21 January 2011

"Barça are not invincible but it makes the best football"

"I've never seen them play a team like Barcelona," said the coach, who wanted to emphasize that the beat "have tried all with different ideas, and most have ended up defeated."

Miguel Ángel Portugal, coach of Racing Santander, today discussed the FC Barcelona, next faces Spaniard assembly, "is not invincible, although he has qualified that is the best football team that makes the world."

"I've never seen them play a team like FC Barcelona, Portugal stressed at a news conference. And when asked about the differences seen between the Blaugrana this season and the last season, coach Burgos said that "the club this year is more refined, if possible more perfectly."

Although Portugal points out that the current ship has a "play deeper, more dynamic and more secure than ever," does not rule out the Racing can get a positive result on his visit to the leader, because there are other teams that have succeeded as Hercules and Betis, who have only been able to beat this season.

"I have tried all with different ideas, and most have ended up defeated," says Portugal, for whom a potential key to scoring in Barcelona is "try not to have facility to play the ball." "If we look at them and I have not pressed them much easier," he added.

Portugal has set itself the objective that the Racing make "a good match tactically and physically," because the only way to have "options have a good result." However, Portugal has said it will not look much on the result as picture offered by your team and that "the idea of the game goes well and the player is comfortable, with enthusiasm and eager." (via AS)

FCB-Almería, on Wednesday 26 at 22 h

As reported by the Spanish Football Federation, the match between Barcelona and Almeria, corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, will be held on Wednesday 26 January at 22 am at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Busquets renewed by the club

The Catalan midfielder Sergio Busquers sign next week the renewal that has proposed the Barcelona, while Brazilian Dani Alves Catalan club has received a final offer to continue, a source told Efe the entity Barcelona.

The idea of the club is "no market" with the renewal of Alves, who concludes a contract with Barcelona on June 30, 2012, so last night the consultant gave a final offer of the Brazilian economy for the player to rule whether to continue or not at Barcelona in 2012.

The point of tension between the two sides is purely economic, since the player's claims would place him as one of the best paid in the template, if accepted, the fact that the leaders of Barcelona should not be considered.

This moved him last night adviser Alves, Joaquin Macanás, the three representatives of Barcelona sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the technical secretary, Andoni Zubizarreta, and the director of football, Raul Sanllehí at a meeting of no more than an hour.

Barcelona's claim is that Alves is in the pay scale where they are Puyol, Victor Valdes and Pique, who are under two groups: the first, which is only Messi as the best-paid staff, and the second, consisting of Xavi, Iniesta and Villa.

Barcelona has ensured that awaits the response of the player, who is currently recovering from an injury, with the idea of maintaining a strong position as the Catalan club insists it will not negotiate over the monetary amount.

During these months, in which Dani Alves has always shown an interest to continue at the club, teams like Manchester City have come to the scene as the player's future destination if you leave the Catalan club. (via SPORT)

Wenger defends Fabregas and catches the eye of Pedro

Arsenal coach, seduced by the canary, close the dispute with Denílson.

While several British media claim that Arsène Wenger contemplates bid by Pedro , as currency within the expected offensive Barca by Cesc or without the technician ' gunner 'has come out against rumors of an alleged clash between Fabregas and Denilson , noting that " Cesc is an outstanding captain, with a great personality. We have no single leader on the team, but that leadership is shared. However, he deservedly wears the bracelet. "

It is recalled that Brazil is misrepresented statements of Denílson implying that he had accused Cesc adequacy of lacking torque imposed on the rest of partners. Denilson said that "I am very shy and I know very bad all this turmoil, especially when I am good friends with Cesc . I did not say what was attributed to me, I never doubted Fàbregas and so I did know. "

The crack of Arenys for its part not only via Twitter said that "this is a misunderstanding," but also said after Wednesday's 1-3 Leeds in the FA Cup that "you (the press) seek the dispute , but I can only say that there is no problem with Denilson and demonstrate our leadership claim victory. For me, football is a matter of team and together we go as far as possible in all four competitions in which we live " referring to Premier , Cup , Carling Cup and Champions .

