04 January 2011

Guardiola: "I want Milito to follow, but he decided"

Pep Guardiola, coach of Barcelona, has admitted that Gabriel Milito has asked the club to provide its output during the winter. But also said he wants to follow in the Argentine club, admits that if he wants to leave will no complications. In the press conference before the Cup match against Athletic, Barça coach recognizes admire the atmosphere of San Mames.

According to a report of ONA FM milito has asked the club lets him go. Are you aware of this?

Has not spoken with me, but I said Andoni Zubizarreta is concerned. Gabi knows my opinion, is he who decides, I have appreciation for his career here, knows I have my office doors open and decide it. (via AS)

[Copa del Rey] Puyol and Afellay come into the squad for the match against Bilbao

Carles Puyol , who was injured in the last meeting of the Catalan team finally has come into the squad for the return of the second round of the Copa del Rey that the club played at the Athletic Club . The captain has received a medical discharge after training this morning with the rest of the team. Another new feature is Afellay , who will travel with the rest of his teammates for the first time since that is FC Barcelona.

Maxwell does not travel

Who has been out of the list was the Brazilian defender Maxwell Scherrer , dragging discomfort in the hamstring of his right leg from the Primera Liga match against Levante and is low as a precaution.

Morning to travel to Bilbao, Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has called for all available first team , including the squad Thiago Alcantara, which already can be considered another of the first team.

The list is up, so these twenty players: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Milito, Abidal, Adriano, Sergio Busquets, Mascherano, Keita, Xavi, Iniesta, Thiago, Afellay, Bojan, Messi, Pedro, Jeffren and Villa.

[Barça B]Romeu and Tello, injured

Oriol Romeu suffering a torn meniscus in his right knee that will keep three to five months away from the pitch. Cristian Tello has been injured in the left adductor and will be sidelined 10 to 15 days.
The point scored in the Canary Islands (2-2) has gone very expensive to Barca B. Luis Enrique lost for two weeks Cristian Tello and may not have Oriol Romeu up within three to five months.

The two players were injured in the Insular de Las Palmas in two acts of God. Tello had to be replaced at minute 9 for Edu Oriol Romeu while, with discomfort in the final stretch of the game, played 90 minutes.

Meniscus injury Romeu

Ulldecona midfielder suffered severe injury to his right knee. After the relevant medical evidence, the diagnosis has been determined that Oriol Romeu has broken knee meniscus in his right leg and will undergo surgery on Wednesday. The low period of about sports is between three and five months.

Two weeks without Tello

The medical services of Barça B has been diagnosed with Cristian Tello injury first degree left adductor. And the period of low estimate for the front sports Sabadell is approximately 10 to 15 days. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The ship reached an agreement Cesc

Forty-five million pounds, or what is the same, fifty-two million is the figure that would be payable to Arsenal FC Barcelona if you want to realize their old dream of taking the services of Cesc Fabregas.

It's that strong, and safe, they were different yesterday British media, explaining some of the internals already SPORT unveiled last August in the so-called 'affaire Cesc. "

Moreover, journalists with close links with the London club have said in recent hours that Real Madrid and Cesc can go forgetting because of a pact among all parties for the 'Noi Arenys' end in the Nou Camp .

To understand the current situation of Catalan midfielder has to go back to last August, when the Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, he achieved what seemed impossible: FC Barcelona to abdicate their desires and convince the player to continue, at least , one more season in 'The Emirates'.

Cesc and his family made every effort imaginable to Arsenal, rather, their coach would budge and admit the latest offering from Sandro Rosell Policy: 40 million euros. Despite all the pressures, Wenger did not get off the donkey and Cesc had no choice but to stop accepting the explanations of his coach.

The newly proclaimed world champion was forced to make an official statement announcing that despite his public desire to be transferred to Barcelona, that despite the offer from the Catalan club, promised to fulfill his contract and to focus only and exclusively in the Arsenal.

Until today, Cesc is carefully following the word, and so will be until the market reopened for him.

