05 January 2011

Johan Cruyff: "Cristiano does not have the variety of Messi"

Johan Cruyff , a former player and former Barca's Dutch coach, believes that the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of doing many interesting due to their power, but does not have the variety of Barcelona's Lionel Messi .

"The first one takes two heads to second. When you make a''crazy,''Messi, at the same time, has made three and has touched the ball three times. His play, his change of pace, position, are naturally faster. For the other (Ronaldo) is impossible. said the former Barcelona coach, adding that "not a question of better or worse, is a matter of size."

Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of doing many interesting things with its power, but lacks the variety of Messi, who can weigh in anytime, "he said.

Cruyff praised also the approach of FC Barcelona and stressed that "football is played with their feet" and that "the ball must not leave the ground" .

Therefore held that Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Messi, the three candidates for the Ballon d'Or, do not reach the meter seventy in stature because it shows that qualities such as technical or intelligence prevail over physical force. (via AS)

Barça and Madrid, bringing together the most expensive

Cesc Fabregas, 55 million is the player with the highest market value of the Premiership with Wayne Rooney.Cesc Fabregas is the most expensive footballer who plays for English football
Only two of the twenty players rated in the Spanish league do not play in the ranks of Barça and Madrid. Sergio Aguero (36 million) and Jesus Navas (30M) are the only infiltrated a ranking in which nine players are Barca and Real Madrid nine. Against the major European leagues, highlights Cesc Fabregas in the Premier. Catalan, connected to the orbit Barca last few summers, is valued at 55 million euros, taking first place in the ranking, tied with Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, while the third position is for the 'red' Fernando Torres . In fact, according to data 'Transfermarkt', the Arenys would be the fourth highest rated player in the world, behind Messi (100), Cristiano Ronaldo (90) and Andres Iniesta (60).

On the other hand, in the Bundesliga Franck Ribery (45) is still the player that occupies the first position, followed by Bayern teammate Schweinsteiger (35), while in Italy the first position is occupied by Wesley Sneijder (45), followed Di Rossi (38) and Eto'o (37.5). (via SPORT)

Zaragoza joins bid for Milito

Agapito Iglesias negotiations for the transfer of defense, you need minutes to play the Copa America.Milito could return to Zaragoza, where he played four years and

Zaragoza could be the target of Gabi Milito for the remainder of the season if negotiations coagulate club president Aragon, Agapito Iglesias, but is still with the club for the transfer of defense. Milito has moved the club's intention to change the team to have the minutes that are not under the command of Guardiola and confirm your choices and be part of the squad to play the Copa America next summer.

In Zaragoza anxiously awaiting the closing of the transaction, to the point that the club has slowed the incorporation of Sunderland Paraguayan defender Paulo da Silva, who was ready to travel to Zaragoza and join the group of Javier Aguirre.

Gabi Milito has everything going for it to end up playing in Zaragoza this season during his four seasons at La Romareda left a great memory, he became one of the leaders of clothing and a reference to the stands and got a cup and a Super. His position, that of left-handed center, is one that the club wants to strengthen, because Contini has not set and wants to return to Italy. In addition, Milito has the approval of which would be their coach, Javier Aguirre.

However, Barça player tab, which is around four million euros, will be the biggest obstacle to the firm's operation. Zaragoza seek a transfer, but can not take care of all the information about the player, so that the club will negotiate to take at least fifty percent of it.

The player would facilities to return to Real Zaragoza, the club opened the doors of the Spanish league after its attempted move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2003, is aware that the Catalans club, thinking about the future medium term needs as well Bartra Fontàs continue taking minutes in the first team and knows that the tandem of Pique and Puyol is consolidated in ownership. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Víctor Vázquez, for four weeks

Barça B striker was injured in training conducted with the first team on Monday.
As communicated by the Club Medical Services, Victor Vazquez suffered a second degree sprain tibiofibular ligament in his left ankle. The prognosis of downtime is approximately four weeks.

The striker had recently gained prominence in the plans of Luis Enrique and was a regular in first team training. He even played on the last day of the group stage of Champions, which marked the final 2-0 against Rubin Kazan. On Sunday Pep Guardiola summoned him to receive the Levant. (via FCBarcelona.cat)