The Tenerife dazzles

As for Pedro , has attracted the interest of Wenger in his current scoring streak and especially how much it brings to the community from all positions of the attack. Alsatian coach asked, again according to British media, a detailed report from the front and it is possible that end having a formal offer. (via MD)

Bojan concern at Barça

The striker finished last season as a thunder and won the dorsal 'nine' but his progression has again suffered a break. It seems out of place and, worse, gives signs of having been discouraged from playing without happiness.

El Barça goes on in the Cup but his defeat in the Benito Villamarin left homeless. Pinto , Gabi Milito , Adriano and Bojan were, rightly or wrongly, the most mentioned by the critics but, as the first three are best fitted by terms of age, the Linyola, although it does not seem so much that goes in the template (debuted at 16 in the first team), could suffer more because it has only 20.

Bojan's situation at this point in the season does not match the expectations created when you started the course. Bojan freehand earned hero status in the league last sent to the bench to Ibrahimovic and goals by providing fresh and vital for achieving the title. His leap in quality was staged with the inauguration of the dorsal 'nine', a whole set of long sought and desired a prologue to the persecuted consecration.

The truth is that these good wishes are not fulfilled, at least for now. The role of Bojan is still secondary, similar to previous campaigns, but longed for the explosion actually occur. Only flashes that do not have continuity. Exhibitions served in dropper envision a tremendous potential but are not abundant.

The reasons for this stagnation may respond to several reasons. There is one sport that alludes to his profile: Krkic is a finisher, it was since joining the club as the youngest and probably is the best we can do but while Villa , with many more minutes, however, has managed to reinvent themselves to be productive from the left, Bojan seems disoriented and, worse, gives signs of having been discouraged from playing without happiness. " Personally, I'm happy, I helped on defense and have not lost balls , "said the striker after Wednesday's game against Betis .

Guardiola has always protected the player to the media, but recently acknowledged that expects more of him, sliding that may be causing him not to give more minutes, "Do not stop till I make him a better player," he said.

Renewed last December 2015, the future of Bojan still offers doubts that he alone can solve. (via MD)

Henrique: "I'm ready to play for Barça"

The defense persists in the idea of playing at Barcelona while consolidated in the eleven Racing.

Henrique Adriano Buss (Paraná, October 14, 1986) is one of those Kafkaesque cases that occur from time to time so unusual for a club like Barcelona. Signed three years ago for 10 million, the news has hardly Barca fan of football. A Henrique he is known in Leverkusen, where he played on loan campaign. And in Santander, where he is serving his second season with the hopes of winning the soccer maturity needed to find their place in the workforce of Barcelona.

You have become a fixture of Portugal in the middle of the defense is seeing Is the best version of Henry?

"I feel good. I think I've progressed a lot these two years in the Racing. The most important thing is that I feel more and more adapted to Spanish football. It was tough for me. Came from Germany, which is very different to football in Brazil. And then I went to Spain which is very different from the Cup.

Always mention the differences with the Brazilian soccer So it is difficult for South American players get to European football?

It is difficult to change. Here are many more contact and the ball does not stop. It is too tight. Brazil is different. It's a different pace and culture. Al is very demanding central air. It is widely used force. I had to change my style of play to compete in Europe. At Bayern, for example, went out with the ball under control. In Spain, football is more technical, but much faster than in my country.

We can test this Saturday against Barcelona ....

We know what we will meet at the Camp Nou. Last season we won 4-0 and there are things we can not repeat. We have to take the field more closely. More concentrated. It is very difficult to draw something positive in the Nou Camp but the racing is very different to last year. This team is better at everything.

Betis pulled up from the beginning and the Barcelona-slack at times ...