The situation today is that as you approach the end of this season, June 30, are already beginning to take positions that the signing of FC Barcelona by Cesc is a reality.

It should be noted, in bold or anything, that Cesc is 'signing' Pep Guardiola wants for its fourth project in the club. With the staff they have, Rijkaard believes that Catalan would be the perfect piece to keep giving it balance and competitiveness.

Guardiola, who has yet to renew its relationship with the club, you have everything practically planned for the year 2011-2012, as evidenced by the confirmation of next season, including friendly matches in Germany and the U.S. tour. These data are known to seven months in advance is more than just a good sign.

The first thing to do Arsenal and FC Barcelona is sit down and talk about the final price of the transfer. The Catalan club is convinced that Cesc can go home the same amount of money last summer offered 40 million euros. That Arsenal are willing to speak from 52 million is a good starting point and means that the two clubs will have to meet halfway, ie around 45 million. Considering that the club will not make other extravagance to reinforce (at most central one), it is not unreasonable to spend the money on one player.

Wenger has long been retaining Cesc and know that you can not continue for long ... even though the contract says otherwise. Last summer, the two parties agreed to a tacit agreement: If an offer from Barca, Arsenal will have to study it.

And by the way, although from Madrid covers have been published which stated that Mourinho has asked the signing of Cesc, this assumption is very unlikely. First, because the player has already said publicly that if Arsenal will only be to go to Barca.

And second, because if Cesc Arsenal decide to transfer to a Spanish club, the club must give in writing to the right of first refusal, right, of course, that got Rosell in 2003. Can not say it's impossible, but it would make the Real Madrid in wasting time with Captain 'gunner'.

Cesc has DNA profile, Barca and a matter of time that ends in the Camp Nou. And laying the groundwork for this time, yes, all end up like the Catalans want ... (via SPORT)

Afellay: "I had to grow up fast and take care of myself"

Ibrahim Afellay (02/04/1986, Utrecht) has landed in Barcelona with all the timidity of the world. Responds to questions about academic prudence and looks down as he recalls a painful passage from childhood. To date, the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper has become their second home. Here the ball comes and goes under the command of the small people. Xavi and Iniesta rounds resolved will. "They very quickly," he admits with a smile. Knows that the challenge is the biggest of his career but he faces certain to find their place in Barcelona.

In just a few days you have changed your city, team and year. Have you had time to absorb so many changes?

They are the first day and everything is going well. I'm happy with the team. Everyone is very open with me and is helping me out.

You already knew that Barcelona from outside, once put in the dynamics of training ... Are you surprised by anything in particular?

I am not surprised. It's just like I expected and had been told. But impressed by the level of training. The pace of the ball is impressive.

Is it very different than it did at PSV?

There are many differences. I'm in the best equipment, the best club in the world, you quickly realize that. It works a lot with the ball in practice and the game is very fast here.

In these early sessions were seen going about Mascherano and Iniesta ...

Everyone has been very nice to me from the start. Although many do not speak English, try to talk to me. Moreover, all the players speak the language of football. To Iniesta and knew their quality. It is one of the best in the world, but more importantly, is even better person. It is helping me a lot.

A Guardiola also been seen to be very aware of you ...

Pep is helping me a lot in the first session. Is aware of what I do and correct me: I say when I have to press when I have to save the position ... gives me instructions for more rapid adaptation. Every day I feel better, I understood how to play this team, and sure I'll go further.

Have you been told that usually occupy position?

We talked about it. He knows I can play in different positions. I played in midfield and end, but I have no preferences. For me the important thing is to play and where I will tell my coach.

What prompted this 2011?

First of all, health. It's the most important and then many titles with Barcelona.

Must fight for a site with dedicated players and other young people who have known little team play ...

Yes, it's amazing the talent we have here. This is a team that plays for fun and all that are here are ready to train people to see a good show. I'm working hard in training trying to find my place in the team. Let's see what happens in the future.

And still a Messi ...

