18 January 2011

To Sevilla without Alves and Puyol

Josep Guardiola has called for the 18 first team players available and Bartra, Barça B, for the match on Wednesday in Seville. Alves and Puyol, injured, will not play.
And the captain of FC Barcelona has a sore left knee and is low for caution, said on Tuesday the medical services. He and Brazilian Alves, injured the day of Manchester, are the only absentees from the first team to Sevilla, where he will play the 5-0 defense made in the first leg. Neither has been cited Thiago, that from this Wednesday will work dynamics Barça B.

Complete list of 19 invited Marc Bartra, Barça B, he was called by the first team for last day of the Barcelona-Levante (2-1), although his last minutes with Guardiola's team are the Barca-Rubin Kazan (2-0).

In the session on Tuesday, beginning at 11.00 am at the Sports City, has participated both as Thiago Bartra and Leo Messi, who on Monday will not be exercised by having a hectic process.

List: Valdés, Pinto, Adriano, Milito, Piqué, Bartra, Maxwell, Abidal, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio, Iniesta, Xavi, Afellay, Jeffren, Bojan, Messi, Villa y Pedro. (via FCBarcleona.cat)

The 'revenge' by Thierry Henry

Discard play again in the club: "I'm back just to keep fit, the rate is too high."

Thierry Henry was born in France but never felt so at home in London. "The best thing about this city is that anyone judge you by your appearance or race. There is great respect, "he said when asked about his years in the British capital. There he spent his best years as a player with Arsenal shirt. Found your site to tiptoe after Juventus and became the best football spokesman 'gunner'.

Since then Henry is an Arsenal follower. So sorry and does not hide when asked about the tie against Barcelona. "It's a complicated question ... I have great friends in Barcelona, I spent a wonderful time there, but I'm a fan of Arsenal. You know who I want to happen. Last year was very difficult for me to play against Arsenal, "said in an interview with the BBC.

The French are training these days with his former colleagues to keep fit. But he has no intention to step on the shirt Emirates 'gunner'. "I'm having fun, but I'm back just to keep fit. I'm out the dynamics and pace the team, go too fast for me, "he says with a half smile. In Shenley, the sports city of Arsenal, Titi has found the evolution of the young, as in the case of Walcott and Cesc range, captain and local hero. "Cesc is a fabulous player. The talisman of the team as they were once people like Vieira or Adams, "he says.

Henry always predicted the explosion of Cesc. French Fàbregas witnessed the beginnings of the first team and did not hesitate to point this out as his successor when he began his adventure in the Nou Camp. This course Catalan is starring in a campaign full of contrasts. The situation experienced last summer, where he never hid his desire to return to Barcelona-decentered to the player who has also suffered some injuries. Henry also had to deal with during his career with the Catalan reviews and recommends to "ignore what they say."

For now, Cesc seems to be recovering his best in recent weeks. Together with Nasri, one of its best partners. Well accompanied by Wilshere, the revelation of course. And it is doing in a more advanced position. Near Van Persie, Song with your back.

Catalan, however, remains firm in his decision to return to Barcelona next summer and have the fans 'gunner' uneasy. "As an Arsenal fan, I would like to continue at Arsenal. His role on the team is key. But is a player who was born in Spain and is up to you. Cesc have to ask what you want to do in the future, "says Henry. The French hoped that this year the team returns to be a winner: "They are up there as always, it is important for the fans to win back the title." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Rafa Alcantara (Rafinha) at Barça B

The victory of Luis Enrique in Salamanca, the first in eight weeks, was accompanied by the emergence of the brother of Thiago.

Rafa, as he is known in youth football, Rafinha decided to call the first opportunity. When asked about the name you wanted to wear his jersey to debut with Barça B, did not hesitate. Chose to honor the name of his grandfather, who was called in the same way. And it will all season.