Personally I think that's the path. It is better tighten up and complicate the ball out to Barcelona. Betis showed the way and had a hard Barcelona at Camp Nou.

Front will have a guy like Messi who knows nothing about locks ... Is there a way to stop it?

Is the number one. When you train with him you realize that. The team has great players like Xavi and Iniesta but Leo is great.

When you finish the course you could re-match with Argentina do they want?

Racing With the go ahead. Assignment ends in June and be very clear. In my head win in the Barcelona is still my great dream. Does not depend on me, but I feel ready to play for Barcelona.

The club just gave him a few workouts to demonstrate their level Did you have anything in those meetings to convince the technicians?

When I trained with them knew I was missing things. He came very young, the German football, which is a different football, and in Barcelona playing a very special way. In these two years I have learned a lot. I've grown in football and the personal.

Pep At the time it would be good to play on other computers to adapt to playing in Europe ...

I think the experience has been very positive. Guardiola never spoke directly to me, but I know I said this in the media. I was a little sad because my dream was to play for Barcelona. Now I see more options. (via SPORT)

Barça put on the market to Dos Santos

The player is aware of the technical decision and looks perfect destination for football to continue its progression.

Barcelona B midfielder is on the market. Jonathan has the approval of the club to find a way out and accept an offer if it can seduce her sport and economically. Moreover, the sports management has also taken a step in this regard and has alerted several clubs and commission that the footballer has its doors open. The contacts have taken the utmost discretion, partly because the Mexican is likely to leave the institution on payment of a significant transfer: three million euros. At present, the granting of the charter of freedom is completely discarded.

The club has received many requests to assign players to European and Spanish clubs. Most have been aimed directly at three or four promises that are permanently in-between the subsidiary and the first team. Technicians have rejected outright. The case of Jonathan dos Santos is different. The Mexican is also one of the young talents of the quarry that has attracted the interest of the market, but most requests have not gone beyond a transfer until the end of the season with a purchasing clause may run from 30 June. Considerations have also led to ruin any contact.

The reality is complex. Jonathan made his debut with the first team on October 28, 2009 in the Copa del Rey match against the Cultural Leonesa. Since then his appearances have been set Guardiola increasingly sporadic and spaced out in time. In the sports management has the feeling that a change of scenery would benefit the progression of Mexican football. Barça's wishes for a transfer that would contemplate an option to buy in early. All parties are already working to make this line a reality in the final stretch of the winter market or in the course of next season.

The case of Jonathan dos Santos is not unique. In the same situation the Mexican are other players in the subsidiary and Rochina or Armando. Barca has also resorted to various consultants to advise them to contemplate welcome any offers of transfer, although the amount was considerably smaller. The sports management easier paths exits if any club was willing to put on the table one million euros. Speculated for days with a strong interest in Blackburn striker for FC Barcelona B. Are still waiting, but so far money has not arrived yet.

he presence of Jonathan dos Santos in the first team has been testimony in this campaign. Halfway through the season, the Mexican midfielder has participated in a Super Cup match in Spain, started against Rubin Kazan in meeting the Champions League and also played some minutes in the cup match against Ceuta. In League has only entered a squad. Contract ends in 2012 and has 30 million clause. (via SPORT)

Alves, level Piqué, Puyol and Valdés

The renewal of Brazil has reached a crossroads: the club considers fair match all other stations; Dani wants more.

E Barca fulfilled the promises made and moved delicate chip on the renewal of Dani Alves. As expected, early in the afternoon, Barça offices hosted the summit between representatives of the club and the player's advisor. The vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, the athletic director, Andoni Zubizarreta, and the executive, Raul Sanllehí, the usual partners in the long process of negotiation, were cited for nearly two hours with Joaquin Macanás. The meeting focused on the basis of the new proposal to the club stated on the table. Barca gives good arguments for the player and assumed that the Brazilian international must undergo a qualitative change in the salary scales of staff. According to the offering entity, Dani tab will be equated with identical to that received Piqué, Puyol Valdes, the goalkeeper and the two reference stations in the coverage of the team. The club understands that equated to three world champions fair treatment and a significant sign of recognition towards the side benefits. This is a third level, behind Lionel Messi in the first instance, and two cracks from the likes of Xavi and Iniesta. For Villa, the Spaniard would be somewhere in between and no reference.

