14 January 2011

[Barça B] Sporting Gijón tracking Víctor Vázquez

The performance of the specific front Sporting is what prompted the Governing Council expressed their concerns to the coaching staff, who had made a priority of the arrival of a midfielder, a right wing player as an alternative. In this regard, one of the first options is Víctor Vázquez, Barcelona B, but the ankle injury he suffered ten days ago, stalled the possibility of negotiating their accession. (via AS)

Valdés turns 29 years, seven as a starter culé

In 26 games will go down in history as the goalkeeper Blaugrana Barcelona more decisive and active of all time, five dreamers

The undisputed FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes, 29 years old today. A man has been quiet over time. "My most rebellious side is linked to my youth and part of my past. I think that maturity is any balance, "he said in his day.

Since its debut on 1 September 2002 over Atletico Madrid, L'Hospitalet has played 385 games at Barca. In 25 games match Andoni Zubizarreta, with 410 parties, as the most capped keeper defended the Barça shirt in the 111 year history of the club.

After passing through the lower echelons of the club and put a dent in the Barça B, had run its course in the first team under Radomir Antic orders during the 2002/03 season although he had to alternate their performances with Roberto Bonano. The following year, with Frank Rikjaard command, combined with Rustu appearances while in 2004, with the confidence gained more than Dutch, became the first team goalkeeper. "In the final in Paris Frank hugged me and said, 'You bet for me and you are not wrong. Now we are champions of Europe '. "

Since then his progress has no end. And that at 18 he thought of throwing in the towel. "I did not want to be a goalkeeper, made me suffer. I knew that my career would not be aimed at professional goalkeeper. But I did therapy and I saw things differently. Since then the goal with passion alive, "he reasoned.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded his career as when Van Gaal wanted him to fall back to Barca B and L'Hospitalet refused, or the alleged bad relationship with another Red goalkeepers, Pepe Reina, is currently a benchmark in professional football loved and respected by all his colleagues, especially by Andres Iniesta, who believes his brother.

Goalkeeper fewest League

So far conceded 24 goals in 38 games. To continue and will become, for the third year running, the more difficult to beat goalkeeper in the league. Teams that have marked him more times are Atletico Madrid, with 25 goals in 15 games, Real Madrid with 20 goals in 15 matches and Betis, also with 20 goals in 13 games. The Murcia in three games, Rayo Vallecano and Alaves one in two have not been able to reach your network.(via SPORT)

Barca will intensify contacts with Alves

Pep insists that the renewal of the side is a priority and the club expects to close within weeks

FC Barcelona expects to close in the coming weeks, according to the renewal of Brazilian Dani Alves, whose current contract expires in 2012. The player's agent, Joaquin Macanás, continues to negotiate with the entity Barca to find the right formula to enable the expansion and improvement of international engagement by the 'verdeamarelha'.

That is the wish of both the player Pep Guardiola, who has stated publicly that he wants the continuation of Brazil, a man fully integrated into the team, as the most participatory and delivered to the group.

However, the economic question remains the key to preventing consensus between both parties due to the austerity policy following the Catalan club since the arrival of the president Sandro Rosell. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Barca's youth: The club hat trick

Last time, Deulofeu (Juv. A) and Toral (Exp A) scored three goals and Dongou (Juv. B) ... Four!

Leo Messi is not alone. In the family of FC Barcelona are other players who have achieved a hat trick in the last days. In fact, the Argentine striker's first team was the last of them to score three goals in 2011 because the weekend is out three promising young football lads Barça: Gerard Deulofeu (Juvenil A), Jean Marie Dongou (Juvenil B) and Jon Toral (Cadete).

In the absence of regular striker Rafa Alcantara, who on Saturday made his debut against the Girona in the Second Division under the command of Luis Enrique in the Barça B, Gerard Deulofeu assumed responsibility for the definition in the Juvenil A. The team coach Oscar Garcia Junyent, leading his group from the Division of Honor, won the Gramenet 5-0 with three goals in one of the jewels of the cantera. Deulofeu striker band that tends to generate more opportunities for their peers than for himself, marked the first, third and fourth.

In the Juvenil B, also a leader in the NL group under the direction of Sergi Barjuan, said Jean Marie Dongou Cameroon, which did not settle for a hat trick in the 6-2 to the Reus. Theirs was a 'poker' goal, completed four goals with two assists in the many remaining Cristian Herrera and Ebwelle.