Two times, those who have played with the reserves in the second division, has won the trust of the coaching staff, with Luis Enrique at his head. He left in the second half against the Girona at the Mini Stadium, and despite the defeat (1-2), the news was positive. In Salamanca, after the injury Sergi Roberto, was chosen to enter the field. A trembled Rafinha no pulse and was author of an assist and a goal. In just over 90 minutes over two games has been enough to earn a place in Barca B. Bad luck has also wished that the subsidiary has lost each week, midfielders due to injury, which has opened the doors wide team. In addition to the transfer of Vitesse Riverola the Dutch and the rise of his brother Thiago to the first team, have fallen by different physicists problems Oriol Romeu, Victor Vazquez, Tello and in Salamanca, Sergi Roberto. All these constraints have forced the subsidiary to give technicians the option of finalizing the Hispano-Brazilian. Of course, keep the information about the youth, but Oscar García, if nothing happens, you will see little Honor Division. In this regard, Luis Enrique could draw on any other player in youth to strengthen training and even the odd game. This is the case of Javier Espinosa, whose season has been more than noticeable in the Junior A and points to the Blaugrana subsidiary of the forthcoming campaign. Another option could be the return of Thiago Alcantara, with her future ahead of next season resolved the discipline of the team of Luis Enrique. (via SPORT)

Messi, now recovered, is training normally

Leo Messi Messi has exercised this morning as normal after recovering from the flu that kept him from a train yesterday Pep Guardiola's orders to prepare for Cup clash against Betis.

Those who have not trained with the rest of the group have been Carles Puyol and Dani Alves, with recovery work from their respective injuries.

Some youth players have been present at the meeting and presumably many of them travel with the team in Sevilla. (via AS)

Guardiola is 40 years old and meets many more rounds!

Guardiola blow today forty candles on his birthday cake. Directive, clothing and environment await the renewal of contract Pep. The Santpedor takes half a lifetime linked to Barça.

The Sp Lisbon also asks Vázquez

Horacio Gaggioli, agent Víctor Vázquez, MD said following a news item published yesterday in A Bola,

speaking in the interest of Sporting Lisbon for Barca, "he who wants Víctor to be directed at Barça." Gaggioli made clear "Víctor wants to stay, but Pep has the final word." For the player, who out of contract in June, have been interested clubs Premier League and Serie A. (via MD)

Van der Vaart: "Barça will win against Arsenal secure"

Rafael Van der Vaart SPORT.es analyzed for pulse Barça-Madrid, the play of his fellow Bale and Modric and possibilities of Barca's next opponents in the Champions League, Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas ...

How did you live the 5-0 Barca to Madrid?
I saw it in my house. It was a very strange match because Real also usually has the ball and play but I think against Barca had 20% possession. It is very difficult, the club was awesome, Xavi, Messi, Iniesta ...

Do you see the Madrid win something this year?
The mother has it very difficult in the league. Barca is awesome and I think they'll win the league.
In the Champions League, if Tottenham win the bet by Real Madrid.

What was your relationship with Mourinho?
Mourinho is the best coach in the world, no doubt. In the offseason was with him and it was awesome. It is the best coach for Real Madrid.

And you Tottenham?
We can beat everyone but it's difficult. In Spain there are two teams fighting for the Premier League but there are 4 or 5 teams fighting for the title.

What are the differences between the League and the Premier?
Soccer is faster here than in Spain, run like crazy and I really enjoy here. I'm in one of my best moments.

And on top you have good partners. Your mate Gareth Bale and has many girlfriends ...
Yes, a very young player, very fast and physical and I think in 3 or 4 years may be playing in Madrid or Barcelona. It has great quality. Although I want to stay here because it is very important to us.

What can you say about Luka Modric?
I get along very well with him. It is a very technical midfielder, the typical player for Spain.

Speaking of good players, do you think just the Ballon d'Or Messi?
Yes, it's the best player in the world. Not only this year, also the past. Although not win the World Cup.

Wearing the same boots that Iniesta and Cesc, what you have in common with them?
We profile players like, mid-field, technical, forward-game ...

Now they will face in the Champions League, how do you see the Barça-Arsenal tie?
Barca will win sure, like last year. Arsenal are strong but the club is on another level.

