12 January 2011

Platini would have given the Ballon d'Or a "protagonist" of the World

The president of UEFA, the Frenchman Michel Platini says he would have awarded the Ballon d'Or to one of the "stars" of the last World Cup in South Africa as it has in the past, instead of the Argentine Leo Messi

In an interview published in the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, "Platini recognizes, however, that the choice of Barcelona striker as the best player in the world for the second year" is not a scandal. "

"It is a scandal, but in year World would have given one of its protagonists. As Paolo Rossi in 1982, the year in which Italy won the World Championship in Spain, says UEFA president in the interview.

As for the FIFA award for best coach in 2010, which was finally granted to the current coach of Real Madrid, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Platini said that this is a new award and therefore does not necessarily reward the achievements only have been able to achieve in a World Cup. "I'm happy with Mourinho, I appreciate him, but Del Bosque is also good," he said Platini, before adding that both coaches are different.

The UEFA president also announced that the governing body has decided to create a new award to nominate the best player in Europe, chosen by journalists.

Furthermore, Platini spoke about the possibility that the 2022 World of Qatar will be held during the winter: "Eleven years to prepare. We used to." On the possible protest from European clubs, the head of UEFA said in the "Old Continent" almost all major tournaments are a break in winter, except Spain and Italy, whose "power," he said, "has blocked the calendar. " (via SPORT)

Estiarte: "Modric is a player who has always liked to Guardiola"

In Croatia, echoed a statement made by Manuel Estiarte talking about Luka Modric

Is the Croatian daily "Jutamji List" which provides a statement of Manuel Estiarte, director of external relations of FC Barcelona and close friend of Pep Guardiola, speaking about a possible interest in Luka Modric.

Modric, Tottenham Current English, is one of the great pearls of Croatian football and ever since has been linked with FC Barcelona. Now, Estiarte explained, according to the statements published in Croatia, "Luka is a player who has always liked to Pep Guardiola.'s True. And it has always been rumors about it. He is a player whom we know very, very well."

Anyway, from there to a possible move to make much difference. "It's very difficult to play for Barcelona. Do not forget that we have in the team to eight world champions ..." Estiarte said.

Finally, the executive Catalan Guardiola denies categorically that can go to CSKA Moscow coach. "I do not think he signed for CSKA. It is impossible to pass. I can not speak for him, but I know as you think. He has his ideas and the money is not important." (via SPORT)

Southampton and Manchester, those best positioned to sign Milito

Milito's future may be decided in the coming hours. The center already has the OK of Barcelona to negotiate and there are two teams that are favorites

According to ONA FM moved in its second edition of 'grandstand', FC Barcelona and Gaby Milito have been agreed for the 'Marshal' has leeway to negotiate. The club will provide all the facilities but also give the central thought. Will, ultimately, a friendly negotiation with the club interested in him (or clubs).

In this regard, in recent times had triggered rumors of those teams interested in the defense. However, the circle is closing and now there are two clear favorites to take their services: the Italian Genoa and Malaga.

The Genoese, ranked thirteenth in Serie A, can be strengthened with Milito defense this season and is the least beaten the Italian championship with 15 goals conceded in 18 games played. While Pellegrini Malaga continues its policy of reinforcements estate market in this central winter and Barca might provide more strength to your rear.

Gaby Milito FC Barcelona has asked that yield at least until end of season to take minutes of play and get back into shape, considering joining with Argentina in the Copa America. Now, the cards are on the table and will have to see what the winning play, that of Genoa or Malaga. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Another gem that can go: Rochina, one step from Blackburn

Striker Rubén Rochina apparently close to a deal with Blackburn Rovers to join the Premier this winter market

As reported in the English press and SPORT.es has been confirmed, the new manager of Blackburn, Steve Kean, is set at the young Barca youth squad to strengthen his team's offense plot.

The club has confirmed that Blackburn Rovers have been in contact with the Catalan club to negotiate the incorporation of the forward, although at present there is no firm offer. In England there is speculation that a bid would be around one million pounds.

Rubén Rochina, 19, currently plays for Barcelona and is a subsidiary of the Spanish international in lower categories. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Sampdoria takes the Barca youth Mauro Icardi

Barcelona and Sampdoria have reached an agreement for the transfer of young Italian-Argentine Mauro Icardi

SPORT.es has been told, the Catalan club Sampdoria and closed the transfer of the player of 17 years and was active until now in the juvenil A club.

