19 January 2011

The Hercules-Barcelona, Saturday 29, at 20 h

As reported by the LFP, the match between Hercules and FC Barcelona, corresponding to the 21st day of the season, will be held on Saturday January 29 to 20 hours. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The team focused on Sevilla

The first team is in Seville, where after 22 hours will face Real Betis in the second leg of the quarterfinals of Copa The plane took off shortly after 10.30 am and landed in the Andalusian capital to 12.

The group led by Josep Guardiola left the Camp Nou at 9:45 to head coach for the airport of El Prat. The scheduled departure of the plane that was to move the group to the Andalusian city was 10.30. The team has come on time and an hour and twenty minutes later was planted in Sevilla.

In addition to the coaching staff and the 19-man squad for this match -18 Bartra first team and Barça B, "are part of the expedition has been Barça Sevilla moved up to president Sandro Rosell and Guinovart Pilar policy. It is envisaged that the professional football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, and join the group in Sevilla.

Once at their destination, the Catalans have gone directly to the team hotel, where lunch and relax until it was time to move to the stadium Benito Villamarín to approach the game from which the computer will take you to the semifinals of Copa del Rey. Recall that in the first leg of Barca beat his rival 5-0.

After the match, the team will travel to the airport to catch a plane back to Barcelona at 1.30 am. The expected arrival time to Barcelona is at three in the morning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Tello and Vázquez have received medical discharge

On Tuesday they have received a medical discharge Cristian Tello and Vázquez and in the coming days, if progressing well, could receive Muniesa. The contribution of these players can be very beneficial to the subsidiary. Tello is an wing player, Vázquez an imaginative playmaker and a defender Muniesa very versatile. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué - Beckenbauer: Piquenbauer

MD Barca brought together central and the 'Kaiser' and then there was connection between them."I am honored to call me Gerard Piquenbauer thinking," says Franz.

"How young nicer!" Said Franz Beckenbauer after meeting on Monday to Gerard Piqué in person. The 'Kaiser' and had a shirt dedicated by central Barça, who sent her MD in October 2010 and now has been greeted in Barcelona as part of an affectionate meeting also initiative MD and held hours before the 63rd Sports Gala , in which the former German defense won two 'Ballon d'Or' received the' Lifetime Achievement Award. " Together, Piqué and Beckenbauer were 'Piquenbauer' nickname Gerard receives its similarities with Franz football. "In general it is impossible to compare two players and in this case I was released and it is central, but there will be similarities. Piqué is fabulous, is a world-class player with great personality, good dribbling, vision game and very strong physically and mentally. For me, along with Puyol is one of the best in his post today, and although age is still fledgling career, has it all to end up being one of the greats of football. "

"We see in the Emirates"

Again according to Beckenbauer, Gerard Piqué "would have been perfectly finalist 'FIFA Ballon d'Or" for his contribution to the Spanish in South Africa. " The 'Kaiser' also said "I like how he plays," referring to one of the pillars of Pep of whom also said that "it is an honor to be called 'Piquenbauer' thinking about me."

Beckenbauer welcomed Pique with a hug and a thank you for that shirt, I have in my office "and Gerard explained that" I used to watch videos and recordings of their performances in 1974, when Germany was proclaimed champion of the world, and now we known. I find it incredible. " The 'Kaiser' also told him that would be at the Emirates on 16 February, when Barcelona visit to Arsenal in the knockout round of Champions, as a commentator on the German network SAT 1. "I wish you luck," he said, adding that "to see if it later turns to be a tie between Barcelona and Bayern", Munich club of which he is honorary president in April 2009 took a 4-0 in the Camp Nou.

Both the dedication Beckenbauer wrote later in an international football elastic-created his admiration for him and predicted a bright future, as "their praise is an honor to come from whom they come. I do not expect to receive such a gift, this is a pride and motivation. He is a reference and marked a time, hopefully I can get to where he came. Franz Beckenbauer will always be a myth. " (via MD)

In Italy they say that the club continues to Alexis Sánchez

Yesterday, several Italian media reported that an emissary from FC Barcelona on Sunday was watching a live match between Udinese and Genoa for 'spy' to Chile's Alexis Sánchez, Udine team forward. At 22, Sánchez is known as the 'Wonder Boy', for his technical skills that marked him out from a very young man. At the meeting it might have been 'spying' for the club, Udinese won 4-2 at Genoa, with goals including Alexis Sánchez. Big clubs like Inter Milan, Manchester United and Chelsea have been interested in Sánchez, to the extent that it can not be ruled out of Udinese during the winter market. According to several British media, offering Chelsea Abramovich is spectacular and could be around 30 million euros.

