17 January 2011

[Barça B] Thiago will form the first team next season

FC Barcelona has today confirmed midfielder Thiago Alcántara subsidiary that next season will have information about the first team, so his contract is automatically renewed for two more campaigns.

Barca had until this January 31 to communicate to Thiago if he had to join the first team, because a clause in his contract stipulated that, if not, was freed on 30 June.

The very Andoni Zubizarreta, Barça's technical secretary, announced today the son of Mazinho Barca player to be for all purposes from the 2011-2012 season. Earlier this year, Thiago participated with Barça B in Second Division, but soon joined the first team workouts.

With the group coached by Pep Guardiola has participated in ten games (six of League Two Cup, one Super Cup and one Champions) (via MD)

Milito: "Having the support has been key Pep"

Milito explained that the trust has been forwarded by the coach was decisive in the decision to stay at Barca. The only thing that made you doubt was "the desire to play."
The day after it became known the continuity of Gaby Milito, the player himself has appeared at a news conference to discuss your situation. "I've taken a few days to analyze, by my desire to play. I have been thinking and I understand that it is time to leave the Club." The Argentine said his decision was based on "many reasons" but the key was that Guardiola will consider important.

Milito, grateful for the technical understanding, has confessed: "Having the support of Pep has been key. I have an excellent relationship with him and there is a basic element in life is gratitude. In the bad times he has been very important has helped me a lot. " Another reason given is the time experienced by the club. "I really enjoy everyday with my friends, I enjoy watching them play and when I play. The best option was to stay and keep adding from the site that matches me," he said. According to him, "is very difficult to find so much harmony in a group."

Therefore, the center shows "excited in the near future." Feel like "we got into the team and feel that here will be minutes. "The only thing that made me hesitate was my desire to play. I've raised and to have some possibilities, I thought. Like all major decisions it takes a while," he acknowledged. He added: "Finally I think I made the right decision, I feel is correct."

Moreover, regarding the record of devastation in the first round, Gaby Milito said: "These numbers can be obtained only with a great attitude and a great game." Is essential for him to "keep the intensity and mentality." "Seeing as we train, you stay calm," he says.

After the weekend, the advantage over Real Madrid has increased by four points, a margin "anecdotal" to Milito: "Much remains to be done and we argue the league with a very competitive team. We can not relax." At the same time, the defense has made a line to follow: "We should not lose too much energy thinking about who might be thinking about them. We have to focus on our daily work and in our games."

In the press conference, Gaby Milito has reiterated that the America's Cup next summer has not influenced his decision. Its goals are more immediate. "I've talked with Batista when I've been with the team, but in football you have to constantly prove it is. At the moment I am thinking in the day to day," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola lowers the euphoria: "The four points are anecdotal"

Pep Guardiola believes that the difference of four points with Real Madrid is negligible and praises the great first half of Barca.

The coach of FC Barcelona , Pep Guardiola , has been very happy to have reached 52 points at the end of the first round of the League, but wondered if your computer will be able to continue competing at the same level in the second part of tournament. "If so, and continue competing at high level, we will be able to fight for the title. We now have four points, but this tells me nothing. It's a negligible difference and ridiculous. We have to go to areas such as the Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla and the Bernabeu, "said the Barcelona coach, while he has insisted that this" is the challenge. "

The match against Málaga , Guardiola has welcomed the first part of your team. "We played very well and made a great game defensively. We have been patient," he said. "We had a remarkable first round. We played very well and we're happy," added the Barça coach, who has given notice to "prepare the match against Sevilla , not wanting to be disrespect to Betis , is the leader and we saw how hard he played in the Nou Camp. "

Barcelona coach was upset when a question was associated with the Barcelona game 'tiqui-taca'. "We do not play the 'tiqui-taca. I hate this expression. This seems to say to discredit the opponent and not," he underlined. (via MD)

Recovery session without Messi

Leo Messi, with fever, has been the main floor of the training the first team this morning. The Barcelona striker has had a bad night and after being visited by the doctors have decided not to exercise.
After the victory over Málaga ( 4-1 ) and with the honorary title of winter champions league in his pocket, Pep Guardiola's men returned to work this Monday. And that is the Copa del Rey is now taking over the league. This week will set the semi-finals and the club has very close access if in Seville on Wednesday made good on 5 to 0 in the first leg.

