19 December 2011

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 3 - 1 Huesca

The azulgranas has been taken three valuable points before a Huesca that has only created danger in strategy plays. Dongou and Miguel Ángel, outstanding players of the game.

Juvenil A has been imposed Huesca in a game totally dominated by the combined azulgrana, especially in the second time. With this victory, the azulgranas stays from behind seconds of the classification of Espanyol that has also won this Sunday in the field of Zaragoza.

The first time Garcia has begun with the domain of Óscar Garcia's team that has had several occasions to be ahead in the marker and has controlled the game placidly. The clear first opportunity has had it Dongou in the first minutes of the encounter, taking advantage of Brian's center, but has finished off turned and the ball will have stopped to the goalkeeper's hands. In the minute 12, same Dongou has signed the 1-0 in a play in the area rival. The forward, after several rejects, he has made a stocking turn and it has marked with a crossed shot. Few minutes later, Huesca has arrived for the first time in the goal azulgrana in a dangerous lack.

Dongou has created danger in the minute 22 again, when it has finished off a center of Edu and the ball has ended up in the stick. Some minutes later, and in spite of the domain of Barça, Pablo has surprised Óscar García's boys with a shot that has ended up in the bottom of the net. After this goal, the Juvenile A has become nervous and has had more difficulties to create occasions.

In the renewal, Barça has controlled more the encounter and it has been very superior to its rival. In the first minutes of game, the referee has annulled a goal of Dongou for an outside of doubtful game. In the minute 61 Dongou, one of the big main characters of the game, has written down the second goal azulgrana thanks to Miguel Ángel's good center that the forward has not wasted. Only some minutes later, Huesca has had a clear occasion of tiing the encounter for the goalkeeper's imprecisión, but finally the ball has gone outside.

Finally, Miguel Ángel's golazo in the minute 67 have just sentenced the day. The forward has chutado from outside of the area, at a distance of about 30 meters, and the ball has entered for the whole squad. Starting from this splendid reveille, the azulgranas has dominated without problems, although they have not had more clear occasions of goal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Tienda, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Sandro (Quesada, min 67), Patri, Dongou (Álex Moreno, min 84), Pol Calvet (Quintillà, min 84) and Brian (Miguel Ángel, min 55 ).

Huesca: Isma, Mache, Biarge, Toro, Garcés, Lucas, Pablo (Ángel, min 65), Ainoza (Samu, min84), Ormad (Jesús, min 75), Ville and Chicho (Emerson, min 45)

Goals: 1-0, Dongou, min 12; 1-1, Pablo, min 28; 2-1, Dongou, min 61, y 3-1, Miguel Ángel, min 67.

Referee: Carlos Rodríguez Enrique.