Inter Milan are also interested to strength by Alexis Sánchez in recent weeks, although in his last public appearance, the president 'Nerazzurri', Massimo Moratti, was responsible for ensuring that his team had entered a positive curve and now not raised to do signings. A phrase that was interpreted in Italy as a way of trying to lower the price of Chilean international winter market. (via MD)

Piqué, one of the great icons of Nike

Azulgrana defender, in record time from arrival at the club in July 2008, has become one of the players most wanted by the commercial firms to partner with its image,

They have also been numerous reports in which the player has posed as a model. Piqué has a major contract with the American multinational Nike, for whom the Barça is one of their big bets in conjunction with the Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. The two campaigns are used for strictly material not only sporty, casual wear also.

Piqué has recently been featured in a television campaign of the famous cookies is still fresh Prince and the promotional event for Time Force watches, famous for having a Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol and Cristiano Ronaldo as the image, which can give us a more accurate idea of the market value of advertising at Piqué. Today is one of the most searched for images by large firms. There must be some ... (via SPORT)

The 'hard core' team, secured medium-term

The club has worked to ensure the continuity of a block that is making history and purpose is already accomplished. With the exception of Dani Alves, who is still negotiating with the club to renew, the heavyweights are already 'tied'.

Carles Puyol's contract expires in June 2013, while Victor Valdes and David Villa have one more season. Andres Iniesta completed in 2015, Gerard Pique and Pedro.

Finally, Leo Messi and Xavi Hernandez have a contract until June 2016, although in the case of Terrassa must play at least 50% of the parties to enforce the provision for 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons. (via SPORT)

Busquets, ready to sign

The midfielder will expand its link to 2016 and experience economic improvement.

Everything is seen for sentencing. Sergio Busquets and is holding a final offer of contract extension and improvement promised by the FC Barcelona and is only awaiting a final reading and review before making the final yes. If everything goes as scheduled, midfielder Badia del Valles confirm their commitment to weekends. It will be the end to a renewal process already begun by the end of last 2010.

The offices of the club hosted the summit announced. Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu, accompanied by the manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, executive and technical area, Raul Sanllehí, met for more than two hours with the player's advisor, Josep Maria Orobitg, to transmit the changes incorporated in the new contract . There were 'white smoke' and the representative gave good conditions presented. Busquets Barca extend his contract until June 2016 and the new economic conditions come into force this season. A formula that rewards sporting merit made by the squad since his dramatic entry into the first team. 'Busi' will match with most players in the squad.

It was little more than a formality. In recent weeks, both sides had numerous contacts to be working out the financial details that had blocked final agreement of a couple of weeks.

All a matter of time as the contractual term has never meant a definitive work. Sergio Busquets is fundamental in the game plan of both the midfielder Guardiola and its surrounding area had already advanced that they could not initially another offer that was not coming from the Catalan club. Yesterday sealed the agreement in principle.

After the meeting, gave Orobitg good new contract in the hope that Sergio Busquets also transmits the final approval to shift your butler in Seville.

The official photograph to certify the signature of the renewal could be postponed until next Monday. The player has requested 48 hours in margin and commitments in Nyon Sandro Rosell-Thursday and Friday the president will be in meetings convened by the ECA-make it impossible to name this week. On Friday, just before the league match against Racing, is not the most opportune time to stage an agreement that is already taken for granted for some time. (via SPORT)

Laurent Blanc: "I hope France can look at Barça"

The former Blaugrana in charge of regenerating the selection gala hopes to apply some of the key Guardiola.

Was little time at the club, enough to see first hand the idiosyncrasies of the club and win trophies. A Laurent Blanc (Alès, France, 1965) will now play a challenge, play and recover the prestige of a team that bottomed out in the World Cup. When to seek references, Blanc is clear that looking at Barcelona is the best solution.

Takes little time in office, but I have had time to find out which team wants to look like new France.

There are many clubs that can become a reference for us, especially the winning teams. But if there is currently a subject of admiration by all the world is Barcelona, no doubt. Basically, it wins, but mostly because it has a great footballing philosophy. The fully support, hopefully we can do something similar, but to implement it you have to have the right players and they can apply that philosophy in the field.

It is the way forward.

Great football is that, to control the game from the beginning, to have the ball, not let you play your opponent. So do teams like Barcelona or Arsenal, for example.

You shared equipment with Pep Guardiola. Did you imagine then that would become a coach so successful?