So long ago I hope the time to train every day with him. To enjoy their football. There are many players in which I fixed. Many players who can learn a lot. And Messi is one of them.

Dutch easily recognize you as the influence of 'Total Football' in the Barcelona ...

I am Dutch and do not understand the game differently. For me the 'Total Football' is the way this game should be played, and no other team in the world to do better than this Barcelona.

You always mentions Guus Hiddink as one of the technicians who have marked more ...

Hiddink was very important to me. It gave me the opportunity to play in PSV's first team and never forget that. As a coach gave me the best advice he gave me confidence, allowed me to make mistakes. Is someone important to me and we're still talking.

Other influential figures of Dutch football as Johan Cruyff, Ronald Koeman and Philip Cocu praised his move Did you talk to them to learn more about Barcelona?

First is an honor that people like them to speak well of, gives confidence. I spoke with Cocu and told me things that I imagined. When you call a club and there's nothing you think is a very easy decision. Everyone dreams of small to play some day in Barcelona.

You, however, had never moved from the Netherlands. Are you worried about the jump to a club like Barcelona, his first experience abroad?

Football is always pressure. But when you're in the field have to do your best work ever and not think of anything else. Of course when you change your city, team and partners need time to adapt but it is normal.

Born in Holland but his family is Moroccan Do you feel very connected to Morocco?

I am Dutch and Moroccan. I was born in Holland but I have a lot of family in Morocco, so I feel connected to both countries. When I have vacation I always visit my people in Morocco.

His childhood difficulties. His father died when you were nine years old. Then has been a captain at a young age hardened Would you suffer this episode as a child?

There are things that happen to you you can not control. When you think of something, as a child, you have to grow faster and take care of yourself is something important in life. But of course I miss my father every day.

What do you remember those years of Barcelona?

My earliest memories are of Dutch players who went to Barcelona as Koeman, Cruyff. Some of us saw them live but had his videos. And then more recent players like Kluivert and Cocu. I also noticed people like Guardiola and Luis Enrique. (via SPORT)

Nolito: "I will not go to Real Madrid"

The subsidiary player denies that his future is in the merengue club Benfica in Portugal.

"Maybe the Kings will bring a dictionary of Portuguese Nolito"
Romeu, between three and five weeks KO
The end of the FC Barcelona B Manuel Agudo, better known as Nolita, has rejected full told Catalunya Radio comments claiming that if it received a firm offer by the Real president, Florentino Perez, the club would go blank . "As Florentino not sign, was a joke, I'm from Barcelona and I never go to Madrid," he said.

"With the club nothing but journalists dismissed or you seem Rappel Bruja Lola," he said joking.

And is that the player's contract with the Catalan club Andalusian expires next June 30 with what from the last day a player and his agent, Oscar Font, they can negotiate with other teams freely. "My future will take my representative because I want to decentralize, want to play here, they say I signed for Benfica but I'm here and see what my agent says," resolved Nolito after rumors that for a while now place him in the Portuguese club.

Meanwhile, his agent is negotiating with the FC Barcelona forward to reaching an agreement beneficial to both parties.

"The coach wants the best for me and the team, and if it decides that I must be in the stands, because I'm in the stands," he snapped.

When analyzing the last game of the subsidiary, which ended in a draw for two against UD Las Palmas, Nolito highlighted the positive aspects of the game. "The team has gone well but fail in the little details and it is paid. We did a better match than before the Ponferradina but just a draw, we fail many times but we deserved to win. "

"I have been a penalty and the referee has not seen it but hey, we're going with the 2-2 because we lacked some success," he concluded the Barca. (via SPORT)

Oscar Font: "It's hard to stay Nolito"

Although the information coming from the Portuguese media pointing out that the signing of Nolito for Benfica and is closed , the representative of Barca player, Oscar Font, was quick to deny such news, in an interview with Radio Com, ensuring "The decision is not taken at all."

Font Oscar has made clear that the reason for the Cadiz end up not only economic, but also took into account the player's future and its projection sports, as the recent signing of Afellay complicated by the arrival Barça of Nolito the first team.

