20 January 2011

[Youth] Two Juvenils, Espinosa and Deulofeu trained with Pep Barça

The ship returned to coach a day after harvesting its second defeat of the season. Oier addition, the subsidiary, Guardiola also had two youth players.

Barça is an inexhaustible source of talent and thus, Guardiola decided to call Thursday to train two promising players from Juvenil A: Javi Espinosa and Gerard Deulofeu. These are two of the best players of the team led Óscar García.

After all the bad game against Betis team, all players must put the batteries to avoid returning to an image as that seen in the Benito Villamarin. Nobody has a guaranteed spot and people come back as eager for the two youth invited to training. Did Guardiola will be used as a warning paranavegantes?

In addition to those players, the leader of the First Division were trained with 15 first team players and goalkeeper Oier, Barça B.

In this session there was high intensity exercise and holders Real Betis exercised at a gentle pace while some preferred to work in the gym. Alves continues to recover from the injury he suffered against Málaga.

The session was marked by the unfortunate injury of limbo, which had the bad luck to break back the very day I turned 23. The canary is at least five weeks away from the pitch. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Losing is good"

Pep Guardiola has come to refer to the game against Betis in an act of solidarity. Barça coach recalls that "no tie has been easy". "Do not forget that we are one step from the final of the Copa del Rey".

Josep Guardiola has reassessed yesterday's match against Betis in which his men lost (3-1) but managed to qualify for the semifinals of the Cup of the King . Santpedor coach wanted to look back and remember that " no tie has been easy . " Besides " do not have to forget that we are a final step , "she said Pep.

In what the League does, however, the coach of Barcelona you still " a long way "but continues its firm conviction to remind people that" winning and losing a hard time going well. " In fact, this latest defeat, " we will do very well to play against Almeria , "says Pep .

Guardiola has addressed the press at the presentation of a book for charity by various media representatives. (via MD)

Jeffren is injured during training and is about 5 weeks off

Jeffren has suffered a broken left rectus femoris during training on Thursday and will be about 5 weeks off. The session has received a total of 18 players, 15 first team, one of B and two Juvenil A.

Jeffren, who turned 23 Thursday, had a damn birthday. During the training on Thursday, suffered a broken left rectus femoris. After an ultrasound done to the player in the same City Sports, we estimate a prognosis for recovery of about five weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: "It is much to be done"

Barca side looks at the match against Betis and Barcelona season.About Madrid is clear that "4 points are not definitive" and praised his partner, Dani Alves, "Few players have potential".

After soft recovery training this morning, Adriano Correia has treated the media to assess the team's situation after yesterday's match against Betis . Barça lost in the Benito Villamarin but qualified for the semifinals of Copa 's King achieved using the 5-0 in the Camp Nou .

Adrian believes that diabetics " got lucky "by scoring two goals so early, while acknowledging that came" with great intensity. " Like other colleagues, the side believes that defeat will be soothing and provide a " lesson for the future . "

Brazil wants to look ahead and " work for the match against Racing , "a party, she says," we really want to play , "perhaps to avenge the defeat suffered on Wednesday.

He also referred to his partner Dani Alves , who does not know "many potential players," says the Brazilian. About Madrid , knows that "4 points are not final." (via MD)

Afellay traded upward

Afellay made his debut as a starter and although the scoring crumpled to Barça, he was brave, participative and safe. Among other things, starred in the first time danger of Barça.

Seemed the ideal tournament and the day appointed for that 'Ibi' Afellay made his debut as a starter. A 5-0 in the round should be enough margin to gain experience without strain. In the minutes they played against Manchester in the league , just four days ago, the very Camp Nou was delighted with his boldness and vision. Empowered him with applause for Pep his inclusion in the 'once' and the coach did not hesitate. But the Dutch will not remember with pleasure this January 19 but with a residue of bitterness. A bad day to debut from the start and for the Barca received a lesson on earth.

