29 December 2011

[Youth] Dongou, a lion Cameroon in love with the football

Dongou is juvenil of first year but, with twelve goals, already fight for the top scorer of the Division de Honor.

Barca saw the Cameroon team in three youth football tournaments played in Tenerife, Lanzarote and Leon before adding half of the 2007-2008 season. Since then, Jean Marie has been proposed Dongou succeed at Barca.

For now, it is on track. Its success will also be the family, which resides in Mbanga, a village west of Cameroon. He is the youngest of five children and the only boy among four sisters. You see them several times each year, but less than they want. His life basically runs between the walls of the Ciutat Esportiva, including training camps and La Masia. In fact, you can spend a whole week without leave. Train with the youth in the morning, eat, rest and study in Sant Joan Despi and all his leisure hours were devoted almost exclusively to football, his passion. Besides being the top scorer of the team of Oscar Garcia is not lost even one of the games broadcast on television. From the Premier League to Come, all you are interested. Indeed, it has been an ardent admirer of Ronaldo since he was in Barcelona and now of Rooney. Also interested in training the rest of the youth teams and their matches this weekend.

He sleeps with Miguel Ángel and Bagnack, his best friend, speak Catalan language immersion through some want to eliminate and, above all, score goals. It is, at age 16, first year junior with 12 goals, is the top scorer of the team, over Cristian Herrera, who has 10. Compete with Rufo (Espanyol), who has scored 15 and Ernest (Nastic), 13. The NextGen Series adds 8 points. Is a new classic that dominates both legs and must improve the header and gain mobility. He is young, has time and inclination to learn. (via SPORT)