29 December 2011

The year 2012 will be the defenders at Barça

The biggest investment of Barca in the summer will be in the back area.

If the summer of 2011 was that of Cesc Fabregas and the 2013 is presumably the end of the economic profile of the operation Neymar, who is coming, that of 2012, aims to use the largest possible economic investment to shore up the defensive zone Barça. The priority is to hire a left or a center that can move through the area both in the back four and in three.

The reason to consider strengthening that flank meditate because the club is an outlet for Keita, Maxwell and even Adriano. In the case of Adriano, low priority and is executed only if a good deal. As for Mali, it is understood his desire to have more minutes and finally get a good contract: the Milan is back and Barça could get a good amount in return. As for Maxwell, is terminated at Barça stage. If these three outputs are produced, the arrival of a player for the band seems more than necessary. The player who is more like central Milan's Brazilian Thiago Silva. Although not a specific player band, is seen with the right profile to be on that side when Barca defense used three. The problem is economic. Besides it would have to pay the Italian side for a player who extended contract last season, is the central tab, too high for what you are willing to pay Barça.

Another player who has always been interest is Welsh left-back Gareth Bale Tottenham, 22 on Tuesday and scored twice. The problem with Bale is like there is with Thiago Silva. Renewed contract until 2015 last season and would very expensive to hire. Would have to see how he would be willing to pay Barça, which usually count each season with 45 million more sales. A cheaper option would Jordi Alba, of Valencia, while the future of the youth squad Muniesa is unclear. (via MD)