Icardi arrived three seasons ago from The Neighborhood Farm Islands and has proved its quality during every stage in the youth ranks of Barça. However, the player had lost significance and both club and player have chosen to end their relationship.

As explained on Tuesday the Italian press, Icardi could alternate the first team of Sampdoria with the 'Spring' of all Genoese. (via SPORT)

[Copa del Rey] BARÇA Barca exercises with the whole team to prepare for Cup

The first team has returned to training this evening after a day and a half of rest. The template in full, in addition to Thiago, has prepared the Copa del Rey match on Wednesday against Betis at the Camp Nou.

After enjoying a day off Monday, the Barca players have returned to work this afternoon during a training session behind closed doors at the Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despi.

Pep Guardiola has been able to have all the Barca first team, a total of 20 players, as no Barca is injured. There was also the youngest of the cantera, Thiago Alcantara, who once again has completed the list of players who have been trained in field number 1. (via MD)

[Copa del Rey] Pep Guardiola: "Against 400 votes can not fight"

Pep Guardiola has appeared at a press conference prior to the quarterfinal round of Copa del Rey final against Real Betis . But the party has been in the background just 24 hours after the forecast Messi will take against the Golden Ball ahead of two fellow costume, Xavi and Iniesta. Guardiola has held that the award is fair, no offense to Spanish football and the gala was a celebration for the club and a source of pride rather than confrontation for the players. He, meanwhile, lost the title of best coach but has applied to itself the same philosophy: "I am very satisfied simply by being named among the top three coaches in the world."

" We did not steal anything Messi, Messi gives us . " With these words Guardiola to step out of performances that marked the second Argentine Golden Ball as an affront to Spanish football , world champion in 2010: "Messi is just winning and there is no getting around it. Votan over 400 people and can not say anything against it, you can not fight against 400 votes . Won Leo as he might have won Xavi and Andres. There is no offense to Spain, which is world champion and there is no greater reward than that. Spain had six players in the starting ideal of the year. And if we have to Leo, seven Spanish based soccer players. There is no greater reward than that. "

Similarly, the Barca coach has 'spared' to the voices who believe that the triumph of Messi can create problems in the dressing room as Xavi and Iniesta could feel favorites before the show: "It may be unfair but the end is a issue of people's tastes. They have demonstrated their ability to connect, forget and do their work. They are very happy . Three players extremely competitive, are amazing and it is normal that the three wanted to win. But they have great respect and are satisfied. It was a spectacular event, a recognition of Spanish football and a big win for Barcelona. There is no getting around it. They're going to manage with ease . From tomorrow there is another new game and new possibilities to do well to try to win these awards next year. "

He has also made clear that the success of Barcelona but also of all the Spanish football and the success that Luis Aragones and Vicente del Bosque has been made with the Spanish: "We are very proud but we want to share this success with all football Spanish, we do not apropiárnoslo. In Spain, works very well in the base SOCCER PLAYERS. We do not believe that everyone has to do things the way we do or play like us. We just continue a tradition and a philosophy of providing opportunities below. And from there all the credit goes to them, all we do is help them, protect them and help them out. The rest I put them with their talent and their willingness to work. " Neither wanted to get wet if Guardiola titles or talent base on which the Golden Ball award: "We must not give so many laps. At the end is an issue that people feel to watch matches and says, ' I like this'. And I vote. "

Also, wanted to send a message to fans and Tarrassa Fuentealbilla, which could be disappointed because they did not win Iniesta and Xavi, "Disappointed? Have two players of those blessed lands are the second and third best in the world. It is a ago. They are also young players and if they maintain this level can earn them the award in future years. Why not? Xavi has all the virtues to win and Andrew too. But so does Leo and other players like Cristiano Ronaldo ... ".

Beyond the Ballon d'Or Messi Guardiola lost as Del Bosque the title of best coach, who joined Mourinho. Barcelona coach was pleased to be in the trio and says he will not have any problem or tension with the Portuguese coach of Real Madrid at the gala: "What I told the players I also applied to me: I am very pleased to be nominated among the top three. Mourinho is very good coach. At the gala to say something, we took a couple of elbows, talking about the performance of Jamie Cullum ...".