The training was at 11 am, but not all players have participated. Leo Messi has been unable to train because it has had a bad night because of fever. The Argentine has come to the Sports City to be visited by team doctors and then went home to recover fully.

The preparatory session, opened the first 15 minutes the media has had a different start than usual. And that is when the club has jumped into the field number 1 Sports City has met with the rugby team of the USAP Perpignan. Players have come together to make a great family photo.

Then the team has trained with the players who started in a smooth recovery session. While the rest has worked harder to prepare for the Cup match Wednesday at the Benito Villamarin.

The team will make a new training on Tuesday at 11 am, in a closed session at the Sports City. Later at a press conference will coach Pep Guardiola. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan's father 'spied' for Barca to a promising young French

As reported by the French sports daily L'Equipe, Bojan Krkic, Barca player's father, was watching this Saturday at one of the promises of French football,

Bojan Krkic, besides being the father of the player of the same name of Barca, is one observer who has the Barcelona club. One of his jobs is to go to see those players, usually young, that stretches across Europe and develop the resulting report for the club.

And, according to French newspaper L'Equipe, "did his job Saturday in the match played on Grenoble and Sedan and finished in a tie. What was your goal? Well according to the newspaper, watching one of the promising young French football. This is the left side of only 18, Atila Turan, who plays for GF 38, a curious name of the club Grenoble.

Height of 1.76 meters and 79 kilos in weight, this season has played 12 games, including 10 starts, and scored two goals. In an interview in November 2010 was defined as "a defender who loves to climb. I know that my special mission to defend but I'm an offensive player." In the same interview, he acknowledged that he would "play in the Spanish league at teams like Barcelona, Valencia and Villarreal."

In a difficult sport, almost in the relegation zone in Ligue 2 French and a critical economic situation, the transfer of this player should not cost much to Barcelona club, incidentally, has already been rumored in the past that wanted to Turan . (via SPORT)

The highest scoring Iniesta

Barça exploits all its virtues: it creates for the team, unbalanced one-on-one and Crushed.

Don Andrés is it overboard. Iniesta enjoys a full sports only available to a select group of world cracks. The midfielder has made a perfect combination of all those factors that have prevented maximize their abysmal football resources. Buried the ghost of injuries, enjoying an unquestionable continuity and having recovered the nose for goal, the player has emerged as one of the keys to this boat that sits chair in the world of football.

Iniesta broke all your records. Halfway through the season, carried the day 19, and has added 6 goals in this league. This is a spectacular figure for a midfielder who is somewhat rebuked their lack of punch when he stepped on the field. Well, only half-League needed to beat their brands-one goal in the 2003-04; two goals in the 2004-05, zero goals in 2005-06, six goals in the 2006-07, three goals in the 2008-09 and only one goal in the 2009-10 -.

Andrew plays, send in the midfield, goes beyond the edge of the area and now set in the final scrimmage. It is a living example of the complete footballer beginning to reap the fruits of their work after a season in which he has alternated successes and disappointments.

Has never questioned the tremendous quality midfielder and only the misfortune of injuries has been deprived of the continuity necessary to achieve the true potential within. This season, the landscape has undergone a radical change. Andrew plays, and how he plays. Without punishment, Pep Guardiola has given the gallons needed. The coach has made him the only outfield player who has started all 19 league games. Manchego few minutes as no one has taken. Form a lethal trio with Xavi and Busquets in the building, his goals and his assists have been essential to the trident are Barca striker bursting their baggage.

Don Andrés and rubs shoulders with the greats. Installed on the Olympus of the cracks, the recent gala in Zurich so reflected, Iniesta and is a regular public chants of Camp Nou and all fields where it goes, with permission from The Cathedral. His exquisite ball arouses passions among football fans and their presence on a level playing field for quality and emotion. Toca enjoy a fantastic footballer, unique in the template. And nobody has all its virtues: it creates for the team, individually and overflows as well, crush. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "We deserved a victory"

Barça B coach held in Salamanca breaking run of eight games without a win. The Spaniard was pleased, "because we needed to win after many weeks without it."
The previous week, Luis Enrique defended his players and showed no concern about the streak that took two months without a win. A day later, Barça B has made the three points at Salamanca (2-3), with a game and a result that has convinced all the technical subsidiary.

