08 January 2011

Marc Crosas ponders return to La Liga in January

Has offers and Celtic could release him now because out of contract in June

Marc Crosas , who plays for FC Barcelona from 2006 to 2008, could return to the League Spanish winter market if you accept any of the proposals it has received in recent days. Bescanó midfielder out of contract with Celtic in Glasgow in June but the Scottish club could be awarded on a free now to save the file.

Crosas , who turns 23 tomorrow, debuted on the orders of Frank Rijkaard in game Copa del Rey against Badalona replacing Andres Iniesta in the 76th minute and left the Barca in January 2008 when he was transferred to Olympique in Lyon . In France won the Ligue 1 season finale and returned to Barcelona , but plans went into Pep Guardiola and although they have good proposals of the League , decided to sign for Celtic in Glasgow , who paid half a million euros transfer more variable in terms of games played and titles won.

In his first two seasons at Celtic Park regularly found acceptable, playing 27 league games, six in Cup , three of Cup of the League and as many of the Cup of UEFA , but in the current account only for technical Neil Lennon . Early in the season, Crosas was not called, and in recent meetings it has entered the list regularly, but had to settle for watching the games from the bench, as occurred on day 2 in the Old Firm that Celtic won at Ibrox against Rangers (0-2) thanks to two goals from Greek striker Samaras .

Its potential and versatility (can act as playmaker and interior), but also its technical qualities, typical of La Masia so fashionable now in Spanish and world football and the possibility of signing him at zero cost make the former Barcelona a desirable player. That of Bescanó , however, is at home in Glasgow and only change of scenery to be integrated into a long-term rather than a team that now fiche hastily to save the season. Rushing now, when in June is free, it would, in his view, a mistake.

Despite his desire to go home, Marc does not rule out accepting any proposal that has received from Holland , England or France. (via MD)

Sergio Busquets renewal runs aground

Yesterday's meeting between his agent and club representatives ended without agreement because of the variables

The renewal of Sergio Busquets is stuck. Yet another meeting between his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg , representatives of Barcelona ended yesterday without agreement and, even worse, without the sticking point in recent weeks has been polished. Midfielder not convinced by the departure of variables that the club intends to include in your contract. Four months ago they opened the contacts, as revealed MD , and it looks like a soap opera.

From 10.00 until 13.30 hours, three hours long, the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu , sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta and football director Raul Sanllehí tried to steer conversations with Orobitg but all efforts were in vain. The renovation is near, but the fringe that would close a definitive agreement never quite materialized. El Barça , and in the afternoon, sent the representative office of a new formal proposal. Both sides, however, maintain optimism and later cited for sure that the cartel will eventually arrive.

The problem is not the length of the contract. He is 22 years, ending in 2013 and the club intends to extend it until 2015 when he turns 27. The youth squad also seems a good time to talk again. Everyone, of course, are the work of a wage increase. In the Camp Nou understand their payroll, as world champion and the prominence acquired since its debut in 2008, is obsolete and more from the arrival of Mascherano, whose emoluments are over four million. He suggested, as all, a more variable fixed according to the games and titles won. The fixed is not as high and the chapter on variables is obviously subject to ownership. Who guarantees reflects Sergio, which will keep the same regularity in the team as usual. The clause, estimated at 80 million in the latest review by Laporta, will not be an obstacle. After the meeting, Orobitg shifted to the Ciutat Esportiva to inform 'Busi' . (via MD)

Milito's agent arrives this week in Barcelona

With three weeks to the end of the winter market, Gaby Milito is still determined to leave the club to join another team who can secure more minutes, always striving to look good for the 'Cheche' Batista remember him and convene for the next America's Cup to be held in Argentine territory.

The Blaugrana central representative, Eduardo Gamarnik, is due to arrive in Barcelona next week ahead of closing as quickly as possible the progress of international albiceleste. Ultimately discarded almost returning to Argentine football, one of the teams that have shown more interest in Gaby Milito, 30, is the Italian Genoa, currently tenth in the Serie A.

Other options would be the Premier League with West Ham United and Blackburn Rovers as alternatives or even a possible return to a much-needed reinforcements Zaragoza.

[2-Div - LIGA ADELANTE] Barça B and Girona, a rehabilitated

Barcelona B and Girona measure their strength in order to end their slumps. The branch has two months without a win and now have the lowest injury Oriol Romeu , Tello and Víctor Vázquez . It has also transferred into Martí Riverola to Vitesse 's' Chapi ' Ferrer . Luis Enrique , therefore, will make changes to the 'once' initial. The Girona , after seven games without defeat and being a single point of the relegation zone, also needs rehabilitation. Agne Raúl recover the injured Kiko mouse and Chechu Ramos and sanctioned Dani Bautista.

