18 December 2011

[Youth] Barca opened the first school in Brazil

The project leader praised the Brazilian football and states that this objective is to reveal players as well as perform basic categories in Spain.

Barca Salvador opened in its first football school in Brazil. This is the method bear 'Masia' the Latin American country.

"We know that Brazil is a country that has always históricamentte great players. It is also a place where soccer lives with joy," said a leader of Barça.

The school of Salvador is temporary, since the goal is to make an office in Rio de Janeiro and one in Sao Paulo in 2012.

The project aims to expand the pool of small schools that already exist on four continents. The Club has offices in Peru, South Korea, Japan, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Poland.

It will be attempted that in the international schools, the style Barça is developed. To guarantee it, there will be several coaches of the Club displaced Brazil. (via SPORT)