To avoid triggering the wage bill of staff, priority in philosophy of the new board, the economic growth posed by the directive is based on a significant contribution through the signing of various advertising contracts. For weeks, Alves knows that his firm would be accompanied by the renewal of contract with Nike, as well as the option to become the image of Herbalife. Two ways to continue to box. The big news in the talks provided yesterday was the realization of another advertising contract conditional on the continuation of Barca. All parties have agreed to keep silent, but your private messages are contradictory. The club would point to a drink to be pegged to the player for four or five years. Sources close to the player merely noted that the commitment is only guaranteed in the first two years.

The club understands that the economic slump is important and fully justified requirements Alves. Opinion is not shared from orbit of football. It stresses that the negotiating position is inflexible and developments are small touches that add nothing to the bulk of the proposal ever.

Barca supply would become effective retroactively, ie the improvement and provide for the current season, and would last at least until 2015, another season of that contained in the beginning of the talks. It also includes an additional clause which would take effect in another campaign if met minimum requirements. The style of other players in the squad and Xavi Hernandez.

But not everything is about money and contracts of all kinds. The directive also calls for an effort from Alves. It is understood that other Premier League clubs may pose higher financial offers, although it will be almost impossible to enjoy as well the side has expressed in public since his arrival at Camp Nou. Dani is happy at Barca, he feels loved and valued by the locker room and coach, is making history with the conquest of many titles and not provided grounds for a change.

In recent months, from the initial offering raised at the time by Joan Laporta, the numerous telephone contacts and meetings have served only to disrupt the mild economic proposition. It is true that the club has risen somewhat your approach, but Alves continues to believe that the offer falls far short of their claims.

The renewal may have entered a dangerous drift. Club sources have suggested that the margin for maneuver is increasingly reduced and that the club does not have the slightest intention to dispose of the player. A clear warning to all those who dream of taking the place of Dani with a move. No negotiations with second or third clubs: either reach an agreement for renewal or the Brazilian will have to fulfill his contract until June 30, 2012. The message is thus clear and convincing.

The president Sandro Rosell has not yet come into play during the entire negotiating process. Yesterday's meeting ended without agreement and, if we consider the position of the player, the feeling is anything but positive. Is not excluded that the leader of the club made an appearance and can contribute to a pathway of hope and redirect the negotiations that are currently not assume any easier. (via SPORT)

Deco: "Barca play spectacular football"

The former FC Barcelona Anderson Luis de Souza 'Deco' was the star of the second edition of 'grandstand' of 'Ona FM. " The Brazilian, who was one of the key pieces of Barca coach Frank Rijkaard, now shows its category in Fluminense, Liga champions of his native Brazil.

"It was great to win the league here after 26 years without winning. It's very nice for the fans too. I was lucky enough to have played in great teams and it gives you a lot to get titles, "Deco said proudly.

The former Blaugrana landed this season in Brazil after trying two years in the Premier League with Chelsea. "Coming to Brazil was a personal decision and my family, he was not happy living in London. Here was a chance to start a good project, "adding that" speaks volumes about the 2014 World Cup, will be very good for the country. "

In Brazil you will find one of his companions Rijkaard at Barca, Ronaldinho fellow who joined Flamengo. "I was surprised by the return of Ronaldinho when Brazil is able to bring great players, a good thing for him and Brazilian soccer."

