31 December 2011

Xavi picked the outfit for the Ballon d'Or gala in Claret Serra

Xavi went on Thursday to Manresa to become the suit in which the gala will go to 'FIFA Ballon d'Or' scheduled for Jan. 9 in the Swiss city of Zurich.

It turns out that the midfielder chose the prestigious Serra Claret clothing store for them to take action and draw up the suit. So far so normal, but what is more curious is that the facility is owned by Pep Guardiola's wife, Cristina.

In fact, it made a big splash at the output of the player's store since spread like wildfire the news that Xavi was testing the suit in that store, also located in the heart of the town. Hundreds of young people took the opportunity to ask for a picture or an autograph egarense. Xavi was armed with patience and complied with all requests without wrinkling at any time.

In any event it is not the first time that Xavi visits Serra Claret since also in a regular of the establishment that has in Barcelona.

What is clear is that the Blaugrana want to go as a true 'brush' to its fourth consecutive appearance in this gala. (via SPORT)