' Ibi showed, however, a brave guy, that the PSV captain's stripes had been for nothing. That does not wrinkle with adversity, you will progress. Others, with two goals conceded in just seven minutes in the attacking half, had stepped back waiting for the veterans try to return the team to the right rail. He did not. With just three minutes before the Barca Athletic ( Cup ), eight against Depor ( League ), again eleven against Betis ( Cup ) and eight at the Málaga ( League ), going a half hour in their boots, Afellay dared to take the ball and rebel against the party script. Pep placed him in the territory of Villa but ' Ibi 'I knew I had to go down to the middle and ask the ball.

The first thing he did, he first made the Barça , even before Messi, was test firing. There was no last minute and picked up another ball to try again. At that time, with Xavi not find ways to pass, was the only one who seemed certain to lift as heavy slab. Participatory, Dutch associated with Messi throwing a pass into the hole. When he saw the Argentine, an inmate tried to staff looking for a crack or centering the ball. Leo made him breathe while the third goal seconds before the break Betis seemed a blow to their self-esteem. Unbecoming a win this boat very day of rehearsal, his debut ...

In the second part half-hour in which he acted, he saved two details. The first and most revealing, was that Xavi as he sought more support. It is true that sometimes missed the orientation but it was a good squire for Catalan. The second, his bravery, which led him to find chinks in the wall green and white. And it does not exclude resources. Of his hat, which also has, Dodge pulled a heel almost have passed the defender would have been a genius. Of the few positive notes that Pep may include in your notebook. ' Ibi 'is already mature. (via MD)

Alcántara bro's twitter account

Thiago Alcántara do Nascimiento: Thi_Alcantara91

Rafael Alcántara do Nascimiento "Rafinha": barca_rafinha

and Jonathan Dos Santos: jona2santos

Maxwell: "It's a game we should learn things"

The template has been shown to sad and happy at the same time. Qualifying for the semifinals has been the most positive news of a night that has seen the team ended the streak of 28 games without defeat.

The Brazilian Maxwell was one of the players spoken clearer after the game in Villamarín Benito (3-1): "What we did in the Nou Camp has allowed us to qualify. It's a game we should learn many things. The start of game has complicated things and we lacked a bit of tension and now we must learn from mistakes. " However, both the side and his colleagues were satisfied by access to the semifinals.

Now reviewed the statements of other players of FC Barcelona:


"The Betis has returned to play a great match. We could not do anything and we have to acknowledge the good play of Andalusia." "We're happy because we have spent the last four, but it is also true that we are saddened by the defeat." "Even if you have a favorable outcome, no game is easy. In football nothing is written."


"We have found a very quick goal. Betis, with little hope he had, he has grown, and even more with the second goal." "Now it's time to analyze what happened." "The fact that we are now in the semis we make everybody happy." "Afellay is a player that will help us now and the end of the season."


"It was a tough game. We have scored two goals in six minutes." "For us, that we always win, losing is not easy." "Make five goals in the Nou Camp has helped us to qualify." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep: "I do not trust anything in this Betis"

Guardiola sees the butler very dangerous opponent despite the 5-0 first leg and says "not going to defend any bookmarks or hold".

Josep Guardiola no party raises the defense tonight as a great result (5-0 on the way), but "as a party that will win", convinced that "with the images that I will make before the game players will have enough reasons to be aware of how dangerous it is the opponent, especially if we are not vigilant and willing to go for the game. I would have been to Puyol if he had been able, not holding anything ".

To gauge the ferocity and the relevance of the Betis football, Guardiola brought a host of arguments. "I ran over Getafe at home and not because Getafe made a bad game, but because they did very well. It also eliminated the Zaragoza and I can say that many games have more intensity II that some of First. Recall that Betis will lead and in the Camp Nou, but we did five goals because we were accurate, they could score three or four goals. "

Everything indicates that caution Guardiola but give opportunities to the less common. Back, however, would be a surprise to see play Bartra, entered by the absence of Puyol, Milito but not in a defensive line as copera as half in which surely Mascherano will be called to meet and Keita with Bojan above. Guardiola admitted only "to have doubts. They refuse to go with a dream result, but the Betis do not trust anything, least of full field." Pep had time to describe as "nonsense everything that is said about the treble, will not win anything if we do not short" and insisted on considering ridiculous advantage over Madrid. "If a team has a life, that's revida revida and Madrid."