Yes, indeed. Then I saw that he was very interested in the game, everything related to football. It was the right questions to better understand football, to understand the basics of how to win a game, how to embarrass the opposing team. Already had a global vision of football and that's why I'm not surprised.

Are you still in touch with him?

Long time no see, but still talk. I hope to go to Barcelona in the coming weeks, talk with him and see live at Barça.

Before Guardiola was confirmed in the Nou Camp bench, you sounded like one of the major candidates. I still would like to train to Barça?

And who would not want to coach a team like that? There is only one small problem, the club already have a great coach!

What will France with Blanc as coach?

We have new players and we also have a new mentality. Now we need results. For several years, France was the dominant selection of world football because I had very good players and above them, a sunset, Zidane. Now return to have a good generation of players acting in big European clubs, but we do not have a player who can play the role that Zidane had on this computer. Try to harness the talent, to handle the ball well and have a balance between offensive and defensive game.

Nasri is doing an excellent season, Arsenal could be the leader of the new France?

Maybe. It is clear that he is one of those major players in this new generation. I hope I can do with the selection all you are doing at Arsenal.

What Ribéry? Will he return to be the first?

Hopefully. I hope so, for him, for his club and for us.

You know that Real Madrid has many doubts about Karim Benzema, how do you have to deal with those questions?

Questions? What questions? I have no doubt Benzema.

But in Madrid. And looking for a striker. Should we have a special deal with Benzema? How are these cases?

His coach knows it. At last, after all, he has every day of the year and I only used it six or seven times a year. I already know what we can give and how we can use. Again, I have no doubt about Benzema. It is an excellent player.

His next challenge is enormous: the Brazilian team.

It remains one of the best teams in the world, but for us, the most important thing is to maintain a philosophy of play. (via SPORT)

Messi: "I have nothing to justify, I have not stolen"

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, the second consecutive year winning the Ballon d'Or believes he has "nothing to justify" because he has not "won anything" and says there is no jealousy between him and his fellow Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez , also nominated.

"Between us there is no jealousy. We are a united dressing room. We are more than partners, we are friends," said striker FC Barcelona in an interview published today by the magazine "France Football", which presents the award along with FIFA .

The Argentine admits he did not expect to take the prize because the pools in the press pointed to his teammates, who came to win the World Cup with the Spanish team, but states that he also has merits to take the trophy as he devotes more player in the world.

"Xavi is the best player in the world in his position, as in his Iniesta, Messi says, he regrets not having the waist to embrace their peers just to hear that the prize was for him, but explains that had a panic attack and that his legs trembled.

In the interview, the elusive Argentine consecrate and forward rival Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo as "the best in his position" and simply say that it is "a great player with different qualities but" with an undeniable talent.

Messi , who requested that his ultimate goal is crowned world champion with the white and blue, explains that while the Barcelona game looks easy, behind there is a significant workload.

" Pep (Guadiola) we correct the error minimum. Do not you miss anything, "says 10 of the Barça, who adds that the game practicing your computer requires" a high concentration and discipline. "

Consecrated as the best player in the world for the second consecutive year that the money remains has not changed and do not worry too much about their bank accounts.

"I do not like talking about money. I know I earn much, but I look at my accounts every day. My father and my attorney dealing with that. My greatest pleasure is having a ball at his feet," he explains.

Of simple tastes, the Argentine confesses that he forgives the nap on the couch in front of the TV and confesses that she loves the films of their compatriots Ricardo Darin and Guillermo Francella, and occasionally enjoy a barbecue with his mates home Milito or Mascherano or Pinto.

"The large kitchen is not for me. I am of simple tastes like pizzas, pastas and good meat and chips. The food in Argentina, go!" Sums Messi, who rarely drinks alcohol.

However, his life has not always been so easy. From humble beginnings, remember that it was a happy child in Argentina, with his family and friends, and suffered when he came to Barcelona, where he was difficult to adapt. "Everything has not always been rosy. But I have no right to complain" because "my life is a dream," he concludes. (via AS)

Agreement in principle for the renewal of Sergio Busquets

The renewal of Sergio Busquets is imminent after the tentative agreement they have reached the FC Barcelona midfielder and the representative of the Badia, Josep Maria Orobitg , during the meeting this afternoon between the parties. In the absence of approval from Sergio himself, the agreement would be renewed until 2016 . (via MD)

Thiago Alcántara back to Barça B

Thiago Alcántara was the only player ruled out by technical decision for the match against Betis in the Copa del Rey. But the surprising thing was the announcement that from now will return to play regularly with the Barça B although the next season and will form the first team as announced recently .