Deco spoke about the historic Pep Guardiola: "El Barça now plays spectacular football, has more solutions than when I played. Guardiola has been lucky to have young people who have entered and helpful. After having a Leo, Xavi and Iniesta, who has won a lot of maturity, is a set of things that make this team is more complete. Over time and with all that is winning can become the best team ever. " However, the player showed some nostalgia for 4 years when the club did not shine as today is shining. "There have been times that things have not gone very well and Barcelona do not win things for two years it means that things go wrong. We all had our share of the blame, but the important thing is to remember the good things. "

He also had praise for Leo Messi, who noted as one of the best players of all time. "Now it's easy to say if I expected it to Leo, but I almost always knew I was different from everyone else. I've seen great players, but the quality and maturity showed me I could be very big, "he argued.

Preferred to avoid the comparison between Messi and Ronaldinho of his time: "I could not tell who is the better player, if Ronaldinho at his best Leo Messi or now. The two are very large, each has its history and way of life. Leo is lucky to have a family nearby and do not know if what happened to Ronnie had something to do. Ronnie has left his story in the club and remember the good things. "

Finally Deco Thiago Alcántara analyzed the youth squad, did not hesitate to ensure that it has a great future ahead. "I've seen a few times playing, whether he knew of Barça B. It has great quality and has everything to succeed. It also has a coach who provides opportunities for young people. " (via SPORT)

Barça-Alves Summit for its renewal

Alves and his agent met with the club to reach an agreement for renewal.As reported RAC1, if Alves agrees, would then charge a little less than Xavi and Iniesta in the latest proposal by Barça.

Daniel Alves and his representative, Joaquin Macanás, met with Barca to meet again for renewal. The latest proposal from Barca side that the Brazilian would happen to charge a little less than Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta as forward 'RAC1'. Now player need to study the proposal and accept or reject it but in any case, the club will not go up more air travel.

It is the first meeting to keep the Barça Alves. Since several months is approaching its renewal is being complicated by the multiple offers that the player commands, including a multi-million Manchester City. Anyway, the will of the Brazilian is to continue to Barca.

Accepting the offer would Barca Alves receivables as well as Puyol, Valdés and Villa. (via MD)

Valdés: "The coach will, I have no doubt"

The goal of FC Barcelona Víctor Valdés bet because Pep Guardiola will continue next season in the Barcelona bench.

"I have no doubt that the coach will follow. Personally, I have shown my desire to follow the older Pep better, for the good of everyone," Valdes said during his visit to the Special Centre of Employment of the Multiple Esclerosi Foundation (FEM-CET) to learn more about training and integration of people with this disease.

Barcelona goalkeeper feels comfortable and Guardiola's orders, as well as joys, sorrows as he has lived on Wednesday with the defeat against Betis. Valdes was on the bench but broke a lance for his colleagues: "The team attitude is always the best. These things can happen in football. The important thing is to learn from mistakes and that does not happen again. In addition, those played out to give everything and the team showed his face at all times. "

Victor Valdes did not want to think about a hypothetical end and prefer to go step by step. "I get to play a cup final but we have to be careful. We still have a very difficult tie against Almeria," the goal.

Furthermore, it is clear that the fans are more than ever at the machine. "People give value to what we are achieving. The fan is proud of this boat because this team works with your feet on the ground. We do not live in the past. We work every day and it is important not to disappoint," said Valdés. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Squad for the FIFA U-18 Atlantic

The premiere of the Spanish will face Switzerland on February 1, the next day will rival the Canary Islands and the program will close on 4 with the match against Mexico combined.

The FEF has announced the squad for the dispute of the XXXVII Atlantic Cup U-18. The tournament will be held in Gran Canaria from 1 to 4 February and will face the Spanish side in him to Mexico, Switzerland and the Canary Islands regional selection. The Sub-18 does not compete at the official level, but acts friendly events like these to maintain cohesion in the plunge of going from the U-17 to U-19.