By the way, is it true that Barça were small and you were about to sign for Barca?
No, no. Small was a fan of Spanish football and the club also liked because there were many Dutch but Real Madrid was something magical, a dream for me. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The Camp Nou cheers to Infantil B

The Child B Barca soccer tournament champion 7 in Arona, was honored by the Camp Nou to receive a standing ovation in the moments before the match against Malaga.Denis Silva boys will never forget the January 16, 2011. Was the first day they stepped on the lawn of a packed Nou Camp fans who applauded vigorously winning the 'Minichampions' of Arona.

The dream of these guys, and the other players at the quarry, is to one day return to walk on the grass of the stadium, in this case as first team players.

For now, do not stop working with their teams to continue to improve and get closer to your dreams desire.

In today's competitive duel highlights the twin quarry of children between Barcelona and Espanyol, who holds many surprises. The two children's teams to be imposed on the B, but the win Barca (9-0) was higher than the whitish (3-0).


El Prat difficult lot of creative play with a defensive Barça impeccable. The grasses do not make mistakes and went back with a lot of danger on the counterattack. Sergi Barjuan boys insisted on their game ever to the end and could make the winning goal six minutes from time. The Macedonian David Babunski scored the only goal.


The group trained by Pepper García won in the field of Lleida, a rival always difficult at home. Barca's first goal came quickly and did not arrive until the last minute of the first half thanks to Mamadou target. In the second half, Lleida got the tie thanks to a penalty shot by Joel Huertas, who arrived after a few hands of Godswill. The Catalans did not seize the chances and it made them suffer a little. In minute 22 of the second half but, Sandro undid the tie, leaving the 1 to 2 final on the scoreboard. With this victory the club still in the lead.


Comfortable victory for the Cadet B, which consolidated in the first place of preference. The team left Camp Alt hard the first few minutes, but the Paraguayan goal Toni Sanabria, head and 13 minutes, began to swing the balance after a precise center Adama from the right. James doubled the difference to the half hour mark and again Sanabria at a discount, to sign a good first half, with very fluid game from the sidelines. In the second part, Ramon Saavedra took over scorer in Sanabria. His two goals, 12 and 38 minutes, closed the scoring.

[1 ª DIVISIÓN INFANTIL] FCB 'A' -9 Español 'B'-0

The Child B Espanyol suffered physical superiority of Child A Barca much higher than the visitors willing. Children of Sanchez Fran matched their best win of the season against Espanyol B Child. The embedded Espanyol's first goal just 40 seconds and from there never disposed of options. After five minutes of the game of Child A and won 3-0. Alexis Meva (6), Paik Adrià Vilanova Canós and were the scorers in a derby very favorable to the interests Barça. The intense play, the first to the last minute, the key to explain the rout of Child A culé.

[1 ª DIVISIÓN INFANTIL] Español 'A' -3 FCB B-0

The group trained by Denis Silva was not successful at Espanyol. Despite highly motivated out Barca Espanyol met a very offensive. The first two times was not a goal. The 1-0 came at 6 minutes of the third period thanks to Aaron target. In the fourth quarter marked Pablo Espanyol's second goal at minute 9 and Polish sentenced the match leaving the score with a 3-0.

[1 ª DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] FCB-4 Unión Jabac y Terrasa 'B'-0

The Youngsters A, which had to give up its first tie of the season in the field of Marianao in the premiere of 2011, surpassing the Jàbac redid the beginning. Oriol Busquets scored in the first minute of the game, but Barca ran into a very compact defense team Terrassa, and especially with the great performance of goalkeeper Alberto, who accumulated many worthwhile stops. In the second quarter, the entry of Camara gave more depth and Cameroon scored twice. Oriol Busquets scored again, head, the 4-0 just before going to the locker room. After the break, a new Camara goal in the third quarter and a Vilà Martí in the last closed the account.

[2 ª DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] FCB 'B' 6 - St. Gabriel 'A' 3

Great game of football between two teams from the top of the table. The Youngsters B Barca took the lead with goals from Mangas and Mboula. Laxman two goals balanced the game but the young talent Barca not slow to react and scored four consecutive goals, with two doubles and Sergi Pol Muniesa Duarte. Cristian signed the 6-3 final.

[2 ª DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] Ciudad Cooperativa 'B' 0 - FCB 'C' 12

No-boys story Jordi Font resolve solvency. The Youngsters C Barca did not let at any time and thus came to make a dozen goals.

