15 January 2011

Barça did not sign any office in the winter market

Pep Guardiola denied at a news conference that the club you plan to sign a central if Gaby Milito finally decides to leave the club this winter market. (via SPORT)

Pep: "The basis for what we have is respect '

What about Manuel Pellegrini, the coach of his next opponent?

It is one of the coaches who have always left a good taste in their computers. We must be careful because he has quality players.

Is it more dangerous this Málaga, with the last backup?

Have experienced players, players who have spent many years in the competition, players like Baptista, Maresca, Demichelis, has signed a good project, has a wide template, has purchased the equipment with money and people are dangerous.

Are they less dangerous because they are not together?

All teams are dangerous, with the personalities of each coach, with the characteristics of players each. They have invested and have very good players, and tomorrow we will see insurance.

How does a game against a team with so many new players?

Since you are seeing in recent games how to play Pellegrini. His teams always have created many problems. Everyone knows they play teams with great depth at their attackers. Villarreal and gave a way to play that continues and has left many things in our football. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but the intention will be to play well and win.

Are you glad it finally passed all of the Ballon d'Or? Have you consolidated the locker room?

Has been, and is now something else and get what they got, if there is good relationship, has not been achieved, is always based on respect.

What's new in the military theme?

I do not care if you Gabi, for now I say no. I do not plan a template without Gabi, is important when you play and when not giving us. Never forget how he has behaved throughout this time. If you decide to leave because he wants to play, I'll help as I can and I'll wish him the best.

And on the renewal of Alves, who is still not coming, do you worry that things are crooked?

I do not care, both player and club are making efforts to reach an agreement.

Are the statements of players asking for their continuity, influence him?

Not occur to them to say otherwise because they do not play (laughs), I make the ball which is what it touches.

But will his decision soon?

Now it's Manchester. We must live day by day. In football a few days tell you why renew and others who have renewed. Everything must be done calmly and quietly.

How about the possible return of Van Nistelrooy? Can you solve more of a player who has been on a computer before a new signing?

Sounds good to me, is a very good player, a scorer of the best ever, but a matter of Real Madrid. If you can help more, do not know. Each situation is different, what works for one might not serve to others as well I have not experienced enough coach to have and know how it went. (via AS)

Afellay: "It is a dream score at the Bernabéu

"Here we must learn to think fast and always be ready"
"I have had to explain what is the rivalry with Real Madrid Barça, these things already known"
"Everything went so fast that I have not had the time or so that my legs were shaking" (via MD)

Full: http://goo.gl/fyHop

[Copa del Rey] Clos Gómez Clos Gómez Betis-Barça beep Copa

The referee Carlos Clos Gómez Aragon beep around the quarter-final between Real Betis and Barcelona, Wednesday 19 at the Benito Villamarin at 22 hours, while the Basque Delgado Ferreiro referee Atletico-Real Madrid, on Thursday 20 in Vicente Calderón, also at 22 hours.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) today announced the appointments arbitration for meetings back in the Cup, in which Perez Lasa lead the Sevilla-Villarreal on Tuesday 18 in Pizjuám Sanchez (10:00 p.m.) and also Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez Basque Deportivo-Almeria, which in Riazor jugaráel Wednesday 19 (20:00). (via MD)

Málaga wants to take four million Jeffren

Málaga is very interested in the Blaugrana Jeffren Suárez, 22 (turns 23 on Thursday) and whose contract expires in June 2012

Espanyol club owner, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, craves a future project and this would fit the Spanish-Venezuelan. Table Andalusian thought even in signing limbo during the winter, but it works with a view to summer and would be willing to provide four million euros for the Blaugrana player who does not have too much for Pep Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Sell 'Masía' to do 'Masía'

Important movements in Barca B. Rubén Rochina, 19, is a step to realize his move to Blackburn Rovers of the Premier. And Benjamin Martinez, 23, has accepted the offer of Hector Cuper to go with him to Aris Thessaloniki. A history of the Greek league is being strengthened to move forward in the Europe League, where, incidentally, his next opponent will be the City of Yaya Toure.

In the case of Rochina, and given that the subsidiary are not some front, the club would prefer the player to stay until June and then were free, but since Luis Enrique just have the kid and the supply of Blackburn striker is irresistible, the club, not to harm the player, eventually letting him go and, incidentally, paid some money to help further fund the quarry.

The same applies to Benjamin and this should be the constant in all cases.The fact that a player's home, for whatever reason, can not reach the first team does not mean that the club should give him. Conversely, if you can, you should try to recoup some of their investment in their training. That is, sell and, in case, reserving an option to buy. Some players seem to not work today and tomorrow ... morning, do not understand how he was let out of here.

In any case, it should be clear that although the club back to try to save the play-off provisions, a good player, a very good footballer 'made in the Mas', eventually triumphing elsewhere. It is logical that that happens. The first team level is so high that very few applicants ended up taking the box office at the Camp Nou. Therefore, the aim should be to distinguish the best and only the best. And the rest, however painful it may be, will have to leave if it is impossible to jump from computer B to A. And since we're in a professional world, we must let go ... but charging. Football is well and the quality elements, properly understood, begins at home.

