10 January 2011

Ballon d'Or: Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are the same: "The success of La Masia"

Xavi, Iniesta and Messi match to qualify as "a success of La Masia" Today's the day they want to "enjoy a great day for Barca"

The three protagonsitas Ballon d'Or 2010: Xavi, Iniesta and Messi and Pep Guardiola , nominated for best coach, have been on the same flight, Puyol, Piqué and Villa , who are part of eleven years, accompanied by friends and family way of Zurich.

Alongside them, the rest of the Barca representation. Leo's parents, George and Celia, the Xavi, Joaquin and Merced, Iniesta's mother and her partner Anne also accompany the three winners of the first staff members Barca.

"The success of La Masia"

Andres Iniesta has responded to the press before leaving for Zurich. Manchego explained that the main objective is to "enjoy a beautiful day" and acknowledged that "I am not favorite, but rewarded for being here. Whoever wins will be worthy of the award." The Wizard of Fuentealbilla highlighted "the success of the farmhouse" and added that it is a day to "remember the many people who made this all possible. It's a shame that Angel Pedraza was unable to enjoy this moment" he lamented.

Barça school

On the other hand, Xavi Hernandez also said that "going to enjoy this," and as his companion Iniesta has described the day as "historic." The de Terrassa has argued that "the most important is that the Ballon d'Or will come to a home-made football is a privilege for the club." "La Masia and the club-as-Xavi has said is a football school and life, because he has contributed some values. It is a success of the quarry," summed up the brain Barca.

But the second captain of Barça still thinking of the team at all times. "The most important are the collective awards and Wednesday we have to keep pushing against Betis because what is coming is very complicated." (via MD)

[Youth] Leading rout (5-0)

The group trained by Oscar Garcia has been imposed in the Gramenet forcefully in the first game of 2011 and begins the year ended 2010: at the head of the Division of Honour. Deulofeu signing has been featured three goals.
Nothing more start the match against Gramenet, the first clash of the new year of Juvenil A Barça, Barça have been advanced on the scoreboard via Gerard Deulofeu, who has taken advantage of a defensive error to score the 1-0 visitors .

Control but not disturbed

The Oscar Garcia had control of the game at all times, but during the first half and with the score for, have had trouble generating chances of danger and has starred Etock only some outstanding attacking play.

The 2-0, before the break

When the first half played almost at an end, when the Catalans have come with more emphasis and real danger to the penalty area, it is now 2-0, the result of a rather bizarre move that Palau has managed to get to the bottom of network.

Deulofeu complete a hat-trick

After the break, the dynamics of the party has been the same and the club has continued to dominate at will against a Gramenet who has not had any chance of scoring for 90 minutes. Thus, the average time of the second part, Deulofeu has scored twice more, by signing a hat-trick, and extended the advantage Barca (4-0).

Gustavo put the icing on the cake

But when it seemed that there was no time for more, in the final minutes, Gustavo has become the fifth target of Barca with a shot that has entered the top corner, closing the scoring Barca.

With a firm step in the League

Besides the victory, against Gramenet include a return to the playing fields of Pol Calvet Barca, who, injured, had not yet debuted this course. With this victory, the team of Oscar Garcia followed by a week as leader of the Division de Honor Juvenil, pursued by Espanyol and Damm, and two and three points after drawing and losing this time against the Huesca and Hospitalet, respectively .

Juvenil A 5 - Gramenet 0

FCB Juvenil A: Carlos, Dalmau (Ella, min 76), Oriol Rosell (Edu Campabadal, min 77), Ayala, Balliu, Gustavo, Ernesto, Palau (Masó, min 76), Etock (Pol Calvet, min 77), Espinosa, Deulofeu.

UD At. Gramenet: Víctor, Molina, Guille, Estelles, Josep, Òscar (Nito, min 69), Mur (Geri, min 76), Quiles, Martí (Pedrola, min 62), Xavi, Àlex (Àngel, min 46).

Goles: 1-0 Deulofeu, min 1; 2-0 Palau, min 44; 3-0 Deulofeu, min 70; 4-0 Deulofeu, min 75 y 5-0 Gustavo, min 89.

Árbitro: Sauleda Torrent. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta: "I'll be happy whatever happens today"

"I am honored by the very fact of being there, to be with two companions. Who wins will be worthy and therefore everyone happy," said the player before leaving for Zurich.