[2 ª DIVISIÓN ALEVÍN] Ciudad Cooperativa 'A' -3 FCB D-4

The group led by Alex Gomez lived a great comeback against the City Cooperative. The home was very effective and rarely knew who had the advantage. Leaving a half time score 3-0 with home advantage. In the third time the Catalans Labinot reinforced some positions and opened the scoring Barca. Barca took advantage of the fourth quarter and scored two goals Albert Portas who left the scoring with a tie. Thanks to Victor Joaquin goal in added time Barça went home with victory.

[1 ª DIVISIÓN BENJAMÍN] Igualada-1 FCB 'A'-7

The Benjamín Barca finished the first round with a big win in the field of Igualada. The first quarter was very even and finished with a 1-0 win thanks to a Guille Love The second quarter was decisive and the Catalans have played very well and raised many times have left the scoring with a 1 - 5 thanks to goals from Roger Vegas, Sergi Rosana, Fabrega and Guille Nile Love After the break Barca continued doing a very good game and we have seen two more goals one of Adria Atimira another Roger Vegas who sentenced the match a score of 1-7. The group led by Marc Serra is a leader.

[1 ª DIVISIÓN BENJAMÍN] FCB 'B'-0 - Junior' A'-1

The group led by Marcel Sans has found a Junior "A" of Sant Cugat very successful. The Catalans had the ball all the time but early in the second quarter on a defensive error has made the Junior marks the first and only goal. The club has enjoyed 21 times but bad luck and a very successful goalkeeper did not get any balls left. Despite losing to the Catalans Junior leaders are a point of Manresa.

[3 ª DIVISIÓN BENJAMÍN] Llongueras St. Cristo -0 FCB-16

Last week Cristian Catena all getting a win 11 to 0 in. On Saturday, the Catalans were even more sleek and scored 16 goals while the rival target to hit. Things got very soon face went into the break with a 0-7. The smallest of the house took control throughout the match. House scored (4) Nadir (3) Xavier Simons (2), Eric Ambrose (2) Johnny (2), Sicus, David Ruiz, Arnaud Martinez and a own goal.

Xavi leads a new awards night

The Club receives more awards at the 63rd Gala Sport Mundo Deportivo. Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Xavi Pascual and the entity receiving various awards.

Xavi Hernandez has won the Monday night the award for Best Athlete of 2010 on the Sports Gala organized by sports daily Mundo Deportivo in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya.

In this 63rd edition of the prestigious awards, not only of Terrassa has been awarded. Also Andres Iniesta, David Villa, the Barca coach Xavi Pascual and the club as an entity have also received more recognition for the successes of 2010.

MORE: FCBarcelona.cat

Hakim Khadrejnane , the young talent that dazzles the FC Barcelona

While The Farm has become one of the best midfielders in the world factories, FC Barcelona never misses an opportunity to sign a new means to increase the level of its workforce.

Now seems difficult to imagine the team play without players such as FC Barcelona Xavi and Andres Iniesta , but the fact is it will be difficult to find good substitutes in a few years, although it is true that the quarry blaugrana builders typically give very good game.

The Catalan club has future stars like Thiago Alcántara or Jonathan Dos Santos and also awaits the return of Cesc Fabregas in the medium to long run, but it is also true that their managers remain vigilant to new talents that appear in football.

So, according to a report by the Cadena Ser radio station the group coached by Pep Guardiola is set at the French last promise. His name is Hakim Khadrejnane (is of Moroccan origin), is 18 and currently with the youth ranks at Stade Rennes .