Guardiola has explained why this decision: "We have seen that Thiago has the capacity to join the first team , but now we are more people and some not old enough to stay in the stands. Instead, he needs to play. I to return to pick up the pace of competition , if we ever have a scare and I do. "

Barcelona coach does not believe that the arrival of Dutch Ibrahim Afellay has slowed the progression of the son of Mazinho. "The players are close and open the doors themselves and Thiago was last year in the youth and the next in the first team. Do not think that would be cut no progression," he argued.

Francesc Aguilar, in his blog 'Corner' explains the dangers, benefits and possible consequences of their situation. (via MD)

Guardiola: "Thanks everyone"

The initiative # pep40 to congratulate first team coach has generated thousands of messages in Twitter and Facebook and become the country's most popular label.
The coach of FC Barcelona first team thanked the many compliments we have come these days through social networks for its 40 th anniversary. "Thank you all," said Guardiola, who this morning has been able to observe personally the great impact it has taken the initiative # pep40 on Twitter and Facebook and that many media have played and echoed.

At the Ciudad Deportiva

Guardiola has read some of the compliments in his office at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, proving the enormous amount of Barca who are currently the club through social networks and online channels. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

"We will defend any result but a win"

Coach Pep Guardiola has insisted on showing the utmost respect and importance to the next rival, Betis. "It is not party to rest, or download anything. It's a game to load, compete well and go on to win," he said.
Barca faced on Wednesday around the quarter-finals of the Cup in the field of Betis and, despite the 5-0 first-leg, his coach does not want any kind of relaxation. "It's the tie that best result we got in the way, but if it were made not travel," said Pep Guardiola has begun.

In addition, to contrast, he recalled the actions of the diabetics in the Nou Camp: "We traveled out of respect for a rival and we figured it was safe, but after the first game we have to be very careful and have a lot of attention because they have strong arguments for cause problems. "

Guardiola does not trust a hair of Betis has become clear with the announcement and during the press conference after the meeting. "I have several ideas of equipment. With other people have quoted rival's subsidiary, Real Betis no" he said. According to him, "is not party to rest, or download anything. It's a game to load, compete well and go on to win."

The Santpedor has revealed he wants to convey the message to his men: "We will defend any result but to win. We do well to tomárnoslo seriously." He added: "I hope the pictures show them tomorrow to be aware of the opponent that we face."

True to his philosophy ("to win great things we have to focus more immediately"), Pep Guardiola has admitted that his desire on the day of its 40 anniversary is "to remain competitive as before:" I would like to end year to have the feeling that if we did not win is because they have been better. " Barca coach has warned: "No one guarantees that we will make a second round as the first. If there is a computer that has life and 'revidas' is Madrid. Better to have four points more than them, but have 19 days."

Moreover, a day after it became known that Thiago will form the first team next season, Guardiola has explained that from now on will train with the reserves. "I wanted to watch very closely to see if he was able to be with us and we have seen that has it. Afellay With the arrival of more people and Thiago are not old enough to stay in the gallery. I want to pick up the pace again ". The technician has been defined as "very special player, one of many things," adding: "Whenever I have played has given us different things." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

New appointments to the organization's Club

Toni Freixa has announced a reallocation of tasks within the board and the appointment of new executives. It has also made public the composition of the Committee on Reform of the Statute.

Freixa has announced the appointment and ratification of new executives in the structure of FC Barcelona. Gerard Guiu as presidential chief of staff, Ketty Calatayud as communications director, Peter Jansen in the strategic area of communication and director Pere Gratacos City Deportiva Joan Gamper.

FULL: Nuevos nombramientos en el organigrama del Club

Ketty Calatayud, new Director of Communications

Journalist Ketty Calatayud, 45, is the new Director of Communications of FC Barcelona, announced on Tuesday the Board spokeswoman, Toni Freixa.

Ketty Calatayud has developed his career in various media, such as' say '(1984-1986),' Record '(1986), "Diario de Barcelona" (1987-1990),' The Observer '(1990-1993),' Don Ball '(1994) and' La Vanguardia '(from 1994 to 2011).

In the latter publication, the Catalan journalist has been sports editor, chief of the Sports section, and later head of the Living section. Since 2009, he was editor of the Living section of La Vanguardia.

Calatayud Kitty will join the exercise of his new responsibility from FC Barcelona on Wednesday 19 January. (via FCBarcelona.cat)