The premiere of the Spanish will face Switzerland on February 1, the next day will rival the Canary Islands and the program will close on 4 with the match against Mexico, the most exotic of all those involved make up the box. Most comes from the called Sub-17 which last year was runner-up in Europe in Liechtenstein. Highlight the names of John Ramalho, Jesse Rodriguez, Paco Ortolá or Alcácer, but also return to the group dynamics as other interesting promises Athletic midfielder Ruiz de Galarreta, Malaga striker Juanmi or OSED Derik Madrid defender. This is the squad:

ATHLETIC CLUB: Urtzi Erleaga Malaxechevarria, Jonas Ramalho Chimeno e Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta Echevarria.

Club Atlético de Madrid SAD: Borja González Galán

FC BARCELONA: Eduard Campabadal Clear

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona SAD: Victor Alvarez Delgado and Sergi Darder Moll

LIVERPOOL FC: Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre

MÁLAGA CF SAD: Juanmi Jimenez Lopez

REAL MADRID CF: Derik OSED Prieto, Francisco García Noblejas Herranz, Mascarell Omar Gonzalez and Jesse Rodriguez Ruiz

SEVILLA FC SAD: Israel Puerto Pineda, Jose and Jairo Gomez Morilla Rivero Campaign

Valencia CF SAD: Alcacer García Francisco

VILLAREAL CF SAD: Adrian Orton Vaño

The ball is on the roof of Alves

Dani Alves' representatives already have the latest proposal to renew the club. Now is the player who must make a decision.

Ended and the meeting at the offices of FC Barcelona from three representatives of the Catalan club (Josep Maria Bartomeu, Andoni Zubizarreta and Raul Sanllehí) and Dani Alves agents. At the end of it, total silence by all parties.

What is clear is that the club wants to keep some order and pay in the locker room that does not happen as Ibrahimovic last season. He wishes to acknowledge Alves performance, but is a third level of wages. In the first level is Messi, in the second, Iniesta and Xavi and Alves would immediately behind these two.

The key to the deal is because it increases the Brazilian player both fixed and variable charge. And the letter I could play the club would provide a number of advertising contracts that would allow the player to have good extra income.

Nevertheless, everything suggests that the differences between the two sides are still significant and that the 'soap opera' Alves is not yet in its final stretch. (via SPORT)

Arana: "It is impossible to score in the Camp Nou"

Manuel Arana, Racing midfielder could return on Saturday against FC Barcelona , said today that "it is impossible to score in the Nou Camp" , but also stressed that the visit to league leaders is "the toughest match of the year. "

The Sevilla player will, presumably, the main novelty of the squad tomorrow to facilitate Racing coach Miguel Angel Portugal, after recovering from the pubic bone disease which was operated on November 9 .

"Still I have some discomfort, but doctors say it is normal to have tensions that will gradually happening, "said the midfielder. "There are days loaded and better ones. Yesterday I was a little sore but I'm better today," Arana said at a news conference.

He has also reported that on average two weeks and been training with the group has taken "a bit of pace" and that will be "more difficult to catch the rhythm of games."

As for the next opponent in the league, a FC Barcelona yesterday suffered a Pyrrhic defeat against Betis did not prevent his move to the next round of the Copa del Rey, Arana has emphasized that "we will go out with joy and love of fight. "

Arana said the "good game" Betis made yesterday , especially in the first half with a "push and pull" that made "Barcelona did not play comfortable." He also recalled that Hercules has also managed to win at Barcelona this season, but was in the second game of the season, when many of the Blaugrana could be still "tired after the World Cup."

The midfielder did not know where you can be the weak point of FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou is a "large field" that Pep Guardiola knows how to do even bigger opening to the bands play. "

" The best thing that could happen would be ahead on the scoreboard because that's how it is most complicated to FC Barcelona matches, "said Arana.

And, asked about the next purchase of Racing by the Indian businessman Syed Ali Ahsan , Arana said: " We only know what appears in the press . May it be beneficial to all. Now we are focused on Saturday's game, "he added Arana. (via AS)