All three of Toral, head

And in the Cadete Honor Division was the main character Jon Toral, scored three goals in a 5-1 head to open the Cornellà. Merit was the triumph of Francisco Francisco Javier García Pimienta equipment because the opponent is on top of a classification that also leads the club. Toral is a midfielder equipped with an impressive physique for age, well balanced with excellent technique and arrival. (via MD)

Messi released boots against Málaga

The Argentinian star was yesterday the new F50 adiZero the hands of the five winners of Adidas

Leo Messi released boots after tomorrow against Málaga. The newly named Golden Ball adiZero will wear the new F50, the lighter and more comfortable than ever before manufactured Adidas. Barca crack the recovered with the help of the five children who won the contest organized by the German company that was going to try beating the tag to boot. Francisco José, Carlos, Nico, Dani and Pol Messi got his boots back on after following several tracks throughout Barcelona and locate the new F50 adiZero new shop that Adidas has Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona.

After delivery, the five children were able to share confidences with Messi, get tips to become better players, play a game on the PS3 (with a tie to 1) and take away a lot of pictures and gifts doubly signed by the Golden Ball.

Leo asked to follow the same

About the new boots to premiere at the Andalusian club on the last day of the first round, Messi said "I hope I continue bringing goals as the other, to help me keep playing well and come with more titles" (via MD)

Piqué: "I know all the tricks of Cristiano Ronaldo"

Pique reminded of ManU as "good guy, but it is hard to resist the mirror"

"When you're riding on the success, you have the feeling that nothing can stop you," said Gerard Pique in an interview with Dutch magazine 'Voetbal International', which also notes that "the truth is I do not think that Barca again for me "after leaving him at united and is happy to be back home. "I went back and half years after my track record and just missing a European Championship with Spain," the central.

Pique reiterated that "it is unfortunate that Cesc did not come last summer, he could have a lot to this team and is confident that his friend end up at the Camp Nou in the face of" the next season. "

For the '3 'Barca, Messi and Iniesta are key: "It gives us peace of mind knowing that they are a constant threat," notes and commends the leadership Piqué Puyol and Xavi and professionalism of the great captain Blaugrana.

As for those characteristics that have made himself a central master, Pique said that "the Manchester United learned to obstruct, to win dogfights, and the best placement, the rest is 'DNA Barca'" He also recalls that ManU coincided with the now Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, "which they say is arrogant, but I remember how friendly and fun. Yes, it is difficult to resist the mirror, but it's a good guy. The advantage now matches the Madrid is that I know all his tricks, because I had a rival daily in practice. However, this does not guarantee anything, because it is a very complete player. " (via MD)

Busquets renewal back on track

The contract extension of Sergio Busquets seems to have taken up the proper path leading before the holidays after a fringe seemed to complicate an entente sung. In recent days have been approaching positions, thanks to the will of the parties with respect to those small gaps that have prevented the signing of the contract renewal and midfielder until June 2015. Busquets's ongoing commitment to the institution Barca end June 30, 2013. (via MD)

Guardiola's shadow in Salamanca

Oscar Cano risks in second Barça style he admires and has published a book

Oscar Cano (Granada, 38 years) is an atypical technical reconcile the two passions by feelings true devotion: football and writing. A play began early, as midfielder, in New Granada Park neighborhood, where he began his career as a coach for fifteen years. Fate has led since then by several teams of 3 rd and 2 nd B until last summer made landfall in the second to Salamanca, a subsidiary rival team led by trying to transfer the philosophy of Barça he admires. "As I am a dreamer, but everything has to start from a strong conviction of the coach and a player's willingness," he says. His interest in writing is back, but just as strong. "I have come down to insult, because when you lose grip to an alleged inconsistency to blame you. But writing motivates me and why I have not quit." In 2001 he published his first book ('global training based on the interpretation of the game') and in 2009 the second ('The game model of FC Barcelona'), prefaced by his friends Juanma Lillo, Paco Seirul • lo and Alfonso Morcillo and where he shows his weakness for touch football. "Cruyff's arrival was a breath of fresh air. When all other betting concepts, Barca always did for the talent and today all admire him," he explains. The Andalusian has also made contributions in various specialized areas.

For Granada, Pep Guardiola is now the leading exponent of the football as laureate. He prefers his style to that of Mourinho. "I move closer to those who believe that footballers are the protagonists. In addition, Madrid and Barca are looking for the win in different ways and appeals more to the second: while some live on the opponent's error, others seek to provoke things with the ball." That is the plot of the book he wrote in 2009, taking a second practical part: "I want to collect columns and reviews the history of Barcelona from the Pep llegadade to achieve the Golden Ball," reveals. Cano acknowledges that sometimes writing is happier than football itself: "What I love most is going to train but if there is football on TV I'm not convinced, I choose to write and break the stereotype that all-devouring coaches" .