Betis delivered before the match a plaque to the three finalists for the Golden Ball, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi as a tribute. Its president, Rafael Gordillo, acknowledged their presence "because it will help us make good box office". (via MD)

Bojan: "The two goals made us into doubt"

The front of Barcelona , Bojan Krkic , he was " pleased "with the classification semifinals of the Cup team . Bojan claimed to live a difficult time in the opening minutes of the match against Betis : "It was a tough game . Especially when viewed from the field. With those two goals so quickly, obviously makes you go in doubt. 's goal gave us peace , then we had some control of the match "

"We have found a very quick goal, Betis grew up with those goals. These are difficult times . No I know you've done wrong and right. You have to analyze what was done. "

Finally, the Barcelona striker praised the debut of Afellay as a starter in the team: "It's a good player who will help us quite sure at the end of the season here." (via AS)

Almeria, rival in semifinals

Almeria has surpassed Deportivo 2-3 in Riazor and has made good made it 1-0 in the first leg. The set of José Luis Oltra, therefore, will face FC Barcelona in the semifinal round, first in the Camp Nou.
The excitement was short-lived in La Coruña. Lotina whole, I needed to turn the adverse outcome of the round-trip with a 2-0 had had enough, has seen rapid elimination has been an uphill struggle. Two goals in two minutes from Corona and Cruse have allowed the deal Almería very quiet the rest of the game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Copa del Rey 1/4final Leg2] Real Betis 3 - 1 FC Barcelona

A semi-finals with a warning. Guardiola showed its worst season in a match to forget that serve to draw the consequences and avoid relaxations in future commitments. Betis took the lead with two goals from Jorge Molina, Messi Arzu pulled one back but was on target again.

Technical data:
3 - Real Betis: Casto, Isidoro, Roversio, Belenguer, Nacho; Iriney (Cañas, m,61), Arzu, Salva Sevilla; Ezequiel (Fernando Vega, m.65), Jorge Molina (Isarel, m.78) y Jonathan Pereira.

1 - FC Barcelona: Pinto; Adriano, Piqué, Milito, Maxwell; Mascherano, Xavi (Busquet, m.78), Keita; Bojan (Jeffren m.85), Messi y Afellay (Abidal, m.78).

Goals: 1-0. m.2, Jorge Molina. 2-0: m.7 Jorge Molina. 2-1. m.37, Messi. 3-1. m.45, Arzu.

Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez (c.aragonés). Adriano showed yellow card (m.30), Isidore (m.53) and Jonathan Pereira (m.77).

Subs: Second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey match at the Benito Villamarin stadium before 35,000 spectators. Pitch in good condition and cool night temperatures.

[Barça B] Carmona, successfully operated

Barcelona B midfielder, Carlos Carmona, has been successfully operated the medial meniscus in his left knee. The player will be between one month and a half to two months out.
Carlos Carmona had surgery Tuesday night to resolve the player suffered discomfort in his knee. The intervention consisted of a partial meniscotomia medial meniscus in his left knee. The expected time low is approximately between one month and a half to two months.

The third floor of Luis Enique

Low Mallorca midfielder joins the Oriol Romeu and Sergi Roberto. Romeu is between three and five months out after suffering a torn meniscus in his right knee while the Reus was injured left quadriceps muscle on the play of the goal he scored against Salamanca and to maintain low of 4 and 5 weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Six Barça players in the starting ideal uefa.com

Barca repeats its supremacy in the 'dream team' of UEFA's official website. Netizens have chosen Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Villa.
Barça Dream Team dominated the uefa.com , the official website of UEFA. The 5 million votes cast by 400,000 users (up 25% over the previous edition) have located six of the eleven best Barça 2010. They are defenders Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol, midfielders Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta and strikers Lionel Messi and David Villa.

Rounding out the 'dream team' of 2010, goalkeeper Iker Casillas (Madrid), defenders Maicon (Inter) and Ashley Cole (Chelsea) and midfielders Wesley Sneijder (Inter) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid). The coach of the year was Jose Mourinho (Inter / Madrid), according to uefa.com. (via FCbarcelona.cat)