15 December 2011

Valdes will reach 100 caps

Víctor Valdés, head morning in his third appearance in the Club World Cup, will reach 100 games in international competitions with Barça. He will be the first goalkeeper azulgrana that gets it. Andoni Zubizarreta, the goal of Dream Team at the Intercontinental lost in 1992 against Sao Paulo, left the club with 69 commitments also counting European Cup, Cpu Winners Cup, UEFA Cup and Super Cup. Valdés, and won three Champions, two Super Cups and a Club World Cup, chasing his seventh title. In 46 of 99 games has left the frame to zero. (via MD)


Champions 2002-03--6--3----1/4 final
UEFA 2003-04----5--3----1/8 final
Champions 2004-05--8--11----1/8 final
Champions 2005-06--12--5----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2006-07--1--3----SUBCAMP.
CWC 2006-07----2--1----SUBCAMP.
Champions 2006-07--8--6----1/8 final
Champions 2007-08--11--5----Semifinales
Champions 2008-09--14--10----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2009-10--1--0----CHAMPION
CWC 2009-10----2--2----CHAMPION
Champions 2009-10--12--10----Semifinales
Champions 2010-11--11--9----CHAMPION
Sup. Europa 2011-12--1--0----CHAMPION
Champions 2011-12--5--4----In 1/8
TOTAL--------99--72----6 TITLES