In the press room Helmántico, Luis Enrique did not hide his happiness: "I am happy because we deserve the win, especially after the past few weeks the good game was not rewarded on the scoreboard."

The victory in the field of Salamanca was not easy, because, according to Luis Enrique, "Oscar Cano teams play very well the ball, are associative and have talented players such as Mario, Perico and Toti."

In addition, the initial goal of the premises did not put the things easy: "We have learned to reverse the tide, but we needed too many chances to score and in the end we suffered to get a goal."

This Monday will know the importance of the injury that occurred Sergi Roberto on 33 minutes match. The Reus suffered a quadriceps muscle injury that should be confirmed in various tests to be passed on Monday morning.

[youth] Manlleu 1 - 4 FCB Juvenil A

The Juvenil A field has won a Manlleu which had advanced in the first minute. The goals of Elah Deulofeu Dongou and (2) have been around the marker.

The Juvenil A Junyent Oscar Garcia demonstrated on Saturday afternoon that has the power to react. Without Rafa Alcantara, convened with Barça B, Barça has met with an early goal against has had to overcome. The rapid reaction has allowed more than three points will consolidate the leadership of the Division of Honour.

Manlleu: Adrià, Farré, Roger, Seuna, Aitor, Aleix, Fortuny, Pau, Kevin, Bernat y Matías. También Casas, Didiek, Montand, Abel y Carlos.

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau, Oriol Rosell, Ayala, Valliu, Gustavo, Deulofeu, Masó, Dongou, Espinosa y Ela. También Etock, Palau, Edu y Ernesto.

Goals: 1-0 Kevin (min 1), 1-1 Ela (min 10), 1-2 Dongou (min 12), Deulofeu (min 31), Deulofeu (min 75). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pep: "The challenge is to continue to compete well"

Pep Guardiola has urged his players to maintain the level of "humility" in the second round to reach "the final options." Barca coach considered "anecdotal" four points ahead of Madrid.

After the first round with the win at Malaga, coach Pep Guardiola has made a very positive initial phase of the championship. "Overall we have made a remarkable first round. The second challenge is to continue to compete well and hopefully we can do, because if so arrive at the final options," he said. The Santpedor believes that the club has played "very well from the simplicity and humility" and hopes to continue with: "We can lose points in any field, it is unthinkable to go somewhere is thinking they won."

Almeria, which has clawed two points to Madrid, is a good sign. Guardiola, "is evidence that it is impossible to always win." Respect regardless of whether there is now on the white, is clear: "At this point four points with a rival so strong anecdotal." This is why it has warned: "If we believe that this is already catch us in a blink of an eye." And he reiterated: "The things to us we will win every game if we compete as the first round, if every three days we will all struggle with this field intensity and with respect for opponents. Everything costs a lot."

This competition has led Barca to beat the record for points after nineteen days. A figure that was in possession of Guardiola since 2009, "50-point mark seemed difficult to overcome, but these players have achieved. It is a very good brand and I basically stayed in as they have done, with the desire to run with. "

Guardiola has spared no praise for the actions of his men against Malaga, especially the initial 45 minutes. "We played well the first part, with great defensive intensity. If we had let them play we would have created problems," he said. The coach has seen the team "with the patience to build the game and goals." At the same time, admitted: "In the second part I wanted to make changes before but I did not like was leaving the party."

Another major theme of the day was the confirmation of the continuity of Gaby Milito. "It's very good news for us, especially me. It takes both blood wants to play football .... It is not the fact of wanting to go somewhere, have a better contract or the Copa America, he wants to play, "said Guardiola. According to him, "more is better and is very good news. I need."

No time for relaxation, Pep Guardiola is already thinking about the next game, the return of the Cup quarter-final at the Benito Villamarin. Despite a 5-0 first-leg, is wary: "We have to prepare well mentally, I do not want any lack of respect for an opponent as strong as the Betis. We owe it to take very seriously because it can be scares. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Best first half of the season in history

Barça have finished the first half of the season with a record 52 points from the 19 games.