"The first level has Betis"

But there have been time for the tie against Betis worth a place in Cup semi-finals starts tomorrow and Wednesday at the Camp Nou. Guardiola said that no computer owner who does not know whether it will be incumbent Afellay or Messi, Iniesta and Xavi in the field but has said that share the prize with an audience you need to get through the tie: "I do not know play the three but will offer their award before the game. We need the public because we have to bring a good result at Sevilla. We know what a leg there with full field ... Since I'm here have always had to work much the playoffs and it did not think it will be an exception. "

He has also acknowledged that the team has analyzed Betis, league leaders ahead, with Luis Enrique, coach of Barcelona B, also of silver category of Spanish football: "We've seen pictures and he told me that is a team very difficult, with a high level in front and in midfield. They do a lot of goals, play very well in space ... Has First and so have the numbers with this year. His coach is well prepared and work very well and if you have secured that will play the attack is that it will. It will be a very nice match. "

Regarding the last to arrive, Afellay , and although it has ensured that still does not know if it's owner, has made it clear he is very satisfied with their integration: "I'm happy to have him, is working well and is being integrated. The other I spoke to him at the end of training just to explain the defense mechanisms are learned only by playing minutes. It's the best way to fix things. In Riazor took minutes and played fluently. " (via AS)

Figo: "Messi is above the rest"

Luis Figo, a former player of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, said the Ballon d'Or won by the Argentine Leo Messi is "deserved" because "a day is above the rest"

Figo acknowledged the great work of the three finalists

During the gala in which they met the nominees for the Laureus Awards, Figo said the Spanish both Xavi and Iniesta, Messi, the three players nominated for Ballon d'Or last, did "a fantastic year and they deserved to win," but in the individual awards "just win one and the others have to be content with the titles of team."

"I did not have any favorites because I have three friendship and appreciation. Won won Messi and others. The only thing is it did not take him home. Is an individual trophy and Messi is the best, although the last year both Xavi and Iniesta also won the World Cup and deserved it. Today, Messi is above the rest, "he said.

For the Portuguese player the Ballon d'Or Messi is "a recognition of Barcelona, the game they do and the quality of their players. It is the most important trophy at the individual and no surprise, but I think that Xavi and Iniesta have done good and well deserved win. "

On the current Real Madrid coach, Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Figo explained that "within the field often appears to be a contact form but it is different."

"It's a great professional, always trying to look after the interests of his players, works very well and encourages the group. Off the field is easygoing and friendly, so sometimes you have an idea that is not him," concluded former footballer. (via SPORT)

[youth] Positive return to competition from the cantera

Barça football training have begun 2011 as over 2010: showing a good level of football. The start of the new year of the quarry Barca has resulted in 8 wins, for only 2 draws and 3 defeats.

FCB B, 6 - CF Reus Deportiu, 2

Against an opponent who never dropped his arms, all trained by Marc Guitart Sergi Barjuan and got a great victory that was as special Dongou star, who scored four goals and two assists. Despite getting a landslide victory, the juvenil B saw at fifteen minute match, Reus is put ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Sergio (0-1). But the effectiveness in attack Barca made it possible for fifteen minutes later, the club already had turned over the result with goals from Cristian Dongou and Herrera (2-1). Dongou two goals over the opponent and led to the break the result was 4-2. And in the second half, goals from Ebwelle Dongou and sealed the game with the final 6-2.

FCB A, 5 - UE Cornella, 1

The large first section for the kids and Javier García Pimienta Cornellà Ramon Ros against one of the teams in the upper part of the classification, led to the break the Cadete Barca and won by 3 to 0. One advantage that was possible thanks to three goals signed, the three head, Jon Toral. In the second part, Marc Navarro joined the party making the fourth scoring Barca target. And despite the rival signed the consolation goal ten minutes from the end of the party, Mamadou Tounkara reaffirmed the superiority of Barça's fifth goal in the morning and closed and the first win of 2011.

