10 December 2011

We trust you!

El clásico is already here. As always, Barça will go out with audacity and will force Madrid to give the best thing of themselves.

FC Barcelona is ahead of the best football team has had throughout its history. We are a group of players, led by Pep Guardiola, have succeeded in these four years, becoming a benchmark worldwide.

Do not we say, say it has been receiving awards that season after season without ceasing, too, the independent opinion of players, coaches and media. This club has achieved excellence through its own personality, offering win passes for entertainment, for betting on football attractive, brave. One way of being that has become a philosophy of life.

In this boat of the twelve titles of fifteen possible until today, in just three years and a few months, so that care more about the background, the way that goal. This team never betrayed its principles.

So, being as it is, has become a reference for lovers of this sport. And that's the reason why members and supporters of FC Barcelona and its legion of fans, know that tonight, no matter what happens at the Santiago Bernabeu, Barça is Barça. And that's plenty.
We will see a championship team, the defending champions to a group of brave and daring players who will go for the party, the three points, without fear and without traps. No kicking, and without falling into foul play and slumming.

Witnessed a hungry Barca goal, knowing that to beat a great opponent such as Real Madrid's all about quality, having more of the ball and make the ball run, drive and always be Barca.

Precisely because this is one of the best Real Madrid's all-time has more merit what you are getting this generation of players. It is true that today is three points away (with one more game) and it depends on what happens tonight, the League may become very difficult for Barca interests.

But neither is it written that this boat is going to lose or that even losing the title have to say goodbye. The trophies are won in May and until that day there is still a long way to go. To say that the cycle of this template can pass out depending on the outcome of this night is so illogical as to say that Real Madrid will win it all.

It is true that statistics is not much less when there is in el clásico game, but something will know that Mourinho has never won at Barcelona in the Bernabeu. Or put another way, Pep has not ever lost in the white house. You can always be a first time and sooner or later come, because it is law of life. However, Barcelona has an obligation to stand by this team, its players, its coaching staff.
The credit for this triumph Barça should be unlimited, because he has earned in the field of battle, so that it has done its partners and enjoy the world of football in general. Not won three consecutive league titles and two Champions League, among other titles, by chance. Trust them ... They will not disappoint. Sure ...

One of the great differences that occurred between Barca and Real in recent times has been that the set of Pep has managed to lose. He proved in Valencia in the final of the Copa del Rey. A noble behavior. The entire planet has been seen how he has spent Mourinho and his men when they have lost. Also it can relax. Win, lose or draw, the Barcelona players will do so with their heads held high, sportsmanship and lordship. And on top win ... (via SPORT)