15 December 2011

[Youth] Valentí Fuster gives a talk at the Masia

He explained to residents how to take good care of the heart.

The new Masia premiered their traditional lecture for the course with a guest star, the renowned cardiologist Valenti Fuster, who offered a lecture entitled 'Working with the heart', as part of the important and ambitious campaign of the Foundation 'Som which Mengem' on health habits and nutrition.

Fuster, who directs the Cardiovascular Institute at Mount Sinaí in New York, and leads the SHE Foundation, a contributor to the campaign Barca explained to the 60 residents of the farmhouse which is cardiovascular disease and how to avoid, in addition to inviting to reflect: "The most important is to know what alternatives are there if something goes wrong," he said. The event also served to seal the Fundació FC Barcelona is a link between la Masia y el Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC), who also directs.

As cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide and is considered an epidemic, Fuster focused on the importance of the fight society with good habits. Attended by Vice President Carlos Vilarrubí, the director of the Masia, Carles Folguera and director of the Foundation, Josep Cortada. (via MD)