"We have a new contract offer on the table Barca and we are not concerned only with the economic issue, but we are also concerned about the sport and is a reality that easy Nolito at Barca do not have the equipment you have, with the signing of Afellay, front has Bojan, Pedro, Messi, Villa, Iniesta ... we must be realistic. Not only is an economic issue, is a sports theme and we must make the decision, "said Oscar Font.

"His dream, to succeed at Barca"

In this sense, the player's representative thanked the treatment received by the Catalan club and ensured that the great dream of Nolito was to succeed at Barca, but the few options you have to play in the first team would be the main reason his departure. "We are very grateful to Barca, who have behaved great with us. Nolito is FC Barcelona and his dream has always been successful here but must look for its future and its projection sport. To date, we have many doubts," says Oscar Font.

On the rumors that talk of interest from other teams without the services of Nolito , like Monaco , the Spartak Moscow , the Fiorentina or Panathinaikos , Oscar Font has ensured that Benfica is not the only team that wants to play Cadiz . "It is true that Benfica is an option, as others have also gone. The decision is not taken at all but, today, it's hard to stay, has ruled the representative of Nolito . (via MD)

Villa: "The feeling in the dressing room is that we've won the Ballon d'Or

David Villa has said in an interview on 'Al Primer Toc' of Rac1 in the locker room of Barcelona is the feeling that "we have won the Ballon d'Or" to be the three finalists for the Catalan club.

"All three have merits to win the Ballon d'Or, they deserve the three" has declared a ' Guaje 'which recognized that "the end of the Ballon d'Or more enjoyable for me to be three of his fellow candidates .

The Spaniard has revealed that "when I retire I can shake my friends that I was friend and colleague Xavi, is a spectacular person" . On Iniesta has stressed that "Andrew represents everything, it could take 200,000 videos for children, not only within the field, also outside it .

Finally on Leo Messi , David has said that "having the best player in the world on your computer or absent as there is a big difference .

"We must go on"

On the Barca game against Levante striker has held that "it's hard when you plant a line of ten players in front of the penalty area" and called for patience from the fans in matches like this: "People should know that all parties are very difficult " .

For Villa , the excellent final leg of 2010 because "we did things well through the work and must remain so" .

"The tie is very open"

David reiterated that "at the Athletic have a final" because the set of Bilbao "is a classic Cup team and puts it all" . "It will be exciting and vibrant, it will be nice to play as the tie is very open" , explained the 'Guaje'. (via MD)

Milito wants to leave Barça

Argentine defender Gaby Milito is ready to leave FC Barcelona immediately. The 'Marshall' wants more minutes and see that Guardiola's orders will not be

The news was ahead in the program Ona FM 'La Graderia'. Gaby Milito wants to abandon the discipline of FC Barcelona in the winter market in order to call at a club that gives you more opportunities to play and, thus, be able to play the Copa America with Argentina next summer.

Milito's intention is to continue playing in Europe and discards fútbnol return home, although Independiente de Avellaneda has opened the door for his return. However, the 'Marshal' deck several proposals, including those of clubs from England and Italy, two countries whose championships motivate him more.

Moreover, from Ona Fm also said the player was visibly annoyed by how little account Guardiola from his recovery. Milito agree to be behind Puyol and Pique as to the preferences of the coach to play center. However, do not understand that Pep bet before a left-center-turned-Abidal-that for him.

At the same time, in Sunday's match against Levante, Piqué Puyol suspended and injured, the companion of Abidal in central defense was midfielder Sergio Busquets, while Argentina waited his turn at the bench, leaving in the last minute. Milito also sees the progression of central and Fontàs Bartra Barça B can block the way and want to have more minutes in the future.

At the club already know the intentions of the Argentine defense, according to information disclosed on Monday, will be sensitive to their situation, but also think giving it away. Everything depends on what offers the equipment you want to have their services, especially if it is a European club. In any case, Gaby Milito and off the ship is imminently. (via SPORT)