This week Oscar Cano is involved in the visit of Barca B to the Helmántico. Both teams come in spurts negative, but the coach sees from a different perspective. "The subsidiary is not bad, it is very difficult to combine the two objectives: to filter the first team players and be on top. Luis Enrique Can not repeat 'once' and that's a good sign." "We? We have eleven teams and below the lowest budget of seconds." El Granada, who has a predilection for Barca's youth system, he would be "with Font and Sergi Roberto" and like Guardiola admires speaks wonders of Luis Enrique: "It's a great guy, is very prepared and has been a success. When Pep gets tired of winning, what better substitute? " (via MD)

Diego Milito bid for his brother Gabi

I would like to join him at Inter, but Barça Milito has very advanced an agreement with Manchester until June 2013

With the bags almost ready to travel to Malaga, a club with which virtually has agreed not only for the remainder of the season but for two more (to June 2013), Gabi Milito has opened a small door to anchor in big club in European football. According to some reports suggest, his brother Diego has made it clear in recent days with leaders Inter Milan who would like to have Gabi on the computer. However, this possibility seems determined more by a wish than a reality, since neither the Italian is a central priority to hire now or the player himself believes that what is best for you, because its objective involves dispute minutes to enable it take shape enough to be useful for Argentina during the Copa America. Interestingly, when Gabi Milito at Zaragoza was he who asked his brother.

While Inter decides to enter or not in the auction, central Argentina has agreed his move to Manchester by 95%, but the player himself will not finish anything close to that is not precisely match is Barcelona and Malaga will play on Sunday.

Naples appears

It is also true that until then pass defense official team names still appear interested in the player. Yesterday also joined a new one, that of Naples. Appears next to the Italian side for several dates and Genoa, but his choice has been losing steam in recent days as he was growing Malaga. The possibility that today seem almost discarded is that of Real Zaragoza. The economic hardships being experienced by all Aragonese make can be made feasible by the perceived Milito tab. Not so long ago, Zaragoza had been an option that would have benefited from the player's preferences, an idol in the city of the Ebro that has fond memories of the four seasons in which he wore the shirt 'blanquilla' (via MD)

Wenger: Cesc is like Messi "

"It's so important for Leo to Arsenal as the club, where nobody talks to pierce," said Arsène

Missing 33 days for the club visit the Emirates to face Arsenal in the knockout round of Champions and Arsène Wenger has already happened twice out of the information about a new offensive by Cesc Barca.

All indications are that the technician 'gunner' will be forced to talk more often the subject, especially as you approach the visit of Barcelona, and now keeps his guns to declare transferable to their captain and franchise player. "Fabregas is not for sale," he said after the meeting with the Leeds Cup and the Carling after the Ipswich added, alluding to rumors of a possible bid Real Madrid, that "we have economic problems and there is no whatsoever that let him go. "

Logically, Wenger must be paid to this speech to his staff not to blow it all to do yet this season. "Cesc This is like what happens to Barca with Messi. He is so important to us as Messi for Barcelona, where no one speaks to pierce. I have bid for Messi, but nobody mentions it. And that, as Reportedly, the Barcelona responded by asking 125 million pounds (197 million euros) by Leo. "

"Our rear, naive

Cesc himself, meanwhile, accused the Ipswich, on Wednesday that beat Arsenal 1-0 in the semis round of the League Cup, to "practice rugby."

"While we play football, keeping the ball at ground level, they resorted to long shipments (own oval ball sport.) So do other teams, and they did well," said Fabregas, recalling that one of those shots surprised the defense 'Gunner' and KO left Arsène Wenger's team, who called his behind "naive" for not knowing how to react in time.

The morning will face Arsenal West Ham United in the league, which is third behind the leader ManUy the 'City', second. (via MD)

Pinto: "I am proud of the match against Betis"

José Manuel Pinto, one of the protagonists of the game against Betis, which signed up to five stops of merit, has acknowledged his satisfaction with the good match indeed. "I feel proud. I'm happy," he confessed.
And is that the Porter Cup figures are excellent: only conceded two goals in seven games played this season against each other in Ceuta and San Mames. "I feel good. Contento. Because it is important to keep a clean sheet, especially in the playoffs. It's good for my confidence and to demonstrate that the team defends very well," he said at a news conference Thursday.