Eto'o met yesterday with its Foundation Rossich

Samuel, who trained in the morning with Inter went at noon to Barcelona FCB to speed with the renewal of expired contract that the club has with his Foundation. The former player, who returned to Milan last minute, had a meeting with Rossich Antoni, Director General, and the idea is to renovate and improve the agreement right now has 15 children of Cameroon in the grassroots. Some of the huge projection.
Sandro Rosell go twice in twelve days Nyon
The president of FCB, accompanied by Raul Sanllehí will travel to Nyon on Wednesday 26 to attend the ACE meeting coincides with the opening of new facilities. Ten days later, 7 and 8 February, Sandro Rosell and Sanllehí return to the Swiss city to take part in the General Assembly of the ECA, an organization made up of 103 clubs as full members and 90 other as partners.

Leo, the party, Pinto, the tie

Although Guardiola, with prudence and respect, refuses to take for the tie sentenced, the truth is you can not otherwise understand the 5-0 achieved against Betis. A game that once again and all the merits, Messi took the honors. But not all. Pinto also deserve theirs.
Leo, with three goals, decided the match (5-0) for the umpteenth time and it was understood, as has always been understood, with Xavi and Iniesta. Neither more nor less than before to defend his 'Golden Ball'. However, Pinto, with three decisive interventions may end up having more value than the 'hat trick' the Argentine star.
And, it is true that Messi decided the game, the fact remains that downhill Pinto left the tie because, although the club had scored five goals. if not for the goalkeeper who came to stop, today still have very serious Betis options planted in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey

Did you know ...

PSG and Barcelona have yet to know the real number of the transfer of Ronaldinho (AC Milan Flamengo) to collect 5% of their fair share "percentage of solidarity '
'Chapi' Ferrer, after Riverola Martí is on the verge of taking the Vitesse to another Catalan: Jordi Lopez, raised in the club and now playing for Swansea
As sure to follow in Barca's Alves has been brought to his parents so they know Esplugues house in which Daniel and his wife intend to live until 2015. (via MD)

Barça are looking for a defender to cover low Milito

Faced with the imminent departure of defender, the club works to sign a defender in June or, in case of injury or gang type Afellay, this January

Still not official, but the output of Gabi Milito to Malaga is a matter of days and the club wants to be prepared in case you need to activate a plan B. The central Argentina is a very advanced talks with Manchester and early next week, his agent, Eduardo Gamarnik , will meet with Barca to terminate its current contract with Barca entity.

In this situation, the technical managers of FC Barcelona , which have long hairs on the central market in mind next season, want to have already prepared an alternative, especially considering that arise any injury or mishap in the month of January full of matches. Without Milito , the template has only three first team players to serve as central: the untouchables Puyol and Pique and converted Abidal , while Pep has also made an exceptional play to Busquets . In the subsidiary are Fontàs and Bartra , which Pep wants to continue giving minutes gradually.

Young and experienced

Although the club's policy is to commit to the quarry, both the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu , as technical director, Andoni Zubizarreta , have made clear that before joining the first look at the Mini-el Barça side handles multiple names to a not too distant future. David Luiz , Benfica and international central Brazil fixed with only 23, is one of the most liked players. Guardiola had a chance to see it live in the practice match that Brazil was on the premises of the Ciutat Esportiva Barca to the subsidiary, as Sandro Rosell last November's friendly that David Luiz played with canarinha to Argentina's Messi in Qatar . Luiz has been named player of the Portuguese league this past 2010.

Thiago Silva, central Milan and companion of 26 years David Luiz in the defense of Brazil, is another top rated defenders in the offices of Camp Nou . In fact, Barca tried to introduce in the operation of Ibrahimovic last summer but Milan did not budge because they considered " untouchable . " Also the Madrid it was a priority and at the end had to settle to sign Carvalho . Another is controlled central Pedro Geromel , Brazilian military 25 years now in the ranks of Cologne . Although the poster does not have David Luiz and Thiago in the Barça have good reports. All this thinking in June, but without losing sight (in case there is an injury) that the winter market is open until January 31. (via MD)

Barça-Alves decisive Summit

Next week the club will make a new offer

Next week is presented as very important to know the future of Dani Alves . The Barcelona and Brazilian player's agent are scheduled to meet at the end of it to try to refloat the current situation. After several weeks of impasse, members of the sports management Barca have been working hard looking for imaginative ways to be able to offer Alves an offer that meets your requests so we can satisfy the desires of Pep Guardiola , who considers Dani a very important piece in their game plan.

Before Christmas, Barca coach held a meeting with Sandro Rosell president's home and among the many things they talked, the coach expressed his hope that Dani Alves continue in Barcelona .

Consequently, the Catalan club will send a proposal to the representative of Alves with an increase in incentives, but the idea is that the extra money the club would pay the player leaves Alves sign contracts with sponsors and trademarks related to FC Barcelona .

Adidas, yet he

On the other hand, Dani Alves , who is about to terminate his contract with Nike, has already bespoken signed by Adidas. The footballer has been testing several boots since last December and finally settled by the German mark, which also offers a better financial offer. The idea is that the player begins to put on his boots soon and the agreement would last until World 2014, held in Brazil .

However, Adidas is also pending Alves's future as if it plays for Barca and leaves for England , would be Adidas England which is responsible for signing the contract. (via MD)

[Barça B] Blackburn wants to take Vázquez

For months, Víctor Vázquez accumulates proposals to leave the Camp Nou and try their luck in another state or even in another championship. One of the latest come from Blackburn, where Rovers are keen to incorporate as an imaginative attacking him.

The young footballer, who on Monday return to normal after overcoming a sprained ankle, wants to wait until Guardiola eventually decide what to do with the skillful attacker, soul mate Messi and footballer who understands luxury with Argentina. A few weeks ago, Pep said what to think about the future of Catalan. (via AS)