12 December 2011

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 3 Badalona CF

The guys from Oscar Garcia has faced a wrestler Badalona has advanced by 1-3 in the first half. Dongou made ​​a real display of good football and Sandro has signed a major hat-trick,

The Junior A has not been imposed at Badalona in the Ciudad Deportiva in a very open game that could have been decided in favor of both teams. The azulgranas have taken the lead of the game throughout the match, but the visiting team has not been collected and provided a very determined approach has hampered the day the team of Oscar Garcia. This tie keeps Barca in the second place in the standings and away from the current leader, Espanyol, which is 6 points with a game more.

The Badalona has stood up to the guys from Oscar Garcia in the first half and the surprise has come to rest ahead by 1-3. The azulgranas have dominated the game but could not realize their chances for good defensive action of the visitors. Barca has a hard time finding holes rival the strong pressure that has come with a very bold and has played with great intent.

A great combination of Cristian Herrera and Dongou at minute 7 has been about to open the scoring for the locals, but a few minutes later, it's first attempt Badalona in a move of Michael, who, after a around, kick a ball that has passed very close to the goal of Bañuz. Finally, it was the visitors who opened the can with a goal from Moha on 24 minutes. The striker took advantage of a rebound Badalona to bring the ball to the back of the net. On the second goal of the rival, has arrived in the 27th minute on a well executed action that Michael has headed in a magnificent center of Robert from the right.

The azulgranas have not thrown in the towel at this result and Sandro, in minute 30, has got a nice 1-2 in play with Dongou. The party, however, has again been difficult for the children of Oscar Garcia at minute 41, when, due to an inaccuracy defense, Dani has surpassed Bañuz and scored the third goal for his team.

The Junior A has not dropped their arms in no time and has reacted in the second half. Sandro has taken Patri center and scored the 2-3 on 69 minutes after breaking the offside trap and overcome Vergara. From this goal, the azulgranas have become the domain of the party and the chances have come and gone, until Sandro, again, has signed a splendid hat-trick in the final minutes of play. Dongou, after a spectacular cut, has the player assistance canary, who has not missed. Late in the game, the club has had several arrivals on goal, but could not specify any.

Barca will have the opportunity to meet again with the victory on Thursday, where he will face in Girona game in the ninth game of the season that was canceled by rain. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Babunski (Patri, min 46), Quintillà (Miguel Ángel, min 46), Cristian Herrera (Pol Calvet, min 69), Sandro Ramírez, Dongou.

Badalona CF: Marc Vergara, Rosell, Fabricio, Carrasco, Gebran, Tarsi (Álvaro, min 90), Robert, Jorge (Estelles, min 87), Moha, Miguel (Alberto, min 76), Dani (Anas, min 75).

Goals: 0-1, Moha, min 24; 0-2, Miguel, min 27; 1-2, Sandro, min 30; 1-3, Dani, min 41; 2-3, Sandro, min 69, y 3-3, Sandro, min 84.