Barça have an agreement with Cesc Fabregas

Barca want to sign him until the end of the mandate of Sandro Rosell

The FC Barcelona give Cesc Fabregas a contract until 2016, when his term ends president Sandro Rosell . The Blaugrana club expects to close the operation of its signing, paying about 40 million euros to Arsenal (about 33.5 million pounds sterling). That amount is below the free numbers dance has been published in recent days last year 2010.

Regarding his salary is intended to respect the initial agreement that the player's agent arrived with the previous board chaired by Joan Laporta . That agreement, in writing, was deposited in a safe in Switzerland, with the proviso that the date contained in the document of intent has expired.

So, you must restart negotiations with the player and his representative, but that's not the most difficult aspect of trading.

Cesc involvement

There, Barça has the advantage of the full involvement of Cesc , who wants to return to Barca by sentiment and interest in sport, not money. Fàbregas , currently has a contract with the Gunners until 2014 at the rate of six million euros per year (5.1 million pounds sterling). But that figure should be added incentives and bonuses, that Arsenal are very high. Cesc no less than 1.5 million euros in recent seasons in extra prizes, including bonuses and incentives.

The contract with Barca is also provided the issue of incentives for games played and titles. The player of El Maresme could enter the second floor salary Barça, which include Xavi , Puyol and Iniesta , behind Leo Messi , who is the highest paid player in the Barcelona entity.

The Barça has continued to keep open the contact, at all times, with the player himself, with Cesc Fabregas , with their familiar environment, with its representative (Darren Dein) and the Arsenal . After last summer in the Arsenal reject definitely negotiate Cesc and Fabregas gave an official statement that was at the Emirates Stadium, the door is not closed for good for nothing. Still ajar.

The role of Pep

According to sources close to the footballer himself El Maresme, leaving aside the formal written commitment to Cesc was vital personal bet you did Pep Guardiola frustrated by his move last season. Cesc Pep appreciates the interest that was, is and will be his idol. Guardiola spoke with him personally to explain how they would be integrated into your project, in the game of Barca , what would be their roles and responsibilities.

That confidence in the word of Pep Guardiola has made Cesc Fàbregas , whatever they say certain media filomadridistas even have heard any other offer of Real Madrid . Since making his public statement that "if I leave Arsenal , I will only play at Barca, " Cesc has not negotiated with anyone. Nor does his manager, Darren Dein , has taken into account any offer coming from other clubs in the Premier or Italy ( Inter and Milan ). The scenario remains the same: that Cesc playing in the Camp Nou, Barça dress, from next season.

The negotiations with Arsenal will be accelerated to occur once the two games against the Gunners in the next round of Champions League . They are not to be construed as a destabilizing maneuver. (via MD)

The surprising Mainz, La Masia

After last December the Rubin Kazan had already used the La Masia to prepare his party for Champions League against Barcelona , between last Monday and yesterday Mainz , surprise team of the Bundesliga and second behind the leader Dortmund , has also chosen the former stage of training of Barcelona for a stage of preparation, if framed in the winter break the German championship.

With coach Thomas Tuchel up front, the players have come to make up to three daily sessions with the Stadium as a backdrop. The very Tuchel , whose commitment to football is, saving all distances, "explained Barca connotations in the German press that" the first day, to look out the window of our hotel, I saw the Camp Nou and said 'people, we, along the Camp Nou , we are in " Can Barça . "able to come here is like a prize, '" to inhale all the grandeur of which he also considered the best team in the world and try to' plagiarize 'to end the season in leading positions.

Campus mini, large equipment

Lewis Holtby , one of the cracks of Mainz and international football captain U-21, added that to continue in the current path " should not exclude a presence in the next Champions League: Barcelona could return to competitive purposes . "

Tuchel revealed that "at the last conference coaches Bundesliga football two technicians responsible for training Barca gave a lecture and showed a video on the training methodology Guardiola . Besides, we have studied the system used in the quarry. With his philosophy of club, Barca can be a gentleman example. This premium on the identity of persons acting club. "

Tuchel also stated that "perhaps the Barça is so great to work (before) in an area as small as La Masia . (...) If rehearse with 19 men in a recent 40 x 36 meters, and all lointensificas reached the 1,000 ball contacts per player per session. "

New revenue

In any case, the FC Barcelona has been in the rental of the field of La Masia a new source of income. Able to exercise so close to one of the world's most iconic stadiums is a plus that do not offer the facilities of the Ciutat Esportiva , which otherwise tend to be occupied by himself Barça and the 'quarry'.