CD La Floresta A, 1 - FCB B, 1

The team coached by Fran Artiga began the match in the best way possible: making the 0-1, the work of Lionel Enguene. But with the score for and during the first part, the Catalans, who did not pass problems on defense, were not successful in the final meters and rest it was an advantage too small for the merits of either team. If only he had played a minute of the second half, tied the game in the Forest (1-1). A result Cadet Barça B could not change despite enjoying the opportunities to do so, but the lack of definition in front of goal and sticks prevented the Barca away win.

CF Vilanova Geltrú, 0 - FCB A, 6

In a typical game after the Christmas season and the Fran Sánchez Franquesa Xavier overcame the absence of initial rhythm of their game. And once the Catalans went into the game, the goals were coming and the victory became a reality. The authors of the goals of the Child A were Sergi Canós (3), Carlos Martinez, Alexis Meva and Conrad Carbó.

FCB B, 2 - FPE Mataró, 3

After crowned champions of International Football Tournament 7, Arona (Tenerife), the team of Denis Smith and Carlos Lopez suffered a heavy defeat in the league. And is that even though the Catalans were advanced on the scoreboard first with a goal by lack of Nelson Mandela, the Mataró tied for fourth quarter (1-1). With four minutes remaining in the game, Dani Olmo ahead relocated to Barcelona (2-1), but did not give up and rival in the final minutes signed two more goals and took the victory.

UD Marianao Poblet B, 1 - FCB A, 1

The lack of success in front of goal was key to fry at the first draw will add the course after fourteen days of competition. Nothing more start the game, the boys of Andrés Carrasco Sergi Milà and advanced on the scoreboard with a goal from Alex Collado. The opponent, however, tied the game by exploiting a backlash after the break. Good game played and the great number of chances which enjoyed the Catalans were not translated into goals, the club sent four chutes to the bottom, and the triumph of Alevín A failed.

UD Marianao Poblet A, 0 - FCB B, 5

The team coached by Rafa Rodríguez Bravo and Xavier beat forcefully to Marianao. The Catalans beat the rival defense thanks to the wisdom at the time of circulating ball on the playing field, especially in the last two quarters, since the combined costs initially to be the first game after the Christmas holidays. Eric More (2), Jordi Vallejo Mboula and Joel were the authors of the Barca goals and the rout by 0-5.

FC Martinenc A, 1 - FCB C, 9

Jordi Font boys dominated the first game of the year from the first minute to the last. In the 4th minute, Barça was winning by 0-2, the result of the strong start to the game starring. Despite conceding a goal during the second quarter, the Alevín C went into the break with a 1-3 favorable. After the break, the Catalans did not lower the rate, continued to dominate, making a good game, fast, and the goals were coming to get the final 1-9. Sergio Gomez (3), Lucas de Vega (2), Oriol Solina (2), Sergio Medina and Alejandro Marcos were the authors of the goals of the club.

Sant Andreu de la Barca AGP A, 0 - FCB D, 8

The team of Alex and Alexis Gomez painted thrashed in a game very serious, intense, and where the Catalans, who had possession of the ball, showed the criterion to move the ball. At the break, the club left with a 0-3 in favor, but in the second half, the opponent pressed and the Catalans were not as comfortable in the field. But in the last period, regained Alevín D intensity of the first half and sealed the game. Alex Calatrava (2), Albert Portas (2), Labinot Kabashi, Zhenya, Lucas Molina Dani Sanllehí and made possible the final result of 0-8 with their targets.

UD Marianao Poblet A, 2 - FCB C, 1

Defeat of all trained by Jordi Puig Albert Puig and despite not being in control of the match was better than a Marianao chute three times on goal and scored twice. And with the 1-0 against the Benjamin C had enough chances to score and sent several shots to stick. But in the fourth quarter, sentenced to one against Barca (2-0) and the consolation goal Barca could only come at the last minute of the match Marc Aranda boots.

FCB A, 11 - P ª Barc.Villaverde-Penitents B, 0

The match of the season more comfortable for kids and Oscar Hernandez Cristian Catena ended with a barrage of goals (11-0). And is that the break, the Catalans and sent in the clear marker (7-0). Thus, four more goals in the last two quarters of the game made possible the end result. Xavi Simons (3), Sicue House (3), Xavi Pleguezuelo (2), Johnny Aghayedo, Arnaud Martinez and Tony Gomez were the scorers of Prebenjamín Barça. (via FCBarcelona.cat)