15 December 2011

Time for Villa

David Villa has moved to a secondary role in the team for the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, a player who turned in a note at the Santiago Bernabeu, where, thanks to him, woke up Barça. However, the Spaniard forward points today to a starter in the Club World Championship semi-final that Barça will play against Al-Sadd of Qatar. Josep Guardiola may want to silence the rumors coming from Madrid about a possible transfer of the player and give also a sign of confidence 'Guaje', for which he was a tremendous blow to stay on the bench for the biggest game so far of season, the derby against Real Madrid.

Villa is easily viewing door, which abounds in his anxiety, and found strong competition in Alexis Sanchez, Guardiola elected to take his place at the express request of white Santpedor last summer in an operation The Making of 'eternal'. However, the Barca coach himself has made known to the Spaniard who is a valuable man in the template.

The explosion of the 'Wonder Boy' matches bajonazo of Asturian, a player who just won in effort and sacrifice. Villa, knowing that a place on the 'eleven' has become very expensive, is working very well in training and he is motivated. In addition, we are encouraging their peers to the maximum to retrieve its best on the pitch.

Will have to see how he reacts now the Asturian in his expected return to the title. Villa will attempt to demonstrate that remains a cornerstone in this Barça on gunpowder. (via MD)