Six options to replace the '6 '

Luis Enrique has a very valid alternative for the defensive midfielder position freeing your injury Oriol Romeu. The coaching staff of Barça B has up to six potential substitutes for Ulldecona midfielder.
The coaching staff had been playing Barça B Oriol Romeu in 14 of the 18 games of the season. The Ulldecona is a very regular defensive midfielder has added 1,082 minutes in the second A, a fact that it ranks as the sixth player used by Luis Enrique.

Now, after confirming that the right knee injury keeps him from the competition the next four months, the coaching staff at B should assess who can replace him. These are the options that the current staffing provides for the position of defensive midfielder.

Ilie Sánchez

Its natural place is the midfield. The Barcelona is a very technical organizer and a great view of the play. His football is very academic.
No lost balls and plays always easy.

Jonathan dos Santos

In recent years he has played more inside, but at his age of juvenile, infant and cadet was a '4 'classic.
With good touch and vision of perfect game, Jona also ensures defensive intensity.

Sergi Roberto

Luis Enrique and it has played in more than one occasion during this pivotal season. Its interior is perfect, but '6 'offers good placement and a careful reading of the game. The Reus is a warranty on the movement of the ball.

Andreu Fontàs

To reach the branch, had always acted in midfield. In recent seasons has become central, but also occasionally acts as a pivot. Physical presence, good ball out left and a lot of sacrifice, the main virtues of Banyoles.

Marc Bartra

Central pure, Sant Jaume dels Domenys not at odds when it acts in front of the defense. Since coming to fry Club has acted promptly to pivot solvency. Efficiency in the passing game and good distribution are its main weapons.

Rafa Alcantara

It has not even debuted with Barca B, but with excellent heat output in Youth A. Lefty estate, natural place is inside but can be adapted to the position of false '9 'and the pivot. Physically he is a player with exceptional power.

Other solutions

In the Junior A players like Gustavo act, Rosell and Palau with sufficient qualities to play midfielder solvency. Gustavo known for being very useful in the tactical and a nice touch to the left. Rosell, alternating central position with the pivot, is very sober and compelling. Palau interior combines the post with that of midfield. His play at first touch and finish from behind his great virtues. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca favorite is 10 times that Depor in Riazor

The Sport has traced the flight and is to achieve a very important victory in Bilbao , although that could be a surprise with Barca who have won their last eleven league games ...

The numbers of Pep Guardiola are simply amazing and this long winning streak, we can add to his amazing record on the road in League: 8 games adds its victories, remains, by far, the highest scoring team (29) and fewest (4) away from the Camp Nou .

As if that were not enough arguments for Barca, remember last year and won a feud coruñense (1-3) and Leo Messi and David Villa will be very motivated by marking their first goals of 2011.

Still, those of Lotina come to this meeting at his best this season: add 2 consecutive wins and qualified for the 1 / 4 of the Copa del Rey .

Furthermore, in Riazor only lost one game so far this season, have won 5 of their last 6 home games and striker Adrian is facing enrachado goal: 2 goals against Athletic and a hat trick against Cordoba Cup . (via MD)

Messi: "I'm staying with Guardiola

Leo Messi says Josep Guardiola is the best coach he has had in his career.

Messi is very comfortable working with Guardiola.

"He has demonstrated not only depends on winning titles, but how does a team play and the things that has been achieving," said Messi in an interview broadcast Friday on Spanish Television (RTVE).

"I stay with him," insisted the Argentine, who throughout his career was led by men such as Diego Maradona, Frank Rijkaard and Jose Pekerman Alfio Basile.

As regards the race for the Ballon d'Or, to be decided on Monday and which is one of three finalists, that would be just as happy if they win their mates Xavi or Iniesta, Xavi and Iniesta it deserve. For my part, I might as well, if they win, I'd be very happy. "

The Argentine believes that Spain, South Africa 2010 world champion, is clearly the best team in the world. "I think so, today, and has long since come to demonstrate, before the tournament. They have been so glad to see them play." (via SPORT)

Lotina: "To win at Barca have to be convinced"

Miguel Angel Lotina, Deportivo coach, said that to have any chance against Barcelona, his team has to be satisfied and make "perfect four things"

"The most important thing to win a big one is to be convinced. And the hardest part. For what is the locker room, which has to be satisfied is the coach. I am convinced we can make a great game and we have do four things well. not good, but perfect, "the Deportivo coach.

Lotina explained that there is a method to defeat the Catalans, who have won every game he has played away from home in the league this season.

"There are many theorists who say that we must do this or that, but more I see ... I pulled up Osasuna and Barcelona he scored three, Espanyol and also conceded five. And there are teams who got behind and also embedded. There is a method, "he said.