This is a midfielder, the official said, is destined to be one of the future stars of the neighboring country. Therefore, in addition to the combination of Barcelona , the AC Milan , the Naples and Chievo Verona also be bidding for his services. (via Cadena SER)

Top 50 highest paid footballers World 2011

The Top 50 highest paid players in the world during 2011 (Sport Foot Magazine):

1 - Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid / POR): 12 M € per year

2 - Wayne Rooney (Manchester United / ENG): 11.5 M € per year

3 - Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona / ARG): 11 M € / year

4 - Yaya Touré (Manchester City / CMA): 10.8 M € per year

5 - Samuel Eto'o (Inter Milan / ITA): 10.5 M € per year

6 - Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich / GER): 9.7 M € per year

July - Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Milan AC / SWE): 9 M € per year

7 - Kaka (Real Madrid / BRA): 9 M € per year

7 - John Terry (Chelsea / ENG): 9 M € per year

10 - Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City / TOG): 8.4 M € per year

11 - Franck Ribéry (Bayern Munich / FRA): 8 M € per year

12 - Fernando Torres (Liverpool / ENG): 7.8 M € per year

13 - Steven Gerrard (Liverpool / ENG): 7.6 M € per year

13 - Carlos Tevez (Manchester City / ARG): 7.6 M € per year

15 - Frank Lampard (Chelsea / ENG): 7.57 M € per year

16 - Xavi (FC Barcelona / ESP): 7.5 M € per year

17 - Andres Iniesta (FC Barcelona / ESP): 7 M € per year

18 - Didier Drogba (Chelsea / CMA): 6.5 M € per year

18 - Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United / ENG): 6.5 M € per year

20 - Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan / ITA): 6 M € per year

20 - David Villa (Barcelona / ESP): 6 M € per year

20 - Iker Casillas (Real Madrid / ESP): 6 M € per year

20 - Frederic Kanoute (FC Sevilla / MAL): 6 M € per year

20 - Karim Benzema (Real Madrid / FRA): 6 M € per year

20 - Gigi Buffon (Juventus / ITA): 6 M € per year

26 - Vieira (Manchester City / FRA): 5.72 M € year

27 - Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan / HOL): 5.5 M € per year

27 - Garreth Barry (Manchester City / ENG): 5.5 M € per year

27 - Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich / HOL): 5.5 M € per year

30 - Asley Cole (Chelsea / ENG): 5.41 M € per year

31 - Joe Cole (Liverpool / ENG): 5.2 M € per year

32 - Diego Milito (Inter Milan / ARG): 5 M € per year

32 - David Silva (Manchester City / ENG): 5 M € per year

32 - Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona / ESP): 5 M € per year

32 - Kolo Touré (Manchester City / MAC): 5 M € per year

32 - Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid / ARG): 5 M € per year

37 - Francesco Totti (Roma / ITA): 4.9 M € per year

38 - Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester United / BUL): 4.87 M € per year

39 - Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal / RUS): 4.87 M € per year

40 - Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea / FRA): 4.8 M € per year

40 - Yoann Gourcuff (Lyon / FRA): 4.8 M € per year

40 - Paul Scholes (Manchester United / ENG): 4.8 M € per year

42 - Daniele De Rossi (Roma / ITA): 4.6 M € per year

42 - Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid / ESP): 4.6 M € per year

42 - Jamie Carragher (Liverpool / ENG): 4.6 M € per year

42 - Ryan Giggs (Manchester United / GAL): 4.6 M € per year

47 - Julio Cesar (Inter Milan / BRA): 4.5 M € per year

47 - Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid / URU): 4.5 M € per year

47 - Alessandro Nesta (Milan / ITA): 4.5 M € per year

47 - Gabriel Heinze (Marseille / ARG): 4.5 M € per year

[Barça B] Sergi Roberto, between 4 and 5 weeks off

Barcelona B midfielder Sergi Roberto has a hamstring injury in the second degree left quadriceps rectus. The low Reus is a period of about four to five weeks.

A year and a half waiting for debut as a striker at Barca B, and when you get with a little anthology, is injured. Sergi Roberto joy after scoring the 1-1 against Salamanca was very brief.

Sergi was happy for the great goal he had scored, but also was aware that he had been injured and, in fact, had to be replaced by Rafinha at the same time.

The injury occurred in the action of the goal, moments before kick with right leg, he felt a sting in the supporting leg and was at that moment when injured.

After puncture, Sergi went to the rally and signed a great goal, but the injury was a reality.

Medical tests have identified a second degree muscle tear in the left quadriceps rectus. Sergi Roberto could be out for about 30 days, 4 to 5 weeks.
Physiotherapy work in the first two weeks and sports rehabilitation at the third week are the steps to re playing with Barca B. (via FCBarcelona.cat)