13 December 2011

[Youth] Good participation of the cantera in several tournaments

In one weekend without League, many teams of the categories inferior azulgrana took advantage to dispute friendly tournaments.

Friedrichshafen (Alemania)

This weekend the Cadete B participated in the tournament Futsal MTU Hallen Cup in Germany. The boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin offered a good game and they were able to be taken the sixth and the seventh game of the tournament. The azulgranas was divided in two teams, the blue and the seed that both were eliminated in the rooms of final. Barça, however, was very happy with the result, mainly keeping in mind the high level of the competition, where teams like Bayern of Múnich, Basilea and Dortmund participated.

Poznań (Polonia)

The boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac García champions of the VII Tournament F-5 Lech Cup was proclaimed that was disputed in Poland this weekend. Alevín A was adapting, little by little, the soccer system 5 until getting the victory against Sporting Lisbon for 5-3 in the final one. The azulgranas was shown very proud of the result, because the level of the rivals of the competition was very high, and there were teams of Primera Division of different countries. The team played very well and acquired a lot of experience in the tournament, of which an important recognition is taken to its game of high school.

IV TORNEO DE NAVIDAD Can Rull Rómulo Tronchoni

Benjamin B was third in the IV Tournament of Navidad Can Rull Rómulo Tronchoni that took place this weekend in Sabadell. Sergi Milà and Óscar Jorquera did a wonderful tournament, which offered a good example of combining and his football team. Although they could not be imposed Cornellà in the semifinals, the azulgranas could have won the championship for the great level that they showed in all their parties. In fact, they were imposed by enough difference to some of their rivals, as the 3-0 that got against Barberà in the rooms of final, or the 5-0 that signed against the Mercantile one in the fight for the third position. Barça made an exhibition of its associative game and combinativo of which all the players participated. In spite of not having to be in the first place, they are very satisfied with the result. (via FCBarcelona.cat)