORT)

Adriano: "In the club no one intends to be the center of the world

The FC Barcelona player Adriano Correia said in a statement to its image and communication advice to him is very important to play at Barca, a team that emphasized the camaraderie and the absence of the sense of "star" by his players.

Adriano feels good at the club. "I love to play for Barcelona, the people are wonderful, and despite being on a championship team with some of the best players in the world, the atmosphere is fantastic, great camaraderie."

The Brazilian, who knows that both the club and the coach recognizes his talent and professionalism, said of his current team environment that permeates the locker room. "There is a different culture in this club, no one is superior. Here there are no stars, no one tries to be the center of the world. Barcelona is more important than any of us, so, players get to have a good atmosphere between them. "

Despite rumors that arrived in Madrid about the potential unrest among the candidates for Golden Ball, Adriano said otherwise. "With three players vying for the title of best player in the world in other clubs most likely have caused problems in the locker room. Not here. Everyone is happy with the prize that was given to Messi, just as we would be happy if the award had gone to Xavi or Iniesta. "

'21 'Barca have reached the beginning of the season to be part of a team that seems unstoppable, but keeps feet on the ground. "We're not invincible. Betis played very well, we made some mistakes and the adversary's advantage, but not the end of the world, "said the player in reference to the game against Betis, which was the third defeat Catalans this season, but said it was an episode that will soon be repeated: "It hurts a lot, to a team like Barcelona, losing in this way, but it had to happen someday. Now we will not make these mistakes, at least so soon. There's the humility of the speaker. And one of the secrets of Barcelona is that we recognize that we played badly and deserved to lose. There is a great explanation of what happened, we are also entitled to a bad day "

Adriano finally spoke on the situation of Barca in the league standings, leading to four-point lead over second-placed Real Madrid. "The championship is not won, we have four points ahead, but we have to keep winning our games. We care little what the Real Madrid, there are 18 teams," the side that declared: "We are the only team depends on itself to win the championship and I sincerely believe that is what will happen. " (via SPORT)

Reforms in access to Camp Nou

The FC Barcelona stadium is adapting its people who have to travel with a wheelchair. To this end the club opened in January a new ramp to improve accessibility to South Gol soon be expanded to availability.

From the Levante match played in January, the Camp Nou opened the access ramp 19, in Travessera de les Corts, who joined the ramp located on the North Goal. Moreover, as explained by the web of Barca, adapted the guardrails of entry and enable access gates 1, 5, 9, 14 and 19 to enter with a wheelchair. Signaling was also incorporated these same points.

This new access was only a further step in the changes in the stadium that the entity wants to spend to improve access to people with disabilities. The vice president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner explained in 'Barça TV' the need to adjust the ship's facilities for this group: "We found that there were a number of problems for people traveling in wheelchairs. The first Incidentally, this ramp has been relatively easy and quick to fix. The people who had the town in the south goal was to give all the back from the ramp at the other Gol. "

"We want to have access to paid or to be able to buy a ticket and are members or not, from lockers but they also buy over the Internet, which now can not do," summed up the vice president of the Social Area, who also explained "To make these changes and have the new wheelchair access, you have to 'sacrifice' 212 locations, 107 of them occupied by subscribers. These partners were relocated to better areas and specific solutions will be sought in each case ".

Jordi Cardona said that in the coming months will adapt more locations and more space to these partners and supporters: "The project we want to bring short term is to expand this area."

Currently there are 13 and 14 locations in each Goal, and this was extended to 24 and 24, in each case. In addition, each plaza will also include a place for a companion. Therefore, the overall capacity, the two goals, 48 seats over 48 passengers.

The translation of these reforms will be a simple access and improved viewing party for members and fans in wheelchairs. (via SPORT)

The cold, the guest of the penultimate session

The first team has trained this afternoon in which he has been the penultimate training session before the visit of Racing on Saturday. Jeffren Alves and absences have been training in the cold has been the Protagonist
The second round of the League starts this weekend with Barça de Guardiola as a leader, four points behind Real Madrid. After that, during training on Thursday against Betis holders make up work this afternoon, the team has practiced with the mind set in the match against Racing on Saturday at the Camp Nou (20 hours).

Low temperatures affect Catalunya last few hours have also made an appearance at the Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despi. Moreover, the fact that the session was at 6 pm, when the sun had set, has to have more feeling cold. Anyway, the players have jumped into training camp well equipped to combat the low temperature.

Pep Guardiola has worked this afternoon with 18 players, all from the first team. The only absentees at the meeting have been to limbo, which was injured during training on Thursday , and Alves, injured in the last league match. Both players have worked outside the team to continue their recoveries. (via FCBarcelona.cat)