Praise for Betis

Despite the 5-0 and the good looks that have the tie, Pinto has sought to highlight the great party that made the Betis at the Camp Nou. "It's one of the most difficult teams we have put it. It was very brave and created many chances. He did a great match and we complicated life," he said. Neither wanted to give the tie finished: "We have a very good result, is undeniable. But there have been many things in football you can never relax."

The goalkeeper has also acknowledged that for him will be special to play around in Seville: "Here I have many friends. I spent five years at Real Betis and is a place that is close to my birthplace, El Puerto de Santa Maria."

"Quiet" about his contract

Pinto, contract ending this June 30, acknowledged feeling confident about a possible renewal. "I'm very calm. Every year since I arrived, had the contract in the summer, and I've been here three and half years. I focus on day to day and the coach will decide. I am very happy here and would like to stay, but now is not something I worry, "he assured.

The reception to Afellay

José Manuel Pinto also spoke highly of his new partner, Ibrahim Afellay. "He is excited. It is adapting very quickly. Learn Castilian very fast and that's important. Communication is key. It was nice as it hosted the public. That always gives you much strength," he explained. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi: "I want to renew Guardiola"

Leo Messi has publicly acknowledged that Josep Guardiola wants to renew his contract as coach of FC Barcelona. "That renewed at any time, but to renew," said at a promotional event held on Thursday afternoon.
And is that the reporter's question had only one answer: "Yes, yes. I want to renew. After all that has given Barca and Guardiola see how the team is with him, it is difficult to imagine the club without Guardiola . These are the words of the newly Golden Ball in 2010, an award that has occupied much of the press conference.

Good relationship with Iniesta and Xavi

The Argentine has wanted to close out the debate on the award of this prize: "I am very aware that without my teammates could not win these awards." '10 'Has made it clear once again, as they have done repeatedly since Monday Iniesta and Xavi, the relationship between the three is excellent: "We know the relationship we have and how we got into the group. The relationship is same. We do not have to answer to anyone. "

He added: "I'm fine with Andrew and Xavi. I have a good relationship with both. The Nou Camp proved that the Golden Ball is a thing of all and in that sense I'm calm."

With the support of their own

And in recent days is that many media outlets have questioned the award to Messi. "I do not care what you say. I have the respect and recognition from my peers and my people. All my colleagues congratulated me and were happy and that is most important to me," he said.

Winning Mentality

Beyond those that may challenge an award like this, Leo Messi continues to yours. Just think more and more titles. "My mentality is to keep getting things, both individual and team level and selection. I would keep working, keep growing and keep winning." This is Messi, the better.

Milito and Real Madrid

On the possible farewell Milito in the winter market, Leo Messi has said it "would be a shame": "For me and all the costumes. She is very loved by all. I have very good personal relationship with him. But if he has to be better, we should be happy for him. "

Messi has also responded to the question of whether it expects a League resolved to a single party, to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu on April. League really be decided in a single engagement? Messi responds: "I think it's a whole second lap ahead and that all games are difficult. We have many outlets and they, too complicated, so do not rely on a single game." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Focus switches to Malaga

After last night’s win over Betis, the squad were back in training behind closed doors this lunchtime with the objective of preparing for Sunday’s La Liga game at the Camp Nou against Malaga(21.00).

Messi: "I look forward to this level many years"

Q. - There was discussion after the Ballon d'Or to the occurrence of any jealousy, what does that say to the people who believe that?

A. - I have to say anything to people in relation to that. We have very clear how we got in the locker room. I'm fine with my colleagues congratulated me and that is most important to me.

Q. - What challenges do you personally?

R. - again to repeat successes, both individually and collectively. The mentality is to keep livestock, grow and be eligible to achieve all things.

Q. - Are you afraid go Milito?

A. - It would be a shame for all the costumes. The relationship I have is wonderful and if he's happy going, so I will.

Q. - Could you give three tips he learned at The Farmhouse for youth who want to imitate.

A. - First, be a good person, which is what remains. In football, enjoy football with which they can grow up to be great and that's when you must take responsibility.

Q. - Do you disrespected all the comments he made after delivering the Ballon d'Or?

A. "I have the respect and recognition from my peers, my people, so everything they qie outside gives me quite the same.

Q. - Do you understand that in Spain, where you play, you're not entirely happy with his Ballon d'Or because they have not given Iniesta and Xavi?

R. - Spanish football should be happy for the achievements. Is champion of Europe, the world and has the best league of all.

Q. - is on course to repeat last year.

R. - I wish to continue at this level many years. My intention and my desire is to give more regardless of the level at Barça and Argentina team. (via AS)