"Every team we've played in every possible way in the last three years and almost always won. Beyond tighten up or further back, we should be clear what to do," he added.

Lotina said not enough defense to score against Barcelona, that all parties had the initiative and possession.

"Barcelona have an overwhelming superiority of the ball to all teams. It is clear that their numbers are there. Defender must try to defend, but defend itself there is nothing to do. We must try to attack too," he said.

The Catalans reached Riazor three days after he equalized in the Copa del Rey with Athletic de Bilbao a tough game and that there is a reference for Lotina.

"Barcelona is human, it is evident, with tremendous talent, but also we are the San Mames Athletic or is Riazor. In Bilbao everyone was talking about the Cup match because there is special. His passion is a specialist in that. Not we can compare stages or ways to play. The Athletic did very well but still went to Barcelona, "he said.

"We all know that Barcelona has twenty games without defeat, an exaggeration. Almost all won, but you have to play football. We're doing things right and we will try to continue on that line," he said.

Regarding the next round of Copa del Rey, said Lotina Almería recovery after the change of ownership on the bench.

"Almeria are a good team. It is well lately, scoring goals, playing very happy, has changed with the change of coach and getting good results. We will try to get as far as possible. If I had won the Barcelona Athletic have opened a little more. You have to play and try to get as far as possible. We are professional, "he said. (via SPORT)

"Depor is at its best"

Josep Guardiola warns that the next rival of FC Barcelona, Deportivo La Coruna, "is at its best" and notes that its defensive strength "has led him to receive only five goals at home."
After the effort to achieve qualification for the quarterfinals of the Cup, the club is focused fully on the league's next game Sunday, the field of Sports. A game, this one, for which the Santpedor has summoned all the players the first team, as well as Thiago Alcántara.

The team, a pineapple

And looking at the calendar that you can give this January, Guardiola is very clear that the need for all: "There comes a month if we are lucky to go the semifinals of the Cup, with many matches and I need to all. I want people to be connected and how we and return the same day we travel all prefer. I also wish that all three are discarded in the field, watch the game live, we do see corrections. "

He wants everyone to feel part

In this sense, and seeing the large number of matches to come, the Barcelona coach has pointed out that the intention of the coaching staff is that everyone feels part of this. " He added: "It's very difficult to play with the same eleven for nine games. This is what players earn. They know they get them."

The qualities of Sports

Noting "the experience" Deportivo coach Miguel Angel Lotina, Barça coach has spoken a few goals that the Galician side have conceded at home, and said forcefully that it is in their best moment of the season "Sport has joined 17 of the last 27 points he has played, and only conceded five goals at home. His strength is very strong.'s in their best moment of the season, and are where they belong."

The next opponent in the Cup

When asked about the fact that in the quarter finals of the Cup, Real Betis, is a team that is in the second division, Guardiola has been a resounding recalling the Cup is a different competition: "We played against a team that is a first and that rarely is in seconds. no surprises in the Cup because it is a completely different competition in which teams are released. This makes it so dangerous, fascinating and interesting. "

Once again, it will take "a scandal of points"

As it did last season, the Santpedor is very clear that the club will have to score many points if you try to decide the league title: "We have two games left in the first round. If we win two games we will have satisfied the the first year. To be a champion with a Madrid like this, it has everything to gain, it will take many points to the end. I have very clear that we have a very good second round to be champions. "

The good adaptation Afellay

Finally, about Ibrahim Afellay is adapting to the dynamics of the group, Guardiola has stressed its willingness: "It has adapted well to their peers. His disposition is open to help and escuchar.Todavía too early, but its first days have been impeccable. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Maxwell, with high novelty Riazor

Maxwell, with high novelty Riazor

The Brazilian has now recovered from the hamstring he suffered in a call and return to Barca to play on Saturday in La Coruña. Guardiola calls for all staff.
With the discharge from Maxwell (missed the Cup commitment in Bilbao as a precaution), Pep Guardiola had all the insole available to handle the 18 th day of the season in the field of Deportivo de La Coruña. All travel. That is, the 20 players the first team and Thiago, habitual in training and in recent lists. Before the meeting started, the coaching staff will have to discard three players.

Training with 21 players

The club has made pre-training trip to La Coruna on Friday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Have jumped on the lawn of 20 first team players, as well as Thiago. All of them have been able to exercise at full capacity. The meeting was spent in a comfortable temperature. Éric Abidal, who scored that gave the qualification for the quarter of the Cup, was the smile of all.

List: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Adriano, Piqué, Puyol, Milito, Abidal, Maxwell, Mascherano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Keita, Thiago, Afellay, Jeffren, Pedro, Villa, Messi and Bojan. (via FCBarcelona.cat)