20 December 2011

[Youth] Juvenil A celebrates the triumph of la Masia in the Club World Cup

The group coached by Oscar Garcia followed with attention the Club World Cup final before the day of the season.

The victory in the Club World Cup triumph was a new model club. Eleven players were emerging from the Masia those who came to participate in the final against Santos (nine in the team). Barca showed again, this time globally,'s confidence in the players home.

An example of the potential of the Barca youth ranks Juvenil A. The Oscar Garcia are second in the league and first in the NextGen Group Series, the Champions Youth, and on Sunday won a new victory over Huesca. Before, however, neither players nor technicians do not want to miss the final in Japan.

"We should be very proud. Those who saw them, those who have been trained and those who have had the courage to subirles the first team," said coach Oscar Garcia. "With this policy we have done very well over the past years and do not see why you should not continue." He also recalled that the club "is a club with great potential that could be allowed to sign great players" and stressed the trust Pep Guardiola shows players of the categories below: "The credit is theirs."

Cameroonian striker Jean Marie Dongou highlighted the confidence that the club shows all his players: "We are proud to see the first team players who are of the quarry and is an extra motivation for us."

An opinion shared by his companions, who are aware that with effort and perseverance can become opportunities and perhaps one day, train or play under the direction of Pep Guardiola. "The coach who is currently in the first team to put much trust in the quarry and the home players. In addition, many of the leading players of the first team are made here and that motivates you to keep working and progressing," explained Pol Calvet.

"You think I can also come some day," said Edu Campabadal, captain of Juvenil A. "There are very careful of the quarry and this is the great victory of Barca." (via FCBarcelona.cat)