The player of FC Barcelona Andres Iniesta has been "happy" for Being in the final of the 'Ballon d'Or' , along with two teammates ( Xavi and Messi ), a "historic" that both the fans and Blaugrana issue that has moved to Zurich has to "enjoy" .

" I feel rewarded by the very fact of being there , to be with two companions. I'll be happy whatever happens. Who wins will be worthy and therefore everyone happy, "said the player just before boarding the plane.

In this sense, would not go in the chances of winning the prize. "Well, the truth is that the possibilities exist, because the fact of being among the three candidates you are granted. Let's see what happens," he said.

For the midfielder Fuentealbilla this day is to "enjoy." "It is a day to remember for many people. Since there have to be with our people, with all the people who support us and enjoy it. is a special day, beautiful and historical . I do not know if it will live but it is important " said the Spanish international. (via AS)

Rosell: "It's a great day for Barcelona"

The president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, has secured before moving to Zurich (Switzerland), where the gala will take place in the FIFA Ballon d'Or, which is a "big day" for Barcelona by the fact that all three candidates are Blaugrana-Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, and that of the three candidates for the trophy for best coach, Josep Guardiola is one of the elect.

In total, four of the six nominees are Blaugrana and, moreover, are the product of the prolific Masia. "It is certainly a great day for Barcelona, is one of those goals you know it will cost to be repeated, but it has come," said the president Blaugrana.

"Thanks to the work of many people in more than thirty years of work, effort, time and people who believed. In recent years there has been the result", commented. "Barça is happy because whoever wins, wins the club," said Rosell, who is convinced that the three players will also be happy and proud no matter who wins.

Moreover, one of the historic expedition members blaugrana Switzerland, Luis Suarez, opted for a victory Xavi or Iniesta. Suarez, so far only Spanish Ballon d'Or, said he was satisfied to stop being the only Spanish in the list.

"It's a great satisfaction because I was tired of that there were no other Spanish player to win the trophy. And in this case, I'm happier it will be a Barcelona player, as I was," said former player. (via AS)

[Barça B] Luis Enrique: "I'm worried zero"

Barça B coach, Luis Enrique Martinez is confident his team opportunities to overcome 'the hump' of results that are suffering the subsidiary Barca in the last eight games with six draws and two defeats.
After suffering a second defeat at home course, the fifth of the subsidiary in the second division, against Girona (1-2) , Luis Enrique analyzed: "We played a great first half, being far superior to Girona, taking all the time possession of the ball against a great rival. What is certain is that we have not had many clear chances on goal bad choices at the stage of completion. " Still, coach Spaniard confirmed: "We have not made up their game associations [to Girona] and in part have been vastly superior."

Satisfied with the team

Against all Girona, Barça lost the game in the dying minutes by a lack of concentration, but Luis Enrique noted: "In the second half things have leveled off, the opponent has had the odd chance of scoring and had more possession of the ball, but in any case I've seen more than us. " Therefore, the coach of the subsidiary claimed: "I am satisfied with my players, with the brutal effort they have done, I congratulate you. I think the result would have been just our victory or a draw. "

A constructive loss

But the truth is that on Saturday Miniestadi, approximately four thousand spectators who came to see the Catalan derby between Barcelona and Girona B, as witnessed after the Catalans tied the game in minute 93, they took Girona points to a target two minutes later and left with a bitter aftertaste to the premises. In this regard, Luis Enrique reflected: "bother me greatly to get into the match on 90 minutes and losing, but is not the first time that happens to us [referring to the party Ponferradina and Las Palmas ] and will serve as encouragement. "

Convinced of the improvement

Moreover, far from criticizing the team for lack of final concentration, Luis Enrique said: "I'm happy for my team, for the last eight games we've lost two and drawn six, but I'm worried zero." And said: "I have no doubt that my team will improve the ability to reach goal. And we have many things to improve at the defensive, but we are working to give the gist. "

It provided a moment

Ensuring that early season came to Miniestadi rivals to play against a subsidiary who thought they could win and with the passage of days, seen the level soccer in the Catalans, the approach of rivals passes close behind, Luis Enrique confessed: "I was convinced there would be moments of up and down. Now is a bump. We'll see when we can get out of here. "

Want to win in Salamanca

It is for this reason that the forthcoming league encounter in the field of Salamanca, the coach of Barça B concluded: "Now to prepare the party of Salamanca. Someone will pay the piper [for the defeat against Girona] and I hope the next day. "