For the third year on the run, Barça are Winter Champions, the 4-1 win over Malaga ensuring that they go into the second half four points clear of rivals Real Madrid. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal: "The important thing is to win the season finale"

Eric Abidal, player of Barcelona , analyzed data from the first round of Barcelona, with which the Catalans have beaten all the records with its victory over Malaga . The French know they are in a great moment, but says the important thing is to finish the season: "We worked well and now we are in a spectacular way. We must continue working. The important thing is to win the final. We Cup matches, Champions and all the games back. "

The Barcelona is situated within four points of Real Madrid after the white tie in Almeria . Abidal says the team just wants to focus on themselves: "We have seen the end of the party of Madrid. But as the coach said, we had to do was win at home and not think of Madrid. We must continue our own path . "

The French side is making a great season. The player delivered to each party said: "I try to help and do my best. With the age I have I can bring experience. I'm happy and I'm used to being a hundred percent. With the superstars we have in the team is easy play . " (via AS)

Dani Alves will be between 10 and 15 days off

It was not as bad as feared. Dani Alves will have to rest for two weeks at most, after the sting he felt during the Barcelona-Málaga.

Brazilian fullback Daniel Alves retired from the field on 24 minutes following a small tear in the femoral biceps of his right leg, has confirmed the Barca medical team, after a second test the player.

Because of this physical problem, the Brazilian will be between ten and fifteen days off, which will miss the next match of the Copa del Rey (the second leg against Real Betis) and the meeting next Saturday at the Camp Nou against Racing at least.

The Barcelona side dropped to the floor in the center of the field after a race to the goal of Malaga and requested the change after noting a bruised thigh. (via SPORT)

Zubi: "Milito was left"

The professional football team manager, Andoni Zubizarreta, confirmed Sunday that Gaby Milito continue to serve on the staff of FC Barcelona and will not go to any other team during the winter market.
Good news for Pep Guardiola will be without Gaby Milito after the player has decided not to listen to any offers to go during the winter market. This was confirmed by the professional football team manager of FC Barcelona, Andoni Zubizarreta, during the half of the match against Malaga. "It is. We have said that it has thought and thought." Zubi said, "We are delighted that our choice is to be in our squad."

For its part, Zubizarreta has spoken of the great first round of FC Barcelona after finishing with 52 points. Zubi said that "sounds like a miracle. It's a miracle that is built with hard work and effort."

The athletic director has also made progress that could close some pending renovations. "It will be a busy week in the offices that will help us resolve some things we have." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[La Liga -Liga BBVA - 19] FC Barcelona 4 - 1 Málaga

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid sees from a distance. Barça put on earth by his pursuer in the league, which now leads by four points after thrashing at Manchester in another magical game with goals from Iniesta, Pedro and Villa (2).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves (Adriano, m.27), Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Afellay, m.81); Pedro (Bojan, m.81), Messi y Villa.

Málaga: Asenjo; Manolo, Demichelis, Weligton, Mtiliga; Duda, Apoño, Maresca (Eliseu, m.59), Camacho (Recio, m.78), Baptista y Quincy Owusu-Abeyie (Rondón, m.59).

Goals: 1-0, m.8: Iniesta. 2-0, m.18: Villa. 3-0, m.36: Pedro. 3-1, m.68. Duda. 4-1, m.74: Villa.

Referee: González González (Castilian-Leonese Committee). He showed yellow card to Demichelis (m.28) and Abidal (m.76).

Incidents: 71,576 spectators attended the match in game for the nineteenth day of First Division match at the Nou Camp. Before the start of the meeting observed a minute of silence in memory of Vicente Alcides 'Cache' and Henry Vicedo Silveira, former Barca players who died recently.

Gabi Milito stay at Barça

Gabi Milito, Argentine player of FC Barcelona will be finally in the club, according to her lawyer reported. The defender, who had foot and a half outside the Catalan club, has decided to stay. Indeed, the Argentine player was in contact with the entity Malaga to sign during the winter and leave the club Barcelona in the coming days. In the end, the negotiations have not borne fruit, despite being very advanced and will continue on the payroll Milito of Barcelona, the team which still has a year and a half of contract. (via MD & SPORT)