The debut of Rafa Alcantara

Asked about the debut of midfielder Rafael Alcantara Barça B during the game against Girona, Luis Enrique said: "It's a young sophomore who because of circumstances of injuries has had to appear." He added: "He has a great future, but today he could not ask for anything more. Enough has been successful to participate in the actions it has been. " On a possible follow the discipline of the subsidiary, however, Luis Enrique said: "All players have come to learn, to see what's going on here. This is the attitude that has him and both Rafa and some young players can come and help at any time. But low and depend on the performance he gives when he is with us. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barcelona, to Zurich

Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, accompanied by a broad representation Barcelona, travel to Switzerland this morning, where the afternoon will be known which of the three is the winner of the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010.
On January 10, 2010 will be a day that will go down in history of FC Barcelona. A player made at the quarry will be crowned as the best player in the world and two more will accompany you on the podium. Candidates are Leo Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta.

The decision will be known after 18.30 pm when begin the FIFA Ballon d'Or gala in Zurich Kongresshaus. A ceremony to also know if Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the last year and the ideal Once FIFPro awards.

De La Masia to Switzerland

The Barça expedition will travel to Zurich in two planes. In the first, with departure at 11.15 h, travel managers (led by the president Sandro Rosell), former coaches, former head of the quarry or other Catalans Ballon d'Or as Luis Suarez and Hristo Stoichkov. Been part of the farmhouse at 9.15 am in two coaches.

The main protagonists of the day, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are going to Switzerland in the second plane, along with family, and are mentioned later. Your plane will take off at 11.45 hours.

The two flights will land in Zurich at 13 am and 13.30 pm respectively. Around 15 hours is expected that the three finalists provide the press conference prior to the gala, at the same Kongresshaus. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

La Masia symbolizes the success of a working cantera

The three winners were nurtured during the process of value formation of a unique school
The farmhouse is the home of FC Barcelona and tonight will live an unforgettable day

La Masia is much more than just a residence that opened in 1979 to give shelter to the young talents of FC Barcelona. This site has been transmitted basic football concepts, but especially the values that have shaped the character and modus operandi of some cracks noted for their humility.

The name La Masia resonate in all media. His image will preside over the TV and star in many sports information pages of the various rotary, not only our country but worldwide.

The players themselves have been those who have been ordered to recall the role played by the understanding conveyed by sport teachers of the house. Employees of the club, often anonymous, but have been fundamental to the podium today is made up of three young football players blaugrana such as Iniesta, Xavi and Messi. Especially significant is the case with Andrew, who entered the residence with just 12 years and was always treated with great care. Benaiges Albert, director of FC Barcelona Escola, served almost a second father and the collaboration of technicians, as the recently deceased Angel Pedraza, completed their excellent training.

The old building in La Masia is running in his last months as a shelter for Barca future cracks. The new construction in the Ciutat Esportiva is moving in the short term there will be transfer to a more modern facility and according to the present day.

However, La Masia of life will always be in the memory of the Catalans and Jan. 31 will receive a tribute from figures that have been linked to it as former players or former executives. It will be a lunch or dinner that will have about 50 guests. (via SPORT)

Open training with 28 players

FC Barcelona treated their fans on Sunday as they held an open training session in the Miniestadi and saw eight players promoted from the B side to work alongside 20 members of pep Guardiola's squad.
J ust after midday the Blaugrana stars took to the pitch in the arena across the road from the Camp Nou complex and were met by a throng of supporters who had taken the opportunity to see their favourites put through their paces at close quarters. Having played on Saturday evening against Deportivo the session for those who played was a calm one and lasted about 25 minutes.

B teamers

The players that did not appear in Riazor had a more demanding schedule as they and eight players from Barça B who have not been called up to Luis Enrique's squad for the game against Girona. The Barça B starlets training were Thiago, Miño, Armando, Planas, Rafa Alcàntara, Edu Orgiol, Benja and Jonathan Soriano.

Afellay scores

Barça TV showed the training session on television and on www.fcbarcelona.cat and viewers tuned in to see the players split into three groups for the warm-up. The players that started against Depor were rested while the remainder took part in a game inside a small pitch. Ibrahim Afellay, who signed for Barça earlier this month, scored in the game and excited the supporters.

After the training session the players departed to visit local hospitals to meet Barça